Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Unemployment Promises by African National Congress

In what might have been a blooper, the African National Congress (ANC) posted a statement on Twitter promising to create “Unemployment” for the youth. The ANC said they will do what they are good at and restore the dignity of women. Shortly after realizing the mistake, a correction update was posted. 

However amicable the promise of doing what is good and creating employment for the youth, the ANC once again are posting empty promises.  The unemployment rate in South Africa is high, approximately 27 percent of people are jobless. Most of the unemployed are youths who have little or no education and lack experience.  

There is no clear indication of how the ANC will create jobs, especially for the youth. Getting the young people to attend school and study at institutions of higher education is problematic. The current events leading up to the burning of schools, and universities although disgraceful, tells a story of no interest in obtaining an education. The government does not provide textbooks, motivate students to study and ignores the poverty of the people. Some students are too poor to pay for an education and demoralized at the lack of attention from the government.

Now the ANC will create employment, and it is a guessing game of how the ruling party will accomplish this plan. What is the strategy of the ANC, is there a possibility that unemployed youngsters will be allowed to work in government facilities. Will the government open up training centres and teach the youth skills. So many questions and the same issues that have been pondered for years. 

With the local elections looming, the ANC will once again, promise not only the youth but all South African a better life. A pledge of a life filled with good governance, less corruption and not as much crime. The voters will remain gullible and tricked into believing the promises of a government that has a track record of discontent. Once again the ANC will tell the people of South Africa how well the ruling party has governed and tell the good story. 

Jacob Zuma once said “It’s cold outside of the ANC”, and he told the truth. It is cold outside, and there are millions of people who will confirm that it is true. There is the elite that is warm within the ANC, and it’s all from the abuse, corruption, fraud, and entitlement. The promise of employment, and whatever other benefits the ANC will toss at the voters is another empty undertaking to keep the elite in power. Yes, the ANC might keep the unemployed people hanging onto a promise, for the next two months.

Laura Oneale - South Africa Today – South Africa News

White Man You Stole the Land - Malema

Julius Malema said that Jacob Zuma stands in the way of acquiring land for the people of South Africa.  Economic Freedom Front (EFF) leader Malema has no sympathy for Zuma, president of South Africa. In fact Malema lambasts the president publicly and scorns the deceitful manner in which land reform progress lingers on. 
Malema said “no white man came with land”, the white man came with ships and guns and massacred the country. The white man came to steal the land and enslave the black man. It is a harsh statement yet historically the EFF and in particular Malema continues to boast in this fact. 

The land expropriation bill has been passed and now government will have the power to take land away from rightful owners and hand over to aspiring black farmers.  Aspiring farmers who no doubt will turn fertile, productive land into a barren wasteland. In the past, there have been no real success stories of black farmers willing to work hard and keep food production secure. The Zimbabwean farm lands were once the bread basket of Africa and today, there is nothing. Nothing has been gained and much has been lost. 

The EFF will be participating in their first Municipal election in August 2016 and remain confident of successfully gaining control of several municipalities. The African National Congress (ANC) control eight provinces and the Democratic Alliance (DA) control the Western Cape and a scattered few municipalities around South Africa.  The followers of the EFF are eagerly waiting to vote this party into power on the basis that free land, education, and a host of other free benefits will be handed out immediately.  The supporters of the EFF have the notion that once Malema gains control all poverty will be eliminated.  However, the political rhetoric used by the EFF should be taken with a pinch of salt. 

Is Malema thinking in antiquated terms of distributing land to any black man who needs it?  Take land away from white people, corporations and pension funds to hand over to poor people, is that the plan of the EFF? Malema believes that the war is against whites and will forcefully remove the land, it’s the battle cry of the EFF. It is the roar of an aspiring political leader who indoctrinates the ignorant or uneducated poor people into believing that the EFF can solve South Africa’s oppression.
Malema remains confident that the upcoming elections will be a tremendous success for the EFF.  

There is no doubt that the elections will be hotly contested and that the EFF will gain more votes placing the party into a powerful position. While the ANC remain insecure and anxious, about losing municipalities in the elections, some fiery drama can be expected. The ANC have endorsed 
corruption and the past 22 years of ANC control show a visible decline in good governance. 

Laura Oneale - published on South Africa Today – South Africa News

Friday, May 27, 2016

Baby for sale -rescued South Africa

Police received information about a baby who was up for sale at Besters. Kwazulu-Natal VIP was asked to assist and sprang into action. Six vehicles were dispatched to the scene and after an intensive search about an hour and a half later the baby was found after she was offered for sale. 
An African male who is alleged to be the uncle of the child was arrested at Rattans bottle store. Alert Kwazulu-Natal VIP guards apprehended the suspect as he tried to sell the baby for R600. (That is approximately 45 dollars)

The man was detained in a bottle store, could be that the man wanted more alcohol and in a desperate need of money. Perhaps he was the uncle, and the child was placed in his care. Who on earth would sell a child for six hundred rands, only a person who has no consideration for another human being? It is the mentality of individuals who are outright disrespectful and inconsiderate toward innocent children that alarm most.

Thankfully the police acted immediately and managed to save another child. There are so many stories about children who go missing, and it must be disturbing for parents to deal with the fact that little can be done.  With the high increase in witchcraft and desperate need for body parts, the child could have ended up being hacked to death.

It was a story of concern for another innocent toddler who had no means to protection from the cruel injustices of adults. It is a story that ended well.The beautiful baby who appears to be in a good condition was eventually handed over to South African Police - Phoenix. An investigation will continue. The perpetrator should be locked away for a long time.