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Racist Article Provokes Hatred Against White Afrikaners

A re-released racist article published in the L.A. Times (see notice at bottom of post) is provoking hatred against white Afrikaners of South Africa. The offensive article exposes the dangers of living in South Africa, based on a story of a politically modest Afrikaner family. The published report received a vast amount of criticism. Shortly after the international release of the report, it was circulated among the ruling African National Congress (ANC) sparking claims of inciting hatred and violence.

Scott Kraft
Scott Kraft, of the LA Times, wrote the story after interviewing an Afrikaner family. The story illustrates the life of a decent Afrikaner family, their struggle to succeed and how fear governs their life. Kraft refers to white Afrikaners as the most privileged species based on the interview and forgets to record the thirty percent living in squalor conditions. The story singles out one-family and distances itself from the reality of all Afrikaans people.

During the interview, the Van Der Merwe family told of their conviction of trust, and their choice to vote for the governing ANC party based on the reality of South Africa moving into democracy. Doubts about their decision caused by the high-crime rates, threats of violence and land grabs and additional security measures had become a daily reality. Kraft outlined the article for his liberal audience to feel contempt for the family and their lifestyle, talking about their vast property and chose to ignore the futility behind the non-black fear. Kraft focused on Afrikaner fear caused by their own egotism and greed, making them a target of black hostility.

The participation of the Van Der Merwe family interview served to inflame violence, hatred and class division. Kraft details the hatred by the black people of South Africa toward all non-black people, and animals surpassing the hatred non-blacks have harbored over the turbulent past. After twenty years of apartheid, Kraft cites the Afrikaners would be safe living in South African township based on their broad-minded conviction, does not portray the underlying fear by almost ridiculing the Afrikaner, and defends the black on white violence.

The realistic black on white violence is ignored and defending the injustices caused by racial hatred is not explained in an understanding manner. South Africa is a dangerous place to live and surviving is the reality of most white people as violence flares up and remains uncontrollable. The pretext that the Van Der Merwe family have what they deserve fails their determination of believing in Nelson Mandela and his assurances that white South Africans would have equal protection. Although their fear of land grab is a reality the family, who defend their right to own land based on their historical past.

The American Left see South Africa as one of the last colonial evil marks of the world, and it was only a matter of time before Kraft wrote a critical piece depicting the Afrikaner as nothing more than the troublesome force. Kraft once wrote, “The Afrikaner is a rarity in anti-apartheid literature especially as Afrikaners were rare in the anti-Apartheid movement.” While it is true South Africa is a dodgy place to live, the remark is particular false as described by the Van Der Merwe family who voted twice for Nelson Mandela and favored ending apartheid.

De Klerk & Mandela
Evident hatred of Afrikaans people by Kraft in his article only served to rear the exploding racial dislike among South Africans. Kraft has no idea of what living in South Africa is about. The failure of police protection, the rising murders and crime form part of the racial disrespect of human life. With no accountability by the ANC government and authorities can the fear of being white in South Africa disappear. The racist article provokes hatred against the white Afrikaners who are portrayed as an injustice to the country.

Read on about the South African Genocide of Whites  - here is the link

South Africa White Genocide Escalates: International Groups Seek Solution

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This article is not my original work, and referenced to a previous published article. The article was shared on my blog, with some humorous photos for the benefit of circulating the well researched and documented article written by Giacomo Vallone and Johannes Coetzee  of European knights project.


  1. Indeed I agree that all the evidence we have archived over the past 12 years point in this direction - and the Afrikaners, the Boers, and the White English Speaking South Africans and Westerners in South Africa are the first to undergo a dramatic transformation: all Western Countries are Being Turned Into Concentration Camps for "White' people:

  2. As a retired Dutch-South African journalist, I have been archiving the 'transformation' of South Africa's 'white'minority into a poverty-stricken, suppressed group of people who are denied access to the job market under a myriad of nazi-style laws passed by the ANC-regime; they are targetted by many thousands of armed black male gangs all across the country for the most vile atrocities, black-racist hatecrimes with include mutilation and torture. The ANC-regime is turning all of South Africa into one huge concentration camp for white people. Not one of South Africa's major cities is escaping from the Transformation Plague: every town and city sees the Afrikaners and Boers who built them, terrorized out of their own neighbourhoods with a huge variety of laws from denying land-ownership and business-ownership to 'whites' to laws denying Afrikaans children the right to be raised in their own cultural background. Afrikaners and Boers are deliberately being denied every opportunity to raise their children in their own culture, which is identified under the UN Convention for Genocide as ' removing children from their own cultural group and forcing them into another cultural group'. This is happening all across South Africa in a very organized way under the ANC-regime. Its progress is being logged on archives maintained by many private citizens on archives such as and on the facebook pages of civil rights groups such as the Boere Krisis Aksie, Afriforum, Solidariteit trade union and its charity Helpende Hand, the Transvaal Agricultural Union of South Africa's logs and many others. The Afrikaner and Boer people are archiving their own destruction.

  3. Your valuable contribution is appreciated and so true. An outstanding work on the reality of South Africa. Thank you. In fact, Julius Malema followers have claimed that all WHITES must get out of South Africa as he plans to take over the current ANC government.

  4. The terrorists we are facing down in Azania - S.A.,
    also think they can bomb and shoot their way into
    getting the country to split in two,
    then form their own state.
    So it was for the Boeremag who thought they could bomb Nelson Mandela,
    start a race war and drive all "non Whites" out of the country.
    They were jailed in December for this attempt,
    yet Facebook insists on hosting a support page for these race terrorists.
    Please sign the petition against this,
    and read more on the blog

  5. Reply to Natturner1 - Who are the real terrorists - history of South Africa will show that Mandela was indeed a terrorist. Perhaps you should check all the facts. The history of the Boeremag will show they were a phantom group.

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    1. The beginning of my article commenced with ............A re-released racist article published in the L.A. Times is provoking hatred against white Afrikaners of South Africa. The offensive article exposes the dangers of living in South Africa, based on a story of a politically modest Afrikaner family. The published report received a vast amount of criticism. Shortly after the international release of the report, it was circulated among the ruling African National Congress (ANC) sparking claims of inciting hatred and violence............ I had no intention of causing a rumpus and have edited the article to credit your wonderful research.

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  13. Theres no way you can change that now and that is truly unfair. This is not how people in the same community trying to help people conduct their affairs. PLease read the article my author Giacomo Vallone spent hours researching and then tell me it is not exactly the same thing as you posted on your wall, which is your second most popular article. Even if you now give credit the damage has been done and that is unfair. At a minimum please put his name as the author as well as link it to That's the right thing to do. That still wont right the wrong that's been perpetrated. Sharing a few other of our stories on south Africa would be a way forward. Other than that this has left a sour taste in my mouth. Id suggest you write to the director on and explain how this happened. It appears you literally copied the article and tried to pass it off as your own. PLease write to them as they work hard and I know the author Johannes is very upset as a south African news wire picked up the story and credited your page. We want to make this right but need you to write to the director on to explain