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Boeremag trial

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The first article dealt with the underlying facts of the length of the trial.

The Boeremag: The Phantom Threat to South Africa

In South Africa, the Boeremag, is a phantom threat that conjures up images of a terror group ready to kill black people on a massive scale. However, the reality is quite different.

The Boeremag is a paper tiger being used by people as a local bogeyman type threat. The so called Afrikaners could not stand together at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. The Police generals could not abandon their juniors fast enough whilst trying to claim that they knew nothing.
The most expensive trial in the history of the RSA was the Boeremag trial. Several imbeciles were found guilty of trying to overthrow the government of the day as well as killing black people due to indiscriminate bombing. However, in this trial, evidence came to light that this group was trained by the local police and that the explosives used was supplied by the same police. The Afrikaans speaking judge did not see this discrepancy; an entire police operation which killed black people and assisted by white policemen.
In any other country, this issue would have been picked up on immediately. Not in South Africa.

Link to read the entire article

The 2nd article, published on Friday this week is a continuation of the above article.

The Boeremag a Phantom Threat to South Africa Continued

The Boeremag history and litigation have received extensive media coverage and this phantom threat to South Africa continues to unravel untold truths. The Boeremag trial is one of the longest trials in the history of South Africa. Nine years of grueling testimony ended with harsh sentences given to the accused twenty men. This case clearly shows the failing democracy of the country and points to one-sided domination.
The Afrikaner people of South Africa have played a pivotal role in building a suitable structure and foundation for a solid country. This minority group is certainly not without faults and to create a blame game would show the pettiness of the failing democracy.

Link to read the entire article

This morning the 3rd article in the series was published.

The Boeremag and the South African Security Services

Are there sufficient indications to attest that the Boeremag and the South African Security Services (SASS) are tangled together in corruption? It would seem to appear that the SASS is a threat to democracy and that evidence presented has been ignored or it could have blatantly been used in a misleading manner.
How can any country have a democracy with these types of people not protecting the rights of innocent civilians but actually abusing them and stealing from them?
The South African Police Services (SAPS) has a division called Crime Intelligence (CI). This unit has been most often in the news and for all the wrong reasons. The CI’s biggest moment of victory had been when they succeeded in having the government believe that there exists a right wing organization called the Boeremag. They had established an audacious plan into action which commenced as early as 1992. The members of CI planned to build a future for them in the new South Africa under the African National Congress (ANC) regime. The planning was to create an alleged right wing movement group, called the Boeremag. The ANC led government clearly fears exactly such a monstrosity, irrespective as whether it exists or not. The officers in this unit would also create an atmosphere in which these allegations would be espoused and create a climate for action against anybody so labeled.

Link to read the entire article

It is a fascinating part of history and I must admit that the more I learn about this story, the more intrigued I become.

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

SMOKING and your little Nicotine Monster

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Smoking I see is a trending topic, well here are some articles I published last year. I am sharing article 1 with you and leaving a link to Part 2. Hope you enjoy!

Your Nicotine Monster Deal With Him and Quit Smoking – Part 1

Smoking was a socially accepted norm around the world during the 1980s, and advertising different brands of cigarettes made a lot of money for the marketing companies. Cigarette sales soared, and there was no stigma attached to a smoking person.

People could smoke their favorite brand of cigarettes in theaters, airplanes, in shopping malls and restaurants. There were no banned places, it was a free pastime for many people, who never understood the addiction and the damage smoking could cause.

Over the years, governments have allowed research to investigate the positive and negative effects of smoking, and through the years, some disturbing statistics were discovered. This led to the banning of cigarette advertising and year after year, stricter controls were implemented. Smoking in public places became a no-go for the puffers and soon it has become difficult to light up anywhere. Smoking has been banned in restaurants, airplanes, malls and other places. Some cities have implemented a non-smoking policy and this has caused millions of people to give up the habit.

There are plenty of methods claimed to work and help you quit smoking. As people begin to realize that it is now socially unacceptable to smoke, they try to eliminate the unhealthy addiction and give up smoking, often spending large amounts of money on systems that do not work. There are chewing gums, patches, electronic cigarettes, tables and other methods all tried by individuals and indeed some have succeeded.

Now there is a method that will cost you nothing but perseverance. Follow the recommendations and remember the most basic requirement is why you are giving up smoking. Do not stop smoking if you are doing it for your family, your work, your friends, you will not succeed. Quit smoking because you want to, that is the beginning of becoming a non-smoker.

It’s truth time and the first step towards successfully quitting is to identify the physical addiction and mental dependency of smoking. We will deal with the physical withdrawal first. Nicotine is a drug and a smoker is addicted to this substance- realize that and then we can start the process of elimination of the drug from the body.

Imagine deep down in your belly you have a little nicotine monster, he is ugly, all green and hairy, perhaps with sticky hands and a nasty mouth. Imagine this nicotine monster dwelling inside of your stomach and he only survives from the inhalation of cigarette smoke. Now you have your monster and you have your packs of cigarettes and your lighter. Throw the cigarettes and lighter away; because you do not want them anymore and do not deceive yourself by keeping a pack hidden away. Get rid of all the cigarettes, lighters and matches. Do it now. Wonderful, you have taken your first step to becoming a non-smoker!

Did you see your nicotine monster slump over and cry out to you not to do that? Well you have just started the elimination process of the nicotine monster. Within the next hour or so, your little monster will jump up and down and call out to you to light up, well don’t, tell him that you are quitting, and that is the end of the story. Yes, the withdrawal symptoms he will create are real; you will feel jittery and even aggressive and wonder why you did this. Remember your only cost is perseverance. Get up, take a short walk, have a glass of water, and if you still feel flustered suck on a straw. The feeling will soon pass. If you start to crave food, then have something to eat, but keep it healthy. You do not want to gain too much weight.

Now continue to be strong, it’s only day one. Keep telling your little nicotine monster that you are not lighting up. Watch him slither in pain, crying out to you, begging you to give him some nicotine. Do not succumb to him; you have to be in charge of your body. Over the next few days, it gets better, and after the fourth day you will see your nicotine monster die, he cannot survive your perseverance. Well done, you have succeeded to eliminate the nicotine from your body. Now you have to deal with the mental habit of not smoking.

That is part one, now go and read the ending in part 2.

Here is the link to Part 2

Your Nicotine Monster: Deal with Him and Quit Smoking – Part 2

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Julius Malema, we either hate him or love him, and he is such a charismatic person, I did an story about this dynamic man, (if I can call him that). Here is the link to the article published on the Guardian Liberty Voice.

Julius Malema article link

Anyway, I received some tweets regarding this article and some people are angry, racist and practically unwavering in their protection for the infamous Julius Malema. What can I say, we are supposed to be a democratic society and freedom of speech is a pleasure for us.

I am sharing some of the tweets with you. Enjoy!!


Mutu Mark ‏@MutuMark8h
@zerrydo @aperiozar @julius_s_malema @ngalande capitalist racist whites believe voting for malema is not democratic enough!
• laura oneale‏@zerrydo
@MutuMark @aperiozar @Julius_S_Malema @ngalande All the great things are simple, freedom; justice; honor; duty; mercy; hope
1. aperiozar ‏@aperiozar21m
@zerrydo This coming from someone who supports racist DA and who no doubt used to be an Apartheid supporter is a bit rich @Julius_S_Malema
2. laura oneale ‏@zerrydo10m
@aperiozar @Julius_S_Malema Not at all, and you dont know me or who I vote for. So dont judge me,I am a democratic person not a racist.
3. aperiozar ‏@aperiozar8m
@zerrydo You or no other DA member will stem the rise of the EFF. @Julius_S_Malema
4. laura oneale ‏@zerrydo7m
@aperiozar @Julius_S_Malema I hear and I forget, I see and I remember. I do and I understand.
5. aperiozar ‏@aperiozar4m
@zerrydo @Julius_S_Malema What do you understand? The DA loony tunes? Helen Zille
6. laura oneale ‏@zerrydo1m
@aperiozar One can easily judge the character of a person by the way they treat people who can do nothing for them
7. aperiozar ‏@aperiozar4s
@zerrydo Agreed. Like the average white DA member treats a poor black at the traffic light or when he asks for food. We learn. Helen Zille
1. laura oneale ‏@zerrydo2m
@aperiozar A strong, successful man is not the victim of his environment. He creates favorable conditions.
2. aperiozar ‏@aperiozar38s
@zerrydo If you are going to keep on quoting senseless drivel to me, we're done. Your decision.

laura oneale ‏@zerrydo6s
@aperiozar Words of direction. Well we will have to wait for election results and until then try to live a democratic life, no condemnation

Teboho khutsoana
@zerrydo @ngalande @aperiozar @South @Julius_S_Malema when the ANC took power in 1994,mostly white minority groups took cover,eff will rule

Can any sane person tell me why people want to live in a radical communistic state. My mind cannot comprehend the reason for living a life of obscurity, distress and limitation.

We are in the 20th centrury and have learned that communism does not WORK, it is a stressfull life for the people who are like sheep following a blind leader. Going around in circles and not making progress. Isolation is horrible, we only have to remember North Korea and the suffering there.
My argument would be that EDUCATION is the key to successful change. I don’t want to live in doom and gloom.

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Find Joy in the Lord

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Read Psalm 37: 3-5

"Find joy in the Lord....."

An entomologist and his friends walked down a busy street. Suddenly the doctor began walking faster and turned around to his friends who stepped up their pace to keep up with him. “Listen!” He said, and his friends only heard the roar of the passing traffic. They told him all they heard was the traffic, but the doctor also told them to listen. Unsure of what they were supposed to hear they waited. The doctor bent over and under a stone, was a cricket.
“How did you hear the sound from the cricket?” A friend enquired.
“Everyone hears with his heart and more so when it is beneficial to him” The doctor said.

We must have a desire to hear what is important in our lives, and continually ask the Lord to make our hearing sensitive to his voice.

Many years ago I started writing a series of inspirational quotes and short stories. Today, I was browsing through these notes and decided to share some. I have a pretty good selection now and should actually assemble into a book. One Day soon I hope.

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Inspired to move forward

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Have you ever had the opportunity to meet incredible people and become inspired to greater things?
I want to say, this morning was an inspirational blessing for me. I had the opportunity of meeting a woman, Edna Frienkel. The lady behind the Readucate Trust. Edna is truly an inspiration to old and young. She is in her late 70's and has the most amazing memory. A mind that is full of compassion and spills out blessings to everybody she comes into contact with.
I had the opportunity of attending one of her lectures at a local school and this was totally awesome, not only does she take the podium with confidence; she radiates warmth and understanding of her greatest passion. She is the mastermind behind the importance of reading, yes reading! Her program does have potential to extend to the uneducated and ignorant people of this country.
She had done a tremendous work in the education field for most of her life and passionately continues to assist and help needy, ignorant and dysfunctional people.
Such a wonderful person and I feel blessed to have had this opportunity.
I will be in constant contact with this fine lady and I can honestly say she is one of those rare people who make a huge impact on life's journey.
At this meeting both of my novels in the Anglurian series was received with a warm reception and there is the potential to incorporate these stories into the education sphere. I am quite excited and inspired to get back to completing the third book soon.

If you want to read more about the READUCATE TRUST, here is the link.

Readucate link

All the best.
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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Cannabis Making you Potty and the quest for the truth in the Boeremag Trial

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Cannabis Is Smoking the Pot Called Going Potty

Cannabis (marijuana) has medication properties. The problem arises when smoking the pot causes a person to go potty. Planting the seed for legal weed can go horribly wrong due to uncontrolled substances.

Want to read more, check out the article on the Hub Pages.

Here is the link

Cannabis Can smoking the Pot make you Potty

So whether the legal weed can make you potty or not, check out the You tube video in the article.
And from smoking the pot let me give you some other updates.

This week another few articles have been published on the Guardian Liberty Voice. I am continuing my quest to find some truths under the pile of lies and deceit. The failing democracy of South Africa is serious and only the truth will make a difference.
Forceful Brutality From South African Police Services

Link Forceful Brutality From South African Police Services

This article looks at incidents of the brutality of the South African Police force. Yes they are a force unto themselves.
Of course looking at the Police services in the next article displays the arrogant manner and chaos within this division.

South Africa: Police Services Spotlight a Failing Democracy

Link South Africa: Police Services Spotlight a Failing Democracy

Then the last published article focuses on the South African Defense Force and how this organisation contributes to the failing democracy of the country.

South Africa Defense Forces in a Failing Democracy

Link South Africa Defense Forces in a Failing Democracy

I have completed a few more articles and they should be published soon.

I must add that the article I did on the Boeremag caused me to connect with some incredible people and I have so much more to tell. I am going to focus on the untold story of some of the people involved. There are questions that remain unanswered and I will try and piece together some of the information I have gathered.

Well I do wish you all a pleasant week, filled with everything good.

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Boeremag, Police Brutality, and More!!

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I want to share some links to articles published in the Guardian Liberty Voice.

These are new articles that I have written this week. I am still on my quest for the truth and can honestly say that I seem to be hitting a home run.


Here is the link -

The Boeremag: The Phantom Threat to South Africa
This is an interesting article and I will say that there is a follow up to this story next week. I have been contacted by various people who want to share some truths. Interesting.

Another published article is INNOCENT VICTIMS CAGED LIKE ANIMALS

Here is the link:

Innocent Victims Caged Like Animals

This article is the story of how the police treat victims arrested for crimes not committed. I was at the police station and court during the one instance and honestly find the entire system corrupt.


Here is the link:

Crucifying President Jacob Zuma
This the continuation of the corruption and manipulation of people in power. The story does not end here, there is more.

For those who read the article "Weapons of Mass Destruction Missing in South Africa", there is a follow up to this story.

Well I dont want to be doom spreader but you know the truth is just that, the truth. I believe the truth will set us free.

Have a great day.
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Sunday, January 5, 2014


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Trusting all is well.

It is still wonderful and hot here in South Africa. We are all enjoying the outdoors while we can. I think there are about two more months of good weather then the cold will start to blow in and before we know it, winter will be visiting again.

I am still working on my third book in the Sipho series and am sharing chapter two today. This is still in draft form and might well change once editing starts.

Chapter 2
Lindiwe hearing the commotion outside went to investigate and found the excited children surrounding Zerydo. She walked closer to them and noticed how they were extremely absorbed in his story.
"Hello everybody, and how are all the youngsters today." She asked politely.
"We are fine thanks," Sipho said as he turned around to greet her.
She walked up to Sipho and inquired about their excitement. Zerydo stood up and told her they were debating who the swimming champion is. She listened intently to his plans of training the children at the marathon swimming pool located at the science university.
"Sounds like you are planning a mission and somewhere there will be swimming involved." She said with a wry smile upon her face.
"A mission, not at all, its just a little bit of fun we are planning," he replied with a frown upon his face.
"Well I know that you are not so keen on spending time with the children and only do so when there is an ulterior motive." She said.
"Lindiwe, you must believe me, there is no ulterior motive, and this is a challenge between the children whom all claim to be a champion swimmer."
Lindiwe folded her arms and told him she certainly hoped he was telling the truth, and with that, Sipho chirped that there was no mission planned, as he had not been called to the Holy temple. Ruffling his hair, she said good-bye and went inside. Zerydo watched her walk away and told the children that he would arrange a trip to the University soon. The excited children kept up the conversation of whom the best swimmer was and ran down the stairs to the pool area to get in some more practice. Zerydo stood back and watched the eager children splash around in the pool. He felt confident that he would be able to teach the children without the curious and inquiring mind of Lindiwe.
He was not sure whether he should leave and go home or go back inside and talk to Zanu but then he decided to go home, he did not want to arouse suspicion within the household.
Zanu had during this time, absorbed most of the requirements of what GMH had anticipated and although still in shock at the intensity of the situation, he knew he would have to tread cautiously around Lindiwe. Stretching his arms over his head, he leaned back and thought about the feisty Lindiwe's response to the news of another mission. He wondered about the best way to convince her to participate in the swimming adventure, and different thoughts raced through his mind.
Randia returned to his office and sat opposite him. She immediately told him that she was concerned about Lindiwe, and he reassured her that all would be well.
"Zanu, you have so much patience and I know you were concerned about this mission, please tell me more."
"My dear, I was shocked when I learned of what was required, but now, after careful consideration, I realize that GMH always has an extraordinary ending to any mission." He confidently told her.
"Zanu, when will you tell Lindiwe?" Randia asked him.
Zanu got up and walked around the desk, he lovingly put his hand on her shoulder and told her that he would not communicate with Lindiwe until it was necessary. He reminded her not to repeat their conversations to Lindiwe or the children until he was absolutely convinced they needed to know. She looked up at him and nodded in agreement. Zanu left the office and went outside.
A gentle breeze was blowing through the warm air, and Zerydo entered the house only to discover the children all ready to leave and go with him to the university. The eagerness overwhelmed him, and he prayed for their safety. Lindiwe not a person to be ignored came out of the dining room and greeted him.
"Zerydo, I don’t have much to do today, may I have the pleasure of joining your expedition to the University?" She asked.
"What a wonderful idea, of course I will be delighted to have you accompany me." He replied.
The children all ready and together with the two adults left the house and walked down the gleaming pathway toward the main gate. Lindiwe queried whether they would use the autoglider or the train. Simultaneously the children asked him to use the train. The train it was and so they walked toward the terminal location and waited. Lindiwe smiled at him and for the first time realized how handsome he actually was. She turned away from him in a moment of shyness and felt shamed for allowing her thoughts to venture off into a troublesome direction. Zerydo did not see her slight agitation and concentrated on the children.
Sipho, Emma, and Irma were the first to board the train, Olomos and Ogmu followed, and Zerydo, waited for Lindiwe to embark before he took his seat. A pleasant journey with the excitement barely contained as the children started to predict their swimming competition results. Zerydo listened to their enthusiasm and glanced at Lindiwe remained aloof and continued to stare out of the window. He knew she had a slight idea of not believing his motives, he decided to remain indifferent and hope for the best.
When the train arrived at the University, the children could hardly contain their excitement and urged Zerydo to walk faster toward the pool area. He felt their energy and eagerly stepped up his pace, ignoring the lagging behind Lindiwe who followed the group at her own pace.
At the pool area, the children entered the change rooms and returned almost immediately all ready clad in their swimming gear and eager to get into the pool.
"I think we must remain at the shallow end of the pool, for the sake of safety, that is." He told the children.
"I suppose that will be a good idea, especially for Irma who is not a great swimmer." Sipho replied.
"Hey, I am not that slow, I will keep practicing and beat you yet," Irma told him and whacked him gently on his arm.
All laughing they agreed and jumped into the pool. Finally, Lindiwe arrived and stood beside Zerydo. She remarked on how passionate they were and watched the children swimming in freestyle enjoying the larger swimming pool. The pool was massive, and the water crystal clear, Lindiwe was glad they were at the shallow end and dreaded the thought of them trying to swim at the deep end.
"Sipho, come over here and let's start the race and find how who has the strength of champion material." Zerydo called out to the children.
The children got out of the pool and took instructions from Zerydo. Lined up at the designated position he had chosen for them and told them on the count of three they could start the race. He counted, and the earnest children dived into the water and swam with all their might, toward the other side. Both Zerydo and Lindiwe watched in amazement as the five children all displayed a unparalleled quality. The children swam at a steady pace and remained close together to reach the other side before turning around for the home stretch.
Lindiwe watched as the delicate Irma swam with the movement of an experienced champion, she glided through the water and reached the finish in an elegant style. Closely followed by Sipho, then Olomos, Emma and Ogmu trailed into final position.
Zerydo bent over, helped Irma out of the water, and promptly declared her the winner of the freestyle competition. The children cuddled up in a towel congratulated Irma, and although slightly shocked at been beaten by a girl, Sipho told her how proud he was of her achievement. She was happy and did not gloat over her winning; she knew the others were a tad jealous of her success. Irma remained modest, reminded them in her gracious way that she might not win all races, and told them that backstroke and butterfly mode was more difficult for her. Sipho as always chirped in and told them that he was a master of the butterfly style. They laughed, and the quiet Ogmu told them he would win one day.
Lindiwe walked over the grass area and sat down on one of the wooden benches, commanding a splendid view of the group. Zerydo followed and sat next to her.
"I must say the children are certainly talented, who would of thought they would swim so well after only being exposed to a smaller swimming pool." He said trying to make light conversation.
"Yes, I too am surprised, especially with the performance of Irma, whom I thought would be the last one to return."
"Irma is certainly a child with many unnoticed talents, I would think."
"Hmmm, I wonder about that, she is rather delicate but surprising to say the least."
Zerydo and Lindiwe chatted about the children while watching them dart in and out of the water. She told him about her fear of the deep end and hoped he would keep them close to the shallow side at all times. He agreed and told her not to fear, he would always supervise their swimming activities.
Well that is the 2nd chapter for now and will share more again.

Hoping you all have a great week and remain blessed.

Your friend,