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South Africa Living in Cuckoo Land - Part 10

Part 10 - the continued story about cuckoo land
In February 2014, Pres Zuma awarded medals to the soldiers who were in CAR as well as to the families of those so killed. A highly controversial award was also made on the day. The Major who deserted his post in the fighting and crawled up under a tree to cry was awarded a medal. The troops of the units that were in Bangui on that day are terribly upset and have threatened to return their medals.

However, it’s the same Maphiyanwha and Smit who instigated a fire storm against Erasmus and Company. In this regard, their pitiful soldiering leaves much to desire and can only make them a laughing stock of the world. This despite SA Special Forces being populated with many brave soldiers who have already done more than their share. It is the same Maphiyanwha who have lost three laptops with all the sensitive information of the Special Forces on it. Yet, no charges had been brought against the drunken lout! The question to ask is whom he sold it to.

Maphiyanwha and Smit had set out to tarnish Erasmus and company as Boeremag, an issue Erasmus and co did not take kindly to. This was an old tactic employed by these two despicable louts. Thereafter they roped in Armscor who had been shown up by Erasmus and co, who fabricated stories and sold it to their comrades at SARS in order to destroy Erasmus and co. Upon turning to the courts, Erasmus found that the courts were bending backwards in order to satisfy the criminal behavior of these persons. Upon further delving into these situations, Erasmus and co found that the remnants of the CCB (Civil Cooperation Bureau) were behind all of this.

In creating bogus threats, it would seem as if these scoundrels would be protecting the country from threats inside the borders. In particular, the threats emanate from these people. By creating these fake threats, they only succeeded in casting the nets in the wrong direction and leaving the country vulnerable. To what one may ask? Whatever one might see in one’s own nightmares would be a reasonable reply.

The GCHQ template has been used with proper aplomb by these criminals in the employ of the State here in the RSA. At the SSA, one Herman Crause was identified as being one of the main instigators of the so called Boeremag threat. In this regard, a certain Genl Hankel in the SAPS had been identified as an MI6 agent, the handler of Thabo Mbeki when he was President. He has surrounded himself with electronic systems, the best and the latest available. As to whether these devices have been deployed within, the ambit of the legislation is a question that still has to be answered. It also makes sense as to how, and why the GCHQ templates would emerge against innocent persons in the RSA, as an MI6 agent Genl Hankel would surely have access to such systems emanating from within the British Intelligence community.

Instead of deploying such against the enemies of the RSA, it has been deployed in order to steal business.

On 14 March 2012, all the weapons brought into the RSA for demonstration and testing purposes, stored in SASF bunkers under a valid contract was confiscated by the Hawks. Maphiyanwha was the driving force in this regard. As has been seen earlier, he has a lot to answer for. Until today, none of the allegations raised against Erasmus and co could have been proven, as there never was any veracity thereto.

On 4 December 2012, the houses of Erasmus and his co-directors were raided as well as the offices of NGAM. In this regard, the affidavits of Vanessa Du Toit, the Director for the compliance at the NCACC were used for the warrants. Again, no allegations could be substantiated against Erasmus and co. However, their business was crippled and the dark forces in play had set out to destroy them. Members of Defense Intelligence and Crime Intelligence had set out to destroy their business. Their computers and documents were carted off. Their business contacts had been contacted by these people. All in keeping with the GCHQ template!
If ever there was a case of unbridled theft by abusing the law, then this is it. It goes further, Armscor called a new tender for East Bloc weapons, which closed on 14 January 2014. Erasmus had made it clear to Armscor in a letter that he holds the representation for quite a time. However, one Eytan Nevo who works for Bidvest and represents a company called ATL-SA, entered into a contract with Armscor for the supply of these weapons despite there being a Joint Venture agreement with NGAM that is of an open ended nature. In this regard, a delegation had visited Bulgaria in March in order to inspect the weapons. This despite Nevo informing Erasmus that there would be no dealings with Armscor. Erasmus is also aware that Nevo has been throughout in contact with Maphiyanwha.

What a cesspool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



South Africa Living in Cuckoo Land - Part 9

Before continuing with the story PART 9, it is important to share the following information :
Thanks to Edward Snowden the whole world knows what’s been happening at the National Security Agency (NSA) in America. The interception and the targeting of organisations and individuals etc.

In February 2014, The Intercept and NBC News released several GCHQ documents detailing the agency’s propaganda and deception tactics.

"The Doughnut", the headquarters of the GCHQ.
The Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) is a British intelligence agency responsible for providing signals intelligence (SIGINT) and information assurance to the British government and armed forces. Based in "The Doughnut", in the suburbs of Cheltenham, it operates under the formal direction of the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC) alongside the Security Service (MI5), the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) and Defense Intelligence (DI). GCHQ is the responsibility of the UK Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, but it is not a part of the Foreign Office and its Director ranks as a Permanent Secretary.
GCHQ was originally established after the First World War as the Government Code and Cypher School (GC&CS) and was known under that name until 1946. During the Second World War, it was located at Bletchley Park, where it was famed for its role in the breaking of the German Enigma codes. Currently there are two main components of the GCHQ, the Composite Signals Organization (CSO), which is responsible for gathering information, and the CESG, which is responsible for securing the UK's own communications. The Joint Technical Language Service (JTLS) is a small department and cross-government resource responsible for mainly technical language support and translation and interpreting services across government departments. It is co-located with GCHQ for administrative purposes.

The following is fascinating to note from these published documents.

The first document deals with the covert tactics to discredit a target, which are as follows:
• Set up a honey-trap
• Change their photos on social networking sites
• Write a blog purporting to be one of their victims
• Email/text their colleagues, neighbors, friends etc.
The second document deals with the following in order to discredit a company:
• Leak confidential information to companies/the press via blogs etc.
• Post negative information on appropriate forums
• Stop deals / ruin business relationships

The above information is credited to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Doughnut



In this regard, a South African Company, NGAM and its directors had fallen foul of these tactics employed against them by inter alia the South African State Security Agency (SSA), The Defense Intelligence of the SANDF, SARS (The Revenue Service) , The NCACC (The National Conventional Arms Control Committee), The HAWKS, a specialized investigation unit of the SAPS, etc.

All of these agencies so mentioned are staffed by people who have no idea what they are doing, except to promote evil and to turn the RSA into a deadly cesspool. The Company’s Johan Erasmus and his co- directors had won a tender to supply East Block weapons to SA Special Force via Armscor, the State procurement company notorious for leading discrepancies. After winning the contract, they experienced unprecedented disruption pertaining to the delivery of this contract. Even until today they have been short paid by Armscor, for a small business this represents a death knell!

Due to the sabotage from Armscor’s side and massive breaches of contract, the damages could exceed much more than a billion rand! Erasmus and company delivered. Not only were they short paid by Armscor, Armscor had also failed to pay the import duties on some of the weapons which led to the SA Forces in the Central African Republic (CAR) being outgunned. Armscor was also the creators of a brand new alphabet, the latest delivery as per the Letter of Credit was stated as 30 November 2011. Erasmus and company had delivered the second plane’s cargo on 31 October 2011. A month early! However, Armscor raised penalties for late delivery. After showing to Armscor that November comes after October and not vice versa, Armscor waived the penalties but still insist that such penalties are due.

Not only is Armscor part and parcel of failure as to what happened in the CAR where the South Africans had lost 15 troops, but the officials involved in these weapons being held under SARS control for not paying the moneys due to SARS, should be charged with culpable homicide. Erasmus had written as such to the President, Mr. Jacob Zuma, but nothing seems to have happened.

Prior to elaborating on the experiences of Erasmus and NGAM as per the GCHQ strategy documents. The charge against Erasmus and Company was led by the Military Police’s AB Chavenduka under the guidance of Col DBT Smit from SA Special Forces. Smit is the senior staff officer research and has been promoted way above his competencies. When Smit and Brig Genl Rudzani Maphiyanwha, the Officer Commanding SA Special Forces they set a train in motion based on the principles as encapsulated in the GCHQ documents.
Brig Genl Maphiyanwha is the very same person who has been posted as a political command to SA Special Forces. In effect, he is actually a lovely person although extremely corrupt! The allegations are that during March of this year he had a delegation visiting SA Special Forces from China. One of the places he wanted to show them is the Urban Fighting Centre, known as the Killing House- an impressive hub located at SA Special Forces School.
During this period, Pretoria experienced a lot of rain, at an unusually high rate and the rivers were bursting their banks. En route, they had to cross a river to the killing house. The delegation climbed into a Caspir APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) and set off to the killing house. In this process, they had to cross a river that was already running high over its banks. On the instruction of Maphiyanwha, the driver set off and continued onto a steel bridge over the river. At this, the Caspir was flooded with Chinese visitors taking their clothes off and swimming out. Maphiyanwha could not swim and climbed onto the roof of the Caspir from where he was rescued by helicopter and hospitalized for trauma! The photo shows the Caspir caught in the river’s overflow with just its roof sticking out. Would it not have been cheaper to have left Maphiyanwha there until the river subsided and he could walk out? This is the description on leadership prevalent in the SANDF today.

Another telling point is that in CAR, the Intelligence officer from SSA and the DI (Defense) had been sitting tailoring their reports on the veranda of the Hotel in Bangui, the Capital of CAR. According to their reports as it had been alleged, they concluded that the Seleka rebels were a ragtag bunch armed with AK – 47’s and wooden clubs. In fact, the Seleka’s were joined by Chadian Special Forces and had quite a number of “technicals” in their possession. Technicals are light trucks, and in this case, they were armored with twin barrel ZU 23x152 mm guns. Formidable weapons and certainly not wooden clubs!

It was also alleged that when the commander on the ground requested Artillery, Mortar bombs and other equipment, that it was refused based on the fact of the intelligence reports provided by the drinking brothers in Bangui. The result thereof is that some 15 SANDF soldiers died as no indirect fire could be brought to bear by the mortars and the artillery as there was none. This would have prevented in all likelihood the unnecessary deaths of the SANDF soldiers. If the Selekea commander did not stop, the fighting over 200 South African soldiers would have been slaughtered. What was the South Africans doing there? This question has not yet been answered although the returning soldiers all had to sign confidentiality documents as to their stay in CAR. It would not be amiss to all that CAR had to protect private business investment. In this regard, the apparent elimination of January Masilela, a former Secretary of Defense, relating to a bungled deal of uranium deposits could jolly well be an indication of what’s been going on.

This story will continue in Part 10.

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South Africa Living in Cuckoo Land - Part 8


A question needs to be asked as to why the Libyan government had not taken any action in order to ascertain as to what moneys had ever come to South Africa and as to where it is now?

Anything and everything in the RSA is about money. Apartheid was about money, the ANC’s struggle was about money as so eloquently put by one Smuts Ngonyama at the time when he was to garner R 120 million by way of a dubious transaction – “I did not join the struggle to be poor”. Very telling.

Indeed the principle followed today in the RSA coincides to a T with the Marxist ideology as can be seen in their failed attempts at taking over Chile and Turkey. South Africa is being marshalled into a Marxist state by a nomenclature which makes the Old Russian power of Brezhnev ET all look like a kindergarten. Even Pres Putin had to learn that for these so called leaders in the RSA, a contract means nothing. The building and the financing of nuclear reactors for the RSA had come apart due to the alleged leadership not honouring their contractual undertakings. These are the people who want to be the leaders in Africa. Smell the cess-pool!! The building of a power station, Medupi, at twice the rate of anywhere else in the world – what is wrong with this picture? ESCOM, the power utility running out of capacity! What is wrong with this picture? Newly rich – some 50 000 of them in USD terms being millionaires. In a 20 years time – bottom feeders?

RW Johnson, a former journalist makes the point in an open letter to Ronnie Kasrils as to when he found out that the ruling party, the ANC is corrupt. The fact is that the previous president, Thabo Mbeki due to his denials pertaining to Aids had cost the country the lives of 360 000 people! Yet, nobody brings charges against him for crimes against humanity! It was President Zuma who rolled out ARV’s at no cost, the same person who is blamed for the corruption. As Johnson states, did people not realize that the ANC is corrupt? As a matter of fact after the elections in 1994 which brought the ANC to power in the RSA, the members of the French Communist party which were in the RSA as observers, were so disgusted with the pilfering and blatant theft by members of the ANC of donor funds that they left South Africa remarkably quickly. President Mandela declared it struggle accounting!

The only difference today is that it seems to have snowballed. Today one sees that Julius Malema from the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have been implicated in
questionable state tenders. The RSA Constitutional Court had in the last month given judgment in a matter of Tender Irregularities pertaining to the payment of allowances to the poor on behalf of the State.

When 1.6 million taxpayers bear the burden of the 17 million beneficiaries for these allowances, it becomes clear that the country is heading for a major problem. With the problems affecting the world economy, this must surely sooner rather than later impact on the country.

Max Du Preez in his latest book “A Rumor of spring” addresses the “selfish and corrupt ANC.” In the current environment, it makes sense. However, what about the National Party (NP), what about the governments under Mandela and Mbeki? The question is, to what extent are the wrongs of Zuma but a splinter in everybody’s eye? This does not mean that one should have to accept it, be content therewith. However, the role of the Intelligence Agencies under Zuma is actually a mighty worrisome issue.
In the matter of the Boeremag trial, some sixteen white police officers were implicated as training and providing these people with the explosives eventually used. Even the professed key witness in this case was paid R 6, 6 million in cash it has been alleged. It is abundantly clear that the police service and the intelligence agencies are seriously compromised and are creating issues in order to show results. How many of the alleged drug busts were actually created by the police service? All of this to create a diversion and to re-focus the governments’ attention to somewhere else. For what rhyme or reason?
The intelligence services dominate the press. The people who preach about the freedom of the press are targeted by every notorious intelligence service that is a reality at any given time. However, in South Africa they are being played by the intelligence services. Defense Intelligence, the State Security Agency etc, they are all in cahoots with journalists such as Erica Gibson, Jacques Pauw, George Mazarakis etc. The bulk of the black journalists are continuously in contact with intelligence services despite their denial thereto. People have no idea as what is going on in the RSA, the fact that the Intelligence Agencies are being used to steal for their bosses. During the apartheid days, some of them were running syndicates of stolen motor vehicles through the neighboring countries. Today they are stealing businesses, as before, the reference to the Tollgate saga and the Pinnacle Property history. The same people, repeatedly.
The Mail & Guardian carried articles over a couple of weeks of the role being played by the intelligence agencies in assisting the leading players in the tobacco industry to establish their position. Whilst there are indeed bona fide issues pertaining to smuggled cigarettes whereby the State had been losing massive amounts of taxes, this does not mean that these intelligence agencies should be in the employ of these companies. Yet, this is exactly what happens according to these articles.
Images of Sherwood Forest and the king’s evil men are conjured up!
In this whole issue, the role of the SA Revenue Services (SARS) is also spotlighted. The feeling amongst South Africans is that SARS is nothing else but a bunch of jackbooted Gestapo’s as their actions seem to be a duplicate of the Gestapo playbook. It has also been a feature in the legal profession that whence one takes on the State that SARS will follow. In this regard, they will exploit the existing legislation, which is of a draconian nature. Many people have had experiences whereby moneys are taken from their accounts based on moneys due, which generally end up actually as being a pre advancement of the state. It takes ages to recover one’s own money.
SARS are being used as a tool of victimization by the officials in the more than 800 parastatals in South Africa. In this regard, one Johan Erasmus and NGAM (New Generation Arms Management) became such a victim. Instead of paying, the more than R 1, 9 million owing and due to NGAM, SARS and Armscor conspired to raise massive fictitious amounts in taxes on both of them and to treat anybody in the vicinity with the same brush. SARS had been declaring certain collections during the year, but it would seem as if this could be fabricated in most cases. This in a country where one, 6 million taxpayers are carrying the burden for 17 million beneficiaries. Thus, if there is a false declaration, the effect thereof would be that less money is actually available to be spent by the State. This plus the ongoing over spending and massive corruption is certainly at the heart of the fact that the debt of the State is starting to exceed 30% of GDP (gross domestic product).

Erasmus is also a registered debt collector, who has moved away from this in the current years. Until 2009,, he was involved in the collection of Regional Council Levies (RSC Levies), under Act 109 of 1985. The payment of these levies was repudiated by the then Min of Finance, Mr. Trevor Manuel. The most intriguing was that the Act was not repealed, only the payment of the levies were repealed, a exceedingly strange situation. By 2008, the RSC levy income throughout the country was standing in excess of R 8,8billion, a much unencumbered income for the Municipalities. The shortfall of these levies was to be made up by additional payments from SARS according to certain formulas. However, the non-payment of these levies was and still is a criminal offence.
The fact that the Act has not been repealed means that the violation still stands, even if it should be repealed now. At the time, Erasmus according to the regulations in this issue pointed out that different powerful entities owed millions to the City of Tshwane, the Municipality in the Greater Pretoria. Amongst those so identified was the National Treasury, on their investment income, according to Erasmus. Also implicated was SANRAL (The SA National Roads Agency), also on their investment income. All these calculations could be made based on public information. The City of Tshwane lost just in these two matters at this time more than R 200 million, more than 10% of the municipality is operating budget. SARS and the National Treasury both fall under the Ministry of Finance- is it coincidental that SARS cloaks itself it the mantle of the Gestapo and sets of after Erasmus? Erasmus and the company he was working for at this point lost 15% on the amounts due as it was never paid. Yet, SANRAL is the same dubious entity who wants to prosecute everyone for the non – payment of E-Toll levies, which according to all information is clouded in a great controversy. The foreign shareholders in the company appointed to collect the e-tolls; Kapsch International apparently belongs to the Gupta family, a dubious band from Indian ancestry who started out from a shoe shop until they met Pres Jacob Zuma.
Erasmus quite obviously has tried every possible and difficult method to rectify this issue out. The CEO of SANRAL. M Nazir Ali is the same person who apparently said to Devi Sankaree Govender from Carte Blanche when she was interviewing him that she should “give a brother a break.” Erasmus had referred this to Themba Godie, the Chairperson in Parliament of the Standing Committee on Public Accounts (SCOPA.) After a meeting between Godie and SARS, the issue of the unpaid levies was swept of the table. What happened there? Was there a deal struck between SARS and Godie?

However, Erasmus has lodged criminal charges with the SAPS (Police). All to no avail. Nevertheless, SANRAL insists on e-tolls being paid and threatens all and mixed with legal action. It is a fact in law that one cannot approach a court of law with dirty hands. This point seems to elude all and sundry!

To be continued............
Every picture has a story to tell. Perhaps one day we will tell all the stories..

South Africa Living in Cuckoo Land - Part 7

South Africa has always been known as a country which punched far above its weight.
Such a miserable country which produced heroes in the World Wars, International acclaim in the Arts, Medicines, IT etc.

What’s gone wrong? Father Stofile, a Previous premier of the Eastern Cape claimed that if the USA had too much to say about the athlete Castor Semenya at the time that it would lead to a Third World War. How bloody stupid you can be. This refrain is one which will be highlighted throughout. Indeed examples will be shown of how South Africa is sinking into an evil cesspool!

The current President of the RSA, Jacob Zuma was one of the few Zulus in the struggle, now that the Zulus have started enriching themselves, they are all supporting the ANC
(African National Congress) to the exclusion of everyone else and by utilising the professed Intelligence Services of the RSA. A country on the verge of collapsing and drowning in the cesspool created by itself. Instead of focusing on foreign aspects, locally on lack of service delivery, the intelligence services in the RSA is being utilised in order to steal businesses for the so-called elite. The claim that BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) is a cornerstone of their policy. However, the Black mass is not shaping up as the refrain is always, “we want a little money...” This is where the bitterness and the xenophobia come in as the lazy locals just want to steal. The Police in the RSA are an ineffective instrument of the State, currently being utilised to steal and to steal and to steal. The legal system is so compromised that there is a unusually little chance of ever obtaining justice.

In order to highlight these aspects, I shall continue with situations which are all too familiar in order to validate as to what’s happening and as to why the RSA is becoming a cesspool. In France at the time of the killing of Moumar Gaddafi, the local arms company in France belonging to the State, Nexter, gave then President Zarkouzy a Billion Euros in order to get rid of Gaddafi. The reason thereto that they would be in the forefront of new contracts with the new Libyan regime for massive orders. At this time, Gaddafi’s moneys were moved to the RSA, billions of dollars, hundreds of billions!!! Names such as Nissim Dangor, Jesse Duarte and her brother, as well as the Dockrats were mentioned, as to the truth thereto, who will know!! However, a certain Abrahams – working for the National Prosecuting Authority have been implicated assigning these moneys into South Africa, whence apparently a lot of it had gone missing. Allegations have surfaced that some of this money was used to build a highway to Pres Zuma’s compound at Nkandla in Kwazulu Natal. Also, an agent of the State Security Agency (SSA), a alleged Intelligence establishment of a decidedly dubious character whereby a majority of them has been compromised by foreign services or otherwise just sold their allegiance to whoever would give them money. Firstly it has been rumoured that this agent, George Darmanovitch has received some Euro 25 million stemming from the Gaddafi moneys. The question is therefore who else has received moneys from the Gaddafi stash and whether it was legal?

The Prime Minister in Libya in 2012/2013, Ali Zeidan was trying to put his hands on these moneys via the South Africans. His cousin was the charge d’affaires at the Libyan Embassy in Pretoria. All communications would go through him, and even some of it was allegedly falsified. The previous ambassador, AL-Zubaydi, had build up a network of the usual scoundrels so implicated in the disappearance of the Gaddafi moneys. What is clear however is that the SA Reserve Bank had played a key role in this whole fracas? In this regard, a certain Blackbeard at the Reserve Bank has got a lot to answer. This is the same Blackbeard which has been implicated in the stealing of 60% of the rights of the RSA‘s coal reserves for a miniscule amount and transferred overseas.
He has also been implicated in the Pinnacle Point debacle whereby the people so involved had been extremely much the same so implicated in the Tollgate saga. The Police are unfit to be able to do anything. It would seem as if only the right of the criminals count, truly a smelly affair, and not of peaches. A cesspool?

This story continues in Part 8

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South Africa Living in Cuckoo Land - Part 4

South Africa living in Cuckoo Land - Part 4

Yes I know, already published part 1, part 2, part 5 and part 6. Number 4 is missing and here it is.
In the matric exams 2013, a pass rate of 30% was held out with the possibility of decreasing of the pass rate to 20%. According to Prof Habib at the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) some 50% of the students that obtained honours in the matric exams, had failed to pass the entrance exams at the University. This is another example of the lack within the entire system in the RSA, not just education. The President’s claim to education was that he was at school – doing what? A wily political animal, but no substance – for how long will South Africa still be charmed by the naked emperor. A new concern is the circulation of communication instructing teachers not to fail students no matter what their exam marks total. Education is free, and you are guaranteed a pass rate.
Various sources within the security cluster have reported two premiers of the Northern Provinces, Sello Motale and DD Mabuza of Mpumalanga were caught with cash money. Approximately R16 million was staked in the fireplace at the home of Mabuza and equal amount stashed in a forest close to the home of Motale. Both parties pledged their affiliation to President Zuma and were not charged.
There is the rumor that the road built toward Nkandla, Zuma’s homestead could have been financed by Gaddafi money. Nobody talks about this money and it was during 2010 when Zuma and Gaddafi arranged a meeting. Apparently Gaddafi’s money was sent to South Africa. This secretative operation was headed by Defense Intelligence (DI) General Shilobane, who acted promptly under the authority and control of the ruling party, the ANC. US Dollars, gold and diamonds were part of the consignment entrusted to South African government.
Gaddafi is linked to the financing of the oil exploration operations which culminated in viable oil deposits being found in the following places – Malawi –In the lake, Tanzania – off shore and in the lake bordering Malawi, Kenya – off shore, Mozambique – north of Beira, Namibia – off shore, Ghana – off shore and doubling their capacity. The moments these fields would come into production it would have an impact on the regional political and economical aspects but also in the international sphere. Gaddafi would have had an exceptionally strong standing.

However, we all know that he is no more. A reason for his killing is lined to the above mentioned issue. Not only this, President Zarkosy of France at the time had also struck an agreement with the Touaregs in Mali that he would assist them in claiming an independent homeland in Mali, in the northern part thereof where the French company Aviva was mining for uranium. In return, the Touareg had to help kill Gaddafi.

Operation Serval was launched by the French to protect the assets of France within that area and to establish order, and they had not been factored to the Al Qaeda role.
Zuma is an African with revered standing. He is however, due to his unbridled passion for wealth, also from the side of his relatives, is leading to his downfall. The entire South African system is failing and nothing is functioning as it should. South Africa is de facto a corrupt hellhole with pockets of decency. In the “Business Day” a local newspaper in the RSA David Gleason wrote the following in his story “Torque” –“How this gangrenous portion of the African National Congress’s (ANC) body politic has been permitted to get away with its endless larceny defies explanation.” In this regard, he is refers to the lack of clean drinking water for local communities and where the Police (SAPS) have killed some of the local people in riots. This is not an isolated incident. It is happening throughout the country. Zuma is lacking leadership; this is the argument that pervades all discussion in the country at this stage.

Zuma was the head of the ANC’s Intelligence Arm in exile (DIS.) Zuma is and was linked to quarto camps in Angola, the place where many comrades had been killed. (Read the works of ANTHEA Jeffries and Paul Trewhela in relation to this.) There are to allegations Thabo Mbeki had a son who vanished in these camps. Mbeki still holds Zuma accountable for this disappearance.
The Zulus is a proud nation who has seen the potential in creating a new economic hub in Kwazulu Natal. They have diverse seaports through which they can stimulate exports. Richards’s bay is the opening through which the most coal is exported from South Africa. Therefore, the Zulus are in a unique position to have an important impact on the South African economic scene with long term sustainability. However, if this unfettered self destruction is not checked and overturned the hopes of the Zulu people will come to nought.

Thabo Mbeki has made statements against so – called tribalism. However, the Eastern Cape, homeland of the Xhosa people and destination of Mbeki’s largesse as President has not gone forward, but rather declined. The failure of local government in the provision of services due to the lack of capability, lack of accountability, lack of pride and honor at any time is ever increasing. People are paid huge salaries, but they are not able to deliver the services to the people of the land.
South Africa has become a feeding frenzy, even the opposition parties are engulfed in such. The Congress of the People (COPE) leader Terror Lekota had been implicated in scandals ranging from the Iranian Cell phone issue with MTN. The First Consult reported an allegation into the irregular export of South African manufactured Infantry Fighting Vehicles (The Ratels). Thus in criticising the government, he is not doing it with clean hands – he is a known Mbeki acolyte. It’s all about money, not to create wealth, but to squander!

There are no answers to the Gaddafi’s billions. Will the Libyan government take action against the South African government in the International forum? Did Gaddafi’s money go elsewhere, perhaps to support neighbouring countries faltering economies? There are many questions, few answers. Did Gaddafi’s gold, some of 50metric ton of it end up in the UK in order to create a credit facility at Barclays for a South African bank? Who were involved in such? Has the South African government become nothing else than a thieving cabal set out to frame its own citizens in order to steal?

By Laura Oneale in collaboration with others

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South Africa White Genocide Escalates: International Groups Seek Solution

South Africa White Genocide Escalates: International Groups Seek Solution

The daily escalation of murders in and around South Africa has drawn recognition from International groups seeking a solution for this crisis. The term genocide is the deliberate killing of large groups of people of a particular race or ethnic group. The country’s whites are the victims of racial killings spiraling out of control. The pointless and often brutal slayings have no agenda or motive by the attackers and often it is the innocent, elderly, and young who become victims.
Americans against White Genocide in South Africa,a group based in America, with the intention of seeking world attention on the white minority has lodged a claim with the International Criminal Courts in The Hague against genocide of whites. The group has received an acknowledgement receipt of the complaint and now awaits further action.
Their claim of genocide includes the murders of farmers, men women, and children who have been tortured, raped, and then killed. It is estimated that since 1994 over 70,000 whites have been murdered in cruel and often horrifying ways. The murder rate is four times higher than that of the general population.

Follow this link to read the story:

Link to South Africa White Genocide Escalates: International Groups Seek Solution

Here are a few more horrifying stories :

Father fights to death to protect his family
Mr Das Venter (45) of Cullinan, outside Pretoria, South Africa, was shot 4 times by black terrorists when he found them inside his house.
His wife was tied up after they ransacked the house.
Mr Venter managed to untie his wife's feet before he died.
A Police spokesperson said that they will "increase visibility" in the area.
It has been reported that the police in Cullinan has only 5 members with drivers licenses and that on the night of the murder, "they were too tired too patrol".

From Boere Krisis Aksie :

Family finds dad’s body in morgue
The people who found him called an ambulance and he was taken to Tembisa Hospital where he died on March 4 as a result of severe head injuries
Roux van der Merwe | 25 March 2014 06:00
JOHAN van der Nest, whose body was discovered in Tembisa Hosptital's morgue ten days after he had been attacked and died in hospital.
THE body of a 50-year-old Birchleigh man, who was brutally attacked while walking home, was only found by his family 10 days after he went missing.
Since the death of Johan van der Nest, his daughter, Nicole Cunningham, has no answers to what had happened in the early hours of Saturday morning, March 1.
“All I know my father was walking home with a friend from Prime Time Sports Bar on Elgin Road where they have watched rugby. His friend lives close to the bar on Elgin Road and my father on Houtkapper Street. After seeing off his friend, he walked the rest of the way home alone. He must have been attacked between 1am and 4am,” she said.
He was found near the Engen Garage lying on the road at 4am. The people who found him called an ambulance and he was taken to Tembisa Hospital where he died as a result of severe head injuries on March 4.
He had no ID on him thus the hospital could not contact his next of kin.
Cunningham said her father loved sport. He was actually watching rugby at the pub the night he was murdered. He played golf and provincial softball and baseball.
“He was a very social person,” she said.
A post mortem was done and it was established that Van der Nest died of trauma to the head. It is suspected he was hit with a metal pipe or a blunt object.
Anyone with information regarding this horrendous crime, can call Cunningham on 072-288-0609.

Stop Afrikaner Genocide! National Action 19th April 2014
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Stop Afrikaner Genocide! National Action 19th April 2014
On the day of the 2nd White Man March National Action called for the recognition (and end) of the genocide taking place against the White Afrikaner’s.

Activists from the National Front, British National Party and Straight Edge UK took part…

South Africa Today – South Africa News - Follow this link to read the entire story>

Link to South Africa Today

Sad stories are told everyday as more and more white people are tortured, raped and murdered in this beautiful country.

Land Reform Issues in South Africa

Land reform is a serious concern in South African and many farmers are wondering how the May 2014 elections will affect their right of ownership. Julius Malema wants to nationalize the land, he said all land in South Africa must be owned by the state and people irrespective of race or creed would need to apply to government for use of land. A scary thought indeed.

A farmer in Kwazulu Natal sent me a story and asked a question. I don’t have an answer, do you?
Here is his story :


Land distribution does this apply?
A farmer in the Lions River, Natal Midlands, and area owned a 2000 ha dairy farm.
He was successful dairy farmer based on rye grass, eragrostis, kykuyu, maize, lucerne and veld as his fodder source.

One day he divided his farm equally between his two sons. He managed to do it without any problems. He and his wife retired to live at the Coast.
The eldest son got married and had two children. The younger son got married and had five children.
Both sons were successful dairy farmers and were doing well.

13 years after they divided, the younger son approached his older brother. "We know you have two children, and I have five. We must divide our father's old farm again, done according to the number of children we have. . . "
The older brother was indignant. “ My wife and I knew that we only wanted two children. You decided to have five children. That was your choice. Go away and never bother me again. Finance your own children to have better education. We can afford Michael house and St. Anne's. Send yours to Maritzburg College and GHS (government schools), if you can afford it?"

Same with land reform/land redistribution. If Africans breed so fast and produce so many children, it does not mean they can take our farms away!

I have published several articles regarding the land reform issues in the Guardian LV.

South Africa Land Reform and Ownership Confusion
Confusion about the ownership and land reform in South Africa remains a key factor for the government. The African National Congress (ANC) ruling party under President Jacob Zuma does not know the exact figures of how much land is state-owned.
In a speech to Parliament, Jacob Zuma said that it was a priority to “dismantle” the landscape of apartheid, calling for an end to the practices which determined the working and living conditions of a population based on the color of their skin. His words described an ongoing process of reversing the apartheid legacy which included a review of the “willing buyer, willing seller” model in order to more equitably distribute land at an expedited pace. He also, in these statements, made reference to the use of the system of education in South Africa under apartheid to ensure “perpetual subjugation,” citing the words of Hendrik Verwoerd.

Follow this link to read the story.

Link to South Africa Land Reform and Ownership Confusion

South Africa Land Claims a Damper on Agricultural Investment
It is becoming a matter of great public concern that agricultural investment is potentially set to suffer once more, as the land claims issue in South Africa rears its ugly head again. Before 1998, a total of 79,000 land claims were filed and more than 8,000 land claims have not been addressed, while the remainder have not been finalized. Over 39,000 commercial farmers have not come to terms with the handling of these claims.

Follow this link to read the story.

Link to South Africa Land Claims a Damper on Agricultural Investment

Land Reform and Redistribution in South Africa
Since 1994, under the Nelson Mandela government, land reform and redistribution in South Africa remained a serious matter for the government to implement. Twenty years since the African National Congress (ANC) began to govern South Africa, there have been negotiations and plans to redistribute the land and implement reforms for the democratic society. Whenever an election is due, the ruling party and opposition parties will promise to develop the land reform process and speed up the redistribution. We have seen several attempts during the last twenty years which have failed.
In South Africa and over the past years reports have indicated that about thirteen percent of all land belongs to blacks. A more accurate prediction would be closer to fifty percent.
A substantial amount of land would remain in the farming communities, to change this would be selfish and unreasonable. Some fifteen years ago, there were over sixty thousand farmers in South Africa and today that figure barely reaches thirty thousand. Farmers have expanded their operations significantly over the past years in order to benefit from the growing economy and the supply and demand factor. The farming community remains a constant concern as more and more land is grabbed in illegal and questionable actions. The escalation of farm murders and implementation of broad based economic factors contribute to this disaster.

Follow this link to read the story.

Link to Land Reform and Redistribution in South Africa

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Secrets from the Past

Secrets from the Past

Finally I am going to publish this book. Here is a preview of the cover.

I am not sure if that will be the final cover, I might change the design. What do you think about this one?

Here is a brief synopsis :

Stories based on factual events from several different people who probably do not know each other. This is their story about the deep and traumatic secrets of past incidents hidden in their hearts and minds, forever tormenting and shadowing their present life.
The stories range from sexual abuse experienced as children, a rape story and some unsavory sexual happenings.

Rebecca, forever haunted by the memories of her past, tells us three stories about her strange childhood and shares the story of sexual abuse by her uncle at the age of six. She then tells the story of her first boyfriend at the tender age of nine and her traumatic pregnancy that changed her life forever.

Peggy gives a vivid account of her rape ordeal, the vile and horrific act that scarred her life. The story of a shocking and tormenting medical examination by local doctors, and a court case that never helped to ease her pain. A story of one night and how one incident changed her life.

Ruth shares an unexpected encounter of her fist sexual relationship with another woman.
Many other stories are recorded, some hilarious and some serious, but all entertaining.

Names and places are altered to protect the individuals concerned.

I will keep you updated with the progress. It is a giant step for me, this is so different from my 'normal' writing. I mean writing clean and decent non fiction to writing adult content. Its scary and I sincerely hope I have made the right choice to publish.

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Squatter Camps in South Africa, A Real Problem

South Africa, telling the story of squatter camps in this beautiful land, the suffering, pain and humiliation experienced by the unfortunate people living in the awful conditions.

Squatter camps conjure up images of poverty, filth and isolation for the regular person around the world. People often do not visit these secluded places, there is no time, there are urgent needs to attend to and the destitute are forgotten. The cry of a child is not heard. There is no song to sing as the dark endless days of helplessness grow.

“God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong” (1Cor 1:27NIV)

Read the rest of the article from this link.

Link - Children Suffering in White Squatter Camps around South Africa.

I wrote another article on squatter camps and this was published in the Guardian LV, recently.

The dark Side of Squatter Camps in South Africa

A squatter camp located in Pretoria, South Africa is experiencing serious problems and the dark side of living in these places has reared its ugly head. Children are starving, malnutrition and disease is rampant. Respiratory problems associated with Asthma and pneumonia is common among the children living in these camps. Diarrhea and untreated infections are a daily occurrence.

A census undertaken in 2011 revealed that over one million blacks lived in shacks and approximately eight thousand whites. Today these figures have changed drastically. A survey indicated that there were more than 80 thousand squatter camps around South Africa. Homeless shelters were included in this account, and it is at these places where care and support are given to needy people of any race, color or creed. The homeless shelters are usually set up by churches and charities to help the less fortunate. Squatter camps are referenced to illegal occupation of state-owned land and it is in these places where the fallen, in many cases drug addicts and alcoholics, wind up going.

Squatter camps contain a combination of Wendy houses and tents, or other informal structures. Informal structures usually become home for more than ten people at a time. Shacks in the outer yard of living houses are home to more than a million people. Various suburbs around South Africa, were once home to whites only under the apartheid government, are now turned into separate rooms, and outside buildings to accommodate up to 100 people at a time, all expected to use one bathroom facility only.

Read the rest of the story on this link:

Guardian LV link to The Dark Side of Squatter Camps in South Africa

A sad factual reality about suffering, about real people, about children, about starvation, about death. These are the forgotten people of society, the homeless and destitute ones living without any hope.