Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Forceful Brutality of the South African Police Services

During the past several years, the South African Police Services have used forceful brutality and render a fearful disposition. The injustices caused from the cruel actions of police officers reveal a daunting outline for a new democracy.
More civilians have died in police custody or shoot outs in the past five years than ever before. The rise in the brutal behaviour of the police escalates at alarming rates.
On January 8, 2014, a Gauteng police officer was arrested for driving a stolen car. He was apprehended at a roadblock, and the arresting traffic officer said that he would arrest anybody, irrespective of whom they were if they crossed the wrong side of the law.
This is one of the rare instances when justice works. The officer was doing his job diligently.
On Monday January 6, the police and protestors faced a standoff when residents of Kagiso, on the West Rand protested against the opencast mining in that area.
The residents would barricade the road with burning tyres. Throw stones at the police officers who would retaliate with firing rounds of rubber bullets.
This little incident continued for three days with no resolve insight. The tense police officers would sometime ride through the barricades at a high speed to try and disperse the rioters, who in turn continued to throw stones at the police. The police verses residents continued for an entire afternoon, with residents putting large blocks of concrete in the road. The police could not move through the large concrete slabs which had to be removed physically.
Rather intriguing is the reality of the police shielding gangsters. Apparently during December 2013, an incident of taxi violence occurred and resulted in the death of two taxi bosses and a 15 year old. The perpetrators were never arrested.
While the forceful brutality continues to escalate, The Hawks (South Africa's new Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation) have revealed that seven men accused of violence and murders have possibly been shielded by police officers and a prosecutor. It appears that there is no formal investigation into this case. The Hawks have arrested the primary key player, and this followed the arrest of another three men who allegedly attempted to assassinate witnesses. They have recovered a car and a gun used to commit the murders.

Read the full story on the Guardian LV - Here is the link :

Link to Guardian LV Article

Scary stuff, and its all real. What a wonderful world we live in, such a pity the leaders are so corrupt and do not care about human rights anymore.

South Africa - Microwave weapon a new threat to Farmers

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South Africa - Microwave weapon a new threat to Farmers

Microwave Weapons known as high-energy radio frequency (HERF) weapons are the new threat to farmers and their animals in South Africa. Farmers in the Natal Midlands, who are experiencing new crises, have spoken about the new problem they are charged with. The farmers insist on remaining anonymous for fear of retaliation.
The microwave weapon, or HERF is a direct energy weapon used against micro-electronics and fuel vapor. The technology required to create these weapons is inexpensive and generally easy to construct.
That is the opening paragraph of the article punished in the Guardian LV, read the article - here is the link

Link to Guardian LV article – Microwave Weapons a new Threat to South African Farmers

Since the publication of this story, I received a few emails from people and found the following story worth sharing. This is from a South African farmer.

I am an experienced and careful driver. Twice I found myself driving in the wrong direction on a busy road. This was brought about from a device aimed at me to cause disorientation. I did not crash.
I have never fainted in my life. Thrice in the last 5 years, someone was aiming the same instrument at me while I was outside the back door of my house and knocked me down. I had to rush indoors, barely able to make it to get inside. Bushes are 20 meters away, where the perpetrators were hiding.
Africans who were involved in violent riots in South Africa during the 1980s complained that the police and military used devices against them, which made them either too violent or more passive. They did not like this treatment. They saw a car arrive, pointing a device at them, and the adverse effects were felt immediately.
I have lost two friends from plane crashes. Two separate occasions, within a minute of taking off plane crashed to the ground bursting into flames.
The first was a highly experienced pilot. He was South African body building champion in the early 1960s, and took up flying as a hobby and passion. He built his own planes. The one that crashed was not home made.
The second was a young girl who was a passenger in a newly bought plane. Pilot also experienced.
Experienced drivers on the national roads suddenly crash their cars for no reason. They have no idea what happened to them. Some people have called it 'sudden panic disorder'. It is more than that as they did not have a history of this condition. Some died on impact, other survived.
These devices are used worldwide and have never they been exposed in any court in the world.
It is time someone expose this in an open court.

Well that is the story and we all know how serious the farm attacks are in South Africa. It is a slow genocide of the Afrikaner.

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Thursday, February 13, 2014


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Happy Valentine's Day. Yes February is the month of love and it is just so pleasant to share love and happiness. We should do this everyday.

Valentine's Day and the Mystery Surrounding the Saints

The mystery surrounding the Saints of Valentine's Day, also known the Feast of Saint Valentine, and is celebrated on February 14 each year. It is observed in most countries all over the world, and remains a working day in most countries.

That is the opening paragraph for the a article I wrote for the Guardian LV about the Valentine's Day mystery.

Here is the link for the article, read and enjoy!

Valentine's Day Article - Guardian LV Link

There are two You Tube videos linked to the article and I will share the links with you.

Video One

Song by - Leonard Norman Cohen, is a Canadian singer-songwriter, musician, poet, and novelist.

These people are so talented, Gloria did an outstanding work on the video and of course who can resist the voice of the brilliant performer - Leonard Cohen.

Video Two

Armik (born Armik Dashchi) is an Iranian-Armenian flamenco guitarist and composer.

The music is so beautiful, I am sure you will enjoy.
If you want to know more details about Armik, here is the link to his website.

Armik website Link

Here is a poem for you to read, a friend sent this to me and it is really beautiful. The Author: Dawn of the Hummingbird


Your soft sweet words
They brighten up my soul and give life
They shine in my eyes
And my lips they motivate

United in distance
At a point that converges
This is the life that germinates
While the friendship grows

Friendship is beautiful
It is flower which gives its fragrance
You give me without reservation
No matter how far

Thank you my beloved friend
you are God's blessing
You have given life to my life
With the fire of your love.

All the best to you and Happy Valentine's Day, dont stop spreading the light and the love.
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The Anglurian Story Update

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I have a Face Book page for my book "The Anglurian Story" and would love you to take a peek and like the page.
I often post updates and of course some outstanding, beautiful pictures.

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I love that one, so free.............

Beautiful and colorful!


I have completed chapter nine of the third book in the series, and must admit that I have not achieved what I wanted to. I intended to complete this novel before the end of February but am far from that goal.
The good news of course is that I will have lots more time from March to concentrate and write. I cannot wait!
In between writing this book, I have written many articles for the Guardian Liberty Voice. I have focused mostly on the South African political scene and the Boeremag. There are a few more updates regarding this intriguing story.
With Valentine's Day around the corner, I am concentrating on doing an article for the Guardian LV and of course a blog. While gathering information for this article, I found some amazing YouTube videos and will post links.

Here is a link to a YouTube video, its a musical and entertaining, hope you enjoy!

You Tube Video

Have a great week, all the best.
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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Elections 2014 – The fear card comes out again!

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2014 South African election planning is well under way. The ruling and opposition paries are rallying for support and votes with all sorts of different promises. It’s a great time to see if they can muster up enough votes to oust the ANC.


The beginning of another campaign for the South African political parties began in earnest this month with the elections 2014. The heavy weights within the ANC political party pulled out the fear card again, and it is not surprising to the majority of people.
South Africa voted for a democratic change almost 20 years ago. The ANC won more than two thirds of the votes at that time, giving them untold power, and the majority of people expected a smooth integration of democracy and a dramatic change to their living conditions. What happened? Not much, the only freedom was full integration of all races permitted to use all the public facilities. The influx of foreigners, the escalation of crime and the rise of squatter camps around the country, began in earnest on that incredible freedom day 27 April 1994.
Corruption was not lagging behind and so the consequence of political members' wealth accumulated steadily. Laws changed for the benefit of the ruling party, not the people of South Africa. Unions backed the ruling party for their own benefit, not that of the people. The ANC is visibly an imperialist organization, which will cling to the power they have, at any cost.
Is South Africa becoming another Zimbabwe? The ANC will use the fear card and whatever means they have in order to maintain their power, but their decline in power is evident. I to would fear the new emerging political party Agang, directed by the feisty Mamphela Ramphele, and the steady growth of support for the opposition party, the Democratic Alliance officiated by Helen Zille, who over the past years has made a tremendous impact on this nation by showing them true democracy. (The on / off combination of these two parties could damage their reputation. Much to the delight of the ANC).The relatively new Ecomonic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party headed by Julius Malema will take a portion of the votes, but will definitely not win. Who wants to live under a socialist government?
The ANC, in all probability will retain their power in the next election, but a marked reduction in their support system will give the opposition parties to move forward into a true democracy. The younger generation, the educated generation, which they deserved, will take the voting toward a more realistic democratic society. The criminal prisoners will vote for the ANC and why not, prison has exceptionally benefits. The immigrants will vote for the ANC simply because they have many opportunities to exhort their corruption. The rural people, who, unfortunately, have not had the opportunity of education and development, will support the ANC, after all, it is that time of the year, when gifts are plenty, and promises are empty.

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