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South Africa: Where Has All the Money Gone

South Africa: Where Has All the Money Gone

South Africa
The African National congress (ANC) ruling party of South Africa, has financial woes as all the money is gone. The possibility of retrenching staff members is highlighted and can be a reality in the near future. Staff has not received salaries for two months as the party suffers from money problems.
The Secretary General Gwede Mantashe admitted this week that there were problems and the ANC party was in dire need of money to meet all obligations. One of the reasons cited for the decrease in cash, flow was the loss of 16 parliamentary seats in the past May 2014 general elections.
Angry staff working for the ruling party demanded salary increases and Mantashe stated that there was no money for increases or bonuses but the party would consider options when matters improved. Mantashe told staff members to be patient during this terrible time.
Raising funds from private investors had declined, and the ANC party has been threatened with liquidation from angry suppliers. Millions of rands that are owed for services rendered to the ruling party, remain unpaid to service providers.
The revelation of the ANC financial woes came from members who preferred to remain anonymous. During a heated meeting at Luthuli House, Mantashe said the staff members about the financial woes. The staff members were told that if they were not happy with the situation they were welcome to go and find alternative work. Staff members are demoralized and insisted that no increases or bonuses were paid over the past three years. The news of wanting to retrench staff members was received with hostility. Mantashe denied reports that the ANC were planning staff retrenchments.
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My thoughts, the thieving, corrupt, criminal elements of the ANC  have taken it all.  Greed is a sin....... 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

P.W. Botha Dragged into Nkandla Debacle

P.W. Botha Dragged into Nkandla Debacle

The former president of South Africa, Pieter Willem (P.W.) Botha is being dragged into the Jacob Zuma Nkandla debacle. Zuma has referenced the former president to the ongoing Nkandla upgrades that have been symbolized as waste of taxpayers’ funds. The R246 million spent on upgrades has caused an outrage of comments by both opposition parties and the public.
The vast sums of money spent on Nkandla the private property of Zuma, the president of South Africa has cast a shadow of incompetence in the public eye. The state provides for official accommodation, and transport to ruling presidents, Nkandla remains an individual homestead. The expenditure on security updates at Nkandla vastly exceeds the value of the property and that spent on former presidents of South Africa.
The Frederik Willem (F.W.) De Klerk Foundations said the comparison of Nkandla to the George Airport raised some disturbing questions. It is a question to determine the distinction between appropriate state expenditure on legitimate plans and disbursements spent on Nkandla that will result in Zuma’s inexcusable enrichment
At a media luncheon this week, Zuma said the airport built-in George was not for economic reasons, and built to serve P.W. Botha, who lived close to the airport. Zuma said the criticism over Nkandla was unnecessary and raised the question, “Is Nkandla not meant to produce a president?” Zuma said the state had a responsibility to protect the president.
Botha served as the last Prime Minister of South Africa from 1978 to 1984 and became the first State President of the country from 1984 to 1989. The wilderness situated in the Western Cape was home to the president and close by George Airport, formerly known as P.W. Botha Airport was built in 1977.
A discovery of natural offshore gas was found during 1969 in Mosselbay, and this led to the development of a refinery. Located close to the George area, the airport construction served to enhance the expansion of gas to liquids. The airport was built during P.W. Botha’s tenure as Minister of Defense, and this was built in a strategic position. The state-owned company struck gas during 1980.
Any state action that results in the enrichment of political officers is inherently wrong and not acceptable. The remarks emerged from President Zuma raise the concern of sensitivity to criticism over the wasteful expenditure at Nkandla. It raises the government’s failure to accept the credibility of organizations findings on the Nkandla issue.
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Monday, October 20, 2014

Winnie Faces Criticism Over Mandela Land Claim

Winnie Faces Criticism Over Mandela Land Claim


Winnie Madikizela-Mandela faces the wrath of the people over a land claim of the Late Nelson Mandela. Whom does the land in the village of Qunu, Eastern Cape belong to, the former president or Winnie? There is a dispute brewing, and it is Winnie  that stated certain land in Qunu does not belong to the Late Nelson.
Firstly, Madikizela, the second wife of the Late Nelson Mandela, is stating that the divorce from the legendary Mandela is a forgery. There are disputes about the authenticity of the divorce certificate. The former president’s attorney who attended to the divorce proceedings during 1992 is not commenting about this claim.
The land is a significant issue for Winnie, it is the Qunu house turned into a museum that is raising aggravation among the royal Mandela tribe. Accordingly it is more important the acquisitions of how Nelson acquired the land. According to Winnie, the area that accommodates the famous Qunu home was unlawfully transferred  by Nelson during his reign as president of South Africa.
A plot of land in Qunu, Eastern Cape, was given to Winnie by the abaThembu king when Nelson was imprisoned for high treason during the apartheid era. After successful negotiations with the former regime of South Africa, Nelson became president of South Africa at the end of white rule. It was supposed during the term of presidency that Mandela transferred the plot of land into a personal name.
Winnie Madikizela claims that Nelson committed fraud by registering Eastern Cape into a personal name, which would mean the late president used the State Land Disposal Act as a means to transfer the property, constituting land fraud.
Qunu is the final resting place of Nelson  and in shocking claims this week; Winnie has approached the courts to settle this dispute of land and divorce. The deed to the property was initially obtained by Winnie and not the late Nelson, thus sighting misrepresentation or fraud over the Qunu plot. Customary rights are cited in court papers.
A royal family member stated that the claims against former president were not recognized. Winnie’s actions are opportunistic according to Dalumumo Mtirara. The royal family member said the determination to tarnish the late president’s legacy was unacceptable and queried why these claims were not raised previously. The royal family has rejected all claims by Madikizela-Mandela.
The Late president left the Qunu home to the Mandela family, Madikizela-Mandela was not mentioned in the Will. Winnie wants the Qunu property set aside from the Will testimony based on the unlawful registration of the property.
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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Prison Convicts Rejected by Society in South Africa

Prison Convicts Rejected by Society in South Africa
Prison Convicts
Almost 3,000 convicts are released from prison each month in South Africa and rejected by society. The past cannot define the future as communities try to support ex-convicts released back into society. In many instances, society rejects convicts forcing ex-convicts to go back to prison.
The conditions of South African prisons are appalling, dirty, unhygienic, overcrowded and ruled by gangs. Criminals placed into the prisons have little or no chance of rehabilitation. Gangs operating within the prison structures affect people who want to rehabilitate. The trauma of spending months and even years in South African prison does not disappear when the inmate is released back into society. The rehabilitation during jail time is not sufficient to escape the harm experienced within the prisons. Gang leaders within the prison walls operate in conjunction with criminals on the outside, thereby ensuring crime continues as forceful as before. Often there is no hope of leading a crime free life upon parole.
There are rehabilitation programs providing support and therapy for prison convicts both within prisons and in society. The change must come from within and choices need to be made. Prisoners are encouraged to have a positive attitude toward life, attend rehabilitation and stay away from crime. The optimistic approach of criminals leaving prison soon dwindles away as rejection by society becomes a reality of a harsh world for most.
Offering support for prison convicts becomes nearly impossible with residents preferring not become involved. The obstinate attitude of society often leads to the prisoners entering the criminal surrounds in an attempt to survive. Drugs are often a cause of repeated crime by ex convicts.
South Africa is a racial stereotype country and goodwill within communities’ lack trust. The rise of crime does not help prison convicts to enter society and live an ordinary life. Prison convicts often meet with rejection from companies when seeking employment and this demoralizing impression forces most to return to crime. The high unemployment levels within South Africa is another factor in convicts’ inability to find work.
The stigma attached to ex-convicts is a major problem causing rejection from society. Prison convicts often believe that the rehabilitation received does not lead to an active role in society. Community organization can assist former prisoners through spiritual guidance and skills development. By doing so, they would be raising hope of leading a life without crime for ex-convicts. Trust is often the cause of failure within communities dealing with former inmates. The tarnished reputation of prison convicts leaves little hope for the future.
The reintegration into society for prison convicts is difficult. In South Africa, many people believe that offenders should not be allowed early parole and struggle with forgiveness. The eye-for-an-eye mentality indeed exists in South African communities. Prison prisoners serve time in prisons and overcoming the public’s judgmental perception is often the most difficult trauma for ex-convicts to bear. Rejected by society after serving a prison sentence in South Africa for crimes committed is often a harsh criticism for prison convicts to understand.


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Adopt a Simple Four-fold Attitude and Transform Your World

Attitude can be defined as a mind-set, an approach, a feeling, position or an opinion. What is your attitude and does your attitude change with circumstances or do you remain impartial to feelings and people? Does your attitude have no direct involvement or interest in world events and do you really present an unbiased outlook on life? 

The Peace that Passes all Understanding

May the peace that passes all understanding dwell in your heart? Can you imagine living with the peace that passes all understanding in your heart? The bliss from this peace will radiate from within and dispel any gloom or suffering, misery and pain. The harmony from this peace will radiate and dispel any darkness.
Walking in such peace would cause your attitude to change immediately. Obtaining the peace that passes all understanding would require a change of attitude and that would require action.
Take action to walk in the light! To take action without a motive, or without reason and without attachment is to attain a balanced frame of mind.
Action is not a decision; anybody can make a decision. Action is the knowledge to bring balance. It is the wisdom that the action will have, there will be no expectations, no desires, and there will be only love of light.
Can you love without the ‘if’ or the ‘because’, probably not, we are not saints but we can try to by changing our attitude and transforming our world. First and foremost is the command to ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind.’
The peace that passes all understand will guide us to love the Lord without any ‘if’ or ‘because’ simply by our understanding the real, powerful and unshakable love. We need to look within our hearts and understand and love ourselves without hindrance and rejection, and then we will be free to love, to life and fill our lives with the peace that passes all understanding.

Friendliness to all equals – Part 1 of the four-fold

Is it difficult to be friendly toward everybody? In our society today, openness of genuine friendliness is missing. The friendliness should be beneficial toward everybody.

Gracious, pleasant, responsive and sociable. Stop using selective friendliness. Do not show partiality and cultivate a high social status toward those considered inferior.

Are you an elitist? If you do then change, become aware of whom you are friendly toward, and you will soon realize the beggar, the shop assistant, the boss and the government are not enemies. Show neighborly friendship to everybody and stop being selective. Demonstrate friendliness without hostility let your attitude radiate friendliness at all times.
Do not let your friendliness be bound to fear. There should be no fear of being friendly toward everybody. The only fear you will have is if you are afraid of people wanting to extend the friendship or ask you for something. This will mean that you are attached to the material world and not living in the blessing. This is no reason to fear, your smile, your kind word, your goodwill is sufficient.
Change your attitude and let the warm, comforting, affectionate and benevolent friendliness become the real you.

Compassion for those of a lower status

Compassion is the thoughtful concern for others. Why do we not have compassion, is it because of the judgment toward others that we hold in our minds. Show compassion by offering sympathy for the suffering of others and include a desire to help. The misfortune of others and those of a lower status should not be ignored. Compassion, the care, concern, sensitivity and mercy to all humankind is indeed a rare attribute among people.
More importantly show compassion to yourself, be kind to who you are and develop a sympathetic consciousness and cultivate a desire of warm-heartedness. Love yourself, understand who you are and then you will develop a compassionate nature that will radiate your love.
Give birth to compassion for the nearest yet unfamiliar aspect of yourself, as you do for the one outside who feels like a stranger. — Neil Douglas-Klotz in The Hidden Gospel

Absence of envy to those above us

Can it be said that jealousy stems from an immature mind? Is jealousy a disease, where love is a healthy condition? Can the mind mistake one for the other and assume that the greater the love, the greater the jealousy? These two powerful emotions entwined can produce unbearable turmoil.

Envy is the resentful feeling of another’s good fortune, success, qualities or possessions. It is the desire to possess something that one does not have. Envy causes resentment, an aggrieved feeling and a sense of being treated poorly. It is a strong feeling or emotion of grievance and displeasure.

There is no joy in being envious; this can make a person feel inadequate. Envy creates a feeling of not being able to reach a certain standard of contentment. The fear of lack, incompetence and hopelessness are consequences of allowing envy to control your mind.

There will always be people above us whether it is through higher education, social standing or creativeness. Why envy these people, they are who they are, and you are who you are. It is your attitude that can make a difference, just as it is the attitude of the people above us that can make a difference when they to show compassion. It does not matter where you are, or who you, it only matters that you obtain the peace that passes all understanding.

Total indifference to those who regard themselves as our enemies

Indifference can be a lack of interest, care or concern. Precisely, your enemies will provoke, slander and attack you, and by showing total indifference, you will emerge as the winner. The enemy will not be able to provoke you to the cause or occasion of an emotion or a response.

Indifference can be identified by being unresponsive, detached, aloof, unmoved and unconcerned.

Remaining indifferent will be choosing to remain neutral in a time of danger, struggle and especially by not making a choice to enter, a dispute will imply total control over emotion.

It is not to live a life being indifferent to all situations; it is about being indifferent to the enemy. Certainly, there will be indifference to governments or politics and that is not the enemy, unless you make them your enemy.
A person can love one person and be indifferent to others, and this is not love but the personality of selfishness.

The secret of how to live without resentment or embarrassment in a world in which I was different from everyone else. was to be indifferent to that difference.

 In Conclusion

This is the four-fold attitude of friendliness, compassion, absence of envy and indifference that can transform your world.

Remember the opposite of love is not hate – it is the indifference.
Life is simple; it is about walking in love, and not complicating matters. Life is about attaining the peace that passes all understanding. Life is not about changing the world, it is about being a better person, by letting your light shine and let others change their world through your impact of radiating light and love. Life is about how you respond to events, actions, thoughts and people. There is nothing to fear, life is meant to be happy and inspiring and guided by knowledge. Life is beautiful and to understand yourself and refuse self-rejection, principles, the choices and the change.

Life is about living, therefore, love life and life will love you back. Cultivate a love of life and gain clarity, coupled with compassion and your actions will generate the peace and love of a life lived abundantly.

Seemingly, man has learned to live without God, preoccupied, indifferent toward Him, and concerned only about material security and pleasure.

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Rainbow Nation of South Africa Affirms Ignorance and Inaction

Rainbow Nation of South Africa Affirms Ignorance and Inaction
Rainbow Nation
Will the future generations of the rainbow nation condemn the current African National Congress (ANC) government of South for the ignorance and inaction of not achieving any value to the country? There is the continued frustration of knowing what the ANC government must do and their lack of action. The knowing and doing seem to have two different values, leaving citizens frustrated. The failure of service deliveries by the ANC government causes the rainbow nation constant annoyance and deterioration of building anything of value for future generations. The ANC knows what to do, have the potential and resources to expand on the value but never seem to invest in the action of realization.
The different cultures within the South African rainbow nation are not united. There is the constant diverse and often different directions ethnic groups move in. The past and present history of South Africa is a metaphor used to divide the rainbow nation and not unite the country. Persistent tension arises from the political and ethical variations of inaction.
Cultural identity and memories of past historical context are exploited by the current rulers who cause division among the rainbow nation. Building the nation and allowing ethnic groups to understand the recent history of South Africa changes continually.
South Africa fabricates the reconciling of all the citizens as a rainbow nation. There is no strong ethical structure to ensure each different culture has the benefit of understanding the historical context of identity. The martyrs, who shaped the country, built a foundation for future generations should be etched into the memory of the population.
The government allows the education system to shape the minds of the learners by rewriting history and ignoring or erasing the core foundation of South Africa. Afrikaans is historically a base foundation of South Africa and on the brink of being eliminated through the education system. It is the Afrikaners who brought South Africa into history, yet it is now frowned upon. The future generations will have a new history etched into their minds, and the real foundation of South Africa will be a fabricated tale.

South Africa Needs a Mindset Change Toward Service Deliveries

South Africa Needs a Mindset Change Toward Service Deliveries

South Africa

South Africa needs a mindset change toward service deliveries as protests continue to increase across the country. Service delivery protests are getting worse, and the vandalism, looting and destruction of property are unacceptable. The government of South Africa condemns the recent action of protesters.
The South African government has failed to supply the necessary infrastructure over the last twenty years, and people are protesting in an attempt for the state to take action. According to protesters, vandalism is the only language the government understands.
Over the past week, a protester was shot dead near a squatter camp, during protests for better living conditions. The people are tired of living in shacks and want the government to build houses. A disgruntled resident in Ennerdale, south of Johannesburg said that there has been no development in the area for the past twenty years. There was no hospital; squatters occupy the illegal stands and drugs are a rising problem. There is no recreation for the children, intermittent electricity and far too frequent water cuts. Enough is enough, the people chant, and vow to continue blocking roads with burning tires in an attempt to get the government to deliver on their pre-election promises.
No formal electricity and limited water and sanitation is still prevalent today in Lenasia, south of Johannesburg, a community that has seen little change over the past twenty years. Government housing is random and not fully understood. The real big change over the past twenty years is a criminal justice system the protesters face in an attempt to stop service delivery marches.
The protesters understand the consequences of the damage undertaken during protests and have revealed they are not afraid of the police action. The rubber bullets and tear gas the police use in an attempt to disperse the crowds do not stop the vandalism, looting and damage. The protesters keep going back to the streets with intentions of a peaceful demonstration for better living conditions, but the pattern of intimidation soon turns into a destructive, violent chaos.
Millions of rands worth of damage has incurred over the years from the destruction of the protesters who vandalize, burn and loot during these marches. This week a violent protest took place at a railway station where two vehicles were set alight by angry demonstrators. One person was killed, and another survived severe eye damage during the violent protest. The Railway Agency condemned this action.
The government of South Africa twists this bad story into a good story by broadcasting to the people that service deliveries are real and significant progress has been made over the past twenty years. The government delivers and the people protest, not because of inadequate service deliveries but because there is real progress made. It is the people who have higher expectations.
The right-wingers will be branded as racist for saying the government is failing on service deliveries. The liberals will continue to boast about all the good the government does and ignore the plight of the service delivery failures. The people of South Africa want a better life, have no political agenda and prove that the government is failing.


Friday, October 10, 2014

Ebola in Africa – 8 October 2014

A slight decline of Ebola cases was recorded in Liberia’s Lofa district, and in Sierra Leone districts, Kailahun and Kenema, according to WHO reports. Liberia opened a new treatment center for the Ebola epidemic but reports indicate that that only twenty-one percent of the 2,930 bed space is available, and Sierra Leone has similar reports.


There are diverse beliefs in parts of West Africa among the different cultures that hinder the actual reporting and treatment of Ebola patients. Some believe that uttering the word ‘Ebola’ causes the virus to appear. In other instances, doctors are blamed for spreading the virus.

Ebola and what we know
The Worse Scenario - much possible...
by Piotr Grzywacz, Laura Oneale

Read the article:

Recent rise of cases of Ebola Virus concerned the world community and, especially, the medical one. At this point there is no need for finger pointing - who did what and when. More important is to educate public and prepare yourself for the worst. In this case, if less dramatic scenarios will appear, we can cruise through them with no disturbance of our regular life.
In back of our minds we know that outbreaks are inevitable. We are just waiting for them to happen and hope that they will go away as soon as possible.
The worse scenario is that the virus will spread uncontrolled and 90% of the population will die.
In such a case we have to be ready for death of our family members and arrange as much as we can for that kind of situation.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Zuma Leadership Marred With Corruption

Zuma Leadership Marred With Corruption
Corruption has marred the Zuma government leadership, and there is no clear indication that the African National Congress (ANC) ruling party leads by example. There is a general perception that the ANC government is soft on corruption, and this could be factually correct considering the extremes government have taken to justify the wrongs as right. Corruption factors from the controversial arms deal to the Zuma Nkandla homestead saga never seems to have finality. The probe to justify the correctness of corrupt deals continues to spill out deceptive tales in an attempt to justify excessive transgressions as permitted.
Leading by example does not amplify the ANC policies; there is no illustration that Zuma or ANC government members use public transportation. The public transportation situation in South Africa is a failed system. State hospital facilities and public schools are other structures Zuma and the ANC government avoid. The failure of service deliveries intensifies the growing gap between leaders and the people they lead.
The majority of South Africans wanted the leadership of Zuma without having a clear framework of where good governance leads. The leadership disciplines of the ANC ruling party are constantly dictated to by Zuma, who tells the people as opposed to asking the people. The people did not reflect back on the past historical problems and growth of South Africa, but chose dictatorship over a definite criterion of stable, reliable and trustworthy leaders.
The ANC rulers will argue that apartheid “messed up” the current government. Apartheid is the scapegoat for many wrongs within the current government. The past twenty years have slowed down potential growth, seem a rise in crime, allowed corruption to dictate the future progress and decrease the standard of living for most of the populace.
South Africa deserves a reliable, trustworthy leadership. South Africa needs a leadership that allows people to reflect back on the government with a clear criteria signaling improvement. The people do not need to be dictated to by corrupt officials; rather there is a need for a government that listens to the people.
Julius Malema, the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party echoes the sentiments of Zuma looting the money from the people of South Africa. Malema is advocating for the president to take full responsibility of the Nkandla debacle and face criminal charges.


Violent Revolution a Reality Utters Malema

Violent Revolution a Reality Utters Malema
Violent Revolution
Julius Malema, the controversial leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), once again utters threats of a violent revolution in South Africa. Malema is well-known for a direct, straight to the point outbursts of threats and intimidation. Given any opportunity to make his voice heard, Malema instills the minds of his followers with total nonsense.
The Malema followers are looking for a Messiah, and many believe that this outspoken brazen leader will lead them to the land of milk and honey. Malema thrives on dictating outrageous sentiments of war, anarchy, a violent revolution and bloodshed. Mass mobilization of the masses is the easiest feat for Malema to start, followed by a violent revolution. The crowds follow the EFF leader in anticipation of a better life, free land and wealth. The dictatorship sentiments uttered by Malema attract the people who are blind to the consequences of rebellion and war.
This week Malema issued a statement and said, “That the EFF may take up arms if their peaceful revolution is met with violence from the state.” Malema stated that the EFF cannot rule out the possibility of an armed struggle, and this would depend on how the state responds to the demands of the EFF people. Malema hoped that the African National Congress (ANC) ruling party would not adopt “apartheid tactics” if placed under acute stress. The use of military intervention by the ANC government was not received cordially by Malema.
The recent objection Malema received during the national assembly meeting held in August this year echoed the sentiments of rejection. Malema was ordered out of the House after causing a disruption by demanding that President Jacob Zuma reply to a question regarding the money spent on the Nkandla homestead. Malema has managed to cause a commotion in all government meetings he has attended, and the outrageous behavior has always been met with protest.


South Africa the Land of Many Sorrows

What misery is Mine! (Micah 7:1) Indeed South Africa is the land of many sorrows. The ruling African National Congress (ANC) party cannot decide what society South Africa should be. It is true the ANC have corrupted democracy. Is South Africa a law-abiding, democratic state or a murderous thieving renegade?

Micah 7
The faithful have been swept from the land;
    not one upright person remains.
Everyone lies in wait to shed blood;
    they hunt each other with nets.
Both hands are skilled in doing evil;
    the ruler demands gifts,
the judge accepts bribes,
    the powerful dictate what they desire—
    they all conspire together.
The best of them is like a brier,
    the most upright worse than a thorn hedge.
The day God visits you have come,
    the day your watchmen sound the alarm.
 Now is the time of your confusion.

Chapter 7 from the book of Micah, in my opinion, reflects the governance of ANC government and President Jacob Zuma leadership. It is the job of leaders to provide justice for all. What are our leaders doing?
The people cry out for justice and the leaders ignore their plea. All the leaders care about is money and the power the position has given them. Of course, there is justice, but it will cost you money, in the form of bribes.
There is no balance during these terrible times. Society is bad, and there is no bright light shining. There is no hope while living under a corrupt system. The leaders are corrupt and evil, and probably have difficulty in sleeping at night because they scheme of more ways to take from others. The wickedness, plans and intentions to steal from the helpless continue year after year.
There will come a time, when the leaders cry out to G-d and will G-d will ignore their pleas. The Zuma administration continually promises the people what they want to hear, and never what they need to hear. There are people that speak out against the social, moral and economic evils of the government, and there are hundreds of liberal people spreading the ‘politically correct’ dogma.

“Not fair!” There will come a time when the punishment fits the crime. The corruption is appalling, the theft is awful and the murders are horrific, but the mental abuse is a human rights violation.
Take the country back from the corrupt leaders. Zuma must be laughing in merriment at how he swindles the masses out of their hard earned money. It is mind boggling, to complicated and to strange to imagine all the nifty ways the ANC deceives the masses from real democracy.
Why is this allowed? The greed, corruption, theft, crime and genocide of the whites, escalates without regard to the human rights of the populace. It is all government initiated. Self-enrichment is the only plan. The past twenty years under the ANC rule have crippled the South African economy, infrastructure and more importantly tarnished the dignity of its citizens. The ANC government made sure of that; they are the oppressor of the poor.

G-d expects His people to do justly and love mercy.

Dear friends, "I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have power, together with all the saints, to grasp how wide and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledge — that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God."
Ephesians 3:17-19