Sunday, February 28, 2016

50 Murders a Day in South Africa

South Africa has a high crime rate, and recently, statistics showed that an average of 50 murders a day happen throughout the land. Besides the killings, there are 50 motor vehicle accidents and 20 suicides every day. In South Africa, there is a group of rebel criminals who have more power than the ordinary citizens. Weapons are readily available, despite the fact that there are strict gun controls set by the government. However, this does not deter the criminal element from obtaining guns and other weapons to commit crimes in the most heinous manner.

The murders of the farmers are the most horrific crimes committed and the perpetrators have no sympathy for their victims. Often, the torture of farmers is carried out in a brazen, sadistic manner causing suffering before ending the life of the innocent person. It seems as though the killers gain pleasure in performing acts of merciless torture, especially towards farmers.

On Feb. 26, 2016, another senseless murder was committed on a small holding in the Westonaria region. A 73-year-old pensioner was stabbed 12 times in the abdomen and chest by two male attackers. The perpetrators were caught by the farming community and remain in police custody, for now. The deceased was killed for a few clothing items, cell phone, and a firearm.

While crime remains rampant on the streets, the prisons have to deal with inmates stabbing and killing each other. Also, guards are being harmed while trying to stop the futile fighting. Prisoners have guards or visitors smuggle in knives, sharp objects, drugs, and cell phones, with the intention of creating gangsterism inside. Recently, a raid in the Boksburg prison, while inmates were sleeping, found over 27 cell phones, hundreds of weapons, and drugs. All contraband was confiscated.

It might be commendable that the Department of Correctional Services initiated such action but this is only one prison. There are hundreds of prisons that have similar problems, and at times, it is the guards who assist with smuggling in weapons. Until corruption is wiped out, inmates will continuously have access to weapons, cell phones, and drugs, so murders will continue inside the prison walls.

There are times when the criminals have more rights than law-abiding citizens and the government is not doing enough to combat this. Crime increases daily, and with the prisons in South Africa experiencing overcrowding, there is no other alternative but to grant bail to far too many of the accused. While the corruption continues to invade the prisons, inmates will continue their crimes from within the high walls. Until the system changes, 50 murders a day will continue throughout South Africa.

South Africans are afraid and most avoid open spaces, such as parks and public transport. Many crimes are not reported because people believe the police will not do anything about certain offenses. Reports indicate that 47 percent of South Africans believe both violent and non-violent crime has increased during the 2011 – 2014 survey period. Furthermore, 27 percent of respondents are of the belief that not much has changed.

The civil rights organization, AfriForum, approached the courts in an attempt to force police to release the data on farm murders from 1990 to 2015. In 2007, the government announced it would not collect any statistics on farm murders. However, former Police Commissioner Ria Phiyega mentioned that farm murder numbers were kept for operational reasons. The police believe that there is a drastic decline in farm murders, however, Afriforum, who also collects data on these horrific crimes, reported that 316 farm murders were committed in the last five years. AfriForum contends it is important to monitor the killings and safety of farmers, and rightly so, as the security of food for the country is at stake.


No Comments Please

We are closed to comments from listeners until after the municipal elections. The state-owned South African Broad Casting (SABC)  and linked radio shows have issued a statement informing the public that there will be comments from the public. 

Another African National Congress (ANC) tactic to stop opposition parties and their followers from bad-mouthing the ruling party. The ANC do not want constructive criticism, and it might hurt their reputation as the party with the GOOD NEWS STORY. 

What happened to free speech.  It is a blatant abuse of power; the ANC will use the media and radio to promote their lies and hide their failures.  The uneducated masses, who do not have access to the internet rely on radio stations and television to report on current affairs. It is these masses that usually vote for the ruling party, and they will continue to do so until the situation changes or so one hopes.

Of course, the millions who drive on the highways for hours daily, use this network to comment on a topic will probably be disappointed.  Thankfully, there are millions of people who have the use of social media and can utilise this platform to read between the lines and post comments. I guess not even the ANC can stop it all.
SABC bans listeners calling in to shows to stop complaints about ANC: report

Zuma There is No Money to Spend

During the recent budget, the Minister of Finance said “South Africa does not have money to spend” and did this bother President Jacob Zuma and his cohort of minions. Not at all, money will always be available for the president and nicking the country of all its assets is a game plan the African National Congress (ANC)  have perfected. It is nothing new that billions have been lost through sleazy deals, tender fraud, corruption and personal security. Money is the G-d of the corruptible government and the more devious the whoppers become.
Another dirty tactic by claiming that Zuma’s jet was stuck in Burundi due to technical problems. It is all a brainwashing lie! The looters want Zuma to have a new ZAR 4 billion new jet. South Africans must wake up; this is kleptocracy and the ANC have no intention of stopping the looting.

The President will squander money the country does not have on a jet loaded with luxury.
 And in the meantime, the majority of South Africans will live like this.


Jacob Zuma’s new R4-billion presidential jet back on, after old plane breaks down
The South African National Defence Force says President Jacob Zuma requires a new jet urgently as the current plane “is compromising his safety and it is embarrassing”.
The South African National Defence Force says President Jacob Zuma requires a new jet urgently as the current plane “is compromising his safety and it is embarrassing”.
This is according to The Sunday Times, after Zuma was unable to leave Burundi on Friday when the presidential Boeing, Inkwazi, developed technical problems.
The president was mediating in peace talks in the war-torn country.
The SANDF said it chartered a plane to Bujumbura from Waterkloof Air Force Base in the early hours of yesterday morning to fetch the president who returned home on Saturday, but only after deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa was forced to step in for Zuma on several local engagements.
Inkwazi was also grounded on a trip to Moscow last year, following mechanical difficulties.
The City Press reported in November that an acquisition process by Armscor aimed at providing president Jacob Zuma with a new VIP jet could cost up to R4 billion.
According to the report, the specifications for the jet include a “private bedroom suite, a bathroom, and a conference room for eight people”.
“The aircraft must be able to carry at least 30 passengers and have a range of 13,800km,” stated the report.
According to the report’s findings, there are only a handful of planes that match the tender’s requirements:
  • A basic Boeing 777 which costs about R3.9 billion
  • The Boeing 787 which costs about R3.1 billion
  • The Airbus which A330 costs about R3 billion
  • The Airbus A340 which costs about R3.1 billion
The defence force and Armscor rubbished the price tag, though, while Zuma said that South Africans have a tendency of sensationalising issues.
SANDF spokesman Simphiwe Dlamini said of the presidential plane: “This plane is compromising his safety and it is embarrassing.”
“We need it like yesterday. Not even tomorrow. It is very critical. This is not an isolated incident,” said Dlamini.
He said the outcry over the procurement of a new presidential jet was unwarranted. “It is not even for the president, it is for the state.”

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Afrikaans People remain a threat to the Majority

As I said, it is not all South Africans that want destruction, civil war, and calamity, it’s a few, perhaps a million or so that continue to indoctrinate others into believing they have the answers. As long as we have the troublemakers, peace will never be achieved. 
 However, there are millions of people who are annoyed, want change and the right to live in peace and it is these people that try to maintain order but most are programmed into believing the drivel preached by political parties. It is the millions who remain gullible and keep the wrong party in power. We all know how the ruling African National Congress (ANC) have lost the way and are clinging to power with empty promises, it's nothing new. 

Racism is used as a tool to incite violence. As long as there are people who can spread malicious rumors, and take the law into their own hands South Africa will never find harmony. Taunting, protesting and rioting is the new flavor of the day. I would like to know who instigates these demonstrations.  It is big business for media when buildings are burnt, fights flare up between different racial groups and damages occur. Is this entire racial episode a tactic to cover up the real problems South Africa is facing? Political parties are present at most of these incidents and I wonder if they stir up tensions. 

Sometimes the hatred expressed among racial groups is frightening. We all know that the minority group remains the target of most attacks. The fall of apartheid was not sufficient to appease the majority and today most believe that the white minority are still in control. Of course, it is utter rubbish, considering that there are approximately 3 million whites left in South Africa. We all know that the affirmative action and Black Economic Empowerment legislation have caused more poverty and unemployment among the few million whites. In the last few years, there are more than 200 white squatter camps that have been erected around the country by the few caring people to assist and house these unfortunate people who lost their jobs, their homes, and their dignity. 

The failure of the government to provide for the 50 million or so is not the problem or cause of the few white people yet the protesters need a scapegoat and the whites are the target. From the killing of white farmers and burning of statues the racial conflict continues. The land factor remains a delicate situation and political parties play on the sentiment of potential voters by promising to take back the land. Of course, this is a problem for both government and investors and it will be interesting to follow the developments of the land expropriation. Now it is the English and Afrikaans language that the majority find offensive. The protesters are calling for the abolishment of both languages and if they get this right, I wonder what they will call for next.

The amusing part of how determined some protesters remain is the publishing of ways to get rid of white people. Recently on Social Media, an Economic Freedom Fighter (EFF) member gave instructions on how to create a terrorist bomb to use against Afrikaans people. It is shocking that no action is taken against this person and it is the element of hatred that runs so deep that causes people to retaliate. 
Oh, South Africa, will your blue skies shine for all once again, or will the gray clouds keep the land in darkness. Will the rich fertile land be turned into a barren waste and will your people starve when there are no more farmers to feed the nation? South Africa, will the people ever be able to roam the streets without fear? Will the people be able to swim in the oceans and smile again? Will the borders be protected and crime crushed? Will the government lead by example and set the land free. Oh, South Africa, you are indeed a land of misery.