Thursday, June 30, 2016

Anger of election candidates to erupt nationwide VIDEO

Protests, and riots all over South Africa are happening. Buses are gutted, property is destroyed and people are killed.

Demonstrators are burning down infrastructure, burning tyres, throwing rocks and stones all over the streets and looting in the process.

The people are annoyed and especially with the choice of African National Congress (ANC) ward Councillors chosen to represent communities. There is little more than month left for the municipal elections and it could turn into a nightmare for South Africa.
Watch the video!

Did blacks attack a white squatter camp - VIDEO

In the video you will see the damage and destruction that blacks from a nearby township did to a white squatter camp and continue to torment the whites.
The black township houses all have solar geyser water heating, probably supplied for free from the government. The white squatter camp houses do not have solar heating, these poor whites have a “donkey” system, a 44 gallon drum that is heated by fire and the residents get their hot water from this system.  It is unfair and discrimination.

Electricity is a problem and all the houses have illegal connections and this is a problem for the nearby white squatter camp. The trouble started when the “red ants” disconnected the illegal connections and they threatened the white squatter camp. The blacks walk around with guns and keep on creating problems for the whites.

Watch the video, it is informative and reflects the real situation in South Africa.  The real action starts about half way during the video.

South Africa Today – South Africa News

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

White man you are on your own – Malema

How can anybody pay attention to the racist rhetoric Julius Malema leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) expresses? Nobody can take Malema seriously, and one needs to understand that he makes comments out of desperation to win votes in the municipal elections. The comments spoken by Malema are not in the best interest of the country, it is not to build up South Africa or grow the economy, and it is all about the survival of Malema. 

Malema is telling supporters at a KwaZulu-Natal celebration of the Freedom Charter that they can occupy land illegally and not apologize. Malema went on to say that no white person in the country can claim ownership. The black majority are the legal owners of all the land in South Africa, and if a black person likes any piece of land they must occupy it because it belongs to them, that is according to Malema. 

Surprisingly Malema agrees “that the land belongs to all who work and live on it” a clause in the Freedom Charter, but he stated that this clause does not apply to white people. Malema told his crowd of supporters that whites brought no land when they came to South Africa. Therefore Malema said they cannot say that South Africa belongs to whites as it would be defeating the purpose of fighting for what their forefathers have been doing all along. 

Malema did say, that white people will be given land, but only after all the land is returned to the black majority. Once in power, the EFF government would determine how to give some land to the white minority. Malema mentioned that the ruling African National Party (ANC) had failed the majority and did not uphold the Freedom Charter.  He went on to say it was now up to the black people to take back the land.

Previously Malema said that he was not waging a war against white people but rather fighting for the black majority. He did say the EFF are here to crush white dominance and want an equal society. Crushing white dominance does mean there is a hatred of white people. It means there will be a deliberate action to empower the black majority.  It is the masses who are oppressed, and that is not division. Malema went on to say that division is when you protect white privilege at the exclusion of the black majority.

Malema is a dangerous deceiver who speaks to the disgruntled, uneducated and ignorant black majority. Using the weakness of ignorance to agitate the masses all for the sake of power and never thinking of the consequences of their actions. 
Laura Oneale - published today on South Africa Today – South Africa News

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Shocking animal cruelty on pig farm

South African society is degenerating as we witness more and more cases of savagery perpetrated against animals in western culture. From the savage treatment of livestock on farms to the daily beatings strays receive in townships. There are the gruesome acts of torturing animals. Animals that are buried alive, burnt alive or hacked to death.

When the SPCA removes the abused animals, the perpetrators find other animals to abuse and so the continued inhuman behavior continues. There are horrific stories of the ongoing animal abuse around the country. Videos of animals being killed or abused often expose the appalling murder of these animals.

A video has emerged showing farm workers deliberately killing pigs, and the manner in which they do this is horrific.  It was not disclosed in which province the video circulated. However, it is unwarranted and merciless. In the video the pigs are crammed into small spaces, suffering from broken bones, dehydration, and other illnesses. One can only imagine the stress and anxiety the tortured animals have to endure during rearing, transport and slaughtering. 

It is also cruel to film such dreadful cruelty. However, sometimes the cold hard facts need to be exposed and seeing is believing. It is when exposure of the merciless brutality to animals is brought into awareness that the perpetrators can be stopped.

Laura Oneale - published on  South Africa Today – South Africa News

Farm murderers sentenced for Brits killing binge

The Brits community and South Africa will remember the reign of terror that besieged that town during March and June 2014. During these few months, five people were killed, endless robberies among farmers and a wave of panic caused havoc. A 44-year-old man was shot while at a family gathering, and his brother sustained serious injuries that almost paralyzed him.  There was the vicious attack on a family that resulted in the death of the 55-year-old. While visiting a farm in the Brits area, a 70-year-old was fatally shot. These are some of the horrendous crimes committed during a three-month period.
The killers Paulus Mandlazi, a 26-year-old and his accomplice, John Tivane, a 31-year-old from Mozambican were responsible for terrorizing the Brits residents. Fortunately, the police caught up with the thugs during their last robbery and killing spree and stayed behind bars until their trial.
During the court proceedings this week, Mandlazi said it was his hatred of whites that caused him to rob and kill them, and that white people attacked him. The Judge did not accept his statement and told him that it was done out of greed. There was no remorse and Mandlazi described his crimes as just going to work. Mandlazi received a total of five life sentences and a further 195 years for other charges. Some of the sentences will run concurrently. Mandlazi, a young man with a distinct hatred toward white people, in his heart, will now have plenty of time to reflect on his disgraceful criminal activities.

Partner in crime, John Tivane, cried bitterly while testifying and denied any involvement in the crimes. However, he was found guilty and sentenced to three life terms and over 100 years in prison for his criminal involvement in the Brits murders. 

So many people were affected by the vicious attacks that have scarred them for life. Two more dangerous offenders and farm murderers are locked up yet, the killings continue. Farm murders are one of the most frequent and horrendous crimes plaguing South Africa. A farmer is more likely to be attacked and killed than a police officer who is surrounded by danger most of the time. 

Laura Oneale  - published on South Africa Today – South Africa News