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South Africa is a very hazardous placed to live in. 

Everything hinges on money, money, money and more money.
Gaddafi’s money had gone missing in South Africa. Was it the government?  
Everything points to those who joined the struggle in order not to be poor.

This is on record and everywhere one turns it is just about the money. The Zuma’s appear to be involved with everything happening in South Africa. The past failures and continuous troubles have led the general public to believe this, whether or not, it would seem so. When Max Du Preez, the journalist who is well known for writing about issues which whilst correct and right, is not always so palatable to the ruling corrupt.
In an attack on Du Preez, after he called “Zuma a one-man wrecking ball,” it is interesting to note that the attack was not led by Zuma himself but by the “Presidency.” Who is the Presidency? Is it the criminal element that had ensconced around Pres Zuma? It is the general appearance of how the government shifts.

Pres Zuma and his family are involved in everything, E-tolling, with the infamous GUPTA family, these are the same people who are involved via Zuma’s son Duduzane in any and all future nuclear energy projects. Is it true that Zuma is also participating in the Louisiana project of SASOL for the extraction of oil from shale? This project is also way over budget! There are many examples of where the Zuma’s and the Guptas are involved. Unfortunately, they are only succeeding in destroying South Africa!

Under the pathetic leadership, ESKOM has built two PowerStation’s, Medupi and Kusile. These PowerStation’s are way over budget and are indeed the most expensive PowerStation’s of this kind in the world. Yet, Pres Zuma takes to the world stage, as an ostensible leader, despite these absolute failures, there is nobody that can incriminate the president or take a strike at the disgraceful leadership. Zuma has the protection of the entire ANC party, besides other favored people. Undeniably, a “wrecking ball” it must be the ancestry magic that gives so much shelter.

Zuma appoints women to various positions and the laws are changed so that only the president can appoint or replace persons in these posts, irrespective of their qualifications or progress. A case in point is the appointment of Ellen Tshabala, the former Chairperson of the SABC. The local newspapers had put it so quaint- she was intimate with the President, i.e. she opened her legs for him! After being exposed as the fraud she was, at long last fell on her Okapi (a cheap French knife, favored in the townships). The current Chairperson at the SAA as well. Also, a woman who is close to Zuma.

What happened to democracy?

Where are the custodians of the Constitution? The Office of the Auditor General seems to be scraping around on the surface of what is going on. This is a body put into place under the Constitution of the RSA.   

This entity functions through consultants, which are appointed to do audits on their behalf. In the Military and Security sphere, it works via the Office of the Inspector General. Yet, again, nobody seems to want to find the correct answers. The Military and Security establishment appears to spin out of control under Pres Zuma.

The Secretary of Defense, Dr Sam Gulube has been appointed by Zuma. The Deputy Director General of Defense has been appointed by Zuma. Zwelakhe
Ntsepe at DENEL has been alleged is Zuma’s man who has to look after Zuma’s interests. In all of these instances, people are quick to tell you that they fear for their lives if they do not toe the line! Incredible! Yet in the last three weeks an employee in the Presidency was murdered who was allegedly involved in investigating certain irregularities!

The National Conventional Arms Control Committee (NCACC) is nothing else, but an organized criminal minded committee that is looking to steal. The Ministers who sits on this committee apparently have all been implicated one way or the other in illegalities. The Chairperson, Mr. Jeff Radebe, who actually wants to become the next President, had been involved in property irregularities at the City of Johannesburg Municipality. Involved in these transactions is a certain Zunaid Moti. In an expose done by Carte Blanche it was said by one of the culprits that Jeff Radebe was his partner in these irregularities. In this regard, the intrepid George Mazarakis, who was implicated in the illegal transfer of funds, ensured that these allegations were not aired. This is a typical example of how the press is controlled for the benefit of individual criminals.

Genl Sibiya, the Commander of the HAWKS in Gauteng, has been implicated in all these dealings. It is clear that he had failed to exercise his mandated responsibilities in this regard. Now he is suspended along with the Head of the HAWKS, Anwar Dramat. Both men had claimed in their defense that they had not been given a fair opportunity to state their case. While they had been at the forefront of actions against innocent peoples who have not been afforded any such opportunity and whose businesses certain criminals had set out to steal. In this regard, it must be pointed out that they were only but tools in the system, which was being abused. However, they are not brainless idiots, although sometimes one must wonder as they are earning massive salaries. They should, therefore, be able to stand up, state that when there is a travesty that it is so and rectify it. They did not do it. Pressing criminal charges against them is a waste of time, as they cannot even investigate the issues so glaringly in the news every day. Is it because there is too much foreign influence?

Take the case of Genl Mark Hankel. He was directly involved in the rendering of people. He is also allegedly the architect of the “Boeremag “issues. The state resources had apparently been abused in order to entrap people who should have packed their bags and absconded. The Courts, the Justice system, everything in the state had been abused in order to create jobs at astronomical salaries for this group of villains.

Spy satellites, listening devices and programs, due to the nature thereof, remain very difficult to prove that it is actually happening. However, these gangsters are using the state’s resources to intercept business communications and to target entities and people. Due to the fact that these operations are of a technological magnitude, any allegations of this being effected without a court order are denied. Some of the sources reporting in this had actually confirmed that they had been present when these systems had been operational!

It is clear that President Zuma is targeted as the source of all evil. This is indeed very unfair, although the networks surrounding him had been feeding of his shenanigans and actually become a bigger threat than Zuma himself. Zuma is clearly very perturbed by the fact that at the time of his departure as President, he and his villainous clan will be prosecuted – in his case more than 700 charges of fraud and counting! Why should he not be prosecuted at the International Criminal Court (ICC) IRO of the disappearance of the Gaddafi moneys? How much? More than USD 700 billion, i.e. 700 000 000 000.00! More than a trillion dollars? Over a period, it could be much, much more. Then Thabo Mbeki, the MI6 spy, must also be charged. Who else? The bulk of the ANC? It is not the RSA government, it is the ANC, all those who had trained at the London School of Economics. In addition, how attractive that they later on had become one or other licensee at the University de Montfort. The answers to the issue of the Gaddafi moneys lie most definitely in this realm.

Whilst the British are indeed the most involved in all these issue, one must not forget that the French is also
somewhere involved. It was the former French President, Sarkouzy, who pushed for the death of Gaddafi. Is it true that there is a video with a French Arms Dealer showing Gaddafi shagging Sarkouzy’s first wife?  

Thabo Mbeki is alleged to be involved with ARIVA, the French nuclear company.  
This is also allegedly the background to the death of January Masilela in respect of a deal that went sour in the Central African Republique re nuclear concessions and moneys which had gone missing. 

This week we had seen the killing of 12 people in Paris, France by allegedly Al Qaeda operatives. This is indeed a very dangerous precedent. What will happen in the rest of the European capitals? One aspect that stands out and that is the fact that one should show respect for religion. In this regard, tragically, the French have not demonstrated such. Not only for Islam, but also for Christianity.

Radicalism will always latch onto this type of excuse in order to sow their brand of hatred and violence. Therefore, not only must the fight be against such, but also against those who lack the respect so due!
The world calls the killers TERRORISTS, and when the ANC under the leadership of Nelson Mandela exercised savage attacks against innocent people of South Africa, the world called them FREEDOM FIGHTERS.

The networks causing South Africa to be such a failed state will be exposed in the next article.

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