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President Zuma is Protected: Right or Wrong

President Zuma is Protected: Right or Wrong
The ANC blindly leads the country on a destructive path with no thought for the future of the people, the land or its resources. The theft, mismanagement, nepotism and corruption of Zuma and the ruling party remain frequent topics of disconcertion. The majority who continually vote for the ANC, fully aware of the faults of Zuma, defend the ANC emphatically without doubt. Stories covering the blatant maladministration, often involving Zuma, flow across news channels sparking comments from the public, yet the majority of ANC supporters do not object. The ANC presume that it is mainly minority group views that are considered as incorrect and inaccurate. Perhaps it is the perspicacity, reasoning and judgment of the loyal ANC supporters that astonishes the intellect of the minority groups.

The ANC recently issued a report about the continued attacks against Zuma, not in his personal capacity, but because of his position. The ANC believes they are discredited due to the progressive policies the party implements, causing a high disapproval among critics. ANC spokesperson, Zizi Kodwa, believes there is an agenda to damage the reputation of Zuma and the ANC party. Kodwa said the minority parties hurled insults toward the ANC because they think it is a communist regime. Kodwa mentioned the superiority of race, saying critics saw the black majority as inefficient and corrupt.
All allegations, criticisms and offense regarding Zuma and the nuclear deal, the bribery in the controversial arms deal were dismissed as rumor-mongering by Kodwa. According to Kodwa, people miss the point and are not interested in building a future for the country, only criticizing the actions of the ruling party.
Another article published on the GUARDIAN LV 

Read more at http://guardianlv.com/2014/09/president-zuma-is-protected-right-or-wrong/#msJdqQF5hhTh9Kox.99

South Africa Water Crisis: Back to Basics

South Africa Water Crisis: Back to Basics

Years ago, when a pipe burst, the reporting of such an event was taken seriously and most repairs were attended to within eight hours. The lack of response from call center attendants when reporting a leak or burst pipe is considered a waste of time for most people who report an incident. The recorded messages and music the public must listen to before talking to a consultant is ridiculous. More often than not, a good 45 minutes is wasted on a telephone call. When matters are reported over the Internet or by email, the prompt response to the urgency of the problem is also absent.
Ongoing maintenance is not managed effectively and recalling the basic structure would benefit the system. An increased capacity for water would be readily obtainable in dams if only regular maintenance and frequent cleaning of the filth took place. There was a basic structure that worked years ago, forsaken for fraud and corruption.
Corruption is always part of the general organization and in the smaller areas, water shortage is regarded as a normality. Water tankers riding around the streets, selling water to residents are often linked to councilors who are part of the deal to outwit people. Instead of attending to public duties and ensuring repairs and maintenance run uninterrupted, government facilities are used for personal gain.
Read more at http://guardianlv.com/2014/09/south-africa-water-crisis-back-to-basics/#AlPRmgZ1IRDhpH9H.99

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Where have all the whites gone – Seriously

I was able to visit Durban, South Africa for a few days, and was shocked that the city had changed to such a degree that almost zero whites were around the beach front. My last visit to Durban just over two years ago was pleasant, and there were sufficient whites around which seemed to me that Durban was still a reasonable city to visit. At least the sea was relatively still fantastic, although I would not swim in there, cannot take that chance, who knows what people do in the sea.
Where have all the whites gone? I walked along the beach front last week on Saturday and did not see one white person. The beachfront was active and busy, people hustling about enjoying the sea and the warm weather. I felt like an alien among all the dark people and quickly ventured back to the hotel where I would find safety.
I quickly learnt of many events were taking place around the city of Durban, there was a soccer match at the Moses Mabhida stadium, the world youth chess championships and a beer festival. Perhaps the football game drove many blacks into the city to support their team. I was relieved to find scores of whites in the hotel, although not South Africans, but foreigners who were there to compete in the beer festival and chess championship. Many black supporters left Durban after the football game and I assumed that another walk on the beach would seem more or less normal. I was wrong, Sunday; it seemed that masses of blacks from local townships invaded the beach front to enjoy a swim in the sea. A busy place, traffic was hectic, and bus loads of people opted for a day in the sun. While walking along the promenade, I tried to count the number of white people, but alas, there were not even five. 
Venturing down to uShaka, marine world, for the rest of the day, was surprising and pleasant; there were white people all around. The white people were mostly tourists who came to experience the lovely aquarium and catch a glimpse of the dolphins and sea creatures. uShaka is by far the best place to visit in Durban. It is clean!
A visit to Sun Coast Casino Entertainment Center was no more enlightening for me as the amount of white visitors was insignificant. The place was crowded as expected; although the entertainment section is, secure, ensuring guests do enjoy their visit. The place was clean and staff considerate, it is not a dangerous place to visit. Definitely a more protected environment.
The inner city of Durban was filthy; it reminded me of some of the slum areas that have sprung up around South Africa. Garbage scattered all over the place, street vendors occupying most of the allocated pedestrian walking space, selling cheap inferior goods, totally overcrowded and beggars all around trying to gather a few pennies for who knows what, drugs, alcohol or food. Even the giant rats, the size of cats and bigger, scurried away from the crowds.
I guess; Durban is not a white person’s city, and a few that do remain are residents who have lived there all their lives. There are many residential suburbs in Durban that are reasonable and well maintained. However, there are the usual problems of potholes, traffic lights not working and service delivery functions that need improvement. These problems are not unique to Durban alone, as these troubles are scattered all over the country.

I decided to visit the uShaka center again and to my surprise; the place was rather quiet. There not too many people around until buses started off loading scores of local school children visiting the center for the day. The school children were all black; I never saw a little white face, so I assume that most local schools in and around Durban have a high rate of black students. I managed to sneak a photo of one bus load of children and thought to myself that if this massive crowd ran toward me, I would be trampled to death within minutes. It is a scary thought and more so when there are hordes of blacks around.
I will probably never visit Durban again; it is another city, in South Africa that I have personally listed as a definite never to visit the place again. Durban like most of the main cities in South Africa has deteriorated from a pleasant, safe and clean environment, into a filthy, overcrowded, rat-infested city.

My next trip will be a sea cruise to the Mediterranean but certainly not on a South African ship. Cannot take the chance of seeing large rats again, and perhaps that will delight me more than touring South Africa. 

I am not the only person who thinks Durban is a mess, here is an article written in 2011 expressing a concern about the city.

Read the article and watch the video! Durban is overcrowded.


Video link - January 2014

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Water Crisis in South Africa Signals a Failing Democracy

Water Crisis in South Africa Signals a Failing Democracy
The main reason for the water crisis, as stated by the Committee chairperson Mlungisi Johnson, is the persistent theft of copper, the maintenance of facilities and implementation of a new water plan. Johnson said there was an urgency to protect the electrical power supply to water pumping stations and this would be considered.
The current disturbance caused by the water crisis could, potentially, lead to conflict as societies in South Africa become angered by not having the necessary water service. The resultant protests could, then, ignite the anger of an even larger portion of the populace.
A report published in April this year stated that South Africa had experienced a total of 48 service delivery protests in the first few months of the year. There is, already, an upward trend in protests, and infuriated residents are demanding the African National Congress (ANC) government deliver on promises made.
President Jacob Zuma told supporters at an election rally this year that South Africa had a good story to tell. Compared to the protests happening on a regular basis around the country, a good story has not developed.
Read the entire article on the Guardian LV - here is the link.

South Africa: Affairs, Missing Children and Muti Killings

I received the under mentioned story from a friend and it is a fascinating real life story to share. Who would know the disappearance of two children and a witch-doctor would make a connection. I guess there are many stories we do not know about.
Khotso Sethunsa
The Story -
 (The You letter. I have no idea who wrote it.) You is the name of a South African Magazine.

Part 1.
This is in the 'Ask Dr. Louise' section in You magazine, 11 July 2014.

'My Mum cheated, now I hate her.'
Q. My mother had an affair and it has affected us badly. It seems my parents have decided to stay together, but they do not talk to us about it. My mother apologized to us but now she does not seem sorry anymore. She complains about our disrespectful attitudes, but I feel it is the only way we as her children know how to handle this. She complains to my grandmother about our manners, she is self-righteous and I have started to hate her. I cannot talk to our relatives about the affair because they do not know about it. I am too ashamed to tell my friends (they know the man she was involved with). I cry a lot and I am angry with my mom like never before. She goes on about our faults (as if she is perfect) and I feel she has not been punished enough. When I try to talk to my father about it, he plays dumb. I do not know how to handle this or who to speak to. I no longer talk to my parents and I have never felt so alone.  - Anonymous, email.
Dr. Louise Replies.
A. People make mistakes - and imagine if your parents never forgave you for yours! The truth is this affair is nobody's business except your mother's and father's - she did not betray you or your siblings, she betrayed him. In addition, couples do not have affairs if their relationship is beautiful so the cheating may have been a wake-up call for both your parents. Now they know they have to work at their relationship and treasure each other. You are angry with your mother because she is not as perfect as you wanted her to be, but the bottom line is she still loves you, your siblings and your father. (otherwise, she would have chosen the other man). In addition, remember as a parent it is her job to talk to you and your siblings about bad manners or whatever else needs addressing. You as the eldest will have to set an example. It is difficult enough for your parents to rebuild their relationship without you wanting to punish your mother all the time. Move on with your life and leave the gown-ups to their business. It would be most inappropriate for your mother to discuss her and your father's relationship with you.
Part 2.
My letter to Dr. Louise was not to be published.
Dear Dr. Louise,
           'My Mom cheated, now I hate her.'
Anonymous wrote. Dr. Louise replied.
This matter is more complicated than what you wrote. Your answer to Anonymous is protecting Mom, and not giving Anonymous a better life. To say to her, 'Move on...' is playing down the seriousness of this extra-marital affair. You are taking Mom's side. We have heard and read many times, "What is best for a child..." Child Welfare and SAPS Child Protection Unit will concur, what is best for a child.
At the same time, you should have warned Anonymous, "If you carry on exposing Mom, she will kill you." In addition, Anonymous could say, "In that case. I must kill Mom before she kills me. .." In both cases, the police will get involved. Oh yes, the police did try to kill me and after that accident, the police "lost" the collision docket. When you mentioned, 'You as the eldest..." it seems you personally know who Anonymous is? (I do not. However, I can recognize the pain she has.) What Anonymous did not mention was. How was that pregnancy terminated? (I am not going into details how. My mother's first child was NOT my father's biological child. The wedding night was consummated. Then my mother did something...) It is a case to win back her place in the family without being thrown out! “Moving on... “means "Get OUT!" Go to Child Welfare or open a criminal case at SAPS Child Protection, before Mom does!
It goes like this.
Daughter aged 16-years is told by father. "Go sit in the kitchen as Tom (who had the affair with Mom) is coming for lunch. Servant X will feed you. In addition, do not come and sit with us. .. You must not be seen." After the meal father shows Tom the house. All walk down passage and Tom is shown Anonymous' bedroom. The door is opened so Tom can look inside. .What will Anonymous think? Her paranoia is real! Either Tom or his eldest son is invited to rape Anonymous in her own bedroom...The affair that Mom had does not stop after the first night out!
Of course, this matter is Anonymous' problem, more than her father’s is. SHE IS THE VICTIM! Father might get a handout and reward?
Part 3.
I was not there when the incident happened. I was too small to be on holiday and I was staying with my grandparents. However, I was shown the place as I was with my family two years later at the same place on the Natal South Coast.
This happened during 1956 at Ramsgate on the Natal South Coast. My parents farmed in the middle of the Natal Midlands. Each year they went on vacation to see the sea. To drive with a family of small children to a holiday cottage on the South Coast was a long and tiring trip. The double highways were not in existence then. Just a long, twisty turn tar road going parallel with the railway line. People build houses mainly for holiday makers between the (old) main road and the sea, Indian Ocean. These were simple houses to cater for the families during the Baby Boomer years, after The War (World War II). My family then consisted of my two parents and my three elder brothers. An African nanny accompanied them. The car used was a green Ford V8. (I only found out during the mid-1990s that the elder brother and a younger brother were not my father's off-spring. He had "adopted" them. My mother had cheated on my father. The reason why, I am still trying to understand. The middle brother, who was the victim, was my father's biological son.) The beach cottage had four rooms and a kitchen and bathroom. Cooking was done by those renting it. A side entrance had a neat lawn of about 50 square meters and a path that ran straight down to the sea, which was 50 meters from the high water mark. A lovely place to be in. The cottage was an on a steep slope. The central part was level with the ground and a terrace facing the sea was high above the ground level due to the sloping ground. The veranda had a room underneath with a locked door. My family did not go there. .. Until much later.
Swimming, fishing and walking alone the beach was enjoyable. My family arrived late Friday afternoon and decided to leave the following Sunday, 9 days later. Came Sunday and time to leave. My father went to the property owner and paid for the stay. The property owner, a very nice person then showed my family what was under the cottage. He went down to the bottom level of the cottage that was under the veranda, and opened the door and led my family in. A large cave was under the cottage. This cave extended far into the slope and had large boulders ready to roll out... When the cottage was built, this cave did not exist. Only after the cottage was built an underground stream eroded the sand away causing a large cavity. Only by chance, the cottage remained intact.
It was very scary to go into this hole and look into the bowels of the earth. The large boulders gave the scene poignancy.
More was to come.
My parents then packed the large V8 to go home. This was about 10 o'clock in the morning. My father had to go to see the property owner on another matter, so he told the family to get in while he was away, only five minutes. He arrived back and everybody was inside the car waiting. He got in and asked, "Is everybody inside?" They all said, "Yes. Let us go... “including my mother. My father started the V8 and started to drive away, to go back home. He had driven 100 meters and he looked in the rearview mirror and did not see my middle brother. He looked around and said. "Where is he?" He was not in the V8. The African servant was silent and looked straight ahead. It was her duty to ensure my middle brother was well-looked after. My father reversed the car and as he got back to the cottage, my brother suddenly appeared from the direction of the sea. He had no idea that my family were leaving him behind. The servant had left him near the sea then ran away leaving him! My father was ultimately responsible for my brother's safe well-being. My mother also had her ultimate duty to him, and the servant partially responsible. Why did my mother say, "leave him to the servant"? She had her duty and why did she say, "Yes. Let’s go...” This brings out, 'who betrayed who?' and 'who is the victim?' as in the You letter to Dr. Louise

In 1967, two children of the (missionary) Gray family, Vinny and Susie, went with their father fishing at Mbotyi, on the Pondoland Coast. The father left the children in the care of African servants. Both children disappeared never to be found. It seems an African witch doctor, the millionaire witch doctor, Khotso Sethunsa (died 25 July 1972) used them as muti! Read the story about Mbotyi below!
It seems that my brother had been left so this same witch doctor could make muti from his remains. It nearly happened!

MBOTYI – EASTERN CAPE – SOUTH AFRICA (Described as a dauntingly amazing place with stunning landscapes and picturesque beauty.)
Khotso There are few stories about the old Transkei which do not have some reference to Khotso. Mbotyi is no exception. Margaret Barlow, who practiced as a medical doctor in Lusikisiki for many years had this to say about Khotso in her book The Last of the Lotus Lands ” “…Khotso Sethunsa was one of the greatest of all herbalists. He was an amiable magnificently dressed little man said to be enormously wealthy. Khotso was reputed to be the grandchild of President Kruger’s coachman and was supposed to know where the Kruger millions were buried. As a result, he always celebrated Kruger Day with great enthusiasm and would invite celebrities from all over South Africa to attend. Khotso’s followers, at one time there were more than 250, were obliged to attend a 3-year training course. In the first year they underwent an oral examination and were asked, for example, to find a lost cow. Those who did pass were obviously the cream of society. Personally I’d opt to write my pathology exam again than face Khotso’s test.” Khotso’s rise can be traced to his days as a teenager working as a herd boy for a Kokstad farmer, Eric Scott. The legend of Khotso is that after having been beaten by his employer, he publicly threatened revenge. This was unheard of in those days and particularly coming from a youngster. Soon thereafter a tornado swept through Scott’s farm destroying nearly everything. Khotso claimed responsibility and the rest is history. He made a fortune selling his powerful muti and built for himself and his acolytes majestic palaces outside Kokstad, Mt Frere and Lusikisiki. The latter can still be seen on the right hand side of the road approaching Lusikisiki with its walls adorned with statues of lions and eagles in flight. Amongst the bidders at The Barber Estate Auction was Khotso. Everybody thought that with his wealth and power it was a done deal that Khotso would be the new owner of the hotel site. At the last minute Khotso withdrew his bid and the site was knocked down to Rick Grant and his partners for a mere £50. Khotso felt hard done by and uttered a curse before leaving the auction in disgust. Nobody knows why Khotso withdrew his bid – one popular theory is that just before the bidding started he was reminded that the apartheid laws of the time might disqualify him from acquiring ownership. The Khotso legend was to return to Mbotyi years later when it was said that he was linked to the disappearance of the Gray children. The Gray Children In 1967 an American Missionary Organisation, Pilgrims’ Holiness, had a mission in Mt Frere. The mission was run by the Gray family who went on holiday to Mbotyi that year. Some time during the holiday, the father and eldest son were left to mind the children on the beach. The children were a boy and girl Vinny aged 6 and Susie Aged 4. Father and son decided to go fishing and left the two young children in the care of the family servants. When they returned from fishing, the father and son found the servants hysterical. The children had disappeared. Eleanor Grant, daughter of Rick, remembers the incident well. “…Word soon went out that these missionary kids had disappeared. A massive search party gathered and everybody searched the hills, sand dunes and shoreline. The army was called in and the lagoon was even dredged. The children had vanished into thin air. If the kids had drowned their bodies would have washed up but this did not happen. To this day nobody knows what became of them. For months afterwards the Gray family would wander the hills calling out for their lost children. It was an unbelievably sad thing to witness. The theory at the time was that it was Khotso’s curse and that the children had been taken for muti. Of course this was never proved. For years afterwards we never let our own kids out of our sight…” On a dark night, don’t be surprised if you bump into the Gray children on Mbotyi beach. Nick Robertson gave this chilling account of his sighting of the Gray children: “The story you ask about occurred about 10 years ago. We were having a New Years party at Glyn Bodley’s cottage. This fact may cause you to raise your eyebrows but let me assure you that all that I tell you is true. It was after midnight when Ian Holmes and myself decided to take a walk across the beach to the hotel. When we were well onto the beach we saw two people and walked up to them. The first thing we noticed was their strange garments. The man wore a monk’s cowl. Around his waist he had a type of coarse rope. The whole garment was of a dark colour. I suppose a little like the colour of a true monk’s cowl. It was hooded. The woman I walked right up to was dressed in a very similar white garment. Hers did not have the hood. We didn’t recognise them and Ian asked them which “camp” they were from. One of the strangest things about the whole happening was they didn’t say one word. The man appeared to grow right before our eyes to the height of at least seven foot or more. He them attempted to wave us away. His garment was splayed (I think that is the correct word) at the end of his arms. I watched him wave Ian away and his arm going through Ian’s head. Ian said that he didn’t feel any air moving. They then walked off and appeared to fade out into the sea.” Info updated 22 September 2003 with many thanks to Jean Pendleton (nee Gray) of Michigan USA the sister of the missing children.

The above is from the Mbotyi website

Read more historical stories about strange people and events on the Mbotyi Website.

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Nuclear Deal for South Africa Spells Disaster

Nuclear Deal for South Africa Spells Disaster

South Africa does not deal with medical waste efficiently, and uranium waste disposal remains a problem. The establishment of building another eight nuclear reactors might have the advantage of producing a more efficient power solution for the country based on the unhurried expansion of power plants over the last twenty years. A nuclear deal for South Africa spells disaster due to the incapacity to deal with medical waste problems, current uranium disposal methods and general lack of knowledge.

Read more on the Guardian LV


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South Africa on an Express Train Toward Self Destruction Read more at http://guardianlv.com/2014/01/south-africa-on-an-express-train-toward-self-destruction/#P1sLbuALFPq4mMkS.99

The South Africa based security forces seem to be traveling on an express train heading toward self-destruction. Are the officials spiraling out of control or can they apply brakes and stop the carnage?

Max Du Preez, a highly controversial writer, writes in his book, A Rumor of Spring, published in November 2013,  “Among the convicted criminals still serving in the SAPS were a Major General, 10 Brigadiers, 21 Colonels, 10 Majors, 43 Lieutenant-colonels, 163 Captains, 84 Lieutenants and 716 Warrant Officers.” (PG 195).
Not expected criminals but convicted criminals. This is the South African democracy in action. The country is being policed by criminals. While it has always been a part of Communist doctrine that a nation’s security forces should be emasculated, the current regime in South Africa is affecting such on the basis of protecting their ill gotten gains.
The majority of the people do not trust the South African Police Services (SAPS). The shootings at Marikana in August 2012 where 34 miners were killed are indicative of the gung-ho attitude pervading the SAPS. What nobody mentions the fact that behind the SAPS were soldiers. Is it true that these were troops from a parachute regiment and that they were armed with .50 Browning machine guns? So many questions remain unanswered. What would have happened if they were to become involved in the fracas? Was this an attempt to create a civil war in South Africa? What was the responsibility of Cyril Ramaphosa in this whole fracas?
Ramaphosa’s company Shanduka was the labor broker through which these mine-workers could get jobs at the mine. Allegations had been doing the rounds that two thirds of the miners salaries were withheld by Shanduka with only a third paid out.
Can this be the reason why mine workers were so disgruntled?  These during a time of economic difficulty, who can afford to have two-thirds of their income, disappear in order to feed a fat cat so that he can buy an R20 million buffalo bull. The action exercised by the South African Security forces is definitely on an express train traveling toward self destruction.
The South African Police Services (SAPS) has a division called Crime Intelligence (CI). This unit has been most often in the news and for all the wrong reasons. In the matter of a Czech fugitive, Radowan Krecjir, officials from this unit have been pointed out as living comfortably off his largesse. The Commander of the unit in the East Rand admitted that he had benefited from a so called loan for R400,000 from one of Krecjir’s companies. Two junior ranks under Steyn benefited from the same largess, policemen driving around in Porsches. Even Miami Vice, the TV series is no patch for the realities of what is happening in the RSA.
The CI, along with the various Intelligence Services, called the State Security Agency (SSA) and Defense Intelligence (DI) are intercepting phone calls, internet communications and doing so without court orders. Snowden would be astounded as to what has been transpiring in the RSA. Raids are lodged on businesses in order to effectively steal the business from its rightful owners. Situations are created, and slander is circulated as gospel in order to tarnish the reputation of civilians whose businesses are of interest to these people. Nothing stands in isolation – if this is what is happening to citizens of South Africa, one could imagine as to what is happening to Embassies and foreign representatives communications. Is the express train to self destruction traveling to fast?
CI has tentacles spreading throughout the South African security community. In this regard, Johan Erasmus from a company called New Generation Arms Management (NGAM), which holds the South African agency for the Dillon Mini-gun which fires 3,000 rounds a minute was targeted by them. Erasmus had been targeted as a so called Boeremag by the South African Special Forces (SASF) due to his no nonsense approach when they tried to steal the contracts and representation from this company. Erasmus was approached at different times by a George Darmanovitch who tried to persuade Erasmus into illegal actions in order to compromise him. Actions such as trying to bribe officials in order to keep all the fabrications from inter alia Vanessa Du Toit from the National Conventional Arms Control Committee (NCACC) disappear.
According to Erasmus, this is not the way that things are to be done and he declined. He also holds the view that he is guilty only of performing and delivering on an Armscor contract (the state owned procurement agency for the defense force). Armscor had been pointed out at various instances as being a hotbed of unbridled corruption, even since the days from before 1994 when the ANC came into power.  It was clearly an attempt at compromising Erasmus as they had nothing on him.
In this regard, NGAM’s business premises and its directors’ homes were raided on December 4, 2012 based on false affidavits by Vanessa Du Toit. All their computers were carted off with volumes of documentation. Nothing has been returned until today; although it has been noticed that their business information had been disseminated to their competitors as well as the state owned companies.
Even different court attempts by NGAM came to naught as it would appear that the judges in most cases were influenced, especially the Afrikaans speaking; white, male judges. Erasmus was warned that the judges would not help him due to his pointing these aspects out. His views are simple since when does he needs the help of judges, all they have to do is to commit to their duties. It is not about helping, it is all about performing one’s duties. Stop the express train and avoid self destruction.
Erasmus is targeted without a doubt, simply for not allowing criminals under the guise of the state to steal from him and his black partners. This story does not end here.
It is clear that this is not an isolated case. Economic terrorism is being waged by these people from CI, SASF and NPA against the government of the day. They thrive on blackmailing senior officials who have committed one or other indiscretion. They excel in slandering people whom they have targeted. They are misleading the government. It is the same people who are laying ambush after ambush for President Zuma to stumble into. Which of course he so dutifully does. This has been going on to such an extent that President Zuma is seen as a liability for the ANC in the upcoming general election.
When a network as devious as the one operating in South Africa pervades any society, it is clear that such a society is on an express train toward destruction, alas the days when Rome burnt.
This article was published in the Guardian LV

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Teachers Cannot Teach Children to Read in South Africa

Zuma speaks of improved education facilities and training in South Africa. The Democratic Alliance seem to think that teachers are not sufficiently trained to teach children to read. Rural schools have the most drop outs. Teachers text on their cell phone during lessons leaving the children to their own devices.

Here is the article published on the Guardian LV -

The Democratic Alliance (DA) official opposition party in South Africa issued a report saying that their teachers cannot teach children to read. According to the report, teacher training is not sufficient to ensure that children are taught to read. The act of instilling awareness of the importance of reading is absent.
Dr. Nick Taylor, CEO of the National Education Evaluation and Development Unit, presented his findings at an education conference and maintained that teachers were not specializing in English, the dominant medium of instruction. Teachers are not receiving adequate training to teach in English. Taylor admitted that, although a framework is in place, it lacks proper standards for teacher training. Taylor emphasized that no attempt has been made to control the standards at different universities in South Africa.
Annette Lovemore of the DA said that teachers who receive four years of training and are still not able to teach students to read should not be allowed. There is a total lack of competency by teachers who do not encourage students to read and infuse the desire for knowledge. It appears that teachers are poorly trained and cannot develop the additional skills required to educate the learners effectively.
The DA has raised the problem of education standards in South Africa and urgently seeks a response from the government regarding improving the fundamental right of children to learn to read. The President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, told a different story about the education standards implemented over the past 20 years. Zuma stated that steady progress has been made in the development of education. Zuma commented on the improvement in matric results over recent years, the provision of support by government and the need to increase teaching in mathematics and science.
At a meeting in Pretoria, Zuma said the African National Congress (ANC) has built modern school facilities with the aim of delivering a competent learning environment. Zuma stated that investment into the future of education is needed, and further educational facilities need to be developed. Zuma issued a call for teachers and principals to get further training in order to manage schools properly.
Read the rest of the article on this link.
There is another interesting article on European Knights Projects regarding South African schools -

White Kids Sexually Harassed & Singled Out for Having Lice & ‘Hair Insects’ Blacks Don’t Have

Here is the link -

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The Day the Music Died in South Africa

Competence and the Legal System
The South African Constitutional Court in Case CCT 01/14 had delivered a judgment in which a white female, Renate Barnard, could not be promoted in the South African Police Service (SAPS). The reason in short was that she was not black!
Yip, the music died and has gone to hell.
Therefore, competency does not count. If someone decides that this becomes a policy, it will become the Alpha and the Omega.
For a long while, there have been rumors about judges in the South African legal system making the most extraordinary rulings, rulings that do not fit any legal model or fairness. What has become of South Africa? The rest of Africa is growing, wherever one turns there is growth on the continent. However, in South Africa, everything seems to be heading south, one way with no stop! What is wrong with the South Africans? They are all over the African continent, working for African companies. Why can’t they not find employment in the RSA? Competency does not count, and that is the only reason.
When learned judges condone incompetence above competence at all times, then it is late, very late.
What happened to Mandela’s South Africa and the Legal System
When trying to analyze the situation, it is very clear that the South African democracy all races penned hope to, is tumbling down in flames. Are we wrong? What have we not said and pointed out, despite being attacked by such non-entities as a certain Chad Thomas and his mates in the South African Intelligence services, we have been proven correct – repeatedly. Moreover, this without a crystal ball! Everywhere one turns there is despondency; the legal system does not work. The only people who are making money out of the legal system are a group of jurists. Apparently, they decide who will do what and who will get what slice of the pie. To hell with legal principles, fairness, honor, it is all about money, money, money – damn money!
Advocates advise their clients, and then they claim they are under instruction. Their advice mentioned in passing has now become instructions. In addition, lo and behold the dumb sucker who wants to stand on his rights against the State. He or she will be ground into dust. Those will be slandered; they will be victimized; their families and friends will be terrorized. Their income will be neutralized; SARS will be put onto them.
Meanwhile, these accursed hyenas of the legal system are living like the fat of the land.
How many advocates live in Waterkloof, a rich man’s area? Although, not all advocates fall in this category; however, they appear to be powerless in order to do something about it. Only in the legal system? What about the construction industry? Very similar.
Can the continuous corruption, thieving and mockery of the legal system continue indefinitely?
Penalizing Companies and Multimillion Rand Contracts
Now the Competition Commission is penalizing companies for collusion. What about the politicians who had been involved in these construction companies, either as shareholders or as consultants?
Maziya and Associates ended up being awarded a multimillion contract for the building of a hospital in Soweto. Perhaps somebody would have the backbone to publish the real costs involved in this project.
Another issue is the football stadium in Krugersdorp which was to be built as a home ground for Kaizer Chiefs, one of the foremost soccer clubs in the RSA? What about this, what about that? It never stops. However, the music will stop.
South African Police and the Phantom Boeremag

Yeah, the music is dying in South Africa. In the SAPS, you will only be promoted if you are a white police officer who had worked on the so-called Boeremag case. The Boeremag is a creation from within the ranks of the SAPS. Genl Hankel, the same person who featured in the rendition of the Pakistani, is also claimed to be the creator of the Boeremag. The Boeremag is a reason to have a budget, a black budget. Who knows as to who gets what, when, where.
The music keeps on dying.
The tragedy in Marikana? The Police shot and killed 34 mineworkers and a further ten people, including police officers were killed in the period prior to this onslaught. The broad public tends to have their communications monitored, on what basis? However, the police service and the intelligence services are focusing on the rest of the population, building false stories. All in order to steal, to cheat and to steal.
They did not steal the music; it is dying.
Blackness, Silence and the End
Very soon, it will be the end of the music.
The blackness will cover the land, as ESKOM; the electric utility has been run into the ground, very soon, no power and no lights.
Silence … not the golden variety but that of a world destroyed by greed!! Democracy? What democracy? The music has died!

The goose, who lays the golden eggs, is at this stage seemingly a dried out shell of her former glory. Will she die or will she abscond, before it is too late?

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Anarchy or Land Reform Warns Malema

Julius Malema told a Press Club in Cape Town that a peaceful land reform without compensation will stop Anarchy in South Africa. Malema said his people would never arrive at the Promised Land if the land reform issues were not resolved. Malema referred to past attempts as failures and warned that if political parties did not take up the cause of land reform, the poor landless people would rise and seize the land.
White farmers had not acquired the land by honest means and Malema repeatedly said no compensation would be forthcoming. Malema said the white people took the land and did not pay for the land, but committed black genocide. The blacks who survived the onslaught were transformed into slaves and crime would not be rewarded, Malema told a predominantly white audience. Malema told his viewers to hand over their property.
What Malema failed to realize was the amount of productive land in South Africa averages about forty percent. Malema failed to address the vast amount of food-producing land given to blacks during the past 20 years and the failure causing land to become barren. Malema failed to take into account the thirty-two percent of South African land given to the nine different ethnic groups during the 1970s to create their culture with an opportunity to govern the land successfully. Malema failed to add that the apartheid government gave the different ethnic groups the resources to implement successful states, yet they failed.
Malema failed to tell the audience that it was not only white land that must be expropriated, but also land stolen by black tribes. Land grabbing through violent means among African cultures happened in the past; therefore, the land reform should not be an opportunity to force whites off the land.

Friday, September 12, 2014

South Africa’s ANC Deal with Chinese Devil

Has the African National Congress (ANC) made a deal with the devil?
For over twenty years, the South African democracy has failed its people. Apartheid failed the majority; democracy fails the entire population, both minority and majority. The rainbow nation might have a majority led government and honor the freedom that democracy has given. It is the exact freedom that has caused the failing of democracy to benefit the citizens.
The black population of South Africa is the majority, there is the freedom of choice now, and all facilities that were barred under the apartheid law are now free for all. Is this the problem, the free for all that is the cause of the failing infrastructure?
The ANC government were handed a perfect working infrastructure and the riches of the country. The high standards set under the apartheid regime were exactly what were needed to ensure success, decent education and economic growth. After twenty years, the corruption, theft nepotism, and socialist standards of the governing party have caused the country to remain a third world country with a bleak future.
Freedom for all has only caused the infrastructures such as hospitals, schools, power stations and public transport to deteriorate into appalling conditions. There has been no real growth, only the worsening situation all over South Africa.
While lamenting on the failing democracy, and the people who so desperately compared apartheid to living in shackles, look at the deal the ANC have made with the devil. South African people, the majority who voted for the ruling party are not winners, and do not have real freedom, rather it is the immigrants who prosper.
Communism is bad; there is enough evidence to mark the wretched rule of socialist countries and the failings thereof. Communism has crumbled in many countries worldwide and who would revert to the governing system that spells disaster. The ANC and their deal with the devil are entire based on developing communism structures.
The ANC will never allow a white person to rule this country, and in turn will take any opportunity to ensure the white population of South Africa leave the country, and if they remain fall into the hands of murderers. The ANC embraces the Chinese as their own, and the fact that their ethnic group is now ranked as black, gives them the opportunity to grab every occasion to rule the country.
The ANC has deliberately caused the white population to wither away and  take away business opportunities through the implementation of the Black Economic Empowerment law, coupled with the Employment Equity and Affirmative action plans. The Chinese classified as blacks now have the right to grasp the big business and in turn, nothing is left for true South Africans. There is no possibility for the rural South Africans who cast their vote for the ANC to prosper from business, based on the structure of education standards being lowered to keep people ignorant.
A deal with the devil, the Chinese communist country is currently South Africa’s largest trading partner. The speed at which Chinese immigrants flood the country is alarming. Apparently, the Chinese government funds the relocation to vulnerable countries of which South Africa is one. The entire African continent is Chinese driven.
The Chinese in South Africa are known to set up illegal stores, thereby destroying local business, sell contraband goods and exploit labor. The closure of local textile factories is a direct cause of the infiltration of cheap Chinese stock. Government tax revenue is lost through the operation of illegal business. Job opportunities for locals are lost in favor of the Chinese forcing an increase in unemployment.
Is this a deal with the devil or not, and it is backed by conspiracy between the Chinese and South African governments. There is of course the increase in rhino and other poaching, scary and not coincidental!
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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

September 11 a Prayer for Peace

In remembrance of September 11

We pray to the great Spiritual Power in which
we live and move and have our being.
We pray that we may at all times
keep our minds open to new ideas and shun dogma;
that we may grow in our understanding of the nature of all living beings
and our connectedness with the natural world;
that we may become ever more filled with
generosity of spirit and true compassion and love for all life;
that we may strive to heal the hurts that we have inflicted on nature
and control our greed for material things, knowing that
our actions are harming our natural world and the future of our children;
that we may value each and every human being
for who he is, for who she is,
reaching to the spirit that is within,
knowing the power of each individual to change the world.
We pray for social justice,
for the alleviation of the crippling poverty
that condemns millions of people around the world
to lives of misery - hungry, sick, and utterly without hope.
We pray for the children who are starving,
who are condemned to homelessness, slave labor, and prostitution,
and especially for those forced to fight, to kill and torture
even members of their own family.
We pray for the victims of violence and war,
for those wounded in body and for those wounded in mind.
We pray for the multitudes of refugees, forced from their homes to alien places
through war or through the utter destruction of their environment.
We pray for suffering animals everywhere,
for an end to the pain caused by scientific experimentation,
intensive farming, fur farming, shooting, trapping,
training for entertainment, abusive pet owners,
and all other forms of exploitation
such as overloading and overworking pack animals,
bull fighting, badger baiting, dog and cock fighting and so many more.
We pray for an end to cruelty,
whether to humans or other animals,
for an end to bullying, and torture in all its forms.
We pray that we may learn the peace that comes with forgiving
and the strength we gain in loving;
that we may learn to take nothing for granted in this life;
that we may learn to see and understand with our hearts;
that we may learn to rejoice in our being.

With gratitude to World Prayers.org.