Tuesday, September 29, 2015

South Africa the Tower of Corruption

South Africa
The starting point is that the African National Congress (ANC) is rotten to the core. It has not just recently become rotten, but has been on that path for a long time. Therefore, the tower of corruption grows and there is no end to the escalation of lawlessness nor to the corrupt deals that continue to rob the poor majority of South Africa. Who are the benefactors of the new democracy? It is the ANC elite, who include some very powerful Indian business people as well as a few whites who trail behind to do the bidding of the ANC.

Corruption, greed, and power have robbed the very people who placed the ANC in power. The amount of money that has crossed hands in corrupt deals could have by now built a democracy and uplifted the people who needed it most. The dishing out of shares and equity to ANC leaders by corporations did not do much for the Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) program; instead, businesses use the BEE beneficiaries to influence the government’s economic plans. Corporations have easy access to tenders while at the same time they exploit the poor South African people.

If Cyril Ramaphosa was a transformational leader and had but a handful of co-leaders who shared the values of good government, he might be able to make an impact on the corrupt culture that is throttling the ANC and government. However, it is quite disconcerting that so far, Ramaphosa has not changed the presidential attitude towards Nkandla, Hlaudi, South Africa Airways and Passenger Railway Agencies of South Africa (PRASA). Moreover, people are aware just who has been using PRASA as a private cash cow. On the other hand, Ramaphosa is a perfect example of what greed can do to a man’s reputation and integrity. He is a capable politician who loiters in the shadow of Zuma.

Political expectations and personal ambitions are the driving force of ANC decisions. People who are members of the ANC or affiliated to the party are in it for a quick buck, thereby creating a continuous, growing disconnect between ANC government decisions and the needs of the poor. President Zuma is a real embarrassment, bringing the ANC party to its knees. Forsaking integrity and honor and hiding from embarrassment, nobody will dare challenge the president, as there is too much money at stake. This is the price of greed.

Has South Africa gotten to the point where everyone recognizes a need to change certain systems, much like the apartheid regime changed to democracy? It would appear there is the need to change from total kleptocracy by the politically connected to avert real poverty. It is not about racial hatred; it is about the super rich versus those with nothing, and the easy profiteering by the wealthy who manipulate politicians and businesses.

South Africa remains controlled by corruption and the process of escaping the wrath of the law. Identifying the problems is the easy part, and finding the meaning of the confusion starts the blame game: Blame apartheid, Mandela, Mbeki, Zuma, and Ramaphosa; blame the whites and capitalism.
The ANC has lost its place in society. It is no longer the party that can unite South Africa and create a prosperous future for all citizens. The leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), Julius Malema, said the Gupta family are above the president and are the ruling party of South Africa. The Guptas were not part of the ANC struggle to crush apartheid and are perceived as opportunistic parasites, preying on the greedy leadership. It might be said that anything is possible with the current ANC leadership.

In a recent press release, Malema said the newly-appointed minister of mineral resources, Msebenzi Zwane, is the same person who gave the Gupta family the R570 million dairy project in the Free State – a deal that was found to be irregularly awarded through improper procedures. The deal was awarded to the Guptas after Zwane visited India and built relations with Gupta-linked companies.
Malema remarked on the use of the Waterkloof airbase by the Gupta family and pointed out that none other than Zwane himself wrote and signed an invitation to the family in an attempt to justify the illegal landing of the private Gupta aircraft. Again, it was the same man who signed off on major projects while in the position of acting premier of the Free State, and in particular, the Operation Hlasela, a government plan to combat crime and uplift the poor. Malema has called on the public protector to release the report into the public sector.

Malema stated that there is a massive crisis affecting the minerals and mining industry and the appointment of a corrupt minister who does not have knowledge about this sector will worsen the crises in South Africa. Malema believes that to gain promotion in the Zuma cabinet, one should have strong links to the Guptas and be ready to violate procedures. He also said it would be a surprise when the Guptas take over the controversial Department of Minerals Resources.
Zuma is a puppet president controlled by one family – the Guptas, according to Malema, who vowed to never stop exposing corruption within the ANC government. Malema believes South Africa is not safe and is hijacked by a wealthy family who acquired its wealth through immoral means.
Opinion by Laura Oneale



South Africa on Auto Pilot and Going Nowhere

South Africa

South Africa is running on auto pilot and going nowhere with no national project and no vision for the future. Today the leaders of South Africa are confused, and students jump from one issue to another. Labor unions run amok and render education and mines unworkable. Young people loiter aimlessly causing mischief. Leaders create friction between the population in an attempt to mask the failings of bad governance. All too often analysts and commentators are nothing more than cheerleaders and agent provocateurs. Is South Africa replacing quality with quantity?

Without strong moral leadership, mediocrity is setting in, masquerading as radicalism. Personality cults, mere talking heads are taking center stage, compelling South Africans to comply with the current leadership or remain silent. The sporadic bouts of unrest, including political party stampedes are trying to fill the vacuum. The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) chanting slogans has become commonplace with nothing new to offer the people. Other political parties have not much more to offer, and moral values are no longer important.

South Africa has a severe socioeconomic situation, and contrary to analysts there is no racial tension. The black people, the population segment, are mostly disadvantaged and are not preparing to attack minority groups. The picture painted about frustrated, angry and bitter black people regarding the failed Mandela legacy of reconciliation is false. Despite the massive unemployment, shameful poverty and class inequality, poor blacks are not about to attack other races.

The anti-Afrikaans language debacle at Stellenbosch University, affirmative action, and decolonization issues at other universities are not revolutionary; they are events and debates. These discussions are not representative of black nationalism, and the number of people involved in these issues is probably less than Christian groups on campuses.

The service delivery protests are civic actions that are localized and part of the democratic culture. Despite the high level of violent crime, it is not political and most victims are black people. Sports, entertainment, and public spaces are fully integrated. There is a leadership crisis, and that is the real concern of the day in South Africa. The legitimate economic class actions are racialized and exploited by the political elite as a mechanism to consolidate power.

Politicians are parasites with the sole reason to accumulate power and keep the masses powerless. Political parties operate under competition incorporating social movements for gain. Whatever is happening in South Africa today is not unique, and ultimately the only logical outcome is freedom from the political elite.

The state of governance in several provinces fills people with despair. It is all about the egos of a few and leadership disputes. There is a fear to organize around civic interest based on the local politicians perceiving spontaneity as a threat to popularity. Sabotage of public gatherings is nothing new.

Where is the vision, a rallying point to move forward as the custom of the past decades indicated? During the apartheid, there was a divided unity and a vision of what South Africa should become. Political parties purged ahead to make the country ungovernable, and the minority tried to protect the whites from communism. During the nineties, whites were united while blacks rallied around nationalism, a decade of hope, change and reconciliation. Between 2000 and 2010, South Africa experienced a decade of public service transformation and Black Economic Empowerment, change, and uplifting. Now in the 21 years of democracy the vision has disappeared, the country is on autopilot, heading into a disaster.

Until the government gets the education system on track and eradicates illiteracy, the country will not move forward. Education will add value, and that could turn the redundant vision into one of empowerment and hope. Education will ignite potential to get young people working and encourage entrepreneurs. The decolonization events will no longer be a prominent feature for politicians to hijack. For now, South Africa is like a wildfire, burning until nothing is left.
Opinion by Laura Oneale


Sunday, September 27, 2015

Appreciation and respect for South Africa

The majority of people have appreciation and respect for South Africa and the decision by the Dutch and British colonialists to settle in the country, a fascinating, vast dusty land. The early settlers had the appreciation of the radiance, beauty and bountiful fruit the land could offer and invest in technology, land tilling and irrigation skills. Communities were built; minerals were mined, and a structured food delivery system was created to drive the economic robustness. The early settlers paved a way for the future success of South Africa.
The success was made possible by strong and cohesive leadership, a clear vision, and a deliberate plan on how to achieve that vision. By doing this, the colonialists essentially built a new civilization and shared or imposed beliefs and traditions on the people already living in South Africa. Without a doubt, the settlers took advantage of cheap labor and established a system to benefit the entire country.

Every successful or dominant country, or tribes across the world have similar stories of migration and conquest. The settlers of South Africa appear to have been less violent than others with proportionally little blood drawn relative to other colonial activities or conflicts around that same time in world history.

The Bantu have a proud story of migration from other parts of Africa, driven by a need to find new natural resources. The Bantu influence spread relatively fast over the indigenous inhabitants as the tribe moved towards a fertile new land.

Zulu history is reasonably well understood and is a history permeated with violence and domination of other tribes. As the Zulu tribe established roots in old Zululand, the tribe soon blazed a bloody path that created fear amongst neighboring tribes. Their history is impressive, in a visceral way.

The KhoiSan who genetically is shown to have existed well before any other humans in Africa also inhabited the southern part of the continent. The KhoiSan lived harmoniously with nature and appear to have had the closest connection to the steady and ever-present "heartbeat" of Africa.

Shifting to current times, there are parallels with yesteryear. It appears today that people in positions of responsibility in the politically and racially tainted government complex have lost the connection to the rhythmic heartbeat and soul of the country, and to that of the people. The government has forgotten why people are here.

There is a different breed of people who rule South Africa today, the name given to the ruling party is African National Congress (ANC). The ANC was recognized for being a party that emancipated the black man from the shackles of Colonialist-infused apartheid. Now the ANC is known for diverting resources away from the people into private Swiss bank accounts. A party that is avoiding the hard work that is necessary to build a country in order to meet the growing needs of a nation, not the character traits people see in real leaders. The ruler today is not recognized as a qualified leader.

The ANC rulers appear to have the respect of the original inhabitants, the KhoiSan, Bantu and Colonialists had for the land called South Africa. The current leaders do not have a clear vision for how the lifeblood of South Africa, both inhabitants as well as the resources should be appropriately harnessed.  It should be done in a way that honors the land and creates a safe harbor for the citizens, and thereby respecting the essence of Africa and the ongoing support of the people.

The land is being abused and used inappropriately. It is the acute awareness of the lack of stewardship shown by the ANC as the land grows weary. This selfish horde or rulers known as the ANC spend the resources recklessly and then in a power-hungry-induced-trance, sell the treasured land and human capital to the Chinese in backdoor deals. The ANC and cronies at an alarming rate are selling the resources. Mother Africa stirs. The corrupt rulers cheapen everything the Africans know. The ANC leaders have betrayed the same people for whom liberation was fought. Mother Africa awakens.

The beloved South Africa will soon bare its fangs and turn on its rulers by sending a clear message that leadership is violating a position of power and the privilege of ruling a sacred land. The Africans are the soul of the country, who feels the vibrant blood coursing through dusty veins. Those Africans are awakening, and will rise up soon.
The Africans represent all the right stewards of the land and plan to return to the days when respect was earned the same respect that was given by the Khoi, the Bantu and the English and Dutch. To go back without bloodshed, for the ANC is but a house of cards that is about to fall, no killing will be needed.

South Africa so desperately deserves this respect. The ancestors demand this respect and the consciousness of Africans needs to be appreciated.

It is time to put water back into mother Africa so that she may provide for the people abundantly later. The people must earn the respect by giving. The people can give by finding real leaders who will give and not take.

Opinion by Menzi Solomon Shange and Laura Oneale

Source: CorruptionWatch – Corruption affects us all

Sunday, September 20, 2015

South Africa Cuckoo Land - Armscor Concealing the Truth

Court of Public Opinion - definition

Trying cases in the court of public opinion refers to using the news media to influence public support for one side or the other in a court case. This can result in persons outside the justice system (i.e. people other than the judge or jury) taking action for or against a party.

Public Opinion confidence in the legal system of South Africa is concluded as follows:

The findings of the 2012 SASAS suggested that a considerable share of South Africans did not believe that the courts made fair and impartial decisions. Of particular concern were the negative views of the courts held by the young and the socially disadvantaged, since these groups constitute a disproportionately large share of the population. Their characterisation of the criminal courts as prejudiced could have a damaging effect on the legitimacy of the courts. In a context of already middling to poor levels of overall confidence and effectiveness of the courts, this leaves little room for complacency. As important institutions in any liberal democracy, the courts and their representatives need to place a strong and unwavering emphasis on performing their responsibilities in an effective and  fair manner. It is only by doing so that they will inspire among the public, a sense of obligation and moral alignment, and a willingness to cooperate and comply with the rule of law.

Read the entire article - follow this link 

 HERE IS THE ARGUMENT - Armscor released their 2013/2014 annual report and on page 45 the following statement read -

Armscor Annual Report 2013/2014 dated 19th August 2014 (actual date of publication unknown)

New Generation Arms Management (Pty) Ltd (NGAM) NGAM executed an order placed by Armscor. The statutory duties were however not paid over to SARS in terms of the provisions of the order. Armscor had already paid the amount to NGAM. Armscor received a letter of demand from SARS to pay the outstanding amount with SARS, and was also informed that a substantial penalty would be levied in the event that the amount was not paid. Armscor paid the amount outstanding and has instituted legal action against NGAM to recover the amount of approximately R6,1 million. Summons has been issued against NGAM at the Northern Gauteng High Court. The summons was properly served but NGAM did not file a notice of intention to defend. Armscor is proceeding to obtain an order against NGAM. Rheinmetall Denel Munitions (Pty) Ltd

Link to Armscor publication


The directors responded to the bizarre fictitious report -  

Below are links to previous articles and dates published referring to the above argument.

Who is telling the truth?????????

Tuesday, April 29, 2014
South Africa Living in Cuckoo Land - Part 9


All of these agencies so mentioned are staffed by people who have no idea what they are doing, except to promote evil and to turn the RSA into a deadly cesspool. The Company’s Johan Erasmus and his co- directors had won a tender to supply East Block weapons to SA Special Force via Armscor, the State procurement company notorious for leading discrepancies. After winning the contract, they experienced unprecedented disruption pertaining to the delivery of this contract. Even until today they have been short paid by Armscor, for a small business this represents a death knell!
Due to the sabotage from Armscor’s side and massive breaches of contract, the damages could exceed much more than a billion rand! Erasmus and company delivered. Not only were they short paid by Armscor, Armscor had also failed to pay the import duties on some of the weapons which led to the SA Forces in the Central African Republic (CAR) being outgunned. Armscor was also the creators of a brand new alphabet, the latest delivery as per the Letter of Credit was stated as 30 November 2011. Erasmus and company had delivered the second plane’s cargo on 31 October 2011. A month early! However, Armscor raised penalties for late delivery. After showing to Armscor that November comes after October and not vice versa, Armscor waived the penalties but still insist that such penalties are due.
Not only is Armscor part and parcel of failure as to what happened in the CAR where the South Africans had lost 15 troops, but the officials involved in these weapons being held under SARS control for not paying the moneys due to SARS, should be charged with culpable homicide. Erasmus had written as such to the President, Mr. Jacob Zuma, but nothing seems to have happened.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014
South Africa Living in Cuckoo Land - Part 10


Maphiyanwha and Smit had set out to tarnish Erasmus and company as Boeremag, an issue Erasmus and co did not take kindly to. This was an old tactic employed by these two despicable louts. Thereafter they roped in Armscor who had been shown up by Erasmus and co, who fabricated stories and sold it to their comrades at SARS in order to destroy Erasmus and co. Upon turning to the courts, Erasmus found that the courts were bending backwards in order to satisfy the criminal behavior of these persons. Upon further delving into these situations, Erasmus and co-found that the remnants of the CCB (Civil Cooperation Bureau) were behind all of this

Monday, May 19, 2014
South Africa - Sins of the Fathers - Part 4

When Armscor lost Arbitration for some R 300 million to an Australian company, the RSA government wants to change international agreements. This certainly bodes ill for the RSA in the International Commercial sphere! Many International companies are stating publicly that they refuse to do business with Armscor or Denel. Both companies belong to the state, and they are active in the Defense Industry. The Intelligence services have been monitoring various companies ‘communications in order to pass their trade secrets on to those two companies. In all of these aspects, the Afrikaners are prevalent. It is clear that there is no leadership amongst the Afrikaners, and this leads to the question as to whether the Afrikaners was nothing else but cannon fodder in order to create the bidding of the same politicians who have now left them in the lurch? 

 Tuesday, June 17, 2014 
South Africa - Part 9 - Sins of the Fathers

Judges, attorneys and advocates have been implicated in these matters. In the matter of NGAM and the missing weapons, the following transpired. Despite the company and its directors ensuring that the weapons so contracted was delivered despite numerous obstacles and breaches of contract from the side of ARMSCOR Ltd, the State-owned procurement arm for the Department of Defense, NGAM  delivered on the contact. Till date, Armscor had short paid them by more than R 90 million and growing. True to the corrupt nature of Armscor, they had set out to try and destroy this company. Armscor and SA Special Forces had been working together in order to sabotage NGAM and its directors. Despite NGAM being in possession of valid permits for the importations, as well as permits for the importation of weapons for demonstration to the SANDF, their weapons were confiscated on trumped up allegations that are false. Till today, everything has been done by these people in order to destroy this company. Their outstanding payment is still lingering, despite turning to the courts; these issues remain unresolved. The main reason thereto is clearly to the courts being used as a tool in the hands of these villains.
The Afrikaans judges all set out to delay and thereby frustrate NGAM. The SA Special Forces management under the guidance of   the incompetent Brig Genl Maphanwya and Col DBT Smit (Jamie) had taken a decision that NGAM and Johan Erasmus must be destroyed. In this regard they had left the door open for interpretation in that the role of hit men in the RSA are not there for humanitarian reasons, quite the contrary. Their view is that if they cannot succeed, then they would destroy them financially by stealing their contracts and using the courts and their contacts in the financial sector in order to do their bidding.
In this regard, they are ably assisted by a certain Eytan Nevo, who works for BIDVEST but represents an Israeli company and who is stealing the contracts from NGAM in conjunction with individual military officers.
In any other country in the world, such actions of any military personnel will be investigated and dealt with. Not in South Africa. Here they are hell bent on stealing as much as possible. Whilst there is a Commission of Inquiry into the Arms Deal pertaining to the procurement of armament at inflated prices, the real fall out of the actual arms corruption is not being dealt with.
Thursday, June 26, 2014
South Africa - Part 10 - Sins of the Fathers

Griessel and Grobler are indeed only two of these corrupt securocrats behind him. They unleashed SARS (The Revenue Service ) on Erasmus and NGAM, all this whilst Armscor will not be able to stand up to any forensic audit. In their defense, they claim everything is secret! To steal is secret! They are off course only the visible operators. Behind them stands Rudzani Maphanwya, the GOC of SA Special Forces and the retired head of the SA Defense Force, Siphiwe Nyanda. Armscor is mega corrupt.
One has only had to have regard to the history of the company. Stealing has been one of their main aspects. Even the judiciary is beholden to them. They claim to be a strategic asset and therefore they deserve preferential protection from  the Courts in the RSA!
This whilst they had been directly implicated in the Helderberg disaster, the plane that crashed in 1987 into the sea off Mauritius, with all hands lost.
The current Chief of the SA Defense Force (SANDF), Genl Shoke,  is under the control of Nyanda. Stealing had become an immense business in the RSA. In the Battle of Bangui in CAR in 2013 ( Central African Republic), the South Africans had lost 15 troops. Nothing is heard about this matter. The entire top management of the SANDF should have been charged with culpable homicide in this regard. Especially, as the Intelligence operators, military and civil, had supplied the Headquarters in Pretoria with incorrect information, again due to their incompetence and inherent laziness.

The result is what you see today. The South African armed forces are in a state of decline and will take years to fix the mess. There is never a good answer to all the equipment brought into the country via the “ARMS DEAL” way back in the late 1990’s. The deal that cost taxpayers over 30 billion rands. It’s the corruption, fraud and maladministration that is swept under the table.





Sunday, September 13, 2015

Racial Conflict on Social Media

Social media is crammed with racial tension and hatred. Some of the photos posted depict a serious problem and people seem to thrive on promoting hatred. Perhaps different cultural groups are lost and seriously do not know how to seek peace and live in harmony. There will always be tension among different cultures, but I believe the key is to overcome and treat each other with respect. 

Here are comments from people and perhaps we can all learn to understand how serious the racial element has progressed. People believe oppression is the cause of the white man's greed and dominant nature. Some believe they are superior to others and some just instigate hatred. There is some humor from the comments and lots of grammar/spelling mistakes.  I am learning more each day.

  • Speak sista that's what I say. They will learn anyway.
  • Those beast play reverse psychology. So you can feel bad but it can not work on an unapologetic African who has to much knowledge and know thy self and history of our ancestors/ people.
  • Omfg you asshole none of that was English
  • Exactly . And I'm not about to keep apologizing for or explain my beliefs to make them feel better .
  •  But good luck blaming everyone else for your problems:)
  • And I don't blame others for my problems 😅 I don't give a fuck about you people and what you think that's what I'm saying sweetie . Who cares about you people . Why are you so butt hurt ?? Alex Adair leaveeeee the pageeee . Obviously you're not here to try to understand anything 😅
  • I am from Ghana. He don't know me. That crakka just see a picture. He don't know me they are stupid.
  • White ppl like him are stupid always saying good luck blaming everyone else for their problems I dont see you blaming anybody white ppl love blaming black ppl for everything fuckin hypocrites
  • I hate when mfz try to get beside the point, we are AFRICANS that happen to be in AMERICA. The point is if you're not speaking out against racism then you're apart of the problem. A lot of white people get so defensive about comments and try to take away from the point that's being made WHO GIVES A FUCK HOW SHE WROTE IT, YOU CLEARLY UNDERSTOOD WHAT SHE WAS SAYING!
  • But i will say to my sistahs not to respond to racism with racism it defeats the whole purpose.
  • Smh. Moreover, white people are the hypocrites. I'm all for equality, but come on. Quit using slavery, and our ancestors fuck ups against us. You want to move forward while at the same time bringing us slavery as to why white people are racist.
  • Ain't nobody using slavery against you guys we are teaching our people are history. Because a lot of our people don't know about it. I noticed that makes you guys feel some type away. Why ? Get over it. Cause we're going to keep talking about it...
  •  Nobody is paying those crakka beast no mind. You mad cause I am speaking the truth beast. And
  • I know why white people get uncomfortable because a part of them feel somewhat ashamed. They cant have the pride we have for our ancestors and great leaders because they're leaders were mostly slave owners.
  • Calling them "crakkas, honkys, pekkawoods, pink , to me is just like them calling us niggers, monkeys and coons. Its hard to get results like this because it eventually puts us back at sqaure 1.
  • Laurissa Turner the terminology between the two isn't the same as the racial terms referring to Blacks was (and still is) used as a form of oppression and subjugation on an unheard of scale. It was used to perpetuate white supremacy and its affects are still seen today. There is no comparison
  • I don't hat white people either, I hate the shit they do.... I hate the violence they represent .... its not racist to dislike.the racism exacted.towards another.person ...... What pisses me the fuck off, is that they act as if I'm at fault for their racists actions.
  • They do racist shit and get pissed when you call them racist. You defend yourself from their racism, and now you're the racist...lol... I just laugh at them. Who are they trying to confuse?
  • You become the racist once pointing our racism I noticed this too brother. Like who the fuck you think u gon confuse?
  • lol... Exactly! Sad part is some black people fall for the bullshit, hence the "AllLivesMatter" movement. The coon train never stops. It just keeps going, and going, and going...
  • Here's how you know too. Police kill white folks as well that's fact. But where was the all lives matter movement? No where to be found.
  • They are hypocrites
  • They call us racist because WE have no problem discussing and expressing how we feel about things that are still going on today that was happening 50 years ago cuz MF* would rather u hush up and keep it pushing them people don't want to discuss anything
  • ^^goin hard in the paint okay brother we here
  • whites get very uncomfortable at the topic of racism, and our natural reaction is to deflect. But that's because we have to " watch our words". It's hard to express our opinion when we are always one word away from .
  • Telling the truth is being righteous not racist...and it can be changed once it is acknowledged by the people who created it...
  • The white people are acting exactly what this post said if you're in denial of the fact that there is racism that your forefathers applied in this world then you are enforcing it..
  • Your ancestors created it and their descendants of today still practice and enforce it
  • I love when they try to swerve and use the "but Africans was selling they own people" line and I'm like?!! your reeeeeeal stupid ain't cha?
  • Just because a white person is selling Crack don't mean I have to buy it or use it.
  • their is a big difference between being righteous and being racist..trying to educate the uneducated don't make you a racist ....
  • See how ignorant this baphoon is??? If he was to do his research homework he would discover that black people are the original Hebrews..."Jews"
  • Worst thing that racism is learned.. Nobody is born with it.. I can see small white and black children playing together, and bam one day they grow up and become racist assholes, because their parent are the same.. Of course there is some people who have their own brain, still to much haters..
  • I don't hate white people too so it's just that I don't appreciate when some white people criticize and put some ugly blast on us and they don't aware what we come from. I hate them saying to us " get over it". They are being disrespectful to us.
  • Your the ignorant Neanderthal who rather live in denial...
  • Yea well I've realized that everything in this world has an opposite or an antithesis, a yin & yang if u will...there's a reason WHY there's never been a real serious dialogue about racism & solutions
  • Uhhhh. This post is racist
  • Let just keep it real. This is so true
  • I don't hate anybody, but Sambos and coons, smh. Just as bad as white racist.
  • You really don't need to say it. We all know this. One thing you have to always remember us that racism is everywhere in the world. Not just the USA. Remember So. Africa,  I could go on and on. It's a human sickness and not all black & white.
  • Other races can be bigots (usually well founded) but not racist.. Racism is a systematic injustice and the whites control the system
  • Racism has to be stopped by whites , whites are the only race that controls it.
  • Any race can be racist nowadays..not just white people
  • "Can't fight the truth!!
  • Oppression has been around even long before the ancient Egyptians enslaved the Hebrews. But that, was a hatred based on beliefs rather than race. Racism was the cowards tool to have the oppressors relate to them and ease their own oppression on someone
  • Look I'm pretty sure that by insinuating that white people created racism, you're really just being ignorant and racist in the first place.
  • Racism is work wide. Within Asians. Within Indian casts. Within Europe. Among tribes in Africa...... Sad world.
  • Um.. a White European invention? No. People in other parts of the world are pretty fucking racist and bigoted. That's why there is always some form of ethnic cleansing going on somewhere in the world, and not always where white people live.
  • Intelligent black people can't live in denial...that's what ignorant people do on a daily basis...you sir are part of the problem....
  • Isn't it racist to call white dude earlier in the comments "crakka"??? Motherfuckers are backwards as fuck and don't even know it.
  • ignorance at its best
  • don't explain myself, if I feel a certain way , I feel that way. Fuck it
  • That's real but at the same time we as black people have to stop the supremacy movement we're trying to write off as equality. There is such things as black racism, which we started.

Oh well, I guess we learn all the time.

South Africa Living in Cuckoo Land - the book

Finally, the book is published on Amazon. A collection of riveting articles about South Africa. I am posting the introduction and first chapter of the book. Thank you for your support.


South Africa a land of golden opportunities and a land of conflicting situations. Throughout history, South Africa has been a land of diverse cultures, habits and traumatic times. From Colonial rule to a Union, and onto an independent state, a barren land transformed into a magnificent country. Development and infrastructure professed to be the best. A country rich in mineral resources and abundant wealth. Rejection, apathy and suppression of human rights. Terrorists, murders and protests for freedom of the majority. From apartheid to democracy a moment of reflection and creation of a rainbow nation. 1994 the year when a new constitution was born and freedom for all the people of South Africa, equal rights, and equal opportunities. A dream come true for many but the hope and desire to live a stable life was shattered by greed, corruption, and crime. The influential leaders grasped the opportunity to take a working infrastructure, a sound economy and virtually destroy the fundamental human rights of South African citizens.

The inhuman practices of tribalism continue in the modern world. Xenophobia attacks and outright disrespect for humans is a regular occurrence today. The high rise of crime, corruption and fraud have turned a once thriving country into the murder capital of the world. The minority groups within the country are forced into poverty, rejected in public service and blamed for the current problems of today. Young activists, continue to protest and the government blames all the failings on Apartheid.
This book is about the corruption, the greed, the murders and white genocide happening in South Africa. 
Chapter 1
Apartheid was introduced into the South African culture in 1948 and demolished in 1994. Under apartheid racial divisions, created problems and the majority of South African suffered. The apartheid government continued to build a significant infrastructure and generates economic stability during this time. To relieve the pain of segregation among race groups, the government established townships and provided housing, education, medical and social structures. This did not absolve apartheid and kept segregation of race groups apart.  Apartheid did not stop the terrorist groups from fighting for freedom. Military training in communist countries and illegal weapons gave the terrorists groups the opportunity to fight for freedom. The main target of the terrorists were to bomb public places, select soft targets, women and children. Innocent people died, and border wars continued to expand while the Afrikaner government tried to keep the white people safe. The world called the terrorists ‘FREEDOM FIGHTERS’ and placed sanctions on South Africa. Negotiations with the African National Congress (ANC) terrorist group began and a new constitution was written to ensure ALL people will have freedom, liberty and peace.

South Africa is a majestically ever-changing land of opportunities, diverse cultures and breathtakingly beautiful, scenic landscapes. South Africa is an egalitarian rainbow nation with the most official languages in the world dominated by the communication and conflict among the different ethnic groups. English, Afrikaans, Zulu, Xhosa, Sesotho, Setswana, Sepedi, Xitsonga, siSwati, isiNdebele, and Tshivenda are the official languages, and the history and culture of each ethnic group is unique to the different people of the land.

The nationality of South African people is described as white, black, Zulu or Afrikaans people. The populace of this country experience difficulty in referring to themselves as South Africans. The identification of people is never an ordinary South African; it is extended by Indian, Colored, Zulu, Xhosa or Black.

There is no clear signal if South Africa will become a united with one cohesive people. South Africa is now a democratic country offering freedom for all its citizens with equal opportunities. Yet the constant struggle to recognize this freedom is a raging problem for people who continue to blame the past history and remain unforgiving within different ethnic groups.
South Africa needs strong governance and is lacking the ability to manage and administer the wealth to its people in the form of service deliveries, housing, and job creation. During the apartheid years, the taxpayers were potentially the biggest collection of state income and the use of funds remained evident among the people. Citizens received appropriate education; housing and social services were top class. Even though the majority of blacks at that time, who did not have the right to move around, received a fair portion of the public services, hospitals, schools and so forth were available to all.

The democracy allowed all South Africans the opportunity to freedom and access to all shared facilities of the past. Over the last twenty years, these services have declined into a dreadful state and have become more of a hindrance than a help. The taxpayers’ money is not working for the people, and the squandering of public funds is potentially the biggest threat to the security of the country.
Economically the only solution for the country is to establish a proper competent government is placed into power. A government that will work for the people, improve the gap of poverty, and provide job creation, thereby ensuring a reasonably decent life for all. Removing the damning structures of ethnic conflict, allowing talented, experienced, and skilled people to fill posts irrespective of their race, culture or religion.

Blaming apartheid for the current problems is not only unfair; it is an exhibition of weakness by the current government. Apartheid was not acceptable and admittedly a system that should never have been implemented

The last twenty years have given the country an opportunity for improvement, development, and social equality. This has not happened, and apartheid cannot be blamed for the current failures. There are social equality opportunities for every South African, and it is the individual who must make the change. The government does not promote equality and continues to blame apartheid for any problem they cannot control. The question that needs to be answered is what did the ANC party know about democracy. Is democracy only the right to vote, or does democratic government, place the people at the heart of their leadership. Not so in South Africa, while the ANC grow stronger toward a socialist government, the pillars of democracy slowly fall.



For All My Friends

Beautiful people who drifted in and out of my life. Friends who shared their thoughts listened to mine and gave so much inspiration. Thank you.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

South Africa Power Starts to Corrupt

South Africa
In South Africa, the ruling African National Party (ANC) competes for power and money, and has lost sight of the purpose of democratic governance. Ordinary members lose sight of the real objective and place leaders on pedestals. Every political party is useful to the system, but useless to the people. In politics, numbers do count and vote-rigging and buying is the dominant method of grabbing power.
South Africa no longer needs a leader who giggles, sings and dances to the masses while continuing to corrupt the system. It is seriously time for a new leader who is not eager for self-enrichment and is an active negotiator. Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa has a history of resolving conflicts, yet the mistrust and deficit he has created has rendered Ramaphosa a lame duck, and a person to jump to the whims of the old ANC exiled members. Ramaphosa is a person that will follow the wind in whichever way needed to advance his own self-interest, and is like a chameleon – one moment a socialist; next a ruthless capitalist or a populist Marxist.
Whatever vision Ramaphosa has for the ANC and South Africa, there will be contention and attempts to fill the coffers with money. In doing so, the deputy president will secure the highest position in the land, and appease the powerful people in the ANC who have a vested interest in the prevailing culture. There is no need for a transformational president who might upset the high political stakes the ANC have implemented.
The problem of the ANC government goes back to the policies whereby the liberation movement sought to address the question of apartheid without also finding a way to deal with capitalism and the exploitation of cheap black labor. Today, the manipulation of the poor remains a critical problem. The ANC have not addressed the issues of poverty and corruption at the grass-root levels.
The ANC is rotten to the core, and the chaos the ruling party is in today has been generated from greed. The ANC has been on a long path of purging anybody with integrity since the 1980s. The ANC is perhaps regretting the constitutional checks and balances that limit their ability to run amok. Bereft of almost all leadership capacity, they are unable to turn the party from its ruinous obsession with corrupted wealth accumulation. The ANC is weaker; confused and obsessed with race; corrupt; and impervious to criticism.
South Africa is a corrupt country, and the entire political body is riddled with it. South Africa is in the middle of a corruption gridlock in which many people in high positions hold secrets of dirty deals on each other and dare not blow the whistle for fear of having it blown on them.  The president of the country, Jacob Zuma, has managed to elude the justice system and has been cleared of major corruption charges. Therefore, how can Zuma crack down on corruption running amok throughout the land?
ANC members compete for access to state resources and have become part of the bling culture. The willingness of the leadership to go along with the traveling circus of looters is rewarded through the use of shortcuts to get rich quickly. The new lifestyle is the standard for achievement, as it depicts the overcoming of the shackles of apartheid. However, the flashy lifestyle among the elite has increased the poverty of the masses in South Africa.
The ANC has lost its soul, and is singularly lacking in any competent leadership. Does the ANC have the values, ability and commitment required to transform the thoroughly corrupt party into a champion democratic party? For years, the ANC has responded with its intention to fight corruption, wasteful expenditure, and failed audits, but has not shown any conclusive victory in combating the corrupt system.

Friday, September 11, 2015

What South Africans are saying - VIDEO - continued

An old video of the KommandoKorp (a group of Afrikaans people, who train youngsters to defend themselves against possible attacks) recently appeared on Social Media; There are some classic comments from mainly the majority.

Racial hatred is alive and well in South Africa, and every year grows deeper and more hurtful. The artificial rainbow was never meant to become a peaceful reconciliation of different races. There are Zulus, Afrikaners, English, Vendas, Indians, Colored and a host of other black cultures that will never attempt to live peacefully as a mixed nation.

In fact, the majority of people in South Africa hate the white race and each passing day is a greater challenge for the minority to stay alive, in this beautiful country.  The quality of life for the minority changes daily. Whites are forcefully excluded from the workplace, due to the government's affirmative action plans.  The arrogance coupled with hatred is a dangerous combination. No wonder South Africa is classified as a dangerous place to live.

The perception that all white people are rich and have loads of money is utter rubbish. There are new white squatter camps springing up around the country each year. The plan of the government to exclude whites from the workplace is working in their favor, thereby eliminating the white race from receiving any income and subjecting them to hopeless poverty.

The follow video comments to the video clearly depict the hatred of white people.

(The Comments are not edited, tells me there is a lot to learn)

  • Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.
  • I would kill you for free not for a packet of cigarettes
  • Swine
  • Nxa boer fuck
  • We shouldn't even give these fools a platform to be heard!
  • This is a serious threat to National Security and constitutes high treason, the arrogance of these boers....
  • Fellow creatures ..lets smoke to this..*saying this with a heavy Afrikaans accent..*
  • Its like watching comedy...
  • Ofcos we dont have the same moral values, they have none!!
  • voetsek go back to ur country u poose
  • This madatjot who does he think he is. Mxm. He should be arrested for the posession of the apartheid flag
  • and treason... it is about time that defying whites are taught a lesson by arresting their pink asses.
  • They just pissed me off.
  • Hey Piet Noortjie jou ma se poes

And then somebody asked the following

Why do we have to blame whites on everything that is going wrong

Replies to this question –
  • Because they layered a foundation for the current state of affairs, they devalued the blacks
  • Stop explaining yourself. If they don't get it by now then that's their problem. Not ours .

·         Stop explaining yourself. If they don't get it by now then that's their problem. Not ours .

Peggy's Story

I have finished another short story for you to read.  Please note, this is not suitable for children, contains adult content, the story is based on a true-life drama.

Peggy’s Story
            Peggy with flowing golden locks and big blue eyes was the drama queen of the family who loved life. It was fantastic, to be alive during the 1980's. Her brothers had moved out, and her parents doted on their only daughter. Peggy was outgoing with a bubbly personality and they gave her their unconditional love and support throughout her life. It was year-end holidays, and after finishing her school term, she managed to find a holiday job while she waited to return to university to study law.
            She had a summer job, at one of the clothing stores in the center of town. The city a crowded place and with the buses running on time it was easy access for her to get to and from work. It was Friday, and she left the store a few minutes after five o'clock. Peggy had plans to meet two of her girlfriends for coffee before going home.
            She went into the bright colored café two blocks away from the bus stop and looked around for her friends. Yes, they were there, seated near the back and drinking a soft drink. She walked over to them and greeted her friends. Sitting down the girls soon babbled on about their holidays. Feeling a tad jealous for not being able to enjoy the benefits of summer because of her job, she promised them she would spend the whole of Sunday with them. They had coffee and muffins and chatted for hours. Peggy looked at her watch and realized it was late and that the last bus would be leaving in fifteen minutes. She took out some money left it on the table and said goodbye to her friends.
            The sun disappeared and the twilight of nightfall emerged. Pegged walked briskly toward the bus terminus, and saw a white car stop with a rather dashing fellow inside, he asked her if she wanted a lift, she ignored him and continued walking. At the bus terminus, she was alone while waiting for the bus to come by. She looked around and noticed a few cars parked in the street behind her and darned few people around at that time.
            Then she felt the cold steel jab her side and a hand covered her mouth.
            "I have a gun pointed at you and don’t try make a sound, come with me." A rugged broken English voice said.
            Shocked into silence, she proceeded with this man as he escorted her to his car. He opened the door and shoved her in. As he moved to walk to the driver's side, she tried to make a dash, but he was too fast and locked the door. He held onto the gun, started the engine of the car, and moved slowly down the dark road. Turning down a dark, desolate road, he drove along; going around in circles and up and down different roads and Peggy knew he was doing this to confuse her. She was right, but not stupid, he ventured into in a quiet suburb not too far from the city center, and Peggy did not recognize this part of town and wondered what her fate would be. He drove down a dark garage parking and stopped the car. It was dimly lit, and he got out of the car, closed the door and walked to her side of the car. He opened up and told her he would not hesitate to shoot if she made a sound. She was petrified and obediently obeyed him and climbed out of the car. Holding onto her arm, they waited in the dark garage for the elevator. It stopped, and the automatic doors opened up, and he pushed her inside, there was a mirror on one side and Peggy had a proper look at her abductor. A dark haired man, close to forty with an overgrown mustache and dark brown eyes, which seemed to squint more inwards. He was dressed in beige flannel pants and a white shirt half-unbuttoned, exposing his tanned hairy chest.
The elevator stopped on the fifth level, she saw as the doors opened. He pushed her out, holding onto her tightly, and escorted her down a well light passage. They paused outside apartment number seventy-five and with his free hand fumbled for keys in his pockets. It was dark, inside, and he did not bother to put a light on. Peggy felt the steel metal of the gun barrel against her face as he moved her toward a large bed. He put on the lamp, and she noticed it was a bachelor apartment with nothing more than a double bed and a small table. The smell of moldy air and body odor filled the small flat. Barely able to breathe she knew her life would end that night. He pulled his pants down to reveal a grossly oversized penis ready for action.
"Please don’t," she begged, He smirked and he slapped her across the face.
He pulled her short mini dress up, ripped her nylon stocking off her, and mounted her. In total disgust, she screamed as he penetrated her. He was heavy and smelled of stale smoke and brandy. She tried to hit him and he held onto her arms tightly, spitting in her face calling her a white whore. She felt a rush of warm semen enter her body and felt the vomit come into her mouth. She opened her mouth emitting the flow of muffin and old coffee, down her neck and onto his hands the flow of vomit ran. He slapped her again and got off her.
            Disgusted that she had vomited during his sexual performance, he pointed the gun at her and said would kill her.
            "Please don’t, I will just go, and you won’t see me again." She pleaded.
            "Do you think I am stupid," He angrily shouted at her.

            He grabbed a bottle of brandy and forced her to drink from it, almost choking from the strong taste she managed to swallow some. He wanted her drunk, and she fought with all her might not to drink the vile tasting brandy. Then like a light bulb going on, her mind told her to pretend to be drunk and get out of this place. She was a fighter and survivor, she could do this, she told herself.


There are several other books published as well, go and have a peek.