Sunday, July 31, 2016

66 year old gunned down in Port Elizabeth hijacking

A group of armed robbers, gunned down an unnamed 66 year old Port Elizabeth man like a dog on July 29th.
The group of suspects robbed a a jewellery store in the Greenacres Shopping Center in Port Elizabeth on Friday July 29th.

Police said an armed gang entered Fischer’s Jewelers around 9.30am and held up staff before taking an undisclosed amount of jewellery. A display window was broken when the suspects fled the store, Police spokesperson, Captain Sandra Janse Van Rensburg said.

According to reports the suspects ran out of the center and attempted to hijack a vehicle in the parking area. However, the suspects were confronted by a responding police officer. Not too far from the scene where the police were, the suspects attempted to hijack another vehicle. The 66-year-old owner of an pick-up truck resisted the hijacking and was fatally wounded.

The perpetrators fled on foot toward a cellphone shop in Cape Road, after realizing the police were closing in on them. However, a security guard confronted the suspects who managed to succeed in hijacking a white VW Polo. It is alleged that three of the suspected drove away in the polo while the other suspect fled on foot and successfully arrested in Westview Drive, Mill Park by another security company.

Janse Van Rensburg said that some of the stolen jewellery was recovered in a fast food parking lot. The hijacked VW Polo details were circulated, and various South African Police officers in vehicles responded to the call. Police recovered the abandoned Polo in a cul-de-sac in 2nd Avenue, Newtown Park.

The police acted upon reports of the suspects fleeing toward a taxi rank in Durban Road, arrested another two in a taxi. Two firearms were found in their possession. More of the stolen jewelry was recovered.

A case of murder, two accounts of attempted hijacking, armed robbery, two counts of illegal possession of ammunition and a firearm, possession of suspected stolen property and carjacking have been opened by the police. “The suspects are expected to appear in court soon,” said Janse Van Rensburg.

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Friday, July 29, 2016

Malema and Zuma have an extreme dislike of white people

Both Julius Malema and President Jacob Zuma have a deep and emotional extreme dislike of white people. Malema leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters and ruling party African National Congress (ANC) Zuma have an enormous fear of white people. The minority group totals just over three million in South Africa and both Malema and Zuma, feel compelled to tell voters that they must not vote for the Democratic Alliance (DA). The deep extreme dislike of white people gaining control through the DA is what both Malema and Zuma want their supporters to realize. Both are installing an incessant hatred towards white people by keeping the majority uniformed. What Malema and Zuma are doing is pushing their communist agenda on the easily manipulated frightened people. 
Of course, the DA are not the oppressors, and the President conveniently forgets that it was the DA that fought against apartheid and won’t tell the people the truth.

Malema told his supporters, “Please don’t vote for DA. The pain you are currently feeling is very little compared to what you will endure if the whites are in charge,” The leader said that blacks must not vote for the DA because if they do, the country will fall into white hands. Malema said, “In the eyes of the whites, we are bobbejaans [baboons].”

Zuma refers to the leader of the DA Mmusi Maimane as a man that “likes blacks who sided with whites during apartheid” and said that Maimane is a scarecrow, leading a party that does not know if it is white or black. Zuma reminded his supporters that it was DA members that compared black people to monkeys.

Both had nothing good to say about the DA and blew their own trumpet by trying to paint the EFF and ANC as the only parties who could deliver, reform and grow South Africa. Malema and Zuma will not tell the truth and ignore the fact that South Africa is a dump.

Truth be told, the ANC has failed, and desperate to cling to power. During the election campaign, the ANC have not been able to tell a good story; it is always about what they will do. The problem is they do nothing; they are a self-enriching, destructive party that does not care about the people. Unfortunately, the people of South Africa are blind; they do not see the reality of what South Africa has become.

The EFF have the vision to give back to the people what the white man stole and set the oppressed free. Malema, who is a revolutionary leader, aspires to gain control through violence. Not a man who seeks peaceful solutions but quick to shout out threats.

As the president of the country and leader of a political party continue to stir up racial conflict, we can understand why the constant racial violence is out of control and that the minority group has become the victims of some of the most horrifying crimes, including murders.

The entire campaign trail by both the EFF and ANC are about fear of losing control; it is desperation. The ANC have nothing good to say about the EFF and other political parties. The EFF, of course, continue to rubbish the corrupt ANC party.

Lauara Oneale - Published on South Africa Today – South Africa News

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Municipal elections 2016 – Focus on the DA

The Democratic Alliance (DA) are like titans fighting corruption within the government and private sector. The official opposition to the governing African National Congress (ANC). The DA is broadly defined as a centrist party. The DA can trace its roots back to 1959 as the founder of the anti-apartheid Progressive Party, with many name changes in between.
The former leader of the DA Helen Zille said that the party is reflective of the rich racial, linguistic and cultural heritage.” Today, that definition remains spot-on, and the current leader Mmusi Maimane continues to forge together the intensity of all peoples in South Africa.

The DA has exposed corruption over the past years by alerting the government to the arms deal, the oil gate scandal. The Chancellor House deal with Hitachi Africa and many other shady deals have been brought into the light.

Investment in infrastructure to stimulate growth and dependable service delivery to communities is what the DA will deliver. Permanent jobs can be created if conditions of the government remain corrupt free and are face lifted to serve the community.

Investment in a strong government will ensure that job creation is maintained. Corruption according to the DA chases away investors and keeps people poor.

While governing the Western Cape for the last five years, there is a tremendous improvement with service deliveries and the proven record that the DA does deliver on the end of corruption and job creation. People speak of creating a better life for all, and the DA are actually delivering on their promise.

A quality education is essential, according to Zille and will create the opportunity to obtain a decent job and the proper governance practiced in the Western Cape will be spread to all the other provinces of South Africa.

It is a known fact that the African National Congress (ANC), the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and the South African Communist Party (SACP) all govern with communist ideology. While the DA and other minority parties within South Africa lean toward a capitalist strategy.

The urge toward a competent government remains the call for the people of the country. While the majority of people in South Africa remain uninformed of the facts between capitalism and socialism, the leaders of the political parties continue to manifest a perfect government if elected, and none have delivered. The DA party of South Africa stays committed to stamping out corruption.

Laura Oneale -  published South Africa Today – South Africa News

Municipal elections – focus on the ANC

The African National Party (ANC) are fervently campaigning to obtain as many votes as possible in the upcoming elections move into the final week. The ANC are in panic mode and have come to realize that the last 22 years of governing are finally showing signs of collapse. The last week of campaigning saw President Jacob Zuma criticize, demean and slander opposition parties. The ANC deems itself a force of national liberation but does not acknowledge the other political parties or the thousands of ordinary people who fought for freedom. 
The commitment of members is at an all-time low, and the ANC party has experienced a tremendous number of defectors. The dominant ruling party who gained more than two-thirds majority of votes in previous elections suffered a loss of three percent in the 2014 national election and a loss in the last municipal election held in 2011. The indication of another loss in this upcoming election is evident, based on the decline of good governance.

Corruption is the highest reason for the faithful members defecting to opposition parties or setting up their own political party. Many people who left the ANC support the claim that more could have been done for the citizens of South Africa. The inequality is a serious problem and the failure of providing essential services raised a concern. Many loyal members who were part of the ANC’s struggle for freedom are renouncing their support amidst the embarrassing scandals surrounding President Jacob Zuma. There are 783 charges of corruption against Zuma that may see the president have “his day in court.”

The ANC owe its victory to the tripartite alliance with the South African Communist Party (SACP) and the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU). Without the support of both the SACP and COSATU, the ANC would not have succumbed triumphantly. High-ranking members of both SACP and COSATU hold senior positions within the ANC and have an influence on party policy and dialogue.

A significant disadvantage for the ANC was the structure by Zuma of a much larger administration than his predecessors, Nelson Mandela, Thabo Mbeki and Kgalema Motlanthe. When Zuma took office, he was obliged to recompense the comrades who rescued him from prison. Thereby Zuma created rewarding positions in his cabinet, administration and state-controlled companies. This resulted in the Zuma management becoming too bulky.

The ANC rule is now severely being tested, and this upcoming election will determine how the mighty ANC is losing its powerful grip on the country.

Laura Oneale - published on  South Africa Today – South Africa News

Municipal elections 2016 – Focus on the EFF

Julius Malema leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) is the man of the moment. The man that can change South Africa and bring peace, stability, and economic growth. Malema claims that now is the time for economic freedom. 
The EFF is currently the third largest party in South Africa and secured 6.35 percent in the 2014 National election. August 3, 2016, municipal elections will be the first time the EFF will participate and remain confident of securing a definite victory. The EFF is a party inspired by the socialist tradition and motivated by the Marxist revolutionary military captain Sankara.

The EFF have always criticized the African National Congress (ANC) and the Democratic Alliance (DA) citing that both parties have sold out the black people of the country to capitalism as cheap labor.

Julius Malema said after twenty-two years of democracy, black people were not free and remained trapped in poverty. The living conditions have deteriorated, and conditions are unhealthy. He said black people do not own land, have no homes and live a terrible life. According to Malema, black workers are still paid slave wages and work in dangerous conditions in the mines, farms, and other workplaces.

Twenty-two years marked the struggle to survive for most black people, trapped in debt and no financial freedom. Essential services are not provided in a broad spectrum of areas, and some do not have water. The education system has failed; the fishing communities do not have access to fishing rights. Racial discrimination still exists in the professional sectors and is subject to unequal treatment.
Women and children are subject to violent crimes including rape. People with disabilities are worse off now than ever before. Most notable is the land reform issue that is lagging behind while black people have lost their dignity.

Malema marked all the wrongs currently experienced in the country by the black people. No mention of white or other ethnic groups sufferings or indifference were cited. He stated that the policy of the party was to create positive change for his people.

Most importantly is to gain control of the economy and change policies to benefit the people of South Africa. Malema said that the EFF’s program is revolutionary. He believes a socialist system it is the only feasible strategy that will stop the suffering of the people.

Probably the first fundamental change is the expropriation of land without compensation and distribution to the disadvantaged people. Following will be the nationalization of mines, banks and any other sector they may deem necessary, again without compensation. While abolishing government tenders and providing free education, healthcare, houses, and sanitation are another commitment from Malema.

The only mention of white South Africans by Malema was the unfairness of earning which according to him, remain about six times more than black people. Malema went on to mention the racial discrimination based on race, gender and origin remained widespread among professional people.
The EFF will protect Zimbabwe from imperialist threats and sanctions. Malema said the EFF would cut ties with Botswana because of the US-based military hub and push for high internal reforms within that country.

Malema has a plan, a radical plan, to rebuild South Africa into a communist country and give the people what they want. The EFF will bring about the changes by implementing the land reform issues without compensation and will continue to restructure the taxation of companies to benefit the poor.

Laura Oneale  - published on South Africa Today – South Africa News

Today you are going to die – Cape Town children torture dogs VIDEO

It is one of the most shocking animal abuse cases, eight children aged between seven and 17 years, from Manenberg, Cape Town torture a dog. The children tell the dog that “today is the day you are going to die” and force the puppy into a fight with a Pitbull. After being severely attacked by the pitbull, the defenseless dog tries to get away, but the children grab the dog and continue on the mission of torture. They hang the pup in a tree, and throw rocks at the dying dog. 
The autopsy findings show that the dog suffered numerous fractures to its body before death, injuries present in the skin of the head indicate puncture wounds caused by a large dog bite. The front rostral section of the skull was crushed with hemorrhaging into the sinus and navel cavities. The liver was damaged due to a blunt force, probably from kicking. Excess fluid in the lungs indicated that the dog was still alive when thrown into the water.

A case has been opened and a social worker has been appointed to investigate the cruelty.

Warning the video is not for sensitive viewers.

Laura Oneale - published on South Africa Today – South Africa News

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

White Squatters face a forced removal by ANC

Sixty impoverished Afrikaners in Lydenburg face a forced-removal from their squatter camp by the ruling African National Congress (ANC) next week. The Boere gemeenskap Transvaal’s Leon Cronjé warns that the local municipality has given them only one week to move the sixty poor white people to another site -and they have no transport nor any place to move them to. 
The regime has not offered any alternative accommodation for these families – even though the law requires that they do so. The families include the elderly and chronically-ill people. The ANC is undertaking these forced removals of poor-white people all across the country. “These white internal refugees now have no place to go to, no transport if they could find a new place to flee to. Please help them in their fight to survive. ”
Boere Gemeenskap Transvaal
NPO 162-012 email / 0736317914
Bank Details :
Boere Gemeenskap Transvaal
Business acc FNB
Acc No 62577687381 Swift Code Firnzajj
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Paypal account Boere Gemeenskap Transvaal
Adress: 15 Church street, 1725, Florida, Johannesburg Gauteng,
South Africa
Email: /
Cel :0736317914 Leon Cronjé
15 Church str Florida Johannesburg 1725
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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

57 children rescued in human trafficking drama – North West


Human trafficking is a global problem affecting the most marginalized and vulnerable populations. Most of the people who are being trafficked are used for various acts which includes, criminality, various forms of slavery (cheap/child labor, prostitution, etc.)
These members of the South African Police Service stationed in Boitekong North West Province were busy with their routine patrol duties when they stopped a suspicious truck driving at high speed in the early hours of Sunday, the 24th July 2016.

On investigation and during the search fifty seven (57) undocumented children aged between 11 and 21 years were found in the back of a delivery truck which is without windows. Eighteen (18) of these children are girls (females) while thirty nine (39) of them are boys (males). These children were transported by the three adult occupants including the driver who are Malawian nationals. These adults could not provide a satisfactory account on the status of all the children.

The driver and his two companions were arrested for human trafficking. Further probe has revealed that all children were also Malawian Nationals. An investigation is currently underway which involves authorities and law enforcement agencies including engagements with our counterparts in Malawi. The response and cooperation of the Embassy of Malawi in this regard is appreciated.

The members of the service are applauded for the arrest and apprehension of the three suspects thereby saving the children from being abused. The issues related to how these children were able to cross the borders of our country including how they were able to reach Rustenburg is a matter of serious concern. The outcome of the investigation in finding answers to all the related questions is thus eagerly awaited.

We will continue to crack down on the transnational criminal organizations / syndicates involved in the smuggling and exploitation of migrants. We are further calling on all the community members to rally behind the police in dealing with the scourge.

Members of the public are urged to be vigilant and report any suspicious behavior in regards to alleged human trafficking for Investigation to SAPS 10111. Human trafficking is a serious human right violation and the South African Police Service will ensure that it follows up on leads which will assist in reducing such incidences.

The suspects were processed and appeared briefly at the Rustenburg Regional Magistrates’ Court this morning of Tuesday, 26 July 2016. Their case is postponed to the 13th of September 2016, they are facing 57 counts of human trafficking. These three accused persons are remanded in custody until their next appearance before court.

Furthermore, the Child Care Act 38 of 2005 takes into account the best interest of the child. Section 152 of the same act gives authority to a police office and or social worker to remove the child and place them in a safe facility, if a child is in need of care and protection.

The 57 children are in compliance with the laws of our country accommodated at a place safety (Care Center) under the auspices of the Department of Social Development in the North West Province. These centers provide support and care in line with the Child Care Act. Though our thorough investigation and information gathering it can be confirmed that the children were transported for the sole purpose of human trafficking, and our team is working around the clock to get more information on the intended destination of the children.

The South African Police Service will continue to implement the laws of our country in pursuance of a safe and secure environment for all the people in South Africa.

We remain committed through our Back to Basics Approach to realize the vision envisaged by the National Development Plan where in 2030 women and children will be walking freely in the streets of our country.

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Protest in Kliptown Soweto – smell of poverty

Protest action in Kliptown taking place this morning. Chris Hani Road, between Elias Motswaledi and Klipspruit Road,and roads around Dlamani and Kliptown are affected. 
Protesters are blocking railway lines, trains cannot pass across.

Demonstrators are protesting over basic services, and mobile toilets overcrowding. Residents say the smell of poverty is overwhelming.

Motorists are urged to use alternative routes.

Kliptown residents often protest over service deliveries, and for years the demonstrators have voiced their anger at the ruling African National Congress (ANC) government for not delivering. Electricity, houses, essential services, and overcrowding in Kliptown are problems that have not been resolved.

Laura Oneale - published on  South Africa Today – South Africa News

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Zuma is desperate to avoid political defeat VIDEO

President Jacob Zuma called the Democratic Alliance (DA) “snakes,” during an election meeting in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality on Saturday, July 23rd. One has to admire the “intelligence” of Zuma, and how brilliantly he fools the uneducated, ignorant followers of the African National Congress (ANC). 
Zuma also said that the DA was the spawn of the apartheid National Party and the Progressive Party. It is called desperation and Zuma is anxious about the outcome of the election. Over the past weeks while campaigning Zuma has made some ridiculous statements “Only the ANC have liberated South Africa,” and the statement he made while in the Western Cape, “In China, the Chinese rule and in India, Indians are in power. It’s only here in SA that we allow others to govern”? We all know who Zuma is referring to, the DA and the white people who are members of that party, it’s stirring up racial tensions.

Zuma is nothing more than a pathetic leader who has failed dismally. It is no secret that the situation in South Africa has worsened since he became president. Education is disastrous; unemployment has soared and out of control, there is no service deliveries and crime is uncontrollable. Zuma will tell the ignorant ANC supporters that the ANC are the chosen party. Nothing more than a desperate act of trying to hang on to power and self-enrichment.

Zuma knows he is in trouble and so anxious to gain support in the upcoming local election. Zuma needs to stay in control; it is the only way he will stay out of prison, and when one is desperate, actions can turn nasty. Zuma cannot win supporters confidence with the truth about good governance, and the only way Zuma will get the votes is through instilling fear into the hearts of the masses. It is a sad fact that many ANC supporters are completely ignorant and believe the deceitful lips of a failed president.  WATCH THE VIDEO - HAVE A LAUGH - CLICK ON THE SAT LINK

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Police shooting – Johan Leibbrandt killed under mysterious circumstances

Former tour guide Johan Leibbrandt was shot and killed in Barberton by the police and the circumstances remain a mystery. The shooting occurred on Sunday, and the Lowfelder journalist Stefan de Villiers wrote on July 22 that three different versions are circulating surrounding the circumstances of his death. 
Leibbrandt lived with his mother in Pretoria, and after the death of his father about a year ago, looked after her as she suffered from Alzheimer. On the day of the fatal shooting, he went with his mother to visit friends in Barberton. The mother being a sufferer of Alzheimer was unable to tell the police what happened.

According to a police spokesman Brig. Selvy Mohlala three police officers, a woman, and two men, reacted to a complaint received of a break-in. The incident happened at the house of the Leibbrandt friends whom they were visiting. When the police arrived, both Leibbrandt and his mother were spotted next to the road, apparently waiting to report the break-in that has just occurred. The police offered to take them back to the police station, but Leibbrandt became anxious about his mother being placed in the back of a police van. The two police officers climbed into the back of the van and allowed both Leibbrandt and his mother to sit in the front of the vehicle.

According to police officer Mohlala, Leibbrandt assaulted the driver and tried to take away her firearm, and a shot went off, hitting Leibbrandt in the chest, killing him instantly. Mohlala could not explain to the Lowfelder journalist why they had taken both Leibbrandt and his mother in the police van, nor could an explanation be given why the two were standing next to the road.
The second version of the tragic incident comes from a female friend of the family and family members, who are trying to establish what happened and said that before Leibbrandt had died, she received and SMS in Afrikaans from him, stating that the police had kidnapped him. The family reported that the police officers tried to push both Leibbrandt and his mother into the police van and that Leibbrandt sought to resist.

The third version is from the gossipers in town. READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE - PUBLISHED ON
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Friday, July 22, 2016

Zuma wants to be a dictator for six months

Jacob Zuma, the all inclusive president of South Africa wants six months to do as he pleases, run the country as a dictator and put the country back on the right track. Zuma was addressing a group of primary school children in Tembisa. Zuma knows how to save South Africa. Now we are aware how desperate the president and the ANC are. So much for the democracy that was handed to the ANC 22 years ago that people forget to ask Zuma for his definition of democracy.
Zuma has been at the helm for eight years, and South Africa has turned into a “wrecking ball”, what on earth would the president do in six months. Of course giving Zuma six months would be like giving him free rein. Does the president believe the people are naïve and allow something so outrageous? Zuma said the freedom to take over would eliminate the collective, resolution decisions and petitions that are a lot of work. However, being free to turn the situation around would make it easier for the president to speed up progress. Accelerate the process of destroying the country, after all, the ANC seem to think that the Constitution is the cause of their failure, and that would be the first change Zuma would make.

Zuma elaborated on education and said it would be compulsory for all unemployed, and it would be more than compulsory, for anyone walking around the streets would be arrested. Another focus was unemployment; they would have to go back to school. Can you imagine all the 40-year-olds back at school? Zuma did say, that people cannot study religion because there were too many priests, rather people should explore plumbing.

Zuma handed out school bags and blankets to the school and told the youngsters not to believe that he was not educated. Zuma said he took a decision to educate himself after the death of his father.
Now we know that Zuma is educated and has a plan, but needs the people to allow the president to implement the dictatorship for six months. It is a joke, can an educated man, who proclaims that South Africa is a democratic country expect the people to allow such nonsense.

Laura Oneale - published on South Africa Today – South Africa News

Malema – white hobos have hot water

On an election trail in Limpopo Malema told his followers that democracy was at work in South Africa. Malema said that seeing white hobos proved that the democracy was working. As usual, Malama entertained the massive crowd when he recounted a conversation he had with a homeless white man in Polokwane.
Malema said he was jubilant when the homeless white man asked him for a hundred rand. He said democracy is at work here if white people ask for money. Malema went on to say that even if white people are hobos, they never forget that they are white. He said, the white people never compromise on their standards, and do not take anything less than what they think they deserve.

A serious Malema continued and said, “ you got a house, but your house is not anywhere close to where the white hobo is going to sleep. You are not a hobo, but you do not have water.” Malema went on to say “a white hobo says to me, there is where we sleep, there is warm water, but you do not have water. A white hobo will never sleep where there is no hot water; you are sleeping where there is no water at all.”

Malama is on the campaign trail ahead of the local government elections and continues to expand on the theme of calling for a dignified life for all black people. Malema wants free electricity and water for the poor among other essentials. Malema believes that the poor do not deserve less. Black is beautiful and not a curse, Malema told the crowd. Malema said that the people who died for freedom have continued to suffer after the end of apartheid and reminded the followers that they have the power to change the situation.

Laura Oneale - published on South Africa Today – South Africa News

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Dirty crime infested Diepsloot township governed by ANC – VIDEO

Diepsloot is overcrowded, and the situation worsens every day. So what have the African National Congress (ANC) government done in the last 22 years? When townships such as Diepsloot became home to thousands of people and deteriorat into inhuman living conditions, then there must be a problem. We all know what the problem is, the ANC government, who proclaim that they are the party that delivers, sets people free and the only party that can lead South Africa. It is a big fat lie!
Then we ask why do the people vote for the ANC when it is as clear as daylight that their lives are in a mess, that there is no freedom, no education, no homes, no electricity, no water, no medical services, no roads and so the lists goes on. The people vote for the ANC because they are conditioned, into believing the lies of the ANC. The people clap their hands, sing a song and experience a moment of joy when the ANC gives them a T-shirt, and a food parcel. The short-lived joy turns into desperation and despair, as the reality of life does not change. That is the problem, change; they do not know how to change their lives because they are kept under the spell of the ANC.

Diepsloot, a place of unemployment, filth, crime, mob-justice, overcrowding, health issues, drugs, kidnapping, human trafficking, xenophobia and infrastructure that is broken. A place that will never get attention, a place that will remain a crime infested hole for the ANC voters while the elite lives in luxury.

Watch the video, and remember this is only one of the thousands of townships (Squatter camps) around South Africa.
Laura Oneale - published on South Africa Today – South Africa News

If I don’t kill a Boer tonight, an Indian will do

It does not stop, all the hate speech targeted at the minority group. Hate speech that people can utter without facing consequences.

If I don't kill a Boer tonight, an Indian will do - Image Censorbugbear
If I don’t kill a Boer tonight, an Indian will do – Image Censorbugbear

Hate speech by ANC party organizer in South Africa. Thamsanqa Mthimkhulu, of Adams Mission, Cele, and KZN (using the twitter name @ Mtamerri) – reportedly wrote: “If I don’t kill a Boer tonight, an Indian will do.’
If I don't kill a Boer tonight, an Indian will do - Image Censorbugbear
If I don’t kill a Boer tonight, an Indian will do – Image Censorbugbear

His date of birth is 28 Aug 1988. Email: Thami — This page grab of this reported hate speech was taken on 28 May 2016. Adams Mission was built in 1836 by a U.S. missionary by that name. He previously also tweeted the illegal hate speech slogan, ‘Kill the Boer’ in 2012, in Zulu.
Published today on - South Africa Today – South Africa News

Water leaks and waste in Johannesburg ignored by ANC council

Welcome To the City of Joburg A World Class African City! – The opening sentence on the official website of the City of Johannesburg. How can the government call Johannesburg a world class city when there is nothing first class about the city? Granted there might be some areas that are well looked after, and maintained regularly but there are suburbs where the council does not even attend to problems. Suburbs that are progressing into slums, that are not maintained. 
South Africa experienced a severe drought last year, and water restrictions are implemented in several places around South Africa. Level two water restrictions were applied for Johannesburg last year, and there is always the reminder to use water sparingly. Kroonstad is severely affected; people do not even have drinking water. Farmers in the Northern Cape, North West, Free State and Western Cape are affected by the water crisis.

Kruis Street, Johannesburg, bordering Hillbrow, Prairie Street, Rosettenville, and Olifant Street, Oakdene all have water leaks, and there might be much more around the city. The leaks have not suddenly appeared; the water has been running down the streets for several weeks now. Numerous people have reported the problem weeks ago, and have repeatedly phoned, but nobody has bothered to check the status or repair the leaks.

Water leaks and waste in Johannesburg ignored by ANC council - Olifant Road Oakdene
Water leaks and waste in Johannesburg ignored by ANC council – Olifant Road Oakdene
In Kruis Street, the leak is so bad; that sewage is spilling out and running down the street. While people go about their daily lives, with no concern, walk around the running water and litter. In Olifant Road, the constant running water is causing potholes to form in the road. Prairie Street is no better than Kruis street; sewage is beginning to run down the street, with litter thrown down by pedestrians. These leaks are not from private properties and are from the pavements outside of houses.
 Laura Oneale - published today on South Africa Today 

R59 Meyerton protest flares up again

The protest on the R59 Meyerton area has gone violent. The South African Police are firing teargas and rubber bullets. Police are using corrugated iron as shields against the protesters. The protestors are violent and the police are being chased away.

R59 Meyerton protest flares up again
R59 Meyerton protest flares up again

Meyer Str southbound between R59 and Johan Le Roux Rd, traffic is heavily congested and motorists should seek alternative routes as traffic is being diverted.
There have been several protests in this area of the last few weeks, and it would seem that no matter how much the government try and quell the disruptive action, the people will not back down. Laura Oneale - published today on South Africa Today – South Africa News

This article refers to the protest happening now.  Yesterday we posted another article about the R59 protests, it seems that this area is under severe stress with protests flaring up all the time.
Here are the links to the previous few articles regarding protests in this area.

Protest in Meyerton Gauteng – UPDATE -published July 15

‘Zombies’ strike again R59 protest - published July 5

 Check out the posts, there are images of the protests.

Malema incites violence against farmers and praises idol Mugabe

Last night Julius Malema leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) remarked about how Zimbabweans are “better off” than their South African Counterparts. While addressing thousands of people in Limpopo Malema praised the way his mentor Robert Mugabe seized the land from white farmers. Malema admitted that although the economy was left in tatters, the people of Zimbabwe are free and potentially in a stronger position.
What Malema is doing is describing his hatred of white farmers. Last year during September 2015 Malema delivered a speech at a press club in Cape Town and sharply criticized the past attempts and failures of the African National Congress (ANC) on land reform.

At this meeting, Malema recited the song about how white people stole the land and said no compensation would be forthcoming. Malema told his audience that the White people did not pay for the land but committed black genocide and that the black people who survived the onslaught were transformed into slaves. Malema again told the white people to hand over the land.

In November last year The Pan-Africanists and Black Consciousness movement slated Malema and the ANC as selling out their people. In a statement, this group said Malema openly engaged leaders of the white agricultural sector in the Western Cape and had assured the whites that their interests in the land would be secured and intact.

At another meeting held at Oxford University, Malema referred to the Freedom Charter as the bible of the South African revolution and that there would be no deviation from that. At that meeting, Malema openly rejected the revolutionary process of land reform in Zimbabwe.
Since Malema is hoping to achieve a resounding success in the upcoming local elections to be held on August 3, his speeches are lacking consistency. By proclaiming the manner in which Zimbabwe seized the land is setting the stage for anarchy and inciting violence against South African Farmers.


There is a link on South Africa Today, referring to the entire speech by Malema on how Zimbabwe is better off than South Africa - Worth the read.

Monday, July 18, 2016

The ANC claim to be chosen by God, but it’s only desperation

Must the people of South Africa have sympathy for the African National Congress (ANC) ruling party who are desperate to win the local government elections? Women’s league deputy president Sisi Ntombela said that Danny Jordaan the mayoral candidate for the Nelson Mandela Bay was handpicked by God at a meeting in Port Elizabeth. 
Ntombela warned that if the Nelson Mandela Bay metro fell into the hands of the “enemy”, there would be suffering on a biblical scale. Bishop John Bolana spoke to the followers and said that “Nelson Mandela Bay metro would not be taken by opposition parties, thieves and deceivers.” The bishop had nothing good to say about opposition parties; they are the enemy, and the ANC would fight to retain the Nelson Mandela Bay metro, and told the people to heed the warning. The Bishop then told the crowd that they would experience the same hardships as the Israelite's experienced in Egypt. On closing, the meeting Ntombela said, “This place has Nelson Mandela’s name. And we will never give it to anyone else while we are still alive. The ANC shall rule, forever.”

It is desperation and an act of indoctrinating the minds of the ignorant masses, it is placing fear into the hearts of people who have no idea what the truth is. It is a shame that the ANC government who are charged with upholding the law are not acquainted with the law. How many officials in the ANC seek personal gain rather than trying to administer the law. There are some who know the law but are ignorant of the facts and ignore the need of the people. Responsibility and no concern to investigate the causes for which they are to uphold are not what the ANC do. It is wicked when the sacredness of the position of a leader is ignored. Many leaders love popularity and money rather than the truth. When leaders leave the path of righteousness and walk in the ways of darkness, then they will pay a hefty price.

Perhaps the ANC need to be reminded of what the word of God says about corrupt leaders.

They know not, neither will they understand; they walk on in darkness: all the foundations of the earth are out of course.
Psalms 82:5 KJV

But thou, O God, shalt bring them down into the pit of destruction: bloody and deceitful men shall not live out half their days…
Psalms 55:23 KJV

Laura Oneale - published on South Africa Today – South Africa News

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Let the city burn Johannesburg turns into a slum (VIDEO)

Once upon a time, South Africa had the ability to make nuclear weapons, had advanced medical technology and a country with beautiful, clean cities. Now everything is gone, after 22 years South Africa is turning into townships and slums. Johannesburg is a dirty, crime infested, overcrowded city that has been destroyed. 
South Africa is a lesson to the world that the “democratic” African National Government (ANC) cannot be trusted to run a prosperous, fair and technologically advancing society where people are safe. In the video, there is no evidence that the majority can run a modern advanced country, no matter how much time is given. The decay, misery, destruction are proof of the failing ANC government.

What remains is the ignorant followers of a corrupt government, rapists, criminals, murderers, who let the country burn. This is what happens when people do not care; this is what happens when a government decides to ignore the needs of the vast majority.

The video illustrates the collapse and physical destruction of Johannesburg, in the “new” South Africa. It is what the tourists never see; it is the reality of what a government allowed and a problem they continue to ignore.

Laura Oneale  - published on South Africa Today – South Africa News

#67 Minutes - kill 67 white people

'Sinazo Bambeni calls Publicly for Necklacing of House Negros and the systematic killing of Whites.'

I am thankful to my numerous followers for bringing to light the hate speech from black extremist groups in South Africa - thank you for defending me.

I am appalled at the 'Mmasekepe Matsebane's', and 'Sinazo Kwakhanya Bambeni's' of our current day South Africa, who simply because they are black, are allowed to spew hatred & vitriol completely unfettered by our government and constitutional court.

They are allowed to bully and threaten anyone who they deem is a threat to their ideology - even their own people.

Wake up South Africa - our battle is here and now!

As a black man with dreams for a free country where our rights are protected as citizens, I feel we are at a dangerous impasse where our bumbling government is silently sponsoring extremism as their support at the polls starts to wane... whether it is this year, next or five years from now, it is eminent!
We are on the brink of being run by a terrorist organization using terrorist techniques to secure the votes of our people

Menzi Solomon Shange
Published on South Africa Today