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This is such a beautiful picture and all the words are so meaningful.

Happy Easter

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend filled with many blessings.

A sneak preview of the cover for my second book.

Not yet finalized but getting closer all the time.

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Hoping you all had a wonderful and blessed week. It's weekend and time to relax a little.

Today I will share Chapter three with you, it is about Zanmorn, you will recall he is a prominent character of our story, the ever faithful messenger to Zanu, the Governor of Anglur. Zanmorn being a spirited being has a confession to make and it concerns our wonderful Lindiwe, the feisty Zulu woman, who defied the village rules, ran away and got entangled in an adventure greater than expected.

Chapter 3

Zanmorn, since his return to Anglur, had spent most of his time with his sister Bethsaida. He wanted to stay away from Lindiwe and he knew the more he saw her, the more his feelings of love toward her would become evident. He went to the Temple and wrestled with the angels over these emotions. He was always expected to remain a single man and not have a relationship. Finally he was given an ultimatum by the angels - marry Lindiwe and instant death will follow, or leave Anglur forever and then you may be with her. Thoughts of never returning to his home planet scared him - yet his love for Lindiwe overwhelmed his rational mind.
Now, after several days of avoiding Zanu, who had constantly called him to come over to the residence, he knew he would have to face this feeling of uncertainty.
It was a warm day, the brilliance of the sun shining on the sidewalks and the soft wind blowing made Zanmorn’s trip to Zanu’s home pleasant. His mind constantly dwelling on Lindiwe and her sumptuous beauty, he could not focus on the importance of his decision. He wanted to spend his remaining life with her and he wanted to stay on Anglur. How could he forsake one for the other!
He arrived at Zanu's home and found the children playing in the pool having fun. He walked up closer and watched how innocent and fearless they appeared.
"Hello everybody," he raised his voice in order to be heard over their constant chattering and laughter.
"Zanmorn, we missed you," Emma said and ran up to him giving him a huge hug and wetting him in the process.
Sipho, Irma, and Olomos came over and greeted him. They were happy to see him and after a few minutes, he said goodbye to them and left to enter the house.
He went inside and wondered where Lindiwe was - he needed to see her and confirm his love to her. While standing in the entrance, hesitating on which direction to go, he did not notice Zanu standing near his study.
"Zanmorn, I was wondering when you would return. This is after all your home too," he said and walked closer to him.
"Zanu, please forgive me, I needed to see my sister and adjust to my return from earth," he replied and extended his hand to his leader.
"Come inside, sit down, and let us have a chat," Zanu said, motioning him to enter the study.
Zanmorn sat down and watched as Zanu walked around the large mahogany desk and took a seat. Staring at him with a slight frown on his face Zanu asked,
"Zanmorn, is there anything you want to tell me?"
"No not really. I enjoyed spending time with Bethsaida," he said while looking out of the window.
Zanu offered him some refreshments and he gladly accepted a fruit juice. Sipping the juice and trying not to look directly at his master, he spoke about his sister’s children and the weather. Zanu had been informed of his dilemma by the angels and wanted Zanmorn to tell the truth, without forcing him to do so. He noticed how Zanmorn tried hard to avoid the real issue.
"Zanmorn, I believe you want to tell me something," Zanu said after deciding to tackle the subject head on.
"I should have known you would know about my confusion, I am sure the angels told you." he blurted out.
"Yes, but you should talk to me," Zanu said and raised his eyebrows slightly.
"Well, I am not sure what to do, I want to marry Lindiwe, and if I do, I will have to leave Anglur for good. I am not even sure if she will marry me. I am confused," he said feeling relieved at being able to tell his master his thoughts.
"Zanmorn, the instructions from the angels are clear. There will be no change in their decision. You must however, go to Lindiwe and tell her about your feelings. If she accepts you, then you will be able to make a decision."
"I am not sure if I can tell her," he said.
"You must, you are jeopardizing your career and of course our assignment has to continue," sternly he told Zanmorn
"I am sorry, this is all very new to me, and all my life I accepted my calling and served you and Anglur as best as I could, I never planned for this to happen to me. It is all the years on earth and spending so much time with the earthlings, I am sure."
"I will arrange for Lindiwe to go to the mall with you and then you must use the opportunity to talk to her. Once you know, we can discuss this further," he said and stood up.
Walking toward the door, he told Zanmorn to meet Lindiwe after dinner and take her for a walk. He said goodbye to his servant and left him alone to ponder over the situation. Zanmorn remained seated and was now more confused than ever and wanted to run away. Cradling his head in his hands, he did not notice Lindiwe walk into the room.
"Hello Zanmorn, I am sure glad to see you again," she said and tapped him on his shoulder.
"Lindiwe how are you?" a startled Zanmorn asked and stood up.
"I am fine and enjoying the stay on your beautiful planet. We have done so much and I believe we still have much more to see and do," she said
"Later on after dinner, let me take you on a tour of the capital state. I think you will enjoy the night walk - it can become quite unusual," he said.
"Wonderful, I will meet you after dinner," she replied and left the room.
Feeling more relaxed and thankful for the guidance from Zanu, he left and went upstairs.
Dinner was pleasant, the children commenting on their eventful day and Randia, as usual a great host. Lindiwe stood up and left, followed by Zanmorn. The children wanted to tag along and Zanu told them to remain seated. Sipho confused asked why. Randia told the children Lindiwe and Zanmorn wanted to go for a quiet walk and that they should go watch television.
Lindiwe and Zanmorn left the house and walked down the long driveway toward the gate in silence. It was a beautiful night, the moon bright and shining on the golden paving, emitting light under their feet. No wind and the night air still warm, he took her hand in his and continued walking in silence. Unable to contain his emotions any longer, he stopped walking. They were standing in the garden. Zanmorn picked up her hand and laid it against his face, giving him the full, blasting glory of her smiling brown eyes.
"Lindiwe, I shall always love you as tenderly as ever," he said and without giving her a moment to reply kissed her softly on her lips. Lindiwe could not ever recall the exhilarating feeling of such a touch and kiss, from any experience she had known before. She quickly entwined her arms around his neck and kissed him warmly.
He did not expect this reaction and he hugged her and softly kissed her neck. He stepped back still holding her hands and looked into her loving face.
"Lindiwe will you marry me?" he asked in a soft voice.
"Zanmorn, dear Zanmorn, I know I love you, I think I have loved you for a very long time - but marriage, I am not sure?" She said and hid her face in his broad chest.
"At least, please promise me you will think about my proposal," he said while stroking her back.
They never left the estate - just walked around the gardens; holding hands and joyfully enjoying each other’s company. It was late when they returned. Knowing everybody was asleep, they quietly went up the stairway. Outside her quarters, he kissed her with a passionate kiss that made her squeal with delight. She gently put her hand on his chest and pushed him away, as she slowly opened the door and went inside. Closing the door and leaning against it, she knew she had done the right thing. She wanted more, but as difficult as it was, she had controlled her feelings. She went to bed smiling.
The next morning, Zanmorn went down to the study and found Zanu sitting behind his desk, writing in his journal. He walked up to the front of the desk and without asking for permission to speak, he told his master about the events with Lindiwe. Zanu looked up at this remarkable man and shook his head.
"Zanmorn, my dear Zanmorn, I was hoping Lindiwe would reject your love and let us continue our mission without any human emotions."
"Zanu, I am going to wait for her answer and if she agrees, I will live on earth with the woman I love!" he said in a determined voice.
"Well, then we wait! In the meantime, I have to inform you that your position as my head messenger is suspended." He stood up, without any warning and walked around the desk, and taking Zanmorn’s arm escorted him to the door.
"Zanu, no please don't do this! I must stay here! Where will I go and how will I get back to earth, if you make me leave," he pleaded.
"This discussion is closed - remember Benjamin? If you change your mind, we can continue as before but not until then," he said and shoved him out the door, slamming it closed.
Zanmorn, stood at the door, convinced his life was over. Never before had he seen Zanu so upset. He thought about the discussion and knew he had to make a decision now. He opened the door and looking directly at Zanu, said
"I am sorry, you are right, please forgive me. I want to continue with our relationship as before," he pleaded.
"A change of heart on your part? Well I suppose we could continue working together, but you must understand that certain issues will change," he said in his authorative voice.
"Of course, I understand. I will not have any more contact with Lindiwe, and if it is possible, can I stay at my sister's place until she leaves?"
"No, if you want to continue as before, then you must show restraint. You cannot run away from your feelings. Either face them and move on or leave," clutching his grey beard Zanu sternly replied.
"Very well, I will remain and continue to be the trustworthy servant I have always been," he said looking down at the floor.
"Good, and remember what happened to our brother Benjamin when he was disobedient. Go find the children and take them on a short tour of the capital state."
Zanmorn thanked him, said goodbye and went in search of the children.

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Hello everybody,

Cape Town, South Africa.

Here in sunny South Africa it is a public holiday, known as human rights day. Which for most South Africans mean the right to freedom, justice and equality! I think it is a good reason for our country to celebrate this holiday especially with our history and our bright future together as one great rainbow nation. Happy human rights day South Africa!

I know over the past few weeks all my blogs were from my new novel.
A quick update for you, the cover design is almost complete and then the process of publication, hopefully by next month.
On Saturday, I will continue to blog the journeys of Sipho, his family and aliens as they continue to try to outsmart Satan.

I received some beautiful inspiration and such true words of wisdom in an email and I want to share this with you today. In addition, I want to share some of the beautiful pictures sent to me. Enjoy and have a super day!

To believe in the things you can see and touch is no belief at all - but to believe in the unseen is a triumph and a blessing.
~Abraham Lincoln
I think I can, I think I can …
Dream BIG, be brave,
and attempt the impossible!
What you think … you are.

Surprise others occasionally

Be mischievous and have fun

Endure hardships with grace, faith and patience,
the storm will pass,
and the sun will shine again.

Have a great day!

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This picture is so peaceful, I love it.

Well here we go again, Chapter 2 for you of the new book, not yet published! Enjoy.

I should mention that this book is dedicated to my three sisters.

Margaret, June and Marilyn
Three remarkable women!
Who taught me love!
Who showed me how to live!
Who gave me happiness!
Who always made me smile!


The next morning, Sipho woke up and for a moment wondered where he was. He rubbed his eyes and jumped out of the bed. He was in Zanu's home he remembered and ran downstairs into the lounge. He saw Randia sitting drinking tea. She looked up and called him softly to sit next to her. He walked over to the three-seated couch and sat beside her.
"Sipho, you are up so early, and look so afraid, is something wrong?" she asked in her lovely voice.
"No, nothing is wrong, I woke up confused," he replied.
"Don't worry, everything will be fine, today I believe Zanu will be taking you to the holy Temple," she said.
"The Temple, the holy Temple, where God speaks to people?" he asked excited.
"Yes, Zanu went to the Temple last night and received instructions to bring you there today," she said and stroked his head.
"This is wonderful, I have a feeling we will be receiving some good news," he said and stood up and hugged her.
"I know, you will enjoy the Temple," she said returning his hug.
He thanked her and left and went upstairs, and knocked on Lindiwe's door. The doorknob turned and Lindiwe stood in front of him. He stepped forward and hugged her.
Moving away, she walked inside with him. They sat down and Lindiwe told him the twins were still sleeping. He sat close to her and told her about his conversation with Randia. They discussed the impending visit and soon Emma, sleepy-eyed came into the lounge, ran over to him, and hugged him. Not long afterwards, Irma joined them and they sat chatting, drinking tea and enjoying the closeness they so often shared together.
It was still early and the children were sitting on the terrace watching the waterfall and enjoying the warm summer's day. Zanu came home and after greeting them told the children, they would be leaving for the Temple within the next hour. He left and went inside. Lindiwe came out and sat with the children while waiting for their visit to the Temple.
Zanu walked over to them and told them they were ready to leave. They walked down the stairs and climbed into the waiting autoglider. Excited and feeling joy at the prospect of visiting the Temple, they drove down the lane toward the gate. Once out of the stately estate, they proceeded toward the Temple. Zanu told the driver to stop and wait; they would walk the rest of the way.
Heeding his instructions, they vacated the autoglider and waited. He told them the walk was not far and they would enjoy the scenery. It was breathtaking. Holding hands and walking next to the great Zanu, they exclaimed delight with the wondrous sights. Emma stopped and shrieked with delight at the site of the a park with a flowing mountain stream, that tumbled down in little white drops over two huge rocks and into a wide pool surrounded by an arrangement of most unusual flowers and shrubbery. Zanu noticing her excitement told her this was a very special place and was erected as a symbol of gratitude for the purity of all the water they had on the planet. Taking her hand, he moved closer and showed her the plaque honoring the site.
They continued walking down the straight road, lined with tall delicate flowers. The view became more delightful with every step. It was not long before they arrived at the entrance to the Temple and walked through the gardens, displaying wonderful arrangements of different colored flowers which gave off a soft fragrance as a gentle wind drifted past them, all shaded by beautiful trees. Still in awe of the beauty, they did not notice Zanu open the huge Temple door formed in the shape of an octagon.
Turning around to follow him, they stood still as they looked inside, with the sun streaming into the Temple and down the long aisle, flooding the interior with a glorious light and radiating brilliance down the passage.
As they followed Zanu toward the front of the Temple, a divine calm and indescribable joy filled their beings. It was as though they were amidst the heavenly angels walking into a most extraordinary place. Zanu motioned the children to be seated and watched as they obediently obeyed, all starry eyed with joyous smiles upon their faces. He moved to the front section of the Temple and stood still. Lindiwe and the children, still awe struck at the magnificent Temple, looked up at the ceiling, with its remarkable beauty, and the variety of designs. Sweet music filled the Temple until an overwhelming silence brought their attention back to Zanu and the soft voice of somebody they could not see.
"Zanu, a true faithful servant, you have done well," the soft voice of an angel said.
Zanu bowed his head and waited.
"Lindiwe come stand beside Zanu, we have a message for you," the voice coaxed.
Lindiwe jumped up at the sound of her name being called, and went forward to stand next to Zanu. With her hands clasped behind her back, she stood submissively.
"Lindiwe, thank you for heeding our instructions and coming back to the planet Anglur," the angel said.
Lindiwe was speechless. She stood staring at the front not sure what to do. "Lindiwe, God Most High will reward you and I have been told that you will always have divine protection, love and joy. We want you to continue listening to our guidance and follow Zanu with any instructions he may pass on to you," the angel said.
"I understand," Lindiwe managed to murmur.
"Now, we need you to take the girls and leave the Temple. We have some instructions for Sipho, which only he may hear," the angelic voice said.
Lindiwe did not answer, but immediately turned around and taking Emma and Irma’s hands proceeded toward the entrance of the Temple.
Outside of the Temple, the feeling of joy overwhelmed Lindiwe and the girls from the experience of being in the Temple and hearing the voice of an angel. They walked around the perfect gardens admiring the Temple and scenery. They looked at the most beautiful star pearl flower, with radiant colors, and beheld the dazzling glory in it.
In the Temple, Zanu remained standing and wondered what was so important that Lindiwe and the girls should not hear.
"Sipho come stand next to Zanu," the angel said.
Sipho did not hesitate and immediately moved forward to stand next to the great Zanu.
"Sipho, an extraordinary child you are. We are pleased with your performance and understanding of our dilemma down on earth. We have further instructions for you and the twins. Zanu will escort you throughout your next journey. We give you our assurance that we will endeavour to protect you at all times," the angel said.
Sipho looked up at Zanu, feeling confused and unsure if he should reply. The look in Zanu's eyes confirmed that he should remain silent.
"Sipho and Zanu take the scroll at the entrance door. Read the instructions together and we will meet again at the Temple before your departure back to earth," the angel said.
Silence! Then the soft sound of music filtered through the air as both Zanu and Sipho turned around to leave. At the entrance, Sipho noticed the scroll, bound with a golden cord. He bent down to pick it up and handed it to Zanu. They walked outside and looked for Lindiwe and the girls, who were nowhere to be seen.
"Zanu that was the most pleasant experience I have ever had. This Temple is awesome, I am impressed, and of course eager to learn what is inscribed in the scroll," he said.
"Yes, Sipho, this Temple is splendid and indeed a sacred place. We must first find the girls and Lindiwe, and then you and I will spend some time together and study the scroll," he said and took Sipho’s hand and started walking around the Temple grounds.
They saw the twins and Lindiwe standing near the star pearl flower and Sipho ran up to them. They hugged each other and Lindiwe turned around to face the serene looking face of Zanu.
"Lindiwe, I trust this visit has quelled all fears about our planet and your future."
"Zanu, I am impressed and admit this was the best idea. This is an awesome place, and I am convinced all will be well," she said.
They left the Temple grounds and blissfully walked to where the driver was waiting to escort them back home.

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Laura's Page: SIPHO AND THE GOLDEN NAILS - CHAPTER 1: Good Morning Everybody, I have the kindle link for you of the 1st Sipho Book, just in case you want to read it. Don't forget that you...


Good Morning Everybody,

I have the kindle link for you of the 1st Sipho Book, just in case you want to read it. Don't forget that you can download this to read for free through Amazon KDP.

Remember if you did not read the introduction I posted last week you might not be able to follow the story. I recommend you do so first.

Chapter 1
The ship landed with precision and expertise as expected. Lindiwe and the children were apprehensive about their visit to this unknown planet. Zanmorn, after receiving instructions from Zanu that it was safe to proceed, took the girls’ hands and walked down the ramp.
Stunned by the sight, they looked up at once with the greatest interest and curiosity on their faces at the control tower and the spaceport’s unusual layout.
Still gazing around at this vast spaceport, Lindiwe, holding onto the girls, watched the precision with which the people worked their expertise and skills as they rallied around the craft. Unable to say much, still in awe at the amazing sight, they watched the staff scurry around Zanu, displaying their joy at their Supreme Leader’s return.
Once on Anglurian soil, Zanmorn bent down and kissed the ground. The children watched him.
"Zanmorn what has happened, your face?" a shocked Sipho asked, pointing to him.
Without saying anything, the twins Emma and Irma looked at Zanmorn and held on tightly to Lindiwe. Looking at his face, Lindiwe was surprised. The entire group, including Zanu stopped and stared at Zanmorn.
"What is it that you see?" Zanmorn asked puzzled and confused by all the fuss.
"You look so much older than when you were on the ship," said Lindiwe.
"That is because I am home and it is only natural that I show my correct age," he replied.
"Even so, Zanu and the others have not changed!" she said rather surprised that only his appearance had altered drastically.
Zanu, noticing their confusion, explained that as his family was chosen by God Most High to govern Anglur they had special privileges and one was that they did not age during their voyages to earth. He continued and told them that his family aged at a much slower pace than the other Anglurians. Zanmorn on the other hand, would appear as a normal Anglurian, and if he should leave the planet again, his age would be reversed to that of a younger man. Still confused and not understanding their logic, they nodded in agreement.
Zanu escorted them to the waiting autogliders and they proceeded to his home. All along the way, the three children were enthralled with the wondrous sights of this great city, asking many questions and Zanmorn, as polite as always, answered their questions. The autoglider stopped and after Zanu pressed his remote control, large steel gates opened and they proceeded up a long driveway paved with marble and hints of silver and gold patterns. Tall Elm trees, systematically aligned, bordered both sides of the driveway. They drove around a circular garden and stopped. As they got out of the autoglider, the children showed great delight at the sight of the circular garden displaying a tall crystal fountain, with neatly arranged flowers bordered by a lush green lawn. A striking feature in the garden was the beautiful water-rose.
Lindiwe and the girls turned around and stood in awe as they viewed this wonderful home. Looking at the huge, modular wood, glass and iron structure, displaying strength and durability with a hint of simplicity, they could not believe such a modern home existed. Zanu and Randia watched as they indulged themselves in the beauty of their home. The grounds were vast, with a distinctive garden displaying a broad range of flowers and trees that illustrated a wide diversity of plants, some of which they did not recognize. The house was set in the midst of a wood where the trees had reddish gold leaves much like an autumn colored forest and surrounded by a scenic river.
"Randia, I have not seen such great beauty and magnificence in a home before. It is exquisite, and the structure and design are most unusual. I am really looking forward to staying for a while." Lindiwe said, putting her arms around Emma.
"I am happy and of course for as long as you and the children are our guests, we consider this to be your home too," Randia replied with a smile upon her face.
Zanu stepped forward and walked up the broad stairway, standing on the terrace. He watched as they viewed the valley and the large modern gardens, and the peaceful river with a high picket fence enclosing a huge courtyard. Lindiwe again commented on the very pleasant setting. Randia smiled.
Zanu moved toward a large steel door and turned the handle. The group followed and once inside, looked at the grand entrance hall with two spiraling staircases. The bright airy house was a very pleasant setting with marble floors and a huge skylight letting in the golden rays of the sun. Randia motioned Lindiwe and the children to follow her. Up the stairway and down an exotic passageway, lavishly provided with windows, they walked. Randia showed Lindiwe and the children to their quarters. They immediately went inside to admire their rooms. Warm and well lit, with an entrance hall, decorated in soft pastel shades, and several doors to their private rooms, the children could not wait to explore.
Emma and Irma opened one of the doors. Lindiwe's bedroom was next to the girls’ with an adjoining door, which they decided to keep unlocked at all times. The room was pleasantly decorated in soft pastel colors with huge windows. Irma jumped on the bed near the windows and claimed it as her bed.
"This is my bed and my side of the room," joyfully she said.
Emma looked at her and loving her sister did not argue, and agreed that she could have that bed. Lindiwe went to her room, looked around and admired the lovely soft shade of green, the tall windows letting in the wonderful light and fresh air.
Lindiwe was sitting on the bed next to Irma, when the bedroom door opened and Sipho came in. He walked up to them and hugged Lindiwe. Looking at Irma, he said.
"I like your room. When you have time, you must come over to my room, it is just across the passage way." Irma got up and tugged his arm wanting to go right away.
"Not now, later, I want to chat to Lindiwe," he said.
"Lindiwe, now that we are here, do you know what is going to happen?" he asked.
"No, not really, I suppose that time will disclose everything and we will have to wait for Zanu to tell us," she replied.
"You are probably right, we will have to wait. I do know that he will not harm us and that he will protect us," he said.
"Yes, he likes us and I am sure that whatever happens we will always be fine," Lindiwe answered standing up.
"This house is so big, it is bigger than the Manor in Cotswold, and I think it will be fun exploring this place. Did you see the Headquarters and the Temple on the way here?" Sipho excitedly asked?
"I did and cannot wait to explore all these places, but for now we must be patient and wait," Lindiwe answered.
Randia knocked on the door and entered. Walking toward them, she said.
"I am so sorry for leaving you alone, please come downstairs and we can chat."
"Randia, it is no problem; we were just admiring your lovely home and the surrounding area." Lindiwe who was standing near the window said.
"Thank you. I agree it is lovely, we are very fortunate to have this home and I know that you will enjoy your stay with us," she said.
They followed Randia down the passage, viewing the outstanding paintings on the wall and down the large spiral stairway, and went into one of the lounge areas, admiring the structure and art d├ęcor. They entered a large dining room, furnished solidly, and displaying neatness and comfort. The heavy mahogany oval table in the center of the room, with three sideboards and chairs were highly polished and gleaming.
She asked them to be seated. In the center of the table were plates sparkling with soft ripe fruit, tea and cake. Randia served the children and Lindiwe. The children were thrilled and enjoyed the meal. Lindiwe thanked her and told her the fruit had a delicious flavor, such as she had never tasted before. Randia told her their fruit appeared to be much healthier than on earth. Chatting to Lindiwe, she assured her that Zanu would be back soon and then they would be going over to the observatory to see how Anglur really worked. Excited with this prospect Sipho asked if he would be able come along. She said they would all be going with Zanu.
Not long afterwards, Zanu, together with Zanmorn, entered the lounge and greeted the group. He kissed his wife lovingly on her cheek and asked if they were ready for a tour of the observatory. They stood up and nodded in agreement. Following Zanmorn they went outside and felt the warm sun. Looking up at the blue skies with only a few small clouds, Lindiwe said it was a perfect day, not too hot and not too cold. Zanu told her that their summers were actually perfect.
They greeted the drivers who displayed gallantry toward them, and escorted them into the two autogliders for the trip to the observatory. Sipho, Emma and Irma enjoyed the trip, all the time admiring the wonderful structure of the city. The tall buildings and stone walled architecture were unusual compared to London or Africa. Every building had a unique statue of the star shaped pearl surrounded by different shapes of angels. Sipho enquired why this was on all the buildings, and Zanu told him, the stars and the angels were a reminder to all the people of Anglur of God Most High's goodness.
Arriving in the heart of the city, the children eagerly jumped out the autoglider and looked around at the controversial Observation Center - a tall modern bronze-toned glass and steel structured building, layered in the shape of a star, with marble protruding out from the building at odd angles. At the top of the Observation Center, a huge Star Pearl shone brightly in the warm afternoon sun. Zanu smiled as he watched the children gape with amazement.
Emma in particular liked the water gardens surrounding the building, with the water lilies and lotus blooms arranged in star patterns.
He started walking toward the entrance and looked back to ensure the group was following him.
Upon entering, the guards at the door bowed and greeted their leader, Zanu nodded in acknowledgement and walked toward the elevators. The group still dazzled by the outside of this immaculate building, were even more surprised by the interior. The gold inlays and high ceiling, marble floors and flowing waterfall in the center of the lobby captivated them. As the elevator doors opened, Zanu motioned to the group to enter, without answering they followed his instructions, and watched as he pressed buttons. Within seconds, the door opened and they all exited. Zanu was the last one to leave and noticing their bewilderment, told them they were on the highest level of the building and that the elevator, proceeded to the top floor in less than five seconds. Sipho gaped and said he did not understand all the technology but was truly grateful to experience such wonderful clarity on their trip. The girls chirped in and told him how excited they were. Zanu took Sipho's hand and walked toward a tall door. He watched as Zanu pressed a button adjacent to the door. Sipho looked up at this great door; it was huge and decorated with gold and silver designs. He tried to understand the inscription and frowned. Zanu touched him on his shoulder and told him not to frown, one day he would explain the inscription to him and then the door opened.
This was not like the control center down in the settlement under the never-ending hills. This was breathtaking and unbelievable. Sipho, Lindiwe and the twins, squeaked with delight at the modern technology and set-up of different types of equipment neatly arranged around this huge room. In the center was a large oval table with about twelve seats and several staff members were monitoring and observing events.
Zanu walked to the table and told the children to take a seat. Once they were seated, he waited, watching their delight and cleared his throat.
"This is the main observatory center, and of course the biggest one in the building. Several other smaller observatory centers exist throughout the building I wanted you to see this one first and also to view some of the earth's most important cities."He spoke with the frank sincerity that always made such an impression on everybody.
"Can we see some now?" enquired Sipho.
"Yes, why not, I can see your excitement, follow me," he said.
The children got up and walked behind him. He went over to a group of engineers, greeted them and instructed them to zoom into the Khula village. Obedient as always, the engineers complied. Lindiwe and the children watched the huge monitor where the picture of their village appeared on the screen. Sipho stood still, his eyes glued to the image. He watched the children playing, the women doing their beadwork and the few animals running around. The picture was so clear, he felt as though he was right there in the village and not thousands of miles away. He could no longer contain his curiosity and turned around to Zanu.
"I cannot believe that you are able to view this in real time. Can you hear the people talking?" he asked.
"No Sipho, we do not listen to their conversations - we cannot invade all their privacy. What we can detect is any evil or any evil intentions by the people of the earth," he answered.
Zanu turned around to the head engineer and told him to zoom in on a particular event shown upon the screen. The group watched as the picture of a toddler playing with another child, who tried to grab his toy car, zoomed in larger than life. They watched as the two children started to fight over a small toy and Sipho felt the emotion of the little child.
Bewildered, he tugged Zanu’s arm and asked him why he felt a strange feeling of empathy as the baby started to cry. Zanu looked down at Sipho and told him, he would feel the emotions of pain, sorrow or hurt, as he was a part-spirit being. They continued to watch and felt relieved when the mother of the baby came over and picked him up and hugged him. The baby smiled and Sipho smiled with him. Emma, excited and wanting to see more, asked Zanu if they could zoom in on their home in Cotswold. He told her he would, but for now they should return home, as there was still plenty to do.
The group reluctantly adhered to his instructions and left the Observation Center. They proceeded down in the elevator and out of the building and into the waiting autogliders. Still discussing the brilliance of the observatory center, they arrived at Zanu's home and went inside. Olomos and Ogmu were waiting for their return and immediately told the children to come and swim. They walked out of the house and turned left down the well-decorated pathways, toward a giant oak tree next to a large sparkling pool. Sipho squealed with delight, as the size of the pool was larger than anything he had seen before. Here they enjoyed themselves like water nymphs, splashing in the shallow end of the pool. The children were swinging from the branches of the oak tree, then scrambling over the huge boulders, and plunging into the pool, laughing excitedly.

Well I do hope you enjoyed this chapter, and I will share more with you. We are busy with the cover design and hopefully be able to publish this book soon. I will keep you up to date.

Thank you for taking the time to read, I do appreciate this.

Saturday, March 2, 2013


Hello everybody,
As promised, I am going to share my second book with you. Last week I introduced you to all the characters. The Anglurians as you probably know by now are extremely intelligent, well they are spirited beings doing the bidding of God Most High. The earthlings are ordinary people who enjoy their quiet peaceful life. However, the Anglurians need them and so quiet and peaceful becomes tense and daring as their lives are disrupted by these intelligent beings.

The Anglurian Story Book 2: Sipho and the Golden Nails is a continuation of the first book Sipho and the Star Pearl. Many of the characters from the first story continue to entertain us in the second story and we meet with new characters as the story carries on with the adventure of the three human-alien hybrid children eliminating evil on earth.
In the world of Angluria in story book 1: Sipho and the Star Pearl, there is a sister planet to Earth called Anglur. It is the same environment as Earth and its inhabitants live much the same as humans do, but there are key differences. For example, all the Anglurians are spiritual beings who can communicate with their God Most High. There is no war, illness, or crime on Anglur. Food is free and in abundance. Death is not looked at as a bad thing; rather, it is viewed as an adventure to what comes next. Zanu the Governor of Anglur receives instructions from God Most High to end evil on Earth and create a more idyllic environment like theirs. Together with his brothers Maazen and Zerydo, and other Anglurians, they embark on a journey to earth and over many years create and build a settlement under the Valley of a Thousand Hills, in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. Safely hidden away from the world they could start their mission. To that end, they have decided to recruit the Zulu people of Khula village, situated close to their settlement, to assist them.
Much of the story centers on the colorful Zulu people, a real clan of people that exist today in Africa. We learn much of their history, culture, and traditions. Several chapters describe the first King's child and how the baby was swopped with an Anglurian baby. There is a short history of the various reigning Zulu Kings until King Dumasani. He brushes aside his wife Nozipho’s tale of being pregnant with twins. The night she gives birth, her sister Lindiwe is assisting and a healthy baby boy is born and taken by King Dumasani, but she delivers another baby boy and begs her sister not to tell the King. Nozipho dies and Lindiwe hides the baby. The King's son Mandla is the father of the chosen child named Sipho. Sipho is a human-alien hybrid who has been chosen to accomplish the Anglurians’ mission. Sipho is inextricably linked with two English children, Emma and Irma, who are the children of Bheka, the twin brother of Mandla. The story tells of how Lindiwe took baby Bheka and fled the Zulu village, and met up with an English family who took her to their manor in Cotswold England. Lindiwe, a firm favorite of the English family brought much comfort and pleasure into their lives and helped to assist with the trauma of their alcoholic daughter. Lindiwe raised Bheka and Angelina and these two children united under strange circumstances and fell in love. When Angelina discovered she was pregnant, she accused Bheka of raping her and he ran away. The twins Emma and Irma were born on the same day as Sipho was born in Africa, this was no coincidence and over the years these three children meet and soon return to the settlement in Africa. It is here at the settlement where these three extraordinary young children receive training to embark on a journey straight into the depths of hell. Their terrifying mission is to retrieve objects called Star Pearls from Satan himself. Satan has stolen these objects, and by retrieving them, the children will preserve goodness, and eliminate evil on Earth. Guided by the Anglurians, they embark on one frightening and awe-inspiring adventure after another; taking them to Jerusalem, Israel, back to Cotswold, England and returning to Africa, which they must continue to do until all evil is eliminated. They battle demons that are beyond comprehension. The simultaneous replacing of the three Star Pearls ensures the opening to Hades is sealed and they return to the settlement. The story ends when the children and Lindiwe are told by Zanu, the Governor of Anglur, that God Most High has requested their return to the planet Anglur. Lindiwe will be the first human being to visit this planet and although hesitant, accepts her fate for the sake of the three children who appear fascinated with the idea of leaving earth.

The second book in the series begins with their arrival on planet Anglur.

Hope you enjoyed this and of course the stunning pictures. Next week we will begin the journey.