Saturday, April 30, 2016

South African Roads are Dangerous

A horrific collision between a taxi and a South African Post Office truck on the R41 from Randfontein resulted in the death of fourteen people. It is believed that the taxi veered in front of a truck causing a head-on collision.
Millions of people travel in taxis to work each day,  as South African does not have a functional public transport system. Taxi drivers are known to be ruthless and above the law when on the roads. Thousands of accidents are caused by reckless, inconsiderate and downright dangerous taxi drivers. While there are the occasional decent taxi drivers who do respect the laws of the road, most ignore these laws and drive without consideration for other vehicles. It is the aggressive and inconsistent actions of taxi drivers that make traveling on South African roads dangerous for all.
The emergency and law enforcement personnel who have to attend to accident incidents have the sympathy of the country. It is these people who have to deal with the horrific scenes and clean up operations.

It is estimated that over 1000 people die each year on the roads of South Africa, and while that is a significantly high number, the reality and truth cannot be ignored. Suppressing the truth that people die every day as a result of road accidents, murder, and other criminal activities will not fix the problems.
In South Africa 50 people a day are murdered, and it is staggering to accept that innocent people are killed. The lawlessness and corruption happening in South Africa are a cause of individuals being killed either on roads and through crime. The world needs to know that the carnage going on in South Africa is a direct result of the government’s non-intervention. As long as the government continues to ignore the taxi problem, because there are links between drivers and government officials, the deaths on South African roads will never end.

By Laura Oneale

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Friday, April 29, 2016

South Africa Criminal Attacks on the Rise

South Africa is swarming with criminals that attempt to rob, attack and murder innocent victims daily. There is no solution to combat crime and while the unemployment rate remains high crime increases.
When people are alerted to attacks, it could save a life and possessions. Being vigilant and cautious can foil an attempted attack. Practicing situation awareness and responding instinctively when an imminent threat to your life is happening is the key to avoiding a horrible situation.
Jan Smuts Avenue, Parktown has been marked as a hotspot for vehicle hijacking and last night another hijacking was foiled by the quick thinking driver who stopped at a red light intersection. The driver was approached by two men on either side of the vehicle who demanded he hand over the cell phone and money and was threatened to be shot. When the driver saw the suspect reach his arm inside his jacket, he accelerated through the red light. It was dangerous to drive off through the red light as accidents could have occurred, however in this instance, there was none.  If the driver had waited for the traffic light to change, there was a possibility that he might have sustained serious injuries or lost his life from another senseless shootout.

It is not only people in a vehicle who are threatened daily; it is innocent people walking the streets of South Africa that are vulnerable to attacks. A 35-year-old caretaker was stabbed to death by a group of teenagers while walking down Phoenix Street, Durban, Kwazulu-Natal. The man was stabbed in his chest by juveniles who say the caretaker attempted to rob their friend and acted in self-defense.

Washing your car should be a harmless activity and yet in Carltonville, without any warning five men surrounded a woman while she was getting her car cleaned.  The overpowering men beat the woman and tied her up. The suspects fled in their vehicle and stole the just cleaned new car of the victim.
There are the hit and run incidents happening all the time, and another victim is suffering from intensive lacerations to his arms and legs. The man in his forties was hooked by barbed wire hanging off the side of the truck as it drove past him. The victim was dragged behind the truck for almost 50 meters before he successfully detangled himself. This incident happened in Pietermaritzburg, Kwazulu-Natal.

Where are people safe these days, it is not in a vehicle, or while walking and doing chores. Criminals have no sense of fear and attack people randomly. It is indeed a concern; that innocent people do not know who will be the next victim. South Africa is fearfully a country scorned by the criminal activities of individuals who have no shame or regret for the damage and trauma caused.
By Laura Oneale

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South African Police Helping the Nation

The past 24 hours have seen the South African Police embark on various crime intelligence operations around the country. Successfully more criminals are behind bars, and dangerous firearms have been confiscated.

In the Walmer area, the police successfully arrested several suspects linked to crime and confiscated firearms and other items during a crime blitz. A firearm that was confiscated has been associated with a housebreaking in Walmer during February 2016.

In the Ethekwini area, a total of eight suspects were arrested for various crimes, ranging from drugs, and unlawful possession of firearms, house, and business robberies. The police recovered stolen vehicles, cellphones, firearms and other electronic devices.

Members of the Muizenberg Crime Preventing Unit succeeded in arresting two suspects and confiscating drugs while on patrol. The Overcome Heights Informal Settlement is known for drug activity. Two men aged 27 and 22 respectively threw away a bag of narcotics when they noticed the police patrolling. However, the police managed to recover the drugs consisting of mandrax tablets and arrest the two for illegal possession.

Perhaps the most frightening story is the arrest of a lieutenant in the South African National Defense Force (SANDF) during a police intelligence-led operation in Bloemfontein. The suspect had a warrant of arrest against him for murder. It is indeed a depressing thought knowing that the army harbors criminals. The army that is commissioned to protect South Africa. The police recovered hand grenades and ammunition during the blitz.

It is encouraging to know that the South African Police are taking positive action around the country and arresting criminals that terrorize innocent people. While the crime statistics remain high and arresting several suspects are applauded, the crime situation remains a serious concern. It is also a distressing thought to know that the South African prisons are overcrowded and arresting more criminals will have a severe impact on the already strained state. However, it is the positive progression of the South African police that makes the country a safer environment.
By Laura Oneale

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Jacob Zuma to Face the Wrath of Justice

Jacob Zuma
A seven-year battle and victory for the Democratic Alliance (DA) who will finally see justice. The Northern Gauteng High Court ruled that the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) must proceed with the 783 charges against President Jacob Zuma.  The charges relate to corruption, fraud, and racketeering resulting from past activities.

It is an undeniable fact that the NPA is controlled by Jacob Zuma loyalists and that there will be delay tactics to prevent action taken. There is a possibility of an appeal or sabotage, but the real burning question is whether the head of the NPA Shaun Abrahams will take action.Not only are the DA leaders and supporters elated over the decision to prosecute Zuma, but the other political parties also seem to show delight in the court’s verdict. The Congress of the People (COPE) are pleased that attempts by Zuma to corrupt the justice system have failed and that the president will have his day in court. Political parties are delighted that justice will prevail and as Bantu Holomisa said, “Lynch mob justice mentality has been exposed, Luthuli and Zuma will appeal, delaying tactics.”

Zuma always said that he wanted his day in court, and it is indeed a victory for the justice system who will allow the president to be granted his desire. The world is watching and wondering if the African National Congress (ANC) will once again protect the president, or will the moral compass of honesty and integrity blossom.

The question is whether Zuma will once again evade accountability for his action and if he does, then South Africa will be saddled with a leader that cannot be trusted until the general election in 2019.
The ANC said in a statement that society should not infer that Zuma is guilty of the charges as the court rulings only dealt with the merits of allegations against the president. The ANC are pleased that this matter can be finalized after dragging on for over seven years and support the justice system in South Africa.

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South Africa Sexual Harassment at Belfast Academy School

In this modern-day age, one would believe that sexual harassment is not permitted at schools.
However, in South Africa, victims have come forward with accusations against teachers at the Belfast Academy School. It is, indeed, sad and humiliating that children must suffer under the evil desires of grown-ups. Recently, the Guardian Liberty Voice published an article on intimidation at this school, and now several children have sought help from the enslavement of abuse happening at the South Africa school.

 Evidence has been provided that a teacher, Madelene De Lange Holtzhausen, has been abusing young male students for an extended period of time. The teacher has sought to intimidate the students into having sex after school hours, sending money and airtime, and buying gifts for the victims. Students are embarrassed, ashamed, and bullied into a relationship with Holtzhausen. By contacting several students via social media, namely WhatsApp and Facebook, Holtzhausen would have explicit sexual conversations. One student, whose name cannot be identified for protection, could not endure the relationship and sought help. Since exposing the teacher, Holtzhausen, a mother of two boys, disabled her Facebook account.
South Africa
The above Facebook conversation is in Afrikaans, which is a commonly spoken language in South Africa, between the teacher and student.
Teacher:          Meet me after school at our secret place
Student:          I do not think it is a good idea to carry on meeting anymore, and I do not enjoy sex anymore
Teacher:          Make sure you are there, and I know you enjoy sex. I bought you a gift
Student:          I will be there and what did you buy me.  I am afraid that people will find out
Teacher:          I cannot wait to get my hands on you. The gift is a surprise.
Student:          We had sex with each other, and it is hideous to continue, we must not do it again.
Teacher:          Think about your school marks that can suddenly become low, I can fail you. It is not hideous; it is what people do, and then people enjoy sex. You must just get used to it. Do not trust anybody and don’t tell anybody, keep this our little secret.
Student:          Yes teacher I will not tell anybody and please do not fail me. Thank you for the money and the airtime, I will be able to access WhatsApp today.

From this conversation, it would appear that the teacher is intimidating the student and even threatening to fail him if he does not commit to the demands made. The student is overwhelmed with guilt and emotionally confused, feeling trapped in a situation that does not have an ending.

The student approached White Movement World Wide (WMWW) for help. The WMWW is an organization that concentrates on helping young white students worldwide, and in particular, around South Africa. The South Africa branch of the organization is under the leadership of Connie DeWitt. Flippie Potgieter, who is an investigating officer for the movement, was approached by the student for help and they are busy investigating the story. The WMWW is planning on taking action against the teacher and school.
South Africa
In the above message, the ninth grade student told Potgieter that the teacher wrote her cell number on the board and told the learners to send an introductory message. The learners all sent messages as instructed, and after a few weeks, the teacher began sending reply messages to several students.

The student told Potgieter that Holtzhausen began sending strange messages asking if he had sex and the pupil messaged back saying that he was still a virgin. The teacher told the student that she had sex with other men and would make it a rule to have sex in the classroom, as well as the rugby field.

Then, Holtzhausen also described how she would show him. One day, the teacher forced him to stay late after school had finished and continued the sordid conversation of sex. The student received explicit photos on WhatsApp, and eventually, blocked the teacher from communicating. Not giving up, the teacher continued to harass the pupil on Facebook and the student embarrassed by the whole incident subsequently blocked the Facebook account and sought help.

Since exposing Holtzhausen, several other children have come forward with stories of abuse. Parents have been notified the institution and are horrified that the school has allowed a teacher to abuse the children. Moreover, it has also been noted that this same teacher was dismissed from the school for sexual abuse previously but reinstated. The WMWW, along with parents and affected children, will take action against the teacher and school, which is situated in Mpumalanga, South Africa.

Child abuse and sexual harassment are serious offenses, and South Africa is not exempt from the exploitation. Parents cannot depend on the justice system of South Africa to take action, given the fact that corruption is notably a cause of concern. Therefore, the WMWW of South Africa has committed to seeking justice on behalf of the distressed children who suffered at the hands of a merciless teacher.


South Africa Stolen and Hijacked Vehicles

South AfricaIt is no secret that crime is a major problem in South Africa and besides the ghastly farm attacks, murders, and house robberies, vehicle theft is a major concern. An indication of how serious the situation has become is based on the number of vehicles either stolen or hijacked during the month of April 2016. Between the Alberton, Johannesburg and Pretoria, a total of 101 vehicles, have been reported to have either being stolen or hijacked during the month of April only.

Thieves have a particular penchant for different colors of motor vehicles, and White, Silver and Blue are the preferred choice. The Toyota brand is the most favored and a total of 33 out of the 101 vehicles were stolen during this period. Volkswagen and Ford are another popular brand for car thieves. The Nissan make is fast becoming a favorite and Hyundai, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Isuzu is on the list of most wanted vehicles. Other makes such as Hino, BMW, Opel, Jeep, and Renault are not excluded but are stolen by thieves.

South Africans depend on private vehicles as the public transport system is a complete failure. Having a vehicle stolen or hijacked is a traumatic experience and owners are forced to take additional precaution. Most vehicles are now being fitted with a tracking device and other gadgets such as gear locks and alarms, to prevent theft. However, thieves are not deterred by the gadgets and find a way to steal the vehicle.

Crime is a serious concern in South Africa, and if 101 vehicles were stolen in only three cities, one could imagine how many are stolen throughout the country each month. There is never a specific method used by thieves and new and startling ways of hijacking vehicles always pop up unexpectedly. Thieves will find a way to steal no matter what precaution an innocent person will take, it is as though the criminal mind is programmed to outsmart technology.

A few tips from vehicle recovery firms are:
1)most criminals roam between vehicles to see if there is any valuables in the vehicle such as laptops/cellphones/money.
2)methods used by criminals to do a fast hijacking is to take your number plate off your vehicle, and as you drive a vehicle came next to yours and thereby flash your number plate to you. As soon as you stop to get your number plate they hijack you.
3)always stay calm, do as they ask, never fight them as they get very irritated and angry and will kill you  for your vehicle
4)if you see a hijacking try and get the following information
-direction taken when vehicle was stolen
-how many suspects
-description of suspects
-are they armed
4) remember to call the police immediately and provide all information for fast response
5) if a hijacking takes place do not approach! Keep your distance, if the owner of the vehicle is thrown out of the vehicle remain at a distance and notify the police immediately, for the purpose of alerting a response officer and a ambulance for backup straight away.


South Africa Two Robbers Fatally Wounded in Shoot Out

Well done to the owner of an attempted robbery who took swift action by shooting two suspects and fatally wounding them in the process.  The owner who is a firearm instructor was at home with a friend in the Van Riebeeckpark area, enjoying the peace and quiet around 21h00 last night. Suddenly without any warning,  two armed men confronted the owner and friend and ordered them to go inside the house at gunpoint.

The quick thinking action of the owner probably saved their lives, when he grabbed his gun upon entering the house and shot at the alleged thief. A shootout ensued between the owner and alleged thieves. The robbers were fatally wounded and upon further investigation, it was discovered that a silver Suzuki vehicle parked near the house belonged to the thieves. Apparently the vehicle was not reported as stolen. A police investigation will continue into the attempted robbery.

Once again, two more criminal elements are off the streets of South Africa thanks to vigilant South Africans who take precautions to secure and protect their families and properties. House break-ins and attempted robberies happen on a daily base in South Africa, and while the Police are actively involved in combating crime, there remains insufficient protection from the high crime rate soaring through the land. It is now up to individuals to take action to protect their property as criminals are often armed and dangerous.


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

South Africa Malema Threatens to Remove Government

South Africa
South Africa remains a conflicted country, and a civil war could be looming after Julius Malema’s, the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), speech threatening to remove the current ruling African National Congress (ANC) government. The EFF is a radical and revolutionary movement that wants the upcoming municipal elections to be free and fair, based on democratic principles. Malema said in a statement that the party would remove the government with the “barrel of a gun” and are running out of patience. Referring to the current situation in South Africa, the previous elections that were rigged and the deployment of the army to quell peaceful voter marches is not acceptable to Malema.

The ANC government has charged Malema with treason and is taking the matter of threats serious. Inciting violence is a treasonable act. Malema is not shaken over the charges and will meet the ANC in court. The aggressive action by Malema happened due to the ruling party avoiding and interpreting the law to accommodate the selfish needs of the party only. It is the disrespecting of the law and trying to outsmart the public that has angered the EFF party. The typical behavior of the ANC can result in anarchy, and it is people like Malema that would make utterances igniting the flames of civil war.

The ANC is crying foul against Malema and the EFF party while continuing to violate the laws of South Africa. The ANC expect the judiciary to act harshly against Malema while the president and cabinet ministers of the ANC do not respect the law. The ANC remains above the law and should be the last to cry out. Perhaps Malema is acting on the statement issued by Nelson Mandela during 1993. “If the ANC does to you what the Apartheid government did to you, then you must do to the ANC what you did to the Apartheid government.” The ANC government has failed to restore voter confidence and continues to mislead the majority.

The utterance by Malema was a political statement and will not literally take up arms to flame a civil war. Malema shouts out misleading statements all the time, recently saying that Jacob Zuma, the president of South Africa, is not the enemy of the people, but that the minority group of white capitalists remained the true enemy.

Recently the ANC youth league leader Collin Maine said that anybody who disrupts the State of the Nation address must prepare for civil war and will defend the nation. Maine uttered words of treason and as this was in defense of the ruling party, no charges of treason were brought before the judiciary by the EFF. Malema did not threaten action at this time against the youth league but delivered a scathing message against the president and the ANC outside parliament on the night of the state of the national address.

South Africa is an angry nation suffering from the anxieties of the past. The citizens want change and economic freedom, and voters perceive Malema as the person who will bring about radical change for the majority. The statement issued by Malema is similar to previous reckless talk uttered in the past. The ANC is threatened by the popularity of Malema and will create a wave of destruction to curb the vibrant Malema from gaining support. The old loyal supporters of the ANC will not be tempted to support the EFF; it is the younger generation who see Malema as a dynamic leader delivering economic freedom to the oppressed. The question that needs to be asked is whether both the ANC and the EFF have the ability to free the oppressed and place the people above the quarreling of who might be a moral leader for South Africa......................READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE


Saturday, April 23, 2016

South Africa Today

Yes, it is shocking, there are hooligans running around, carrying pangas ready to attack people, slashing their heads with these deadly homemade weapons. Looting shops, setting people alight and leaving them to die a horrific death. South Africa today, is not a bed of roses and no matter how many people say, it is all well, and it is not. 
After 22 years the African National Congress (ANC) government have not demolished the overpopulated shacks in townships. There is a severe shortage of housing for the majority and all the foreign nationalists from neighboring countries escalate the problem.  Today there are more shacks than real houses. We all know electricity and sanitation is a huge problem, not to mention the health risks. 
 However, it is what people do, when then have no work, no life and no place to stay, they steal, kill and spread violence wherever they go. 

Some of these photos are awful, but it is the truth. 

 And now for the graphic images. When people behave like this, then there is no hope.

South Africa, a land of violence and trauma.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Intimidation at Belfast Academy School [Video]

The unruly behavior, intimidation, and bullying at schools in South Africa poses a severe problem, and the Belfast Academy School is not exempt from problems. The Belfast Academy School is situated in Mpumalanga, South Africa. The school is a mixed elementary public school housing more black pupils than white students.
Parents are up in arms about the dictatorship at the Belfast Academy School. The school’s governing body has been informed of rising problems and it has still not responded. There are multiple issues at hand including intimidation, threats, and bullying of students by managing members who abuse the power. In particular, two members of the governing body, Pieter Theart and Cindy Coetzee, have been recognized as the interfering members. Parents are annoyed and will take action since the school fails to identify the difficulties.
Learners at the Belfast Academy School have now been forced to do a laborious task during breaks. The students have to wear green reflective vests, pick up trash, and shovel heaps of crushed stones onto the road inside the school yard. The students also have to perform clean up operations of the toilets and paint walls. Children as young as 15 have been singled out to perform these tedious tasks.
Parents believe that Principal Chris Kruger of the Belfast Academy School is responsible for the welfare of each learner. Kruger has been informed about the incidents, and to date, the problems have not been resolved.
Another inhuman action that is forced upon the students is when detention is given. During this time, the learners are not allowed to eat, drink, or use the toilets. Some of the children are even forced to stand upright, in the scorching sun, for the duration of the detention.
Fighting among students happens all the time, and these fights are sometimes aggressive where students are badly injured. In a recent incident, a video of a fight between students was recorded and handed to the principal by concerned pupils, who wanted Kruger to see what was happening at the school. The head of the school, along with the two governing body members, contacted the police and obtained a court order to access the phone for information. Jan De Wet, a concerned parent, contacted the police regarding this incident and was informed that a charge of Criminal Injuria was opened against his son. In another incident, a young girl was hit by an older boy for no apparent reason. When the principal was alerted, nothing happened, not even a call to the child’s parents.
It is believed that Kruger was supposed to resolve this issue. However, based on the fact that two members of the governing body were permitted to be involved in the incident, it was incorrectly managed. The incident was of no concern to the governing body, however, the principal allowed the intrusion. Furthermore, it is understood that the head is trying to stop the video from being viewed.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Freemasons controlling Tshwane Council

The Democratic Alliance (DA) is the official opposition party to the ruling African National Congress (ANC) and have proven to be a diverse and dynamic party in South Africa. The DA delivers and is a credible party that remains committed to fighting poverty. The Western Cape province is under the control of the DA and over the years, the remarkable good governance proves that this party is committed to leading South Africa into a first world country. 

 Having said that, no political party within South Africa is without internal problems and recently the ruling ANC party has scored big within the scope of difficulties. It is not secret that corruption and fraud is a major factor why the ruling party is failing. However, the DA remains a party that has the most effective method to change the face of South Africa. Recently the DA have become inundated with internal appeals by Councillors who say that procedure of appointments within the party is rigged, and controlled by the Brotherhood of the Freemasons.

Is this bad or can this be a way forward?  Could this mean that competent Councillors who are not part of the Freemasons will be removed in favor of the secret organization?

What exactly is Freemasonry - extract from their website -
Freemasonry is an organisation of men who strive to live by the fundamental principles of truth, morality and brotherly love. It is a non-profit organisation and supports charity and community service. It unifies men of high ideals regardless of their colour, creed or worldly status.
There are several million Freemasons worldwide. The oldest Lodge under the Grand Lodge of South Africa was established in 1772 and the Order locally has withstood the tests of time as it has evolved to it’s present status of several thousand members. They are ordinary men, 21 years and over, of all religions and backgrounds, who share a concern for human values and moral standards and a respect for the laws of society and the rights of individuals.
There are many reasons why men choose to be Freemasons. It promotes brotherly love, self-development, family and community values. Freemasonry provides members with an opportunity for public service and hands-on involvement in charitable and community issues, as well as a chance for them to socialise with men from all walks of life without religious, political or social barriers.

At a quick glance, it does not seem so bad, but there are questions that even I do not understand.

At the top of the DA list of Councillors who belong to the Freemasons are -

The Grand Master of this Lodge is the Hon. Mr. Brandon Topham MP;
The Scribe of the Lodge is Cllr. Gert Visser;
Other known members of this Lodge are:
Cllr Reyaan Uys;
Cllr Danie Swanepoel;
Cllr Mike Shackleton;
Mr Janho Engelbrecht MPL; and
Mr Solly Msimanga MPL
Any many others.

There is a complaint that preference is given to Freemason candidates of the DA and while many might be meritorious and deserving the position, what about the non-Freemason members who are equally commendable of attaining a position as a Councillor. Members of the KohiNoor Lodge have taken over the municipality of Tshwane.  I guess the leader of the DA Mmusi Maimane has much work to do.

Freemasons rigged DA candidate list’