Friday, January 2, 2015

Dog Rape and Animal Abuse in South Africa

A few months ago an article exposing the despicable and indecent demeanor to dogs and animals in South Africa was posted. Many people have responded with similar stories of abuse. The score of stories told is heart-breaking, demoralizing and sometimes to sickening to share.

Eastern Cape – the shocking revelation, dogs, goats, donkeys and chickens were subject to bestiality by school children as young as five were. King Williams Town Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) have reported the incident to the South African Police and indicated that there is a sharp increase in animal abuse.

When the SPCA removes the abused animals, the perpetrators find other animals to abuse and so the continued inhuman behavior continues.

Social workers and SPCA employees labored with the children and families came to realize social problems of either using drugs, no adult supervision at homes or parents performing sexual acts in front of children caused the appalling behavioral patterns. Other issues of domestic violence and parents drunk or high affected the children and their behavioral patterns stem from insecure and unstable homes. Some of the children were removed and placed in foster care. An ongoing concern is that children who exploit abusive conduct toward animals can continue to display violence as they grow up.

Pietermaritzburg - Another incident of human violence harmed an African Grey parrot, when two people argued; the one pulled out a knife and stabbed the bird in its stomach. Then threw the bird onto the road, the bird was rescued by the SPCA. As a result, now has a permanent hole in its stomach causing continues bleeding problems and a twisted leg, as a consequence, from the hurl.

Kempton Park – A man in a foul mood took his frustrations out on the family pet, a Jack Russell, hit the dog with a broom, threw bricks and kicked the dog until it cried no more.

Pretoria – Different cultures have traditions that include animals in celebrations. Perhaps the way the animals are slaughtered raises a concern. On the side of the road, several people held onto a cow, which was slowly dehydrating and poked with a small knife to end its life. After several hours of torment, the cow dropped onto the ground and the people jumped on the animal to force the air from its body and started skinning the animal while still alive. Performing this act, in a public place without consideration for onlookers and quite happy to display their inhuman behavior.

In South Africa, the police do not always consider animal cruelty cases seriously. The SPCA bases this foundation on ignorance of understanding the law to protect animals.

The myth that a sexual encounter with an animal or a newborn human cures AIDS is just that a MYTH. Yet people remain ignorant to the fact that animals or children are the voiceless beings who deserve the best protection.

I love my dogs -

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 Animal abuse happens all around the world and this is a great story to read. A story of dog abuse and a happy ending.

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