Saturday, February 25, 2017

In photos: xenophobic violence in Pretoria

Immigrants stand their ground as police disperse crowds and arrest some protesters

Photo of Somali immigrants arming themselves

Residents of a Somali neighbourhood in Pretoria West armed themselves with stones and bricks as a group protesting against their presence approached them.
Against the backdrop of an anti-immigrant march in Pretoria, Ihsaan Haffejee photographed a clash between protesters and Somali immigrants in the west of the city on Friday.
A group of protesters trying to displace immigrants were confronted by police as they attempted to enter a predominantly Somali neighbourhood in Pretoria West. Police separated the groups and released stun grenades and tear gas to disperse the crowds.
This is the anti-immigrant group. They were apparently on their way to a widely advertised anti-immigrant march in Pretoria.
The residents were however well organised …
… and determined to stand their ground.
A large police contingent was present.
Here the police demanded that the immigrant group sit down and disarm.
The police dispersed the anti-immigrant group.
Police released stun grenades and tear gas to disperse the crowds.
A member of the anti-immigrant group lies injured.
A man from the immigrant neighbourhood tries to calm the situation as police fire teargas.
Police search a resident of the Somali neighbourhood.
Immigrants locked themselves in a home as the violence spread
This man was attacked for unclear reasons. He was saved by a leader in the Somali community who intervened.
Some residents attended prayer as the violence escalated outside.
After the anti-immigrant march, police isolated a group of protesters trying to enter Sunnyside. The group claimed that Nigerians dominate that area of Pretoria.
Police arrested the entire group.
Police found drugs on one of the group members.
This is the hand of a man arrested by police.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Trump to send Alt-Right to South Africa

An opinion published in The Star newspaper titled Trump’s Alt-Right coming to SA by Ebrahim, a foreign editor for Independent Media, stated that the Trump administration is targeting South Africa as a destination in need of its Alt-Right ideology. If Trump decides to send South African Joel Pollak, the editor-at-large of Breitbart news as the new US Ambassador to South Africa, then the agenda of the White House in South Africa is clear.
The primary reason to send one of Trump’s most valuable ideological weapons to South Africa would be the perceived need to overturn a ruling party, which is a pillar in the world of progressive left wing and inclusive politics.
This will not be bad at all, as the ANC government is corrupt… Racial laws against whites, farm murders, rise in crime, escalating poverty and exclusion of whites from the workplace by the revolutionary black empowerment laws.
Pollak’s main competitor for the job of US ambassador to South Africa is said to be Mike Cernovich, who is known as the alt-Right’s social media firebrand. He has been vocal in his ambition to influence South Africa’s foreign policy on race relations and to counter its support for Palestine. One of his infamous tweets was that “the white genocide in South Africa is real.”
The white genocide is real and not reported on by mainstream media. It is the same as with the way President Donald Trump was and still is treated by the media.


Bloody South Africa – Video

The genocide against the white minority continues. Eleven people were brutally murdered in February this year. The number of farm attacks rises daily and the government does nothing to intervene.

Three SANDF soldiers were killed while trying to help contract workers at the Durban naval base this week, within days President Jacob Zuma sent condolences to their families. Yet the president has not even acknowledged the horrific farm attacks and the brutal slaying of four family members who died on February 14.

Last year one of New Zealand’s largest newspapers covered the attacks against the minority saying, “South Africans killed at a rate of war, this country has a murder rate 10 times worse than the United States”. Nothing has changed, the frightening truth is that the situation is intensifying.

In a recently published article If you defend the ‘new South Africa’ you live a lie the real situation is defined about how whites are alienated, killed and savagely attacked. The article provides links to some of the most gruesome crimes against the minority and worthwhile reading.

Mangosuthu Buthelezi leader of the Inkatha Freedom Party said South Africa is not a safe place to visit. Watch the video detail crimes against the whites and how the government fails to protect it’s citizens.
Now watch the video - here is the link - Bloody South Africa .

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Horrific Moment Pit Bull Attacks A Beagle Puppy And Its Owner

Footage of the vicious assault was uploaded on YouTube by Raphael Fortin who said he and his girlfriend were out visiting Boston, US, for a concert when they “heard a loud yelling and shouting and realised that this was happening”.

The couple captured the horrendous scene of a pit bull savaging a beagle while the owner of the smaller canine tries to intervene but ends up getting mauled herself.

The clip, shows the beagle owner crying “help me” and “get it off her” as she lay injured and bloodied on the floor.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Rosettenville residents burn drug den – Photos

A handful of residents from Rosettenville, Johannesburg are angry and want the drug lords out. Drug dealers in that area operate openly and have no shame in exposing young children to drugs.

Since early this morning, residents have ben protesting, burning tyres, and chanting. The protesters moved to the corner of Verona Street, near Prairie Street, and petrol bombed a Nigerian drug lord’s house.

The police are on the scene.

Published on South Africa Today

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

God is busy planning your dance this year

Dr. Abraham, a well known cancer specialist, was once on his way to an important conference in another city where he was going to receive an award in the field of medical research.

He was excited about the award and so boarded a plane to the venue. However, two hours after the plane took off, it made an emergency landing at the nearest airport due to a technical problem.

Afraid that he would not make it in time to the conference, he immediately went to the reception to make enquiries. He found out that he would have to wait ten hours for the next flight to his destination! He rented a car and drove himself to the conference city which was four hours away.

Soon after he left, the weather changed and a heavy storm began.
The downpour made it difficult for him to see so he missed a turn he was supposed to take.

Driving in the heavy rain on a deserted road, feeling hungry and tired, he frantically began to look for any sign of civilization. He came across a small tattered house and knocked on the door. A beautiful lady opened the door. He explained his situation and wanted to use the lady's telephone but she had no telephone. She however asked him to come inside and wait till the weather improved. The doctor who was hungry and exhausted accepted the offer. The lady offered him something to eat and drink.

She asked him to join her in prayers but he declined. According to him, he believed in hard work, not in prayers! Sitting at the table and sipping his tea, the doctor watched the woman pray many times beside a baby's crib. Feeling that the woman might be in need of help, the doctor asked her what exactly she needed from God and asked if God ever listened to her prayers.

When he inquired of the child in the crib, the woman explained that her son was down with cancer. And they had been advised to see a doctor named Abraham who could cure him but she did not have enough money to afford his fees.
She said that God had not yet answered her prayers but said that God would create some way out one day.  She added that she would not allow her fears to overcome her faith!

Stunned and speechless, Dr. Abraham began to weep! He was forced to say out loud, "GOD IS GREAT" and recollected to the woman, all the sequence of bad events: malfunction on the plane, a thunderstorm and how he lost his way.  All of which had happened because God answers prayers,  wanted to give him a chance to come out of his bondage of materialistic career pursuit and give some time to a poor, helpless woman who had nothing but rich prayers!

Oh! What a God!

God may not answer your prayers YOUR WAY but he will always answer HIS way.

Behind the scenes, he will move men, the weather, events, circumstances, etc. in order to work out the best for you!

Do not stop trusting!
Do not stop hoping!

God is busy planning your dancing this year!

Hold on!
Hold out!

Look up daily! 

This touched and still touches me. I hope it touches you too, and if it does, please share it.

The amazing ways of our Heavenly Father!