Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Zuma Stronghold, Turning South Africa into a One-Party State

South Africa is in the process of being Zumafied by President Jacob Zuma. The signs are everywhere. The president is the problem and certainly not the solution. The powerful network setup by Zuma serves the president and not the country. Zuma does not govern the country through the correct institutions such as the constitution, parliament and cabinet, rather through a personal network pigeon-holed through nepotism, preferentialism and favors to friends.  

The system set up by Zuma are filled with Zuma supporters and deployed into key positions all over the country to carry out the personal Zuma agenda in exchange for financial gain. Without any doubt, there are some unpleasant people who are placed into top positions within the Zuma network.

Zuma is on a pretentious façade to divert attention from embarrassing facts and succeeds every time. Zuma has far too much power and protection under the Constitution. The rise to a democratic country in 1994 is being trampled on every day, and soon South Africa will be a one-party state, Zumaville.

Was the Spy Cables leak another Zuma ploy to further enhance his plan of Zumafying South Africa?

What’s so earth-shattering in these revelations? South Africans leaked the spy cables. 


Firstly – Jacob Zuma wants Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma to succeed him as President.

African Union chairperson Dlamini-Zuma is divorced from Jacob Zuma, and together they have four children. Dlamini-Zuma has previously held high profile positions prior to the current position, within the South African Government. Dlamini-Zuma has served as Home Affairs Minister, Foreign and Health Minister. A lady on a mission and powerful within the African National Congress (ANC) party.

Dlamini-Zuma had covered up a lot of obvious errors at the African Union, regarding the missing Gadaffi money. The Sudanese know nothing.

As president, Dlamini-Zuma would grant Jacob Zuma a full pardon, and there will be no legal challenges for Zuma to defend. A free man and hero to the Zulu Nation

The Zuma’s are trying to create a situation whereby the public will be sympathetic toward her. Al Jazeera revealed there was a plot to assassinate Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma in Ethiopia days after she assumed the position in October 2012. 

Secondly –the so-called leaks will give impetus for the promulgation of the secrecy bill.

This entire fiasco is no different to what Hitler did against Poland. Hitler created a fictitious attack and then had the excuse to invade Poland. 
The Zuma administration is looking for an excuse to steamroll the secrecy bill, a draconian legislation through parliament. Therefore, the ANC government have now created an excuse thereto! 

Why did they leak it to AL Jazeera? Al Jazeera is financed by the Leader in Qatar.
South Africa’s Sasol is in a JV in Qatar. Sasol has been building a plant in Louisiana the USA for gas to oil.
According to allegations, Zuma is involved in such. Either this or the journalist at Al Jazeera was paid by the SA Intel Corps!

Thirdly – one has to ask how credible these reports are, given the fact of the conspiratorial delusions of the ruling regime by jamming Parliament against air attacks and the Nkandla bunkers surrounded by holey fences. Moreover, of course, the Zuma and ANC tendencies for leaking against opponents, coupled with the other fabrications of the South African Spy apparatus. 

 Perhaps the powerful Zuma administration are suddenly realizing, that their tactics are not so intelligent anymore.  

There will be a revolution on the day that the ANC party block the public's’ right to know.  

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

South Africa Land of Thieves and Corrupt Dark Forces

South Africa Land of Thieves and Corrupt Dark Forces

South Africa
South Africa is fast becoming the land of thieves as dark, corrupt forces continue to disregard laws and international boundaries. In any other country in the world, improper actions of any military personnel would be investigated and dealt with, but not in South Africa. Everybody blames President Jacob Zuma and rightly so, as the man of the moment, in charge of turning the country into a first-world democracy, has messed up.
Everybody is intent on stealing as much as possible, and while there is a Commission of Inquiry into an arms deal, the real fallout of the actual arms corruption is not being dealt with appropriately. Entertainment between military personal and politicians never ceases to end, and it is the politicians who are seemingly at the bidding of the generals.
A new report details cover-ups, intelligence breaches and theft of military plans, as well as secret nuclear deals with extremist groups in the country. Major intelligence agencies have begun leaking top secret information which says that Johannesburg is rated as a prominent and flourishing station of international undercover activities.
Leaked information details how spies in Pretoria, a suburb in Gauteng, South Africa, hid facts about Israel’s obtaining stolen South African weapon plans. Stolen information from Denel was offered to the undercurrents of the corruption and crime world, but in 2010, two men were arrested after the police, following tips about the plan, set up a trap to ensnare the perpetrators. There has been a leak of secret communications from 2006 up until last year between South Africa intelligence staff and unsavory people around the world. Leaks detailing al-Qaeda and Islamic states, among others, were noted. Spy agencies around the world have been affected or, at least, will suffer a severe blow to secret information.
Perhaps one of the most critical leaks was that of documents about Iran approaching South Africa leadership to manipulate a way around imposed  international sanctions by Western powers. According to reports, the former president of South Africa, Thabo Mbeki, met with Iranian officials who requested help for their nuclear program. The recent leaks also detailed accounts of North Korean spies calling on South Africa for assistance.
The current report is one of the worst security leaks and can place South Africa in a precarious position, considering the international sanctions against Iranian bodies. Careful consideration is called for by opposition government parties who view the risk of South Africa being slapped with sanctions should proof of negotiating contracts with such countries be detailed. Mbeki was unavailable for comment, and the African National Congress (ANC) Presidency spokesperson, Mac Maharaj, declined to comment.
The rule of law has been compromised in South Africa, and it would appear as if the entire ANC government continues to play in the contaminated environment. The security leaks are fast becoming a situation that pervades the whole security system of South Africa. Based on the destructive behavior in Parliament last week, it would appear to the world that South Africa is on the brink of destruction.
South Africa has become a backwater infested with large groups of thieves and criminals. Criminals and thieves employed in state structures are cloaked in the law, abusing the legal system in order to steal on a magnitude seldom heard.
Various people have suffered because of the corrupt persons with insatiable appetites for stealing and an inherent laziness pertaining to work. Institutions such as the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), which has been described by retired Judge Johan Kriegler as a corrupt organization, are one of the main instigators of all these corrupt actions. It is known that documents are falsified to assist these criminals in plundering.
South Africa has, since 1994, steadily started losing its luster, and today, criminals zoom in on South Africa as it appears that criminality rules. The president was charged with over 700 charges of fraud. Zuma is a man who has been implicated in nearly every dark deed that has come to the fore. Zuma is the man to whom the African National Congress (ANC) bows. Indeed, South Africa is the land of thieves controlled by the dark forces of corruption.
South Africa Land of Thieves and Corrupt Dark Forces

Monday, February 23, 2015


Incredible, within a week after Adrian Lackay’s name had been mentioned in relation to the SARS Secret Unit, he had resigned. Is this a mere coincidence? We wonder and wonder …

Who else?

That they still operate is a fact, they are seemingly running an operation in order to erase their tracks. They are seriously under budget in their collections. Why don’t they just address all the shortfalls to the 63 000 multi-millionaires in South Africa? (All seemingly of an extremely dubious nature) On an average of USD 10 million per millionaire, this would mean a hefty income for SARS. The question is why don’t SARS grasp this? Or are they untouchable? If so, why?

Already it has been published in the local media that these operatives had as aim to steal businesses on behalf of their family or for themselves. There is massive interaction between the NPA and SARS. The NPA has been identified as being one of the most corrupt institutions in the country.  The upshot hereof is that the legal system is a mess in the RSA. The Judges seem to be playing games, these days it would appear that the situation is that one is guilty until proven innocent.
This is exactly what happened to NGAM (Pty) Ltd, a company who had a contract with Armscor to import East Block weaponry for SA Special Forces in 2010/11.
Despite having all the required permits and authorization, they were accused of gun-running and smuggling without any proof. At the time, Polelea Macintosh, the spokesperson for the HAWKS at the time stated publicly that if everything is correct then the directors of NGAM had to bring the evidence to prove their innocence. 

The rule of Law had apparently been compromised in the RSA. It would seem as if the jurists at play in this contaminated environment are hell bent on one thing and that is to milk the system. The Judges such as Fabricius, Van Der Bijl, De Vos in the North Gauteng High Court, and others all seem to be a part of this situation. Advocates are presenting cases in court without evidence which is readily accepted by the Judges. This is a situation which pervades the whole legal system. The rule of Law? Look at what transpired in Parliament!  South Africa is indeed a country on the brink of destruction due these actions.

The names are numerous, they all just want to as steal. From the NPA’s Shaun Abrahams, who has now left, Torie Pretorius who have been trying for so long to pin Mercenary activities on so many people with fairly little success?

The Ministers in whoever’s cabinet have all a case to answer. From 1994, there is barely a Minister, who does not have a case answer, It does not help they sit on the sidelines while the country is going to hell in a hand basket. They were stalwarts in the struggle, now because of their pensions, they have all become softies. Oh shame!

NGAM had since February 2010 held the order for 18 x G6, 152x52 mm guns. This order was placed with NGAM and not directly with Denel. Denel’s order was cancelled at the time. There is but no ways that this order will ever come to fruition. Denel today still has people in its employ that were involved in selling APC’s ( Armor Protected Vehicles ) to West Africa during the time of  Félix Houphouët-Boigny, President of the Ivory Coast at the time. It was reported that a certain Johan Van Der Westhuizen at Denel Corporate nearly broke his legs in trying to get away when one these agents from West Africa pitched up at Denel HQ beginning 2013 and confronted him. Suffice it to say that Denel’s name in that part of the world is lower than a camel’s turd. This is the same Van DerWesthuizen who had stayed for nearly 30 days in Tripoli and sending reports from a Jacuzzi to his HQ re possible sales.  It is very interesting that Pres Zuma during a 2010 visit to Gaddafi enquired about a possible G6 order and was advised by Gaddafi that the file is in somebody else’s name.

And yet, Van Der Westhuizen survives to this day!

It’s clear that there had to be heavy political influence as a person such as Van Der Westhuizen could not have been acting on his own. Who are these politicians?
This is an issue for a later date, not now,

However, The NCACC of South Africa is nothing but a robber’s nest. They do not care as to whether the SANDF will be able to quit themselves if and when to battle. Pres Zuma pins medals to the chests of the Generals. Is it because they are part of a cabal hell-bent on defrauding the State? Yet, project Hoefyster, whereby a new Infantry Fighting Vehicle is to be built for the RSA Infantry where the costs had escalated to the equivalent of USD 6 million is a case in point. The vehicles have apparently not even passed all its tests. Will it be possible to sue the Cabinet and their family members in the coming years for these wastages? We have seen Fana Hlongwana being exposed in the HSBC banking scandal as having foreign bank accounts in Switzerland.

Hlongwana was instrumental in the Arms Scandal, which hit South Africa. In cross-examination at the Seriti Commission into this issue, Hlongwana’s answer was along the lines that he cannot understand the question of corruption as this concept was alien to him as a black man! Pardon me? He cannot understand this as a black man! The same jumps to the fore when Pres Zuma says that corruption is a Western concept. Yet, they eat western food, they use western medicine, they fly in western built aircraft, they even use western invented toilet paper!

This is clearly a case in South Africa whereby the Emperor is walking around naked! And his acolytes!

Whilst Pres Zuma has a lot to say about Israel, according to Vanessa Du Toit at the NCACC, people such as Selwyn Nathan and David Hirschowitz were instrumental in supplying safe houses during the struggle to the ANC. This put them close to Zuma, who at the time was the Head of the ANC’s Intelligence Division. A relationship that stretches until today with these people having access and no problem on whatever contract. Even Pres Zuma’s communications security is done by the Israelis, so they say.

What is clear is that there is a cabal at play here. It stretches through the former apartheid structures right into the President’s office. This is also a remarkably INTERESTING story which needs to be told, not now. This cabal was also in play in Mbeki’s office if ever an evil personality! He wants to implicate all Africans for his shenanigans since when must the collective of Africa take the blame for his actions? They, the poor, the downtrodden, the underprivileged. It is time that the ANC finds its roots and revert to them. Only then can this country ultimately have a hope.

But no, it has all been about what they can garner for themselves. It’s called stealing!! 

Can someone just please publish all the properties and assets these people have accumulated since 1992? How come a man stays in an R 12 million house in Ballito on the KwaZulu-Natal coast? And the rest?    

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


South Africa, a failed State, naming and shaming articles are causing a rumpus and rattling some feathers. We said South Africa has been hijacked by criminals and they lurk all over the place. Hidden away in government departments, public offices and private enterprises. Whether these criminals are white or black, pink or blue are immaterial, criminals they all are.  The biggest offender of all is Press Jacob Zuma. While the whole world is under the impression that he is laughing, those who know says that his chuckle is a way of masking his fury. He is at his utmost dangerous mood when he starts to giggle. If that is so, then it means that the RSA has much more problems than even contemplated.

In this regard, it has been said that pres. Zuma has ensured that the NPA, the SSA, DI and SARS are now under his control.

In the past, it was known that Collins Chabane, currently a Minister in Zuma’s cabinet and previously Minister in the President’s office, had been running an Intelligence outfit from the President’s office.
This unit was 20 men strong and accommodated George Darmanovitch, the Intelligence spook, who fled the RSA some 4 months to Serbia for fear that Zuma was going to kill him! His sidekick Chad Thomas has suddenly also gone quiet. This is the same Thomas who referred to influential journalists such as a certain Jacques Paw. It is most interesting that when Darmanovitch fled, Paw resigned at News24, apparently being forced to resign. Pauw has had a lot to say about a whole lot of people. In fact, he is but nothing else but a low life. May the people of Riebeeck Kasteel survive him? While he had been instrumental in ensuring that information relating to the Gaddafi moneys was suppressed in the RSA, it was Le Monde in France who published it.
Clearly Zuma and his acolytes have a lot to answer internationally. Not even the Nazis had stolen so much during the 2nd WW as Zuma and his ANC cronies are being fingered for.  Rightist fascists, leftist fascists. SO it goes!
Let’s have a look at SARS.

Names to be mentioned are Ivin Pillay, Johan Van Loggerenberg, Adrian Lackay, Kate Seloane, Tryphina Tau, Pieter Richter (aka Pete Richer). They abused the Law and hit Taxpayers with fictitious assessments. They would be part and parcel of any raids which are done. They and the HAWKS do not verify their information; the tableaus are painted in the most threatening fashion of so-called criminals. Especially when their target is talking the truth. So Imperial Armor, a manufacturer of Body Armor was targeted by Vanessa Du Toot at the NCACC.

The so called reason was that they did not register with the NCACC. If Vanessa Du Toot had done her work correctly, she would have found that the incompetent female personnel at the DCAC had thrown the applications of Imperial Armor into apple boxes.

This incompetence stems from the fact that the female personnel at the DCAC , was appointed after being intimate with Dumisane Dladla , a youngster appointed by the previous Minister of Defense , Me Lindiwe Sisulu – who is also known throughout the movement as a thug and a thief.
Yet, Du Toit wanted to shut down Imperial Armor as the owner of the Company. Also a female, had snubbed her. Lots of personal scores to settle by Du Toit.

Lots had been said about Syria. Truvelo had at some stage, some years back applied for a permit to engage with Syria for the building of some 5 000 combat rifles for export. While the permit was approved, the Syrians did not go through with the transaction. Who would want to buy a South African assault rifle for the price of 3 to 4 AK 47 rifles?

What everybody fails to see is the fact that pres. Zuma also has the Military under his control.   Everything is cloaked in secrecy. Therefore the opposition and Parliament are fed all types of disinformation and they are not able to cut through this nonsense.
From here the control flows through the NPA and the courts. The Judges, play for the government, they even “think” that the State needs more time in preparing their cases. What are the Rules of Court for? The legal system is failing the country dismally.

In having regard to such an operation, one must firstly dissect as to exactly what is transpiring? In this respect, they tend to draw on the methodology of the CCB, of whom many still find themselves in the employ of the RSA Government. The one weapon used with superb results are the fact of discrediting a person, without his/her immediate knowledge and ensuring that this false information is distributed throughout the State’s operational systems. The effect because of that is that such a person becomes a persona non-grata without even being aware of on what basis these actions are being implemented against them. Especially if these people are also internationally renowned, all attempts are made to discredit them with these false accusations by sending diplomatic notes via foreign embassies.   
These persons are then also tied into aspects in the International domain, without any proof, as to being criminals. Even worse is when these individuals so targeted, tend to speak the truth.

Furthermore, a massive campaign is being launched to steal their businesses and their moneys. Clients, colleagues and anybody else receives unknown telephone calls from primarily Afrikaans speaking low life’s who threatens the receiver of doing business with such a person or just plain creates suspicion in order to discredit the person in question. Suffice it to the state that these operators all stay faceless and nameless. This all harks back to Chris Ashe’s book “ KRUGER , KOMMANDOS AND KAK” wherein he refers to the fact that a large part of the so-called Boer forces were squatters whose sole purpose in life seemed to steal whatever they could lay their hands on. Their descendants are today the bulk of the so-called Afrikaners in the state’s employ.

Telephone and Internet communications are intercepted. False allegations are the order of the day. They slander these targets, with the help of SARS they set out to steal what’s not theirs. SARS issues fraudulent and fictitious assessments, all designed to tie these targets down in court in order to frustrate them and to take them out of business. The Judges all fail to execute their legal duties when it comes to the state, some names – in Pretoria, the North Gauteng High Court – Judges P K Van Der Nijl, De Voss, etc., etc., etc. . . . The advocates and attorneys see it as a game for unjust self-enrichment. They all claim to be acting within the parameters of the law. Were it but true. They are actually prostituting with the Law. And to think that these people are seen as standup citizens in their communities! How disgusting! What a ridiculous contention.

Pres. Zuma’s legal team was shown up in court of lacking any legal argument. Yet, they frustrated the court process for years while the legal team was milking the state for costs! Fat Cats indeed! But such standup citizens!

The whole country by now knows that pres. Zuma is a thief; Musi Maimane from the DA calls him a “broken man”. How civilized! How many people’s lives had been turned into turmoil because he and his family just want to steal? Pres. Zuma and his government are a disgrace to humankind. All the people that feed off him like vultures are all equally useless. The Generals of the Defense Force, discussing in their meetings on how to steal. They are abusing the system; they use the DI (Defense Intelligence) in order to slander, to steal and to pillage. This is today’s South Africa.
Ole Max Du Preez is right in his views that it will take long for the country to repair the damaged inflicted by Zuma and his friends. Has pres. Zuma has been used by all these low life’s around them? Indeed, but he also has a lot of explaining to do! 

It would appear that “South Africa – A failed state” articles are offending some people and here are the first emails, enticing threats from a FAKE EMAIL ACCOUNT.  (It is relatively easy to create an email address and try to remain hidden, but not impossible to find the culprit.)
*********************************************************************************Emails are not edited, and copied as original.  

From []
Sent: 18 February 2015 02:17 PM
To:  JOHAN   000000000000000


So you think all your shenanigans with all your letters to politicians, even the President and electronic media is going to help you with what?  You are facing claims of slander, defamation, libel and perjury.  Your venting all over the place is not adding any "credibility" to your already tarnished character which you brought unto yourself.  You have tried to hurt so many people in your life that the wheel has now turned fully. 

Nobody is threatening your life, get real.  Who is going to gain what from doing that?  We want to see justice and lady justice will knock on your door.  You will pay for all your sins, past and present and no buddy, it is not a threat, it is reality.

The Bible says do onto others as you want done to you.  So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride coming your way.  An no, the ride is nothing but pure good old SA justice in a court or courts of law.

It is a pity you do not have much money, we would have appreciated an order of compensation for your sins.   

You have a good day now, enjoy that whiskey and dream up some more crap to write to who ever will read your fictional, delusional nonsense.

On Thu, Feb 19, 2015 at 2:24 PM, Johan <;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;  
> wrote:

Show your face you piece of low life!!

You are too afraid!!

The truth is stranger than fiction!!

Listening to our phone calls?

The clock is ticking low life.

Coming soon to you!!

Johan Erasmus – The real one!!

From:  []
Sent: 18 February 2015 02:41 PM
To: Johan Erasmus
Subject: Re:

Come for me, your mouth is only as big as letter writing and electronic media.  Do you know all who have turned their backs on you?  From news papers to politicians to all you so-called contacts.  Speak about low life, look in the mirror.

Sent: 19 February 2015 03:08 PM
To:  [
Subject: RE:


Find you I so shall.

Of course gutlessness runs deep in the RSA.

Such as you.

Too afraid to show your face.

Some heroes you are when abusing state resources because you just want to steal.

Justice ? Don’t make me laugh.

It does not exist in this country , only a semblance.

But you know what , you have already identified yourself by your writing.

Eish wat ‘n poepol

Vraiment , vous n’etes pas le plus intelligent. Vous manquez encore l’entrainement !!

Johan Erasmus

PS – All those unnecessary RSA military deaths in the DRC very soon , where must we send the bill to for your attention. Office of the President or Genl Nyanda’s office at his R 12 million house in Nkandla?

Email sent to me, giving permission to publish.

3:10 PM (0 minutes ago)
Publish please.

Proof of how they had set out to discredit me without any proof.

Further proof of how they are listening in without court orders to my comms.


From:  Johan Specialist 101 []