Sunday, January 31, 2016

Johannesburg Rated a Filthy City

Recently, Johannesburg, known as “The City of Gold,” received a bad review from Chinese journalists who described the city as filthy. Besides being rated the crime capital of South Africa, the city has declined to a slum status. Overcrowding, filth and unsanitary conditions are coupled with plagues of rats and beggars and the highest rate of unemployed people. Street vendors crowd the pavements selling food, clothing and electronic items. Children, including small babies, strapped to mothers’ backs, tag along through the chaos.

The city is crowded with unemployed people who have nothing better to do than commit petty crimes or start a business selling goods to other desperate people eager to save some money. Vendors cook food on the pavements to sell to hungry people dirt cheap. Flies and the other irritating pests that swarm around the nauseating smell are appalling. The city does not have sufficient public facilities, and the few that do exist are in a dilapidated condition; unhealthy, dirty and foul smelling.
  Criminal elements lurk around the filthy streets, stealing from innocent vendors who sit in the hot sun trying to make a few pennies to feed and support large families. Shops in the central city district have employed additional security to protect the premises from lurking thieves. Steel gates, security cameras and guards patrol the area daily. Pick-pocketing is an art mastered by the young and old alike. Johannesburg’s city center is not a safe place.

Areas adjacent to the city center, such as Hillbrow, once known as the nightlife town;  Yeoville and Berea are no better than the inner center. Further away from the center of Johannesburg, residential suburbs are relatively cleaner and safer, except for several older, established neighborhoods that are overrun by illegal immigrants, drug dealers and prostitution.

The Johannesburg municipality is under the jurisdiction of the African National Congress (ANC) party.  READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE - PUBLISHED ON THE GUARDIAN LV TODAY - HERE IS THE LINK

Opinion by Laura Oneale

Monday, January 25, 2016


I want to apologize to everybody I have offended.

I have not always been open and truthful about my writing. I owe so many an apology and the only way I can do this is through my blog.  Most of the articles are my own work, however, there are a few articles that I published without giving credit to the responsible people and I am sorry.  Although I had permission to re-post, edit and share, suddenly it is a major issue and for that I am sorry.

To all the people I have hurt, I am sincerely sorry.

In future I will be not post articles that are offense, or not of my own opinion.

I owe a big apology to Claus Tlhapane for sharing his opinions. Claus is a gifted person and expresses powerful opinions and that I admire. 

Another problem that has cropped up is that I am always undermining South Africa,  somehow, I always believed that I was telling the truth.  So once again, sorry for offending the readers. 

Of course, South Africa the Accursed country is a new series and that I will complete here on my blog, and  in the series a lot of truths will be exposed. 

Somehow I will try and make amends.

Once again, thank you for your support and I do hope that I can in future deliver articles that will incorporate the truth.


Saturday, January 23, 2016

Boermag Wilhem Pretorius Letter

Here is a letter written by Wilhem Pretorius, one of the 24 men who were accused of treason and currently serving a prison sentence.   We have in the past written about the phantom 'boeremag' situation and today, these men are suffering caused from the inhuman conditions of South African Prisons. I am also including a few links to previous articles for quick reference.

Hendrik Jacob du Plessis's photo.My name is Wilhem Pretorius. I am 35 years old and have been married since 2000. I am part of a group of 24 men in South Africa who were accused in the Boeremag Trial in 2002 of treason. We were improsined in 2002 as awaiting trial detainees and our trial commenced in May 2003. Its 10 years later and we are still awaiting trial. We have been repeatedly refused bail without good cause. This will be our 11th year being held in prison waiting for something. Is this not an infrin...gment of human rights?

Furthermore, we forwarded a motion to be treated as prisoners of war while we were being accused of waging a war of independence for the Boer people against South Africa. The motion was denied with many claims of errors being made by the judge as well as the South African Prosecuting Authority. The High Court Judge was not even aware of the international law (before the motion and we had to supply him with the said international laws.

Through various testamonies it has come to light that we have been set up by the very same people of the South African Police services that are handling the investigation. The whole case has been orchestrated by agents of Criminal Intelligence.
They not only planned it, but also through agents, provoked the people to take part in illegal actions and just stood watching for months, with full access to all the pertinent details, watching idly while more innocent people were becoming part of the "Boeremag" while receiving money from the secret fund. During the trial, they were listening in on privilege and confidential Client/Attorney conversations and even bugged our cells and consecrations facilities.

I have been tortured continually and during arrest for about 10 hours without any invetigation into the torture. The high ranking Police officials which tortured me are still in the Police service and were even part of the investigating team.…
For the past 10 years we have been treated like animal in inhumane conditions. We have not been allowed any contact visits from our family and friends.
We are asking for your help to bring these continual human right violations to the attention of the international community and bring a stop to it.

The second thing that I want to bring under your attention is the parole of the other Boer people that are being held in prison. Some of them have been here prior to 1994. Their parole applications have and still are being refused solely on political grounds and they are long past the date of their initial prison term or parole.

Guardian LV Article Link -

The Boeremag and the South African Security Services

Are there sufficient indications to attest that the Boeremag and the South African Security Services (SASS) are tangled together in corruption? It would seem to appear that the SASS is a threat to democracy and that evidence presented has been ignored or it could have blatantly been used in a misleading manner.

How can any country have a democracy with these types of people not protecting the rights of innocent civilians but actually abusing them and stealing from them?

The South African Police Services (SAPS) has a division called Crime Intelligence (CI). This unit has been most often in the news and for all the wrong reasons. The CI’s biggest moment of victory had been when they succeeded in having the government believe that there exists a right wing organization called the Boeremag. They had established an audacious plan into action which commenced as early as 1992. The members of CI planned to build a future for them in the new South Africa under the African National Congress (ANC) regime. The planning was to create an alleged right wing movement group, called the Boeremag. The ANC led government clearly fears exactly such a monstrosity, irrespective as whether it exists or not. The officers in this unit would also create an atmosphere in which these allegations would be espoused and create a climate for action against anybody so labeled.

The Boeremag trial was the longest and the most expensive trial in the history of the South African judicial system. The transcript spans more than 60,000 pages. However, the story starts with CI and dovetails with the experience of Erasmus and his partners. A certain Major General Mark Henkel has boasted that the Boeremag was his creation. Hankel is allegedly also an MI6 agent (British Secret Service) and has been linked to many dubious actions.

In the Boeremag saga at the conclusion of the trial, all the policemen working on this matter received cash bonuses, a sum of R300,000 and escalated according to rank.  The so called main witness, a certain Smit, a decidedly dubious character received some R 6,6 million as a bonus. This is extremely unusual.  In the SAPS, as in the rest of the State, promotions would be the order of the day, not cash bonuses.

Hankel had taken over from retired General Andre Roos who was also an alleged MI6 agent and the handler of Thabo Mbeki, the previous President.  The fact that the British MI6 would be in play in South Africa would make sense. The British had been in South Africa since 1812 and had benefited immensely from the South African riches. During the heydays of apartheid, South Africa was one of the fastest growing countries in the world with outstanding returns on investment. All British investments would have an exceptional return. This however brought other aspects into play, namely the advent of secret societies such as the Freemasons.

You Decide!!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

WMWW Pledges Support for Minority Victims of Crime

WMWWThe White Movement Worldwide (WMWW) pledges to support victims of crime around the world and to protect innocent people against humiliating crimes. Connie Da Silva, who was born in South Africa and educated in England, is the women’s leader and the European and United Kingdom representative of the WMWW. Da Silva feels a special responsibility for women and children in South Africa who have been subjected to atrocities by the African National Congress (ANC) and its followers while the Western world turns its back.

The WMWW is asking why the African National Congress (ANC) government of South Africa has not set up special police units to investigate the onslaught of the minority. The world is silent about the ongoing white genocide in South Africa. There are no special units within the force to inquire into the continuing attacks and murders, and the unanswered question is whether the ruling ANC party has ignored the violence.


The British government, in particular, having sold out its own in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) in the 1970s, steadfastly refuses to acknowledge the increasingly desperate situation in which white South Africans are finding themselves and, consequently, the average British voter is either unaware or disinterested, maintaining that such reports are exaggerated. It is, therefore, the aim of the WMWW Movement’s European and U.K. representative to raise awareness of the appalling dangers facing whites on a daily basis in South Africa today.

Additionally, the remit will include responsibility for the ever-growing numbers of girls and women finding themselves the victims of the horrendous attacks that, in the last few months, have become daily occurrences throughout France, the Low Countries, Germany, and Scandinavia following the invasion of the Islamic so-called “refugees.”

In the face of the intransigence of most of the politicians, frustration in these countries is at a fever pitch. It has reached the point when so-called “gangs” understandably feel it necessary to take action in the defense of women, as is the case in Cologne where two hundred concerted sexual assaults took place at the City Center on New Year’s Eve while the police were supposedly powerless to prevent them.

The attacks are happening throughout Europe where young Islamic men feel able to attack girls and women in the street openly, often in broad daylight, and largely without fear of being apprehended or arrested. It is not only the young who are subjected to such atrocities. A few days ago in Sweden, a 78-year-old woman was raped and severely beaten by men who had broken into her home. Another 17-year-old girl was raped, and her 14-year-old sister sexually assaulted, as she tried to save her from Muslim “migrants” at a German public swimming pool.

The stories are endless. They occur in Cologne, Helsinki, Stockholm, and Paris, and the girls do not always identify their attackers. The fact that the same thing is happening in so many cities at the same time suggests that the assaults are coordinated, and yet the response from the politicians up until now has always been the same – more migrants should be welcome into our midst.

On January 14, the Daily Express reported a shocking attack on a British teenage girl, who was in Paris with a friend for the New Year celebrations when a large group of Muslim males ripped her clothes off. In Britain, following the disclosure of the Pakistani sex ring scandal in Rotherham, which had been swept under the carpet for years for fear of causing  “cultural misunderstanding,” lip service has been paid to addressing the danger within the country. The movement is, however, constantly assured by David Cameron, the prime minister, that Islam holds no threat. Politicians say more Muslims must be welcomed into our communities, despite the rapid rise in rapes and violent attacks on women and girls in towns and cities, which the police, in many cases, are either incapable or unwilling to prosecute.

Recently, President Jacob Zuma said the land was stolen, and this was the primary cause of poverty in the country. Farmers and white people, in particular, will not hand over land without fair compensation. Land reform is a sensitive subject, and the majority is expecting the government to give back land to the people without compensation. The frustration of waiting for land claim resolutions over the past 20 years has led to political parties promising voters that land will be returned immediately after the victory. Incitement of forceful removal of whites from land is another factor, and the WMWW has vowed to fight for the rights of the minority.


Monday, January 18, 2016

South Africa the accursed country - introduction

As promised, we are working on the new series as it is time for South Africans to know the truth, after all, enough lies have been told.
Who are the members of the ‘Old Boys Club’, Action 2000, the Brotherhood and the third force? Well, there are probably about 37 members, all South Africans and all white who come from the apartheid era. There are government officials, police and defense force generals, Intelligence operatives and politicians.  We are going to tell you more about these groups and their plans, conspiracies and actions taken.

OK here is another question for you. If Chris Hani survived the assassination would he have become the next president of South Africa? Think about why he died, was he too radical and did he know too much? 
Is there a network of informers within the Intelligence community? Does every town council within South Africa have at least one informer?  Actually, there is no shortage of informers within the ANC/COSATU/SACP alliance.  Actually, it is easier because they spy for the ANC and cost the taxpayer a lot of money.  Hold on to your hats, there is more.

It is estimated that there are about 53 million people in South Africa and that around 25 million are registered to vote. In the last election, the ANC received about 60 percent of the votes. In fact, about 10 million did not vote for the ANC. So how many millions actually do support the ruling party?

Who is dishonest?