Sunday, May 18, 2014

South Africa - What a Difference Twenty Years have made

What a difference twenty years have made for the South African National Defense Force (SANDF)> Looking as some photos one quickly realizes a lot has changed over the years. The changes can be defined as good, bad or downright daft.
Before the 1994 election, South Africa had to defend her borders from communist, guerilla warfare. The international sanctions did not improve the arms industry. The government at that time did not drop dead and let it be; instead, they began to manufacture their own weapons.

The army under that period was the pride and joy of the country. The army was well organized, disciplined and dependable. It was the young soldiers guided and trained under the experienced ranking officials during their two year national service period.

The youngsters were not treated like weak and useless members of society, from day one their training gave them discipline, showed them respect and mirrored them as the protectors of our country. Endurance, performance and physical fitness combined with mental stamina turned the young men into the proud South African Army.
During the years of border conflicts, the South African soldiers diligently served their country, their family and friends. Although many youngsters lost their lives in the bloody battles and will, always be remembered as heroes. Those who returned to tell the story of the most desperate survival tactics and living in a war zone, or not knowing if death will engulf you, are the ones proudly honored.

Now we have a defense force that is oh so, well who knows?

Oops, what happened?

Oh yes, no more physical training, dancing is better, after all we do have a dancing president. Oh dear what on earth would happen if war raged against our country, will the dancing soldiers manage to protect us?

South Africa A Failing Democracy – Focus on the Special Forces and NPA

A focus on the Special Forces and the National Prosecuting Authority (NAP) of South Africa can be a link to the failing democracy of this country. Two powered departments with powerful control and directly under the watchful eye of Jeff Radebe.

Special Forces of South Africa

An important point to remember is that the Special Forces are not part of the regular South African Army. They fall directly under the Chief of the SANDF.

The first Special Forces Unit was established in 1972 under the apartheid regime and known as Recces. During this time, the Special Forces were directly involved in the 30 year long border war with Namibia and Anglo.

The Special Forces specialize in maritime related activities and special force regiments in overland techniques usually long-range infiltration.

Over the years there have been structural changes and the Special Force training are considered one of the harder courses in the world. A soldier must meet exceptionally high requirements to attend Special Forces Selection and only South African citizens are allowed into this structure.

Today the Special Forces are nothing else but an organization which has an extensive record of theft. The Special Forces have been exonerated by the Minister of Finance and do not have to provide audit reports for the 2010 to 2013 years. There are rumors that this department, together with Armscor is directly responsible for the death of the 15 South African troops in Central African Republic (CAR) early this year. The story known is that The Special forces and Armscor did not pay the import duties on the weaponry imported into South Africa, and subsequently the South African Revenue Services refused to release the arms. This was a direct cause of the death of the South African Soldiers in CAR who did not have enough weapons to protect them.

Was this democracy or greed, what was more important, the money or the lives of the innocent soldiers who lost their lives?

National Prosecuting Authority (NPA)

The National Prosecuting Authority is under the control of Jeff Radebe, Minister of Justice. The NPA is known to be a corrupt institution. It is alleged that if this department cannot find any wrong against people they want to incriminate against, the department will create an issue to use in the courts of law.

It is a known fact that the South African Courts are in shambles, the judges are under intense pressure to reduce the backlog of outdated cases. There are instances when everything is done to accommodate certain criminals who are hiding in the State structures.

Some of the laws that allow the NPA specific protection are the Child Protection Act, the Witness Protection Act, Criminal Procedure Act Section 25(2A) and Criminal Procedure Act Section 47(49).
These acts allow people to be killed, and no action can be opened against the perpetrator. The Action of Section 47 does protect land owners and home owners, who can kill intruders if their lives are in danger.

The child protection act allows minors to kill people and not get arrested. Minors who are actually guilty of a crime are placed into the care of their parents. It is a known fact that police officers cannot be bothered with the complexity of another murder case and don’t want to fall foul of the law.
The witness protection act has a distinct protocol of favoring the wrong people. In one, instance the murder of Erika Croeser is highlighted. Her killer was under the witness protection act and not arrested, which resulted in the wrong person going to jail.

The Special Forces are allowed to kill and are protected by Section 25(2A). There are members of this unit who are protected by the law and now employed by the South African Police (SAP) and remain more lethal than before, working undercover in various units. Paid by the SAP, the Committee of the Communist party, the CIA and the MI6

With all the high profile people controlling the basis of the safety of its citizens, it remains an alarming fact that democracy is no longer prevalent.
In closing
The Special Forces and the National Prosecuting Authority are two vitally important departments in the democracy of South Africa. These departments would be able to protect and promote the true democracy of people if there were honest and responsible governance in control. Jeff Radebe as a controlling factor of these vitally prominent structures constitutes the failing of democracy on a huge level.


  1. I just wish we can start our own training camps for our own children so we can teach them in the art of war. All the people who did military training are now old ballies and our government knows that. How many of the people that was attacked and murdered had training? They are killing us slowly but surely and thus removing the treat of men fighting back.

  2. Eddy
    Deuteronomy 23:1-9