Monday, November 30, 2015

Black First Land First in South Africa

South Africa
Should white South Africans be afraid? A new political party, Black First Land First (BLF), has emerged from the back of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) this year with a revolutionary mindset. It is all about intimidation, control, and power. Once again, it is another political party that wants to control the ignorant masses of South Africa with promises of radical change, enrich the few, select elite, and put blacks first while directing real change from slavery to emancipation, with the firm belief that Africa is for Africans.

The BLF is urging ordinary citizens to leave the EFF and not to believe Julius Malema’s promises. It sees Malema as a white capitalist follower. The BLF believes that Malema’s party is similar to the ruling African National Congress (ANC), who have, over the past 21 years, done nothing for the poor and only enriched the political leaders who love money more than the poor, black people. The BLF believes the current government loves its celebrity status and prominence. According to the BLF, the present offensive system, called democracy, does not make people rich and only causes divisions. Democracy does not save people from poverty and will lead to extinction if allowed to progress, proclaims the BLF.
South Africa
The BLF urges members to not believe in the propaganda, filled with racism and poverty, used by the ANC and EFF to control the minds of people. The BLF believes that the Jacob Zuma administration has caused a terrible degeneration dispensation that will take years to correct.

The BLF party is an anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist movement that supports the return of stolen land by any means necessary. The party has mainly organized a political structure of blacks only, and categorically states that no whites are allowed to join the organization. The leadership urges the masses to understand the enemy and learn from the past. The belief that everything – land, resources, and life, was stolen by the colonial master has shaped the current social constitution of unfairness in South Africa.

The big message of the BLF is land reform and fighting the real enemy: white capital criminals and new black comrades, such as Nelson Mandela, Malema, and  Zuma. The BLF party has sung a song that entices violent hatred towards current leaders and white people. The basis of taking control in South Africa is to take back the stolen land by any means necessary. The leaders of the BLF praise Robert Mugabe and want the masses to take back the land in South Africa using a similar manner in which the land was taken from white Zimbabweans. An important resolution of the revolutionary project is the expropriation of land without compensation to the oppressors – the white capitalists.

The BLF leaders do not believe that land reform in South Africa must be done through a parliamentary system and in line with the constitution. It is a lie waiting for the politicians to make laws about land redistribution and shout out that the only real means left for the poor blacks is through land occupation. The BLF urges the masses to take the land without any further delay.

Opinion by Laura Oneale


Sunday, November 29, 2015

Protecting the White People of South Africa

The white movement has grown in members, and we will fight until the end for our race.

29 Farm attacks in 30 days in South Africa. A woman’s throat was cut in a farm attack, she was living alone on her farm and was murdered by these black terrorist.

Innocent children killed by these black terrorist our children is our future and must be protected.
Nobody says a word the world is silent about White genocide in South Africa.

Family killed by these black terrorist we ask other White movements to take our hand and help to fight for our people in South Africa. The innocent people are killed out of pure hate by a black terrorist. Why the government of South Africa is silent about these attacks, murderers, rape of innocent people, the ANC does nothing to help protect the farmers. I live in South Africa and have survived a few farm attacks and living in fear for my life. Any time any day, it can be my family or me. We cannot look away from this it is our folk, and we must secure a future for white kids.

Racist blacks encourage each other to kill the white people and then thank them for killing the Boers

This racist post is made on Facebook about  Eugene Terreblance, who was murdered by a black terrorist in the photo's you can see how Eugene look after he was killed while he was sleeping. A Great man and leader whose life were stolen by these black terrorist.

Please get active by the movement help us fighting for these innocent people get killed by a black terrorist.White Movement Worldwide will do what it takes to get media coverage for this the world must know what happened in South Africa. Our leaders are working day and night to get media coverage for the Boers.

We will not be silent about the White genocide in South Africa.
Please share this photo to show we support the Boers.

Please share we have an event 3 December 2015 for the Boers to make a prayer chain worldwide please join us.

From the leaders of the White Movement Worldwide.
Email address if you want to reply is


Saturday, November 28, 2015

South Africa White Movement Group Tackles Racism

South Africa
Racism in South Africa is an immense problem and seems to get worse with each passing year of democracy. A newly formed group, known as the White Movement Group (WMG), has united against racism to protect the minority. The WMG have connected with people in America, South Africa, and Europe. They are challenging the revolutionary actions of majority people against the white minority. The group, although not a political party, has gathered enormous support and has set up structures around the country in attempts to protect the heritage of the white nation.

A Michael Eads from America is the initiated leader of the world group and Connie Da Silva from South Africa manages the local state of affairs where racism has reared its ugly head. The group currently has over 5,000 members and is growing daily. Initially, the group was formed to protect the Boer nation and protest against farm murders. Over the past few years, the intensity of farm murders has been linked to the genocide of the whites. While the murders did not stop and the gruesome killings escalated, the media downplayed the situation and the WMG tackled the problem by exposing the evil deeds on social media.

The Genocide Watch reports that 85,000 people have been hacked to death in South Africa since 1994, and this is mostly farmers. The brutal methods in which murders take place are despicable and horrendous. No mercy is spared and hacking people to death is easy for the attacker who is recklessly determined to cause severe pain and suffering. The farming industry is under constant threat and land reform promises by the government do not stop the cruel murders.

There are many groups on Facebook supporting white genocide and crime in South Africa, and these groups often post updates, warnings and crime statistics. However, it is not only the white support groups that filter through Facebook, but a new form of revolutionary action group which encourages the elimination of white people in the country has also appeared. People who report on the situations that lead to racial problems often infiltrate both the revolutionary groups and white genocide groups. Recently, more provocation is found toward white people, and a distinct hatred for the race is directed toward ways to eliminate the minority or drive them from South Africa.

Over the past few weeks, postings on social media have escalated into hate speech. Revolutionary groups keep fueling the hatred toward whites. There is no sympathy or remorse toward farm victims and most believe that the abuse, mistrust and exploitation of blacks over the past century have resulted in farmers being brutally murdered. The deaths are seen as a form of retaliation for the evil deeds white people committed and provocation to continue until all whites are driven from the land.
South Africa
The WMG has undertaken to expose the revolutionary groups who post hate speech over social media and to report incidents to authorities. The aim is to stop the hate vented toward white people in South Africa and generate international support for the minority group who suffer untold misery and live fearful lives.

The wish to unite and make South Africa a better dwelling place for all has faded away over the past 21 years. While the current government continues to ignore the plight of the majority and poverty escalates, the people tend to get embroiled into a radical mindset. The past holds deep hurts for the majority and there is no vision for a better future. Meanwhile, the blame game continues.
While the white minority continues to live with the last shred of dignity and cope with the horrific attacks, the WMG persists in pursuing recognition. A recognition that will assist minorities in attaining a peaceful solution to the hate and brutal way in which farmers are murdered.
Opinion by Laura Oneale
Guardian LV – South Africa White Genocide Escalates: International Groups Seek Solution


Homeopathic remedy for Syphilis

Another Story shared by a South African:

Take these in homeopathic form.
Syphilinum 30X
Psorainum 30X (Scarbies)
Mercury 30X
Mercury solubilis 30X
Straphysagria 30X (Plant)
Aconite 30X (Wolfbane)

All brings on peaceful sleep.
The brain under stress and coming from insecure home leads to brain stress, so you can't sleep.
Syphilis comes from minute amounts in the air in classrooms and talking to blacks and in a fine mist deliberately sprayed near you.

80% blacks in Africa have syphilis that Whites are not immune to. This is a mild form, and Whites who get it suffer sleeplessness, sores with dry scabs and sores on other parts of the body, that seems to be not obvious. Some lung infection victims, Whites, have underlying forms of syphilis. Doctors treat for TB, Fibrosis, etc. but NOT syphilis, which eventually destroys the patient.
Nobody told them that they had syph.
Integration at school should not be done.

Mercury is a cure for syphilis but is a poison. So only take in homeopathic form.

Diatomaceous earth. Ideal for taking worms out of the body. The only one known to effectively take sandworm out.

Silence the gun by 2020

At the moment,  African Union (AU) soldiers are training in South African (SA) military camps. Ready to be deployed in Africa. Kwazulu-Natal is also going to get KwaNdebele and Angolan Peace Keeping troops. That is why Jacob Zuma (JZ) the South African president is so bold to say the African National Congress (ANC) comes first. MK, Luthuli Detachment, ZIPRA elements will also benefit using the barrel of the gun.
JZ has given our coal to China, free, in exchange for China voting SA get the 2010 Soccer World Cup. JZ also gets oil from Lybia, Iran and Iraq in the past, and he gets loads of cash and oil from those countries.

The Need to Know organisation is Coloured based in Wentworth, Durban, the Head Quarters of Gordon Webster & Robert Mcbride. Actually the Queen E II supports JZ and all he does, as it revolves around oil and Fracking. AU Troops will ensure Fracking happens.
                                 Silence the gun by 2020
On SAfm, 8 November 2015, Jacob Zuma was heard saying, "We commit ourselves to silence the gun by 2020. . ."

Charles Manson in the United States. He had stayed in prison to train convicts in all prisons "Coast to Coast" in military warfare. Green Berets, Rangers, Marine Seals, etc. trained them. Large amounts of war material have been moved from Military stocks to the Prisons.

"We will only attack the establishment if the rest of the population have been disarmed. . ." said the convicts when they were instructed to attack the institution.

We have heard that before. Dingaan told Piet Retief and the Dutch farmers to leave their guns outside. All were caught and dragged to the Hill of Execution.
Jacob Zuma, ANC, etc. never owned your guns. They belong to yourself. Guns are your private property and licences issued by the previous authority and there is no expiry date on the licence. (Jacob Zuma defied the previous authority, so who is he to tell us to obey him?)