Sunday, March 30, 2014

Some Humor - The English Language

The English language has some wonderfully anthropomorphic collective nouns for the various groups of animals.
We are all familiar with a

A Herd of Cows

A Flock of Chickens

A School of Fish

A Gaggle of geese, and

A Pride of Lions

However, less widely known is:

A Murder of Crows

An Exaltation of doves

And, presumably because they look so wise:

A Congress of owls.

Now consider a group of Baboons.

They are the loudest, most dangerous, most obnoxious, most viciously aggressive and least intelligent of all primates.........

And what is the proper collective noun for a group of baboons?

Believe it or not ……. A Parliament

YEP....A PARLIAMENT OF BABOONS! Pretty much explains everything doesn't it?

You just can’t make this stuff up.

Thanks to my friends for sharing.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

South Africa Living In Cuckoo Land Part 6

President Mbeki during his term was clearly tied to the Arms Scandal. Is it correct that he garnered more than R 8 billion?? Who else benefited? Was Zuma supposed to be the fall guy?
Today we know that the SA Defense Force is according to the latest Defense Review in “critical decline”! Not only this, it would appear that the SA Defence Industry is facing an onslaught in order to destroy viable companies, large and small. In letters to Zuma reference is made to this fact and the role played by one Vanessa Du Toit, the Director compliance at the National Conventional Arms Control Committee (NCACC), a cabinet committee. Sources familiar to the lady illustrate that her knowledge of law leaves much to desire. They question her heightened role in trying to shut down companies is a result of marrying the former Chief of Staff to January Masilela. Masilela the Secretary of Defence, at that time, died on a trip back from Nelspruit and has been described in certain circles as a hit in order to send a message to Thabo Mbeki. It is most appealing to note that the NCACC is supposedly being used to try and nail companies on fictitious aspects in order to cripple them. To whose benefit? Du Toit works closely with Minister Jeff Radebe, the Minister for Justice and the Chairperson of the NCACC. She is known to have claimed at times that this gave her inside information about the Ministerial wrongdoings, and she left the impression that this was something which she could and would use in the future to her benefit!!

Minister Jeff Radebe was placed in charge of the Justice Department. Clearly to control whatever would rise against certain peoples, a typical stance by an astute politician. However, Jeff Radebe has got his own presidential aspirations which are obviously to the detriment of Zuma. People such as Advocates Shaun Abrahams, Chris Macadam’s, Torie Pretorius etc at the national Prosecuting Authority (NPA) are clearly indicated in wrong doings (They also fall under Minister Jeff Radebe). They even have their own investigative capabilities! It does not matter if people are innocent or not, framing people seems to be the order of the day. These members work extremely closely with Du Toit from the NCACC. It is the same Du Toit who confirmed in an email between herself and the Minister of Defense’s office that they were reading Erasmus from NGAM‘s communications. No court order seems to be in place. Is this not an accursed country where people can willy nilly set about to steal businesses, creating false affidavits and abusing the legal system? Du Toit had been overheard claiming that she was under instructions. From whom?
When they cannot be successful in their evil endeavours, they refer everything to the SA Revenue Service (SARS). SARS has a history of abusing the law. They create fictitious situations in order to destroy businesses. Years ago, a business managed by a friend of Pik Botha (former Minister of Foreign Affairs etc and also fingered as an influential freemason). Dewina Foods became embroiled with some of the female directors who had a close relationship with the Secretary of Defence at the time (Secdef), their premises were raided by 40 policemen and SARS. Every company that does not toe the line receives the same treatment, irrespective of whether they are right or not. This illustrates abundantly how South Africa has become a cuckoo land and can but only be an accursed country.

After experiencing such treatment, similar to the Gestapo in Nazi Germany, one’s opinion of this country being accursed is reinforced considerably. One does not have to wear a yellow star; there is someone in government taking a liking to your business. Accursed country?
Today Pres Zuma cannot rely on his Intelligence Services, whether in the Civil or Military domain. The information gathered by these people and dispersed seems to be fabricated and rests on wishful thinking. Criminal networks seem to have infiltrated these services. George Darmanovitch who has spread photos of him standing with Pres Zuma is one of those who are typically in such a situation.

The same people are involved in spreading lies, untruths and creating situations in order to exploit the legislation. In 1992 Crime Intelligence (CI), a division of the Police (SAPS) came up with a strategy in order to work on the right wing activities. The question is what are right wing activities? Is it people sitting in a bar, drinking too much and talking nonsense? This would certainly seem to be the case.

In the matter of the Boeremag trial, the accused were actually trained by the police, who also supplied them the explosives. It was also alleged that the Prosecutor in this matter was a senior freemason appearing before a judge who is himself a freemason. No conflict it would seem in the South African situation! The judge in the trial never even looked into this issue. These policemen are a force unto their own. Interacting with all the other Intelligence structures and an oversized black budget. For them, the Boeremag issue can never go away as this is their raison d’ĂȘtre! If one of those policemen cannot get promotion due to his skin colour, new fangled racism, their investigation of the Boeremag is mentioned, and they get their promotion. They have a budget due to the Boeremag, and live the good life, real scoundrels they would seem.
Where did this all come from? It is from the time of Thabo Mbeki's reign as president. Like the missing tribes from the INCAS in South America, it’s clear that South Africa is following the same or a similar approach to self destruction. Another case confirming the fact that the country could be accursed? A real cuckoo land.

Written by Laura Oneale in collaboration with others.

South Africa Living in Cuckoo Land Part 5

Can it be? South Africa is an accursed country?

Why do the foreigners want to leave? What are their experiences?

Why would one think that this cuckoo country is accursed?

It is because president Jacob Zuma did not tell the truth about the Nkandla saga? Is it the upgrading of his compound with state funds and the fact of his lying to parliament. Is this not similar to the story about John Vorster and Citizen scandal?

Scandals that are not supposed to be scandals! President Zuma would never have a moment’s peace after the ousting of Pres Mbeki.

Mbeki is clearly under the influence of the British Intelligence Service MI6 and the Freemasons. Even though Zuma is also a member of the Lodge of the Local Freemasons called “The House of the Black Princes”. This local lodge stands under the direct control of the Lords of London/ the Lodge of London.

These are the same people who had been benefiting immensely from the economic riches of the South Africa. One identifying issue of the House of the Black Princes is a black suit, white shirt and a red tie. It was fascinating that Zuma and the Minister for Arts and Culture, Mr Paul Mashatile was seen dancing at the same time with exactly similar attire! The one and only Paul Mashatile who allegedly gave a Million Rand to Julius Malema’s Economic Freedom Front (EFF). The same Mashatile is an ally to former President Mbeki.

It is clear that there is a massive battle going on for the riches and control of South Africa. The question arises therefore that this continued battle over the control is the reason for assuming that this is an accursed country?

When Thabo Mbeki was forced to resign as president, he clearly set out a strategy to create obstacles for Jacob Zuma. It must be remembered that Thabo Mbeki was, and is closely aligned with British interests. By having him removed it opened a theatre of operations against Jacob Zuma of which the actual extent has not yet been understood.
Names such as Herman Crause, Gerhard Bester, Genl Mark Hankel – who are alleged to have been the handler of Thabo Mbeki on behalf of the British MI 6 pop up with regularity. The actions of these people are based on the fact that they have access to state funds and that this enables them to create havoc in the business world.
These are the same people whose names appear in regard to the fact that the Gaddafi moneys have been dispersed in South Africa. The Reserve Bank plays a pertinent role in this matter. How much Gaddafi money transited and ended up in South Africa? USD 100 billion? More? If so there are movements which can lead to these actions being spotlighted. It’s most compelling that the USA by way of the Rockefeller Foundation had routed vast amounts of money to the RSA for structural development. This happened during the time of Thabo Mbeki as president.

These funds had disappeared !! It’s gone missing!!!

The name of the FIVE STAR TRUST HAD COME TO LIGHT AND AN AMOUNT OF USD 25 BILLION is mentioned. This money went missing. Apparently due to a syndicate in the SA Reserve Bank channeling it away. During the time of Thabo Mbeki as President? The same syndicate is implicated in the disappearance of the Gaddafi money. Yet, has President Zuma been informed? What action has been taken? Clearly Pres Zuma is being manipulated. He and his clan were fed chicken feed, the Nkandla debacle, whilst the mighty big transactions were manipulated without his or his government’s knowledge. However, he is continuously being fed aspects in order to divert his attention. His own Ministers in his Cabinet are involved.
Trevor Manuel, a man with a Certificate in Sewerage Farm Management, became the Minister of Finance. He signed under Thabo Mbeki the future of South Africa away contrary to legislation, with British Banks in order to finance the Arms Deal. He was also one of the first ministers to line up to fly with the Concorde! There are so many more stories to tell about the elusive Mr. Manual. This is the same man who withdrew the payment of Regional Service Council (RSC) but he did not repeal the law, Act 109 of 1995. Why? This had the effect of removing R 8, 8 billion from the Municipalities in the country’s budgets. This was unencumbered funds, and the removal thereof had left the Municipalities with such a hole in their income that they are still suffering thereof until today.

All this under the auspices of then president Thabo Mbeki. There is no doubt that Mbeki has set out on a path to settle a score with Pres Zuma.

Helen Zille from the Democratic Alliance (DA) it has been alleged, is even stating in public that Mbeki would be a better president than Pres Zuma would? Would he? It has also been alleged that Zille is being financed from the UK by the Freemasons Women division. Could it be true? Smoke .....where there is smoke, there is ............

In addition, it has also been alleged that the wife of Thabo Mbeki, Zanele is garnering a commission of USD 5, 00 on every barrel of crude oil coming into South Africa. On 7 barrels to a tonne of light crude, it would mean that on a million tonnes per month, i.e. 7 million barrels, she would be garnering USD 35 million per month!

If ever there was a country which is a cuckoo land then it has to be South Arica. Especially in view of the fact that it would seem that this is a country that could actually be an accursed country. Having regard to the figures mentioned, it is appalling, even if only a fraction thereof is true.

The courts in this country are highly dubious. This will be addressed in a further paper on the cuckoo land. Suffice it at this moment to point out that the Public Protector who found against Pres Zuma and Nkandla is the same person, who is being protected by Jeff Radebe. For such protection, she certainly has to pay a price. Whilst Pres Zuma may have believed that he would be protected by people such as Jeff Radebe, it’s clear that they are abusing the system to set him up for a fall, whilst hiding behind the organs of state. This is certainly a situation of nailing Zuma for the splinter in his eye.
The country will actually be an accursed country, unless Pres Zuma stands up and show that he is actually a fierce Zulu warrior in the modern idiom. Failing which, all South Africans can abscond. The last one would not even need to switch of the lights due to the implosion at Eskom, there is already not enough power to keep the lights burning!

Accursed? Not yet! But devilishly near. Very, very near!!

Written by Laura Oneale in collaboration with others.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

South Africa Today Living in Cuckoo Land - Part 3

South Africa, a beautiful but tormented country.

When I think of South Africa, a story springs to mind that comes from the INCAS in South America. Many years ago, a warrior tribe from one of the INCA tribes vanquished everybody and everything in their surrounding known world. After that, they found that they had subdued all and varied and found no more battles in which to partake.
Subsequently they retired to their homes, which they furnished and renovated. Splendidly!

Everybody became one or other socialite. Their slaves, their former foes were learning from their masters what the good life is all about. Whilst the masters degraded themselves in debauchery and excessive splendor, the slaves started organizing. After 70, years, the slaves revolted and overpowered their by now weakened masters. The slaves took over. In no time, the new masters, the ex slaves destroyed everything which was deemed to be glorious. Those who could flee until another tribe invaded this area and destroyed the last vestiges of the once powerful tribe. They have now disappeared in the mists of time. Gone is the splendor, not even one remains to this day in order to collaborate this story.

Is this the future of South Africa?

In all probability, this is indeed the future of South Africa. After the peace signed by the 2 Afrikaner Republics in 1902 which led to the cessation of the Anglo Boer war, and which due to its cost led to the demise of the British Empire, it was reported that Cecil Johan Rhodes was riding over the Free State plains with people who later became prominent National Party politicians in order to obtain mining rights. Paul Sauer, a former prominent National Party Politician was one of the equestrians. Cecil John Rhodes, a Freemason? Apparently.

Who else? The creation of the Broederbond, a supposed cultural organization to promote Afrikaner economic interests and acting in secret. Unbeknownst to the many Afrikaner members the Broederbond was actually controlled by the British Freemasons. Why not? It makes perfect economic sense.

The whites especially under the English marginalized the black population. The similar English masters, long before any Afrikaner power came to the fore, institutionalized apartheid.

These Afrikaners were led by the nose by any foreigner who deemed to be making the right sounds. It is all about economic interests. Always.
Today. The South Africa known by many has become a Cuckoo land. Why?

Whilst Pres Mandela ended up being a puppet and controlled by his deputy Thabo Mbeki, the country has started spiraling downwards towards economic self-destruction. Why? There is always money to be made out of chaos!! That is why!
In 1917, Lenin, Stalin and many others of their supporters returned to Moscow in a sealed train, travelling through the war torn areas en route to their final destination. This was arranged by businesspersons!! The fighting was halted in the areas where the train had to travel through. Who made money!!
Conspiracy theories abound, where there is smoke…!
However, coming back to South Africa, peeking at the present and working back to the past.

Is democracy the way to go? Ultimately no. But what is the answer?
Pres Zuma and his Zulu clan are implicated in so many unscrupulous aspects. They are
not royalty, they will never be. Pres Zuma was during the struggle years of the African National Congress (ANC) one of the few Zulus in the ANC. He was not well schooled, but he is extremely cunning and an exceptional dangerous foe. However, not even he will survive the onslaught via social media, once it begins to take hold. He can blame Guptagate on juniors, who is cowardly or claim that they know nothing about Nkandla and the state resources spent on his private homestead. The fact is that he had been caught lying. His political enemies are capitalizing on this. They are afraid for their lives, and they are extremely sensitive as to how they are handling this attack on Zuma and co. They are not without reason in their fears.

Despite all of this, the country is falling apart. South Africa has an extremely skewed
legal system. If you have money, to the courts you can go. Attorneys and Advocates are under no obligation to tell the truth, as long as they are paid. What a fantastic position for any prostitute to find herself in. Oscar Pistorius is finding out the hard way how all this works. This despite allegations that one of his uncles is a senior Freemason!! The role of the South African Freemasons must never be underestimated. They are present in all spheres of the South African daily life. If they want to target you, your chances of basic survival are exceedingly slim.

South Africa is not only a cuckoo land, it is a country in the hands of criminals.
The foreign intelligence services of many countries are involved, each one trying to outsmart the rest. However, there is no loyalty, only the stench of money. All bling and nothing else. Tomlinson in his book “The Big Breach” about his experience at M16 and his labor issues records that the ANC during the struggle was a highly principled action. After they came to power, they would sell you the Cabinet Minutes for R 50.00!!!

Everybody is now asking, what went wrong? How and why? What turned South Africa into a cuckoo land?

The ANC has never been ready to govern. The government of FW De Klerk capitulated. Their Intelligence structures suddenly found that their agents in the ANC have now largely turned into double agents. Today how many of those double agents are not now agents for a foreign intelligence service. A battle for the resources of South Africa between MI 6, the Mbeki group on one hand and the CIA, the Zuma group on the other hand. What happens when the elephants fight? The grass is trampled!! In this whole process, South Africa becomes a cuckoo land.

The South African military is suffering. A lack of funding, a lack of equipment a lack of honor!! In the Central African Republique, South Africa had lost 15 troops. They were not there on any official UN or AU mission. Yet, nobody exposes the truth about the situation. Who benefited and why? Was it private interests that were being protected? King Leopold of Belgium was relieved from his position in the 18th century after the Belgian parliament cancelled his custodianship of what is known today as the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). He was enriching himself with ivory, gold, diamonds, locals sold into slavery until it reached such a crescendo that even the ordinary Belgian could not tolerate it anymore. Is there a difference between his actions and the apparent leaders of the ANC?

During the struggle years, Zuma was one of a few Zulus in the struggle. Today the majority of Zulus are members of the ANC!! Why? Did they have a Damascus epiphany? The fact of the matter is that it is all about money – there are no principles! A cuckoo land, all about money. Is the Zulu nation then one of prostitutes?
All of them?

Zuma was the head of the ANC Intelligence Service (DIS) in the struggle. He was commander during the time of the struggle. The sordid tale of more than 900 people losing their lives in the Quattro camps in Angola has never been aired.
Yet, Zuma then the leader and today the President of the RSA!?
If ever a cuckoo land, this is it! Remember the pigs that went over the cliffs?
Part IV to follow.

And more, and more.

Zuma – will history declare him as the man who had it all and it blew it?

At this stage, it would seem to be so!!

Cry the beloved cuckoo land!!!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

South Africa Today Living in a Cuckoo Land (Part 2)

Living in a cuckoo land part two reflects the South African conditions and history of its gilded past to democracy and worse.

Recalling Mandela's history as a communist terrorist is not the worst, it is the predominate reinvention of the reconciling combination that affects South Africa today. It is not this unleashing of violence against whites that caused the greatest concern for most. As President of South Africa, the economic system he maintained for the benefit of those already in power and systematically dispossessing middle and working class whites, especially Afrikaners. Not a surprising factor considering the history of the ANC and Mandela.

The ANC received friendlier treatment from leading business than their Boer rivals did. Although secret meetings continued while the guerrilla, battle played out. British business interests were involved in setting up talks between Afrikaner elite and the ANC. The independent Boer Republic leader Eugene TerreBlanche instilled fear into the business leaders who never entered into negotiations. The fears of a concept of an economy run for the folk than the possibility of black power remained visible.

The AB leader Eugene TerreBlanche fought for Afrikaner independence. After the end of the white rule, the ANC, prominent business leaders and the ruling National Party formed a joint front against Boer nationalists and Afrikaner patriots.
This new united front opposed leaders like General Constand Viljoen,(a former South African Military commander and politician), who betrayed a Boer succession plan in exchanged for the consideration of a Boer homeland. When Mandela got the concessions he wanted, he refused any such consideration. At one point, the Afrikaans people and a target of the Boeremag considered Viljoen.

The infamous Boeremag was created. Twenty professional and well-educated men, somehow become the martyr for the new democratic government. The crime intelligence and secret service department of the police handed weapons to this group of people who stashed it on a farm. A plan in the form of "document 12" was generated to overthrow the new government and cause mayhem in the country. This never happened. There was a bomb blast where one person died and caused the end the Boeremag. All found guilty of high treason and received harsh sentences based on a document that the government officials created. The reasons for this remain evasive and frightening. Was this phantom group created to show the majority of people how much control Mandela actually had?
Mandela and his new administration concentrated on reconciling whites to the new government by symbolically shredding the financial, social or political identity of this minority group. Mandela succeeded in receiving praise for keeping Afrikaner leaders such as F W De Klerk in his government. Although the real reason for this act was seen as nothing more than a working relationship with collaborators.

Since the end of apartheid, poverty among Afrikaners soared. There are thousands of people forced to live squatter camps. The soaring crime rate in South Africa is a drawback, and Mandela's response to the escalating crime was to criticize the media for focusing on too much crime. He did nothing to stop the spiraling crime that is now considered the opening stages of genocide against the Boer farmers. He implemented anti white racial preferences, as the whites became a powerless minority.
The high rate of HIV/AIDS infection is escalating at an alarming rate, and the ANC government did nothing to prevent the spread. The Minister of Health, Manto Tshabalala, advocated that eating beetroot and a diet heavy in garlic was the cure for the HIV infection. President Thabo Mbeki supported his health minister and was known for his denial of the scientifically established link between the HIV and AIDS. World leading experts in that subject called her an embarrassment and urged the president to sack her.

Genocide Watch Chief Gregory Stanton declared, "White South African farmers were facing a genocidal onslaught." Few people outside of South Africa paid attention to President Mandela singing songs advocating the murder of whites. Now the other presidents sing the song with delight.
When Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited South Africa, she was so busy praising the ruling ANC government and pledging billions of dollars for their support, that she did not mention the problems she had stumbled across.

Dan Roodt a member of the Pro-Afrikaans Action Group, PRAAG found this disturbing and believed the Afrikaner did not matter under the Obama Administration. He said the murders, and in particular, farm murders were rapidly increasing.

Genocide Watch is a highly respected U.S. based nonprofit organization and an expert on genocide. They have been blowing the whistle about the onslaught of South African for more than a decade. The world media have hardly uttered a word regarding the ghastly murders.
Thousands of farmers known as Boers have been slaughtered in the most shocking ways. Many victims have been raped, tortured drowned in boiling water and worse. Evidence of the horrifying acts of brutality is available for the entire world to see over the Internet on numerous sights. Graphic pictures of dead women, children and babies brutalized

The ANC government downplays the gruesome murders of Boers (farmers) and claims it is just regular crime. Some of the farm murders are classified as simple robberies. Sometimes the crimes are not reported.

Mandela was smart enough to realize that South Africa depended on whites keeping their assets and skills in the country. He needed and wanted to grasp the golden eggs, not destroy it. He knew that killing his political enemies was not the answer. Like other African countries did when gaining independence from minority rule. He used the media to gain a reputation of a notability. It is the affluent South Africans and business interests, who were once his allies kept the economy from collapse, all from behind guarded communities and private security forces.

The ANC has plans for land reform and wants thirty percent of all agricultural land in the hands of blacks by the year 2015. The ANC have tried to introduce laws that would allow them to seize land by giving notice to the expropriated owner. This attempt was unsuccessful, and there was the intention to nationalize land. Another tactic the ANC government is contemplating it to limit the amount of land individual farmers can own.

Millions of productive acres of farmland have been transferred to black ownership, and now much of this land lies barren. Once productive maize fields now grows weeds. Fruit orchards are dying, fruit is rotting on the branches. Machinery is rusting, and irrigation pipes are stolen. The derelict farm sheds have been stripped of roofing. Windbreak trees hacked down and roads filled with potholes.

The ANC government is exploring land reform policies based on the same principle of Zimbabwe. A land reform legislation that crippled the farming community and plunged the country into chaos while there was total lack of interest from the world.

Afrikaans people have been destroyed. The history of the Afrikaner heroes has been replaced by the renaming of streets, towns and public squares with the names of anti apartheid leaders. Since Mandela refused to consider a Boer Homeland, millions of whites have left the country, and the Boer farmers are trapped. Their farms if converted to cash would mean nothing, and if they left, they would pay hefty taxes that would leave them destitute. Mandela primarily kept the whites around to pay taxes in order to keep his dictatorship party going and at the same time denied the white minority meaningful representation.

Winnie Mandela, the ex wife of Nelson Mandela complained that black poverty has not improved since the ANC takeover. It can only get worse. Blacks are turning to their usual practice of radical outright confiscation.
Julius Malema the founder of the new Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) political party has gained popularity among rural blacks with his promise of free land distribution and nationalization of mines and banks. He echoes the sentiment of fighting white males.

While the ANC have continued to dominate charities operating in South Africa from assisting poor whites, the escalation of poverty rises. While the polygamous State President Jacob Zuma rules, spreads corruption faster than the HIV virus, and causes the disparity among blacks and whites. Equality that smacks of racism reversed. A president who thinks the HIV virus can be washed away with a shower. Perhaps Zuma is better than what is to come.
Mandela is squarely responsible for all of this. From the beginning of his dream of a united South African state dominated by black voters to the small number of whites who fund the government by paying large amounts of taxes and get nothing in return. Today the tax rate of individuals simply amounts to almost fifty percent of their earnings and the service delivery is in shambles. There are no benefits for the taxpayer in form of the heavy taxing system. While under apartheid, whites received an average nine percent return on their taxes in the form of satisfactory service deliveries, this was apparently sufficient. Today education, health sectors, and infrastructure have falling into a degrading non-working system. The justice and security services are rife with corruption, and collaboration to continue escalating into a lawless community is evident.
Mandela is dead, and the misplaced hero worship is just that. Mandela exploited the Afrikaner under his illustrious scheming guise, murder in the name of democracy and genocide with a smile. A sudden onset of anti-violence against whites is probable, and he is not alive to see his destructive work undone when the Boers reclaim their right to freedom. They might take up arms just as Mandela's MK operation did in 1961, when they vowed to continue the fight lost to the Boers in 1836. Without Mandela South Africa is the same, no opportunities, this remains a collapse of a country, the high crime, and corruption. South Africa displays a failing infrastructure and the slow genocide of the Afrikaners. South Africa, living in cuckoo land remains a daunting aspect for the white citizen and the almost extinct Boer.

By Laura Oneale






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Friday, March 21, 2014

South Africa Today Living in a Cuckoo Land - Part 1

Living in South Africa today is like living in a cuckoo land, with the diverse history of terrorism, current political instability, and upcoming elections. South Africa is a fascinating country, but there are undeniably weird patterns followed by the former presidents who whitewashed their images for the sake of power.

The opinion makers do not matter much today, as the true indication of leftist oppression is not brutality, it is a common factor. The new democracy is founded on terrorism. The white genocide before 1994 was enacted without compunction.

The apartheid systems were never based on the ideology of racial supremacy, rather it was a survival strategy of the Boers. The base was to reduce interracial exposure and reduce friction rather than white superiority. Apartheid was never an anarchic system, but instead imposed severe restrictions on race.

Under the apartheid system, white South Africans paid thirty-two percent of their income in taxes and received only nine percent back in service and social benefits. The excess of the taxes collected was consumed by the lower classes, the majority of which were black, in the form of welfare, housing, health, and education. South Africa scrapped much of the apartheid system during the 1980's. People of color were allowed into parliament, influx control laws were abolished, common facilities shared by all and apartheid laws repealed. Blacks had the right to own property and attend historically white universities.

South Africa might well have produced an integrated middle class population and acceptance into the political arena if the strict international boycotts and sanctions were not imposed. Now we will never know.

Crime was a problem during the apartheid era, but largely confined to the black townships. The competent white police force kept the crime under control. The judicial system worked, and harsh sentences were handed over including the death penalty for murders and rapes. However many the blacks hated the bitter race laws, they had no desire to live without the physical protection of the white police force.

During the 1950's and early 1960, the South African government continued to isolate the black people of the country through passing various laws and implements repressive measures. The ANC and the SACP continued to approach the government for freedom and equality. It was during this period the members of the ANC and the South African Communist Party (SACP) realised that the non-violence method of demonstrating for political change was not working.
The bullets of the Apartheid government crushed the resistance of the laws and repressive measures during the Sharpeville and Langa protest. The ANC leaders were convinced that the time had come to rethink their approach toward the struggle and move forward from a passive resistance to an armed struggle.

The true legacy of Nelson Mandela is that he is a terrorist, the founder of Umkhonto we Sizwe, the military wing of the African National Party (ANC). Mandela left South Africa in 1962 and sought help for a violent struggle. He negotiated for both financial and military aid with communist countries, including East Germany and China. He gained strong support from Cuba, the Egyptian government, and the Soviet Union, whom all gave tremendous aids to his terrorist organisation.

The leaders of the ANC left the country to gain support for their struggle, and this was a turning point for Nelson Mandela. At a gathering of local and foreign reporters he said, "If the government's reaction is to crush by naked force our non-violent struggle, we will have to reconsider our tactics. In my mind, we are closing a chapter on this question of a non-violent policy."

Mandela presented proposals to the leaders of the ANC, and at first they were rejected but after a long period of deliberation. Mandela had support in his opinion and quoting JN Singh who said, "Non violence has not failed us, we have failed non-violence." He finally had the power to implement the military wing of the ANC. The peaceful method of the struggle was over, there had to be other alternatives, and this was an armed struggle, with violence, in the context with the Marxist and communistic ideology. A true revolutionary practice.

The aim of the new military wing, Umkhonto resize (MK) was to "strike back within our power in defense of our people, our future, and our freedom." Officially launched on December 16, 1961 the same day in 1836 when the Afrikaners defeated the Zulus at the Battle of Blood River. Perhaps this date was a significant reminder to the white government that the armed struggle was to continue.
Mandela underwent extensive military training in Ethiopia, and gained skills in sabotage, bombing, and guerrilla warfare. Upon his return to South Africa, he was detained for leaving the country without a passport and provocative a strike. Mandela was convicted for his part in the alleged 235 separate acts of sabotage in the famous Rivonia Trial.

Nelson Mandela described the "Operation Mayibuye" in his book "Long Walk to Freedom" as the keystone of the state's case. The six page documented plan was confiscated by authorities and in Mandela's own words, "Sketched out in general form the plan for a possible commencement of guerrilla operations, and how it might spark a mass armed uprising against the South African Government."

The international pressure at that time caused the government to sentence Mandela to life imprisonment rather than death. The government at the time believed it had prevented a bloody civil war.

While in prison and although not personally involved in the direct campaign of terror, Mandela's group went on to kill innocent people and the infamous "necklacing" technique was popular and endorsed by his wife Winnie Mandela. Necklacing is the forceful action of putting a rubber tire, filled with gasoline, around a victim's chest and arms, and setting it on fire. The victim can take up to 20 minutes to die, and suffers severe burns in the process.

The MK military group became famous for his bombing campaign and especially the Church Street bombing where 19 people were killed. On May 20, 1983, a car bomb attack in the South African capital Pretoria was one of the largest attacks engaged by the ANC during its armed struggle. The target was the South African Air force headquarters, and the bomb set off during rush hour killing and wounding civilians.
The state president P W Botha, on January 31, 1985 offered to release Mandela from prison on condition that he renounces violence as a protest to bring about change in the country. Nelson Mandela refused the offer and his daughter Zinzi Mandela read a statement at a rally in Soweto on February 10, 1985. In the statement, Mandela said he only adopted violence as a means of protest, when all other forms of resistance had failed.

During this time, some other political prisoners of the ANC accepted the government's proposal and were released from prison. Mandela called for the unbanning of the ANC and asked the British government to negotiate with the organization as a political party. The South African government stated that they were prepared to start negotiations if the ANC group renounced violence.

Mandela denied being a part of the Communist Party, and it is lie everybody knows. He worked closing with the communist Party of South Africa, and Mandela never renounced any of his ties with the communist leaders. Several years ago, a report in the media confirmed his close relationship with communist dictator Fidel Castro.

Mandela during this time admitted that the ANC used torture against any suspected enemy agents, including white people. Many of the violent acts were directed against the Zulus and the Zulu political movement, the Inkatha Freedom Party and not the apartheid government. After release from prison, Mandela would indulge in the fantasies about killing whites.
Torture by the ANC military wing would include electric shocks, suffocating with gas masks, hit with brooms all day long, climb a tree full of wasps and cut down a tree full of bees. Other methods of their torture included being forced to undress and lie on the ground in the middle of ants or being hit on the buttocks with a tree branch for the entire day.

The acts of torture used by the ANC cadres were an absolute human rights violation and a merciless conduct. The people executed after conviction by the ANC military tribunal were not afforded proper legal representation and suffered gross violations of their human rights. The allegations of torture, although not the ANC policy was used more from the Security unit to obtain data and confessions by people held in camps during the 1979/89 period.

In 1987, Margaret Thatcher condemned the ANC as a typical terrorist organization.
The Conservative Party youth called for him to be given the death penalty by distributing propaganda. The United States listed the ANC as a terrorist organization until 2008. The President of America at that time; Ronald Reagan resisted the call to impose sanctions on the South African Government. President Reagan had support, however, Richard Lugar argued for confrontation with the white South African Government, which led to some serious sanctions being imposed against the country.

South Africa living in a cuckoo land is continued in part 2.

By Laura Oneale



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Wikipedia – Church Street Bombing


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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Chinese Plan to Control South Africa Media? (Review)

The media outlets in South Africa are set for a massive shake up now that the Chinese have invested into the Independent Newspaper Group (ING.) China, ruled by the Communist Party of China, is the second biggest economic power in the world and reportedly will acquire a twenty percent stake in the ING group.

The Competition Commission issued a report last year that Sekuniali Independent Media Pty Ltd, a private company incorporated in South Africa, is the first acquiring firm. The second acquiring corporation is incorporated in the Republic of Mauritius, and will be known as Interacom Investment Holdings Limited.

China International Television Corporation (CITVC) and China Africa Development Fund (CADF) announced the name of the new company as indicated in the shareholders agreement. The South African Competition Commission did not mention that CITVC and CADF are wholly owned companies of the Chinese state. In China, no political parties are allowed but one, and the Communist Party exercises a one-party dictatorship over the media.

Read the entire story on this link

Link to article

Well it is a sad fact that South Africa is heading in the wrong direction. The Communist link is strong and soon it will be unbreakable.

Freedom to give
Freedom to live
Freedom to question why

Freedom to walk
Freedom to talk
Freedom to live or to die

Freedom to sing
Freedom to swing
Freedom to just walk on by

Freedom to speak
Freedom to seek
Freedom to laugh or to cry

Freedom to work
Freedom to shirk
Freedom to spend or to buy

Freedom to please
Freedom to tease
Freedom to smile or to sigh

Freedom to be
Freedom to see
Freedom to aspire so high

Freedom to touch
Freedom to clutch
Freedom to grant or deny

Freedom that’s mine
Freedom divine
Freedom no money can buy

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Is South Africa becoming a Communist State?

The South African 2014 elections are about to happen, and some of the political party contenders lean toward a strong communist manifesto.
The plan of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) is to win majority support around South Africa, secure political power through policy and organizing the people to vote for his party. The EFF wants to control the government electoral politics for the transformation of all people.

Most importantly is to gain control of the economy and change policies to benefit the people of South Africa. Julius Malema said the EFF’s program is revolutionary. He believes a socialist system it is the only sensible strategy that will stop the suffering of the people.

Probably the first fundamental transformation is the expropriation of land without compensation and distribution to the disadvantaged people. Following will be the nationalization of mines, banks and any other sector they may deem necessary, again without compensation. While abolishing government tenders and providing free education, healthcare, houses and sanitation is another commitment from Malema.

Other political parties will continue to gain dominance and turn the once beautiful and prosperous South Africa into a socialist nightmare.
The African Continent has long been subjected to communist countries, and the history of events show how cunning and manipulative they are. Even Nelson Mandela is branded a communist, and I will share a link with you that will give you access to some intriguing stories and videos to watch.

Follow this Link

Here is a video reflecting the meeting between the Cuban president and Nelson Mandela. Perhaps Mandela was deeply swayed by the communist governments to help realize their strategy of communism in South Africa. That is probably what the different political parties are following. We all know Mandela did not abide by the New Constitution of South Africa and implemented systems to eliminate the minority groups of the country. There is sufficient evidence pointing to the slow genocide of white people. The brutal and barbaric murders of farmers are not acceptable. Yet the world turns a blind eye and with the Chinese Communist Party conspiring with the African National Congress (ANC), the ruling party, acquiring a higher stake in the South African Media, this clearly indicates the turn for neo-liberalism to communism.

I have submitted an article to an online newspaper for review, based on the factual evidence of China being in partnership with the South African ruling party to control the media, especially the English Language sector. In this article, there is mention of Mandela, his death and funeral and how the press was manipulated to disclose only what they wanted to, and the almost none reporting on the acquired stock-holding of the media by the Chinese Communist Government.

If the article is rejected I will post in its entirety on this blog.