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101 Ways of Wrecking South Africa

Ever since the dawning of Democracy twenty years ago in South Africa, there are probably more than 101 ways the African National Congress (ANC) party have reduced the solid foundation of a flourishing country into chaos.

Whilst, the world, detested the apartheid structures of South Africa, the world negotiated with terrorist groups like the ANC to end the regime and form a democracy. Apartheid was considered as an evil monopoly benefitting the minor population groups of South Africa. The world heard the plight of millions of black people who were treated with disrespect and inhuman methods. What the world did not hear was the good the minority people did for the ‘disadvantaged people’ and quickly forgot about their own segregation mannerism of the past. Segregation was an accepted term to use worldwide, but alas, apartheid was the evil monster causing untold horrors. Apartheid and segregation have the same meaning; it is the word apartheid that could not be digested.

Apartheid ended in 1994 after a brokered deal between the main political parties and a flawed election. The ANC, famous terrorist group of the 1980s, was given first excellent attention and accepted as a political party to transform South Africa into a democracy. Today, the ANC and citizens will still maintain South Africa is a real democracy. Perhaps a little truth of that statement is that a democracy allows freedom for the entire population to vote for a political party and entrust the supreme power of a leader to govern the country. Yes, there are free elections and every South African citizen has the right to vote. The majority has decided and the ANC rules South Africa.

There can be endless arguments about real democracy and governing with fairness; the South African Constitution protects all its citizens and over the years, some new laws have been implemented to restructure the democracy or justice for the people. While some laws delight and some enrage, division is created causing inequality to grow fester into a bitter fury. There could be 101-in-depth stories or more on the governance of South Africa detecting the downward trend of destruction, but rather focus briefly on the 101 ways the ANC government is destroying the country.

This is the 101 Ways of how to destroy South Africa in twenty years. Each point mentioned reflects a short description only. Over the past years, there are many untold stories not published about the destruction and of course, many published stories about the 101 ways of ruin.

The first ten actions on the list are in my opinion the most drastic and damaging to the Country. The rest are randomly placed and are in no particular order.



It is in the NUMBER ONE SPOT!!!!!

Aggressive Affirmative Action
Driving white people out of public and private sectors

Black Economic Empowerment –
Creating millionaires who do not have work for their money forcing skilled, educated people into unemployment.
Deployment of Activists –
People with no experience or knowledge allowed making Inept decisions.
Fraud, tender rigging –
Starting with the president and spiraling through state departments.
Obsession with Apartheid –
Blame every damaging action on the past administration.

Out of control crime –
Shocking crime statistics. Corruption and nepotism rank High within this structure. The Police service tends to end up being a part of the problem.
White genocide –
This slow and painful elimination of whites rises annually, Farm murders and torture continue and control, or assistance is withheld. South Africa listed as number Six on the Genocide Watch…….
Farm projects for redistribution to black people –
What a disaster, productive land turned into barren land, by inexperienced farmers, a government initiative for destruction.
Productivity destruction –
Employing inexperience people and often too many to undertake even the most menial job, especially within the state structure.
Undermining the manufacturing export capabilities –
Continual decline of gold and other production, based on mismanagement is affecting export opportunities.
Forcing White and other Professionals to leave the country –.
The figures of people leaving are staggering and reflect on the state’s inability to create harmony. However, more importantly it is a loss of knowledge
FW De Klerk
He got the  Greek wife after her ex-husband handled the contacts between the ANC and the NP,
Failing Justice System –
This is perhaps the most inefficient failing structure within South Africa. Incompetent Judges especially white judges who are sucking up in order to gain lucrative employment. This is done in collaboration with
Advocates (Solicitors?) who are creaming the system and milking the state with no regard to the injustices visited upon the public due to their actions.
Failing Defense Force –
Millions of rands wasted on arms, lack of maintenance,
Moreover, corruption ranks high within this department. The top management of the SANDF is a criminal force that’s hell bent on stealing.
Arms deal –
From Mandela to Zuma – this saga remains unresolved Moreover, mystery. The main role player is Thabo Mbeki
Air Force Disaster
No fuel, bad mismanagement, lack of accountability, spending millions on jet flights for ministers of the ANC government.
South African Navy collapsing
New ships cannot go to sea, lack of maintenance, nepotism and Affirmative action blunders. Submarines in dry dock for over 2 years!
Prison nightmares –.
Allowing criminal activities to operate within the system. Rapes, crime, gangs and corrupt officials allow prisons to practice own set of rules.
Prison Overcrowding
It is with disgust; that prisons remain overcrowded and unhygienic. No rehabilitation for criminals.
Drug Cartels
Escalation of drug abuse and too few states facilities to rehabilitate drug users. Links with Ministers?
Rioting is a major problem and the number of increased aggressive riots for service deliveries does more harm than good.
Service deliveries
Total collapse of service deliveries, timing is not considered important. Salaries are paid iro the fact that money must be used for operational and infrastructural maintenance and upgrades.
African refugees and border controls –
Millions of illegal’s allowed refuge are draining the South African resources
Substandard Education –
Gross mismanagement across the entire education system, lowering of pass rates causing children to leave school still illiterate.
Nepotism –
It happens within all government departments,
Preferential treatment for family members. Zuma’s daughters recently appointed to a high-profile position, Moreover, all other state departments follow this route.
Two sets of laws –
One for government and the other for citizens –
Government and family members have special favors, i.e. Mandela and Zuma family in Aurora Mine Saga.
Mismanagement of pension funds –
Causing poverty as in the case of many railway pensioners. Secrecy clauses prevail for the trustees of the pension funds so that nobody knows what is happening.
Healthcare failure –
Public hospital in a shocking way – cadre employment, mismanagement and Affirmative action are causes for the decay within this section.
Electricity disaster ESKOM
Infrastructure is not maintained causing a progressive degrading. Exorbitant increases for electricity and sometimes not justified Building the most expensive generating unit in the world at Medupi.
Water supplies –
After 20 years, some areas do not have running water. Water  contaminated with Ecoli
Killing of Rhino’s –
Endangered species almost wiped out; government does not stop the killings. Who in government is benefitting from the sale of rhino horn?
Increase in child support grants –.
Stimulates teenagers to have children, stay at home and breeds ignorance. Increase in population, more starvation
Grant Expenditure

Styling new grants, creating unemployment and laziness – lack of control and fraud
Telkom Mismanagement
The telecommunications giant lacks accountability Moreover, poor service standards. Another affirmative action infliction.
Communication Internet
High-internet costs and slow bandwidth offered causes millions to remain without opportunities.
South African Bureau of Standards
Flood of cheap imports due to issuing of certificates of inferior products. Causing local production to dwindle.
Service Providers
Nonpayment and late payments to government suppliers resulting in lack of supply.
Excluding White Suppliers
Drastic decline of including white service providers forcing companies to close.
Loss of Foreign Trade
Slow or non-productive coal mines cause loss of foreign income; again, nepotism is a problem.
South African Wine Production
Labor costs too high forcing wine to be bottled overseas.
Loss of food production
Again, farms handed over in land claims have caused the food production to decrease.
Senior citizens neglected
Senior citizens neglected and decline in state help for the elderly cause unnecessary suffering.
Disrespect for the poor
The poor continue to suffer and the drastic increase in poverty is astounding.
Blue light conveys
Above the law and no respect for drivers on the road.
No maintenance or too little, the pot holes are disastrous. When maintenance is undertaken, it is often with inferior products that cause potholes to return within a month or so.
Traffic Lights
South Africa must be the only country in the world where there are constant traffic lights out of order. It happens every day and gets worse.
Road accidents

Far too high, and it is linked to corruption within state departments are issuing false driver’s licenses, roadworthy certificates. Not to forget the Minibus taxi drivers who drive like maniacs and are often the cause of unnecessary accidents.
Licenses and motor vehicle checks
Fraudulent licenses, fraud of roadworthy vehicles – cause of major accidents.
E Tolling System
Only in Gauteng, and proving to be a failing system. I consider people would gladly pay for this service if they were not ripped off by toll roads, excessive levies against people and road accident fund.
Shocking statistics reveals that immigrants from neighboring countries seek refuge in South Africa and contribute to the high unemployment.
Unemployment Escalation
The escalation of unemployment has risen over the past years, and correct statistics is not accurate to determine the actual percentage of unemployed people.
No Work
To find work or at least a sustainable income from honest work is becoming a problem any person encounter, as crime escalates, and affirmative action take precedence.
Extravagant Expenditure
This is, of course, within state departments, travel claims, credit card abuse, security abuse and the list never ends.
Public parks, pavements in a shocking state
Public parks, pavements and road islands are covered in weeds and overgrown grass. Lack of maintenance once again causes places to look degrading.
Slum areas
In Johannesburg alone, there are several areas that have gone from decent residential areas to degrading slum areas. Hillbrow, Joubert Park, Rosettenville to name but a few.
Zebediela Citrus Estate
One of the few great examples of how the country continues its downward trend. Once the largest in South Africa handed over to Africans and now desolate. 
Here is a link to read the full story
Regulatory Body
Government proposed to change the regulatory body to bypass  racial discrimination based on affirmative candidates - not done
Taxpayer's money financing lifestyles
ANC officials are living extravagant lifestyles, and this is financed by taxpayers’ money. A look at the cars the person's drive does say a lot, Lamborghinis, Ferraris all cost a pretty penny.
Whistle blowing
Loyal White government staff dismissed for attempting to stop corruption and so forth, but all based on loyalty to ANC officials who manipulate cover-ups.
Threats of violence
Do not attempt to ridicule President Zuma or you will be threatened, look at what happened to the Goodman Gallery after they displayed an inappropriate picture of Zuma.
Welfare organizations
Funding cut by government causing a drastic decline in help for the poor and needy.
Welfare organizations again
Affirmative action and lack of support for white charities.
Government Projects
Waste of time, not completed and no time frame considered. It does not matter if the project takes one or 10 years. Who cares, not the government. It costs money!
Time management
Government does not consider time management Appropriate, it is all in their time and nobody dare argue.
Research and Development
Lagging behind first-world countries, not enough funding or not bothered with regaining a reputable standard of commitment.
Home Affairs Department
Is this the worst or not? Total lack of credibility, fraud, corruption and utter incompetence run this department.
There is a definite rise in witchcraft practice and President Zuma is rumored to endorse this by allowing ancestral worship
The expenditure on the president’s private residence is outrageous and a waste of money If Pres Zuma had only but put his foot down on service delivery, then Nkandla would not be seen as wasteful.
Nkandla Roads
Millions of rands channeled to built first-class highways around the Nkandla homestead
Zumaville Project
The proposed Zumaville project consists of a shopping centre a few miles away from Nkandla, another waste of government funds. Reasons thereto?
It is the 21st Century, how many wives are ENOUGH.
11 Official Languages
South Africa must be the only country in the world with so many official languages.
Savage Behavior
The savage behavior of people not controlled and abnormal murders allowed for witchcraft medicine.
Shaik Schabir
The release of Schabir on medical parole is unjust; he is a friend of Zuma’s?
Unfair discrimination for the phantom group of white terrorists.
Clive Lewis Derby
The man is old, sick and yet cannot get medical parole. Well, of course, he is not a friend of Zuma’s.
Jackie Selebi
The disgraced Police Commissioner. Now a drug lord?
Statutory bodies
Statutory bodies are being used to steal business. The NCACC, National Conventional Arms Control Committee is an example Thereof. All Arms companies must declare all their business to this committee by law, which is then disseminated to other companies IN the military the new opportunities for them and their friends.
800 Parastatals
South Africa has over 800 parastatals and state-owned enterprises in direct competition to private business. The officials at these parastatals pay themselves mega salaries with mega low positive output!
Intelligence Structures
A large portion of the Intelligence structures has been compromised by foreign services. They abuse the system IN order to steal business for them or in order to create so-called projects for which large sums of moneys are paid out, which tends to be shared with the operatives and their skivvy agents.
Defense Intelligence
Operates in much the same way as the Civilian services. Lies and innuendo is their trade. A danger to all and sundry. Due to their machinations, the RSA lost 15 troops in CAR (Central African Republic) on a private military venture.
Peacekeeping operations
The SANDF has been involved in peacekeeping operations in Africa. In Darfur, they had surrendered at least 5 times to rebels. All their equipment, including their vehicles.
SARS, the Revenue Service, is being used as a political tool in order to break businesses and to steal their business for certain politicians. They are also very sparingly with the truth when it comes to declaring as to what they really collected. No wonder the State is always short of money!
SAPS, the Police Services, they are highly Incompetent and untrustworthy. In the case of Radovan Krejcir, there are police officers on his payroll. They even rocked up at court in Porsche Cayenne!
The NP
The NP, National Party, all indications are that they have been an equally dirty bunch. Their politicians IN PARLIAMENT have ended up joining the ANC. There clearly never was any thought or strategy within the NP on how to handle themselves and the ANC. They are all just scrambling for salaries!
White people
Several white people have become nothing else, but groveling imbeciles Many are closet racists. The system is stacked against them and they cannot put their expertise towards the future of the country.
Black people
The black people believe that they are entitled. To the money, to property, etc., They had forgotten that the RSA is for all people, even for idiots.
The Gupta family
The Gupta for one or other reason has got a hold on Pres Zuma. They are involved on may nefarious activities, they are embarrassing! The government and all under the President’s auspices. Even the large Indian business families from the subcontinent are very surprised to see these things happening.
Abuse of State Facilities

Waterkloof airbase – what a joke!! By-pass the laws and land in the country only if you are a Gupta.
The Press / Media

The press in the RSA is being manipulated by the Intelligence Services. Journalists are being manipulated in order to create scenarios Irrespective of whether it is true or not.
Pres Zuma’s Cabinet
The cabinet under Pres Zuma has always been populated by people supposedly loyal to him but sheer incompetence. They are dropping President Zuma deep into the dwang. His ministers are underperforming, seemingly only interested in their own interests. Corruption springs from this group, with very few exceptions.
Armscor and Denel
Two State-owned companies. They are superb at stealing from other businesses and then disseminating false stories, thereby unleashing the incompetent and overpaid intelligence services. They set out to undermine businesses and persons. Their problem is when they are found to have to be lying; they are faced with a major problem in order how to rectify their thefts!!
The NPA, National Prosecuting Authority – a corrupt institution, which sets out to create slander, and to steal business for whomever politician that is their flavor of the month. They have access to magistrates and judges and spin the most wondrous and evil stories. The people on the receiving end listen to them as they claim to represent the state. Glynnis Breytenbach, ex-prosecutor from the NPA, still has got to account as to why SHAREMAX and its directors had not been prosecuted. Yet, she is now the DA’s (Democratic Party) spokesperson on Justice.
The Hawks
The special investigating unit, which is bereft of fraud. They frame innocent citizens, all on behalf of political masters in order to steal, and steal, and steal. In this process, they and the NPA along with the courts are all in the same boat with this fraud.

The Afrikaners
A lot of people who had been used as pawns in the game by the NP masters. There is no leadership, they have been left to their own devices. The Afrikaner is not what it has been believed to be. Even during the years prior to 1994, the Afrikaner did not instill confidence. The only real solution today for the Afrikaners is to join up with Julius Malema’s EFF. The EFF is a thorn in the ANC’s flesh. Together such a movement can call the ANC to book!!

Julius Malema has the power, it would make sense for the whites to join with him. He might be off his rocker, but he is indeed the only viable power that exists to call the ANC to book. He might even mellow over time. In the 1914 rebellion, the blacks and whites revolted together! The time had come for a repeat of history.

Who steals what?
Prior to the Polokwane conference, the Hawks swooped on the following people and found them with cash in their possession. Cassel Matale – Premier Limpopo R 17 million, DD Mabuza – Premier Mpumalanga R 16 million, Sputla Ramakgopa – Mayor of the City of Tswhane – R 7 million. Bribes or what?

No silver lining
There is no good story, no cloud with a silver lining!  The Zulus have become a target for the whole  country! Do they deserve it?
Thabo Mbeki again

Thabo Mbeki and his consorts, whilst having had once upon a time far far way the best interests of the RSA at heart, had long since abandoned it.  Now he wants us to believe that all the decisions were taken by the collective. He, who had tried to frame Jacob Zuma?  Way out of his league, it would seem!
Missing the boat
Ultimately, the RSA is missing the boat in all areas. Finance,  technology, etc.

That is my list of 101 ways the ANC have wrecked South Africa. 

Do you have any to add on to the list, perhaps we can write an article with 1,001 ways.

Thanks to the contributors (you know who you are) for the valuable input into this story. You Rock!!!

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