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South Africa - Part 5 Sins of the Fathers

Sins of the Fathers – Part V – And the Children are they a Waste or not?

What has happened to the future of South Africa?

Is it bright? Is it not? Why not?

It has become particularly fascinating to note that there is a group working through Intelligence circles who are hell bent on stealing. In this regard, they have access to politicians, and they present lies as facts in order to steal. This from the children that must shape the future.

Who are they? How do they manage?

Let us examine the situation and identify the names.

A name that has been mentioned so many times, a certain George Darmanovitch and his coterie of evil supporters. Actually he supports them, lunches and money etc… At his lunches, every week at restaurants throughout Johannesburg and Pretoria one will find easily 12 or more people and a parade of coming and goings. Intelligence agents, Policemen, Military Intelligence, Crime Intelligence, Journalists etc. Of course, there is one name that stands out, CHAD THOMAS! Is a person that hosts a program called “CORRUPTION BUSTERSs “on ChaiFM, however he neglected to tell them that he was arrested for alleged fraud. The Corruption Busters was busted for alleged corruption. He claims that he was framed! ChaiFM is a radio station is a radio station for the Jewish community in Gauteng or as far as the signal can travel.

Let us look at this unsavory individual!

Thomas works extremely closely with Darmanovitch. They have various journalists on their payroll i.e. Jacques Pauw, also acutely unsavory. He seems to creep around like a Hyena. He writes stories for “City Press” and these journalists write articles that are then referred to as so called evidence by Chad Thomas. It was alleged that Thomas also had an affair with Sally Evans, an investigative journalist working for Mail&Guardian.
Indeed, it would appear that he is an agent of influence. According to Darmanovitch, Chad Thomas is the mechanism through which he, as a self confessed consultant for the Intelligence Services (whatever that may mean) can influence the Press. And that they certainly do. What is the truth and what is not?

CHAD THOMAS is also allegedly a big mate of Diane Kohler-Barnard, member of the Democratic Alliance (DA) in the RSA Parliament! Indeed, it would appear that he is very closely affiliated with various members of the opposition in the RSA. The reason thereto is apparently to influence to Opposition and to impart information about President Zuma. On the one hand, they claim to be working for Pres Zuma via the Intelligence Services and on the other, they provide information about the President to the Opposition. Indeed, an extremely worrying situation and most unsavory.

The truth of this group is that they seem to be nothing else as ridiculous con-artists. Their modus operandi is to target a profitable business and to cause problems for the owners of such. Then they approach the owners based on that, they can intervene and correct the situation. In this regard, they work closely with the members of various Intelligence structures, The National Prosecuting Agency (NPA), the Police Service (SAPS), The Revenue Service (SARS). Their sole objective is to steal. In the APEX matter where 60% of the South African Steam coal reserves were sold for a pittance and transferred abroad, their names appear in the criminal charges.

Despite all of this, the DA’s Musi Maimane – soon to be the leader of the DA in Gauteng is a

reputed close contact of CHAD THOMAS! Is this what is meant by the sins of the Fathers when the Children fail to understand as to who are the crooks and whose not? Why would one want to maintain contact with people with such a tarnished background? A program was made on the TV station CNN7 about the people who would shoot crooks, take all their illicit gold, diamonds and money and are protected by the SAPS. Thomas and Darmanovitch had been fingered as being a part of these happenings.
Seen at the lunch tables, and sometimes dinner too were such luminaries in the SAPS such as Col Francois Steyn and Col Frik Smit. In the case of Col Steyn, he was exposed In the M&G as the man who had received a dubious loan of some R 400 000 from Radovan Krejcir, the Serbian in arrest and in prison currently in South Africa. In his several court appearances, some police officers were eventually also arrested. These police officers arrived at court in Porsche Cayenne’s! Indeed South Africa was last year after Greece the 2nd largest importer of Porches!! These Policemen are currently out on bail. And Col Steyn? No word about him. 

 What is going on? Why are these children of the future drowning the future of their children in such a cesspool? Do they believe that the “SOPARANOS” must be re-enacted in South Africa?  

Darmanovitch and Chad Thomas are leading many people to believe that they can collect moneys due to them. However, darned few people can attest that they have received their moneys due. These people can all testify that their experience is that they are introduced to Col Steyn and Col Frik Smit from the SAPS as well as journalists such as Jacques Pauw. When one does not need to play their game, these journalists will go out of their way to publish articles about such persons in an extremely negative manner in order to slander them and to create false suspicions. They also claim that they have access to people such as Mike Bolhuis and Paul O’ Sullivan, 2 private investigators into crime with incredible networks and that these people are actually in their employ. Is that not a surprise?

Thomas has an email address that reads as follows: now the questions is, which presidency? Was this not designed to mislead people? To create the impression that he is a person of high influence. That he and Darmanovitch have access to President Zuma and that they can bring things under his attention? All this whilst they move around and stating that Pres Zuma must be taken out because of corruption and that they had been in contact with ex-Pres Mbeki and stated that they support him against Pres Zuma. This is the same ex-Pres Mbeki who claims that because he is seriously implicated in the seriously excessive Arms Deal Investigations that all Africans must be corrupt because he is in the spotlight.

Mbeki makes one critical mistake, all people are by inclination corrupt, not just Africans, but in his case, there is certainly a case to answer. A Berlusconi this Mbeki is not. Powerful he is actually, due to his ill gotten gains, so why does he want to insult all Africans? What about the beam in his own eye? And yet Darmanovitch has been alleged to claim that he is talking to Mbeki and that he supports him!

Darmanovitch is always since his childhood days with a shadow known as David Saffi, from Lebanese origin and known to be quite handy with his fists and a knife.
David and a certain Gerome Saffi, family of David, been alleged was instrumental in luring the German, Uwe Gemballa to the RSA. Gemballa according to the allegations various witnesses were eventually murdered under instruction of Radovan Krejcir. However, at the time Davis’s son had been working for Krejcir as his in house attorney. In this bouillabaisse, Darmanovitch’s name appears repeatedly. The question is to what extent was he involved with Krejcir? In this regard, they claimed that they could introduce people to many highly placed officials such as Col Frik Smit and Francois Steyn. Is this why Col Steyn could end up with a R 400 000 loan from Krejcir, albeit in a roundabout way according to the M&G? They claim to be working via a certain Henry Malume and claim that they have access to a certain Frikkie Lutsky, a billionaire from Middelburg, Mpumalanga.

Not only have this but Darmanovitch and Thomas also been in contact with people such as Genl Nyembe, the Head of Defense Intelligence, Genl Modise and a Col Ngobeni. These three persons have been pointed out as being set on abusing the State’s resources in order to enrich themselves. In this regard, they are in serious competition with Dennis Buthelezi,
the Director Genl of the State Security Agency (SSA). These people have no scruples in telling people that they want to share in the business and that all of the problems will then go away. The problem that they created in the first instance! These two poison brothers have no scruples in badmouthing Genl Richard Mdluli when it suits him and sends disinformation into the world about him. They do the same with Genl Sibiya, the Head of the corrupt HAWKS investigation unit of the SAPS. They also claim that Genl Sibiya is at their disposal and parades him at lunches whence he appears. Unknowingly that they are parading him in order to fleece one or other innocent victim.

And then CHAD THOMAS parades himself as the “CORRUPTION BUSTERS “on a Jewish Radio station. Perhaps he reckons that the Jews represent the wealthier segment of the general population and that he can set them up so that his partners in crime can fleece them.   

It is true that they do have contacts throughout the Intelligence structures, but it seems to be equally true that everything, which they claim and do, is done through bribing, blatant corruption!

In a matter at the Johannesburg Property Company (JPC) (Pty) Ltd, a company created by the Municipality of the City of Johannesburg in order to administer the Municipal Properties, the following transpired. A certain Peet Viljoen who had engaged the services of CHAD THOMAS as a so-called private investigator summarily dismissed Thomas after information was received by him, which alleged that Thomas had persuaded Col Frik Smit of the SAPS to have evidence, disappear against the suspects. In this regard, it was also alleged that Thomas further blackmailed a certain Rawson for money in order to keep quiet as to the role of Dimension Data’s role in the purchasing of stolen properties from the Johannesburg Municipality. This was actually part of a program as aired on Carte Blanche.

It was also alleged that in the weeks following the disappearance of the evidence that Thomas whose motor vehicle was about to be reposed by a bank was instantly seen driving a brand new BMW 5-series. The same Col Frik Smit suddenly withdrew his application to a financial institution for some R 300 000 which he needed to pay for his daughter’s University fees.

Me wonders why? It walks like a duck, it quack’s like a duck….

But this does not stop here. Ze CORRUPTION BUSTERS was at it again.  There are
allegations that Thomas and Darmanovitch along with Gerome Saffi had obtained stolen Johannesburg Municipality property near Bruma Lake for R 3 million and sold it to some Chinese for R 94 million. These matters were reported to Genl Sibiya, their friend, whom they are setting up for a fall, all behind his back. However, the question is what has happened to the profits? These people have been implicated in so many things, many with substance they seem to be incredibly clever. Either they are working for a still unnamed and an unknown group of people who are protecting them or else they have hidden the moneys somewhere!  

Is it the sins of the fathers by spawning such evil or bringing them up in such a manner?

Is it therefore a whole generation that is going to waste?


Perhaps a request must be made to the public at large who have any information about these people to email the investigating officer, which arrested CHAD THOMAS.
His contact details are

Could it be as to why CHAD THOMAS was very quiet about his arrest that he wants to strike a deal with the SAPS against his compatriots? One can but only wonder!!

Comment from Laura
The above article was circulated by email two days ago to various people, including politicians, and as a blogger, I could not resist including this in part 5 - Sins of the Father. It is rumored that some people are annoyed because of the email distribution, however, I think it’s fair and unbiased to raise remarks or opinions and this story does blend in with the Sins of the Father story-line.

A high five for Freedom of speech!!

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A Box of Truth Has Been Opened and It’s Going to Be …………..

I am Laura Oneale, and I am not going to rush out and buy antidepressants. I have been writing articles on this blog for over a year. I also write articles for various overseas newspapers and have always depended on my information as being truthful, reliable and trustworthy.

Two weeks ago, I published an article relating to the Corruption allegations within the South African Defense Force. All information stated in that article was accurately researched, sources supplied documented evidence and between phone calls, emails the report was ready for publication. In the story, representation is made to a letter sent to President Jacob Zuma, detailing incidents of corruption within the defense cluster.

I have a personal page on Face Book – Delores Oneale (being my real name) where I post personal, humorous and sometimes photos. On Face Book, I also have, a page named – Laura Oneale – the name I use for writing, this is the page where I promote my entire article, blog writing. Therefore, I try to keep my personal and business separate.

People are annoyed and perhaps it is just that the truth is sometimes not so easy to believe. I would rather believe everything is wonderful, colorful and beautiful, but we know in reality it is not so. There are wars, famine, starvation, corruption and the list is never-ending. Among all the bad that is going on, there is the glimmer of hope when we look up to the beautiful blue skies and draw strength from our Maker.
Anyway this blog is amended because I do not want to offend anybody and I choose to live in peace.
Of course I will continue to write my stories and expose whatever I can but I will try my best not to involve innocent people in my writing.


Now that the box is widely open, more unpleasantness will be exposed. Well I have nothing to hide, nothing to fear and nothing to lose. Oops did I honestly say that.

What would life be without a little bit of humor and silliness? I guess the truth is powerful and can hurt one. Gosh, it just me, Laura telling the truth again.

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SV40 Virus linked to Polio Vaccination

Sharing a story from a friend about the SV40 virus found in the polio vaccine.

Wikipedia explanation of SV40
SV40 is an abbreviation for Simian vacuolating virus 40 or Simian virus 40, apolyomavirus that is found in both monkeys and humans. Like other polyomaviruses, SV40 is a DNA virus that has the potential to cause tumors, but most often persists as a latent infection.SV40 became a highly controversial subject after it was revealed that millions were exposed to the virus after receiving a contaminated polio vaccine produced between 1955 and 1961.[1]

The Story -      This is to warn you of what is about to happen.

Since the mid 1950s much research has been done on disease vaccinations and disease control.
Great strides have been made to prevent things like polio and small pox.
What we were not told, they actually put these diseases into places that never had it before.
In some cases, 80% of those who took the polio syrup got polio.
Worse, they introduced SV 40 into polio syrup and most of those who were at school in the early 1960s took this. Nearly all who took it have active cancer viruses in their bodies!
I am horrified that so many school friends have died of cancer since January 2014!

Worse. The authorities want to start this all again, in order to kill as much of mankind in a short period as possible.

Much has been said recently that polio prevention has to be taken again, across the world, including South Africa & rest of Africa.
"Donate to charity so charity can ensure people & children in poorest Africa can get polio preventative treatment. . ." Is doing the rounds.

RUN FOR LIFE when you hear that. DON'T GO ANYWHERE NEAR ANY HEALTH CLINIC that give out polio or similar preventative cures!

SV 40 is in all those injections, syrups and inoculations. That is 40 different kinds of cancer viruses!
It will kill you within a short time if you take that muck!

Even Rotary (a charity organization) want people to empty their savings accounts to pay for this new drive to get people to get preventative medicine.

They want the 8 billion world population to be reduced to below 1 billion in the very near future.

Google these names to find out more.

Dr. Maurice Hilleman.

Dr. Edward Shorter.
Dr. Steven Siegal.
Lionel George Horowitz.
Dr. Bernice Eddy.

The story continues -

Taken from the book, 'The Battle for Rhodesia' by Douglas Reed.

(This is not from the book. Just an introduction. Belgium Congo got its independence 30 June 1960. All hell broke out in Congo 11 July 1960. They are still fighting in the Congo today.)

From the book.
'One published document exists which, if it were widely distributed in England, might at last awaken opinion there to what has happened and will happen again in Africa, and so produce a restraining effect on London and New York. This book, The Fabric Of Terror, did achieve publication in America (the publisher, Mr. Devin Garritty, tells me that "no one in England would dare touch it"),It is an unemotional account, by a Portuguese writer, Mr. Bernado Texixiera, of what was done alone a 500-mile stretch of Northern Angola on March 15, 1961, by terrorists from a Communist camp across the Congo Republic border who, says Mr. Robert Ruark in his introduction, "did not hunger, and thirst for freedom: they hungered for rape and thirsted for blood", massacred more than 500 brown, black and white folk that day, from aged men and women to newborn babies and even babes unborn. The peak of obscenity was reached when living victims were bound to planks and passed through a sawmill.The leaders of the usual "African nationalist" organisation which carried out the massacre (called, in this case, Union of the People of Angola") were interviewed in New York four months later by M. Pierre de Vos of the leading Paris newspaper, Le Monde. They confirmed, and even boasted about all that was done. M. De Vos said there was proof of tortures perpetrated upon men, women and even children: "Do you deny these massacres?" "No, all that is true. . . They massacred everything". "Women and children included?", Asked M. De Vos. "Yes, why deny it". M. De Vos then asked about the sawmill killings, and one of the groups, "with abroad smile", said, "We sawed them lengthwise".

This is part on the drama.

Pete Seeger's music piece is apt.
Little boxes on the hillside,Little boxes made of ticky tackyLittle boxes on the hillside,Little boxes all the same,
This fellow Spoton Sokhela assaulted Mr. Errol and Mrs. Ruth Carr on the farm I now own on 21 June1994.
They decided to sell and move to an old age home.
The farm was offered to me, and so I decided to buy it. (The money side of the story is another matter.)
Mr. Carr said to me, "I should have sold and gone to a retirement village a long time ago. . ."
I took occupation on 30 November 1994.
Due to the transfer and arrangements, I visited the Carr's at Amberfield, Howick, on a monthly basis.
Then Mr. Carr said to me, "I should never have come here, I should have stayed on the farm and not retired. . ."
This was opposite to what he told me when he was still on the farm.
Then the drama stayed.
The old couple asked me to have lunch at the Amberfield community eating center.
I agreed, and we had an enjoyable lunch.
While we were sitting, there were at least 60 or more people also having lunch, an ambulance arrives and parks immediately outside the dining hall.
Everybody turned in his or her seats to have a look.
Then the murmur went through the hall as everybody knew who that an ambulance was taking away. "It is Mrs. X, she died early this morning. . ."
Then a hush, as the matter sank into their existence. They all knew it would be their turn in a short while. That is why they came to the retirement village. . .

Most of the old couples at Amberfield, the men were returned soldiers from the Second World War. They could get together and remember old times, so it was a happy club. . .
The walls of the cottages were dark grey like army barracks. . . And all were in lines like army barracks. It reminded them of old times.
All put together and were all the same.

Fast forward to 2014.

Since Amberfield, many more Ambers have sprung up.

Amber Glen.
Amber Lee.
Amber Lakes.
Amber Ridge.

Ambervalley has 780 houses, all looking the same, and all with green roofs.

I asked the security guard."Do you have a death every day?"
"No,", He said, "We have one once a week. This is called the House of God as people know they come here to die and go go heaven. . ."

A close friend of mine died ten days ago at Ambervalley.
He had cancer.
On Friday, his doctor told him, "We can't do anymore for him. He better go home to die. Call the family. . ."

He died a minute or two after midnight, which was Monday morning.

Cancer is man-made. Rather, today's cancers are man-made, although people died of cancer since the beginning of time.

These are a few names of those who developed aggressive cancer and other terminal diseases in the United States of America. They say they can prevent diseases, yet at the same time put cancer and 40 other kinds of diseases into the vaccines. Polio since 1961 has active cancer virus, SV 40 in it. (Not all doses have the same into them.)

(Never get a Flu injection, and never take Polio syrup and the other injections and inoculations  "we have to take"!)

Even returning soldiers from Iraq, were given a lethal dose of Anthrax!
Those patients who are terminally ill (E.g.| at retirement villages) are given another mix a few days before they die, or a few hours before they die.
Fomaldehyde, Potassium nitrate and mummification fluid.
These preserve the body, and kills the virus, so the patient dies from this mix and not the dreaded disease!
Formaldehyde stops the body from stinking.
Potassium nitrate makes lips and skin pink. Nice to look at.

Then as required by Retirement village agreement conditions the body is cremated/burnt to hide the evidence as what actually happened to that patient.

Where have all the old men and women gone?

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Oscar Pistorius - Guilty or Not Will We Ever Know the Truth

The Oscar Pistorius case has now been in the media for well over a month, and set to continue after he has received a psychiatric evaluation by four professionals, who will present their findings to the court within the next month. The extensive coverage of this trial often causes the attention of other stories to go unnoticed, as public interest in Oscar is high.

While I have not followed the entire case and only read the headlines occasionally, a friend followed the proceeding with keen interest and has come to the following conclusion. I must say, I think it probably does make sense.

With the Oscar Pistorius trial of the killing of Reeve Steenkamp, I would like to point out some things.

This trial could have been over within a week. Instead, it has carried on, and yet the end is far off.
Oscar should have made sure Reeva was in a safe place and/or in bed before he proceeded to shoot at what he thought were intruders in his bathroom, which could be highly likely. He failed to check were Reeva was. Details where his gun was at the time in relation to where Reeva was, and how he proceeded after getting his revolver needs to be made clear to the court.

He failed to make sure she was safe, and that is where the incident revolves around. It is obvious he did not ensure her safety in the first place. That is why he should be found guilty. It is up to the courts to decide what the charge, verdict and sentence is.

I know of many fatal shootings where the loved one was shot by mistake. Sometimes the victim sneaks out of the house, completely unknown to the house owner, who does the shooting, and is shot by mistake.
Anyone who decides to take it upon him or her to defend a house and/or family should find out first where those they protect are. This is not always easy or possible.

The emphasis, should be, "Make sure whom you are shooting at. . ."
The prosecution did not bring this matter to the fore.
All this talk, "I thought the person in the bathroom was an intruder. . ." Is a waste of time?
Judge should rule. "You never made sure where Reeva was. . . You are guilty. . . "

I am aware of well trained people have shot by mistake their loved ones. Sometimes a loved one sneaks out of the house, and the person doing the shooting has no idea that the victim was in another place to where he believed him/her to be.

You could be hanged for doing something stupid like that! (Those were the days.)
This needs to be balanced as 9 out of 10 serious criminal incidents are not solved in South Africa. Crime needs to be stopped before it happens, not expect the police to solve, or fail to solve an incident after it has happened. At the same time, do not commit a crime when trying to stop a crime.

What do you think about the court case, is it a waste of time and money or will justice truly prevail.

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South Africa - What a Difference Twenty Years have made AMENDED

This article is an amended version after attracting a lot of comments and Tim Flack kindly corrected my original article to reflect his knowledge on the story.  His comments are posted in RED.  While another friend who has exceptional knowledge and experience in the arms industry quoted his corrections to both mine and Tim's version and are highlighted in YELLOW
What a difference twenty years have made for the South African National Defense Force (SANDF)> Looking as some photos one quickly realizes a lot has changed over the years. The changes can be defined as good, bad or downright daft.
Tim: this is somewhat correct, however the SANDF is a completely different monster compared to the SADF of pre 94, for obvious reasons. after integration there was a change in the way things had to be done, in terms of the constitution that came in to place in 96.

Before the 1994 election, South Africa had to defend her borders from communist {***these "communists" called freedom fighters, are recognised by government as freedom fighters, they were involved in creating many of the freedoms we know and enjoy today, id be careful using the rooi gevaar too loosely}, guerilla warfare. The international sanctions did not improve the arms industry. The government at that time did not drop dead and let it be; instead, they began to manufacture their own weapons.

The army under that period was the pride and joy of the country. The army was well organized, disciplined and dependable. It was the young soldiers guided and trained under the experienced ranking officials during their two year national service period.
{they still are trained by experienced instructors and do 2 years national service}
The youngsters were not treated like weak and useless members of society, from day one their training gave them discipline, showed them respect and mirrored them as the protectors of our country. Endurance, performance and physical fitness combined with mental stamina turned the young men into the proud South African Army. {again, the same is still in place, only there are women trained and there arent as many as there were back then, the force is only 79 thou8sand strong}With how many combat fit soldiers? 20 000 ?

During the years of border conflicts, the South African soldiers diligently served their country, their family and friends. Although many youngsters lost their lives in the bloody battles and will, always be remembered as heroes. Those who returned to tell the story of the most desperate survival tactics and living in a war zone, or not knowing if death will engulf you, are the ones proudly honored.

Now we have a defense force that is oh so, well who knows? 
{exactly, no one bothers to care, or ask the people that work with them on a daily basis}

Oops, what happened?

{this picture is not of an SANDF soldier, it was a picture of one of the thousands of M23 rebel forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo, they had thier arses handed to them by the SANDF in december, one story that came from that is our special forces operators were very active, one such man, took the longest killshot in jungle warfare known to the military community, one of 2.2kms. a shot impossible to the SEALs and SAS>} Nonsense it was 1,3 km only. It was only the 4th shot that hit the rebel as the barrel was cold and the shots were going all over the place. M23 responded by putting mortars onto our sniper’s location whence he had to be evacuated after being hit by shrapnel. With the shots going all over the place , the rebels did not hear it!! That’s why with only the 4 th shot the rebel could have been hit!!

Oh yes, no more physical training, dancing is better, after all we do have a dancing president. Oh dear what on earth would happen if war raged against our country, will the dancing soldiers manage to protect us?
again this is not the SANDF the cammoflage pattern is that of Mkhonto we Sizwe the ANCs army that was in angola, and that trained in Russia, Vietnam, GermanyBut the photo was taken in the RSA!!!

South Africa A Failing Democracy – Focus on the Special Forces and NPA
 {i cannot figure out how you came across this link, the Prosecuting authority and the South African Special Forces Brigade dont even work remotely in the same field. they didnt pre 94 and they dont now. Wrong , they do!!  Due to the covert nature of Intel work , SF undertakes all the dangerous work on their behalf. This stems from the old CCB days. In this process they sit together on strategic committees and SF needs legal guidance from the NPA. It works the same in the rest of the world.

A focus on the Special Forces and the National Prosecuting Authority (NAP) of South Africa can be a link to the failing democracy of this country, ( a democracy only fails when the loosing team isnt in charge, and 11 million people voted ANC, we may not like it, but its succesfull democracy none the less.). Two powered departments with powerful control and directly under the watchful eye of Jeff Radebe. {incorrect, Jeff has no say over special forces in the SANDF, only the minister Mapisa Nqakula, and the President do, they wouldnt be too happy if Jeff had to mingle in thier man\dates, and chain of command. Jeff has a say in that he as Chair of the NCACC approves the Imports of weapons. Furthermore the allegations are that he has got serious presidential aspirations. Also he was apparently a spy / impimpi during apartheid as SF like any other Spexops would be running their own intel component. In Seal Team six its called Greyfox!!

Special Forces of South Africa

An important point to remember is that the Special Forces are not part of the regular South African Army. They fall directly under the Chief of the SANDF.
{ directly under Joint Operations division, who in turn falls under Gen Shoke the CSANDF, then, Minister Mapisa Nqakula, and the President}

The first Special Forces Unit was established in 1972 under the apartheid regime and known as Recces 
( no SA established a Special Forces capability in 1968 , the Special Forces capability realized in 1972 with the establishment of 1 Reconnaissance Commando at the Infantry School in Oudtshoorn. Recce was a nick name taken from Reconnaissance). During this time, the Special Forces were directly involved in the 30 year long border war with Namibia and Anglo. (23 years '66-89)

The Special Forces specialize in maritime related activities and special force regiments in overland techniques usually long-range infiltration.

 ( operators are specialist Airborne, every single special forces operator MUST be a paratrooper, they are specialists in: land, seaborne and airborne operations, in any terrain or environment, in any climatic condition, under any amount of stress or strain, in a focused, calm and professional manner. 

Over the years there have been structural changes and the Special Force training are considered one of the harder courses in the world. A soldier must meet exceptionally high requirements to attend Special Forces Selection and only South African citizens are allowed into this structure.
Today the Special Forces are nothing else but an organization which has an extensive record of theft.( sorry i call bullshit here, someone has lied to youseems like you have failed to read. Ask any supplier to SF how his contracts are being stolen , check the role of Jamie Smit , the uber manipulator!!!) The Special Forces have been exonerated by the Minister of Finance and do not have to provide audit reports for the 2010 to 2013 years( for security reasons, their operations and equipment are all classified top secret Yep , but you can find it all on the internet!!). There are rumors that this department, together with Armscor is directly responsible for the death of the 15 South African troops in Central African Republic (CAR) early this year.( real reason is, that soldiers, die in a war, anf the 13(2 died after from wounds and one committed suicide) were not special forces, they were ! Parachute Battalion, Correct with 9 SF wounded amongst those. They fought like demons! The first rule is to make the opposition pay and not sacrifice your own troops. What about the Para-bat Major that sat crying under a tree and got a medal? Fought like a lion , more like pissing himself to death. The reason why our troops in CAR were disadvantaged in this battle is because the officers from DI ( Defense Intelligence)and the SSA (State Security Agency) sent false reports to Pretoria advising them that the Seleka rebels were armed with Ak’s and wooden clubs. Therefore Pretoria refused to listen to the Commander on the Ground and supply him with G5’s and Mortars in order to set loose an airburst hell. Why has Genl Shoke and his command not been prosecuted for culpable homicide? They must take responsibility. ) The story known is that The Special forces and Armscor did not pay the import duties on the weaponry imported into South Africa, and subsequently the South African Revenue Services refused to release the arms. (again, not true,SARS has no oversight into military matters, if the president deploys members they go in diplomatic passports and arent restricted in equipment and movement, however there was a logistical hitch, the SANDF does hire out heavy lift capability, and there was a dely in getting reinforcements thereWrong , the Import duties were paid much later by Armscor and this saga has not yet reached finalization. This comes from court documents. The logistical hitch only came once the Minister took action!! Why must your soldiers first die before you take action? Unnecessary!!  ) This was a direct cause of the death of the South African Soldiers in CAR who did not have enough weapons to protect them.
Indeed that’s correct , but when false affidavits are submitted because certain people are promised indemnity. In Vanessa Du Toit’s affidavits she claims that NGAM had no permits. Yet in her attachments they are there. Therefore the magistrates did not read , can not read and is clearly prescribed to issue such warrants which immediately compromises the validity thereof.  The same with those of Maphyanwa and Jamie Smit. False affidavits with all the facts on the table!!

At no stage could NGAM find joy in the courts. The judges were intimidated and they all postponed.  The strategy has been to bleed NGAM dry , steal their money by creating confusion on whats owed to them , commit slander right up to the International arena.

On the basis of the comments by Tim Flack , why is he not arrested yet? Is he not posing a danger to the state?

These acts allow people to be killed,
( the Child protection act doesnt, it protects children) and no action can be opened against the perpetrator. The Action of Section 47 does protect land owners and home owners, who can kill intruders if their lives are in danger.

The child protection act allows minors to kill people and not get arrested. Minors who are actually guilty of a crime are placed into the care of their parents. It is a known fact that police officers cannot be bothered with the complexity of another murder case and don’t want to fall foul of the law.
The witness protection act has a distinct protocol of favoring the wrong people. In one, instance the murder of Erika Croeser is highlighted. Her killer was under the witness protection act and not arrested, which resulted in the wrong person going to jail.
The Special Forces are allowed to kill and are protected by Section 25(2A) (special forces can kill as ordered to, but that section doesnt allow for it if you read it And what about the allegations that Special units from the Military and the SAPS were involved in bank heists etc?  ). There are members of this unit who are protected by the law and now employed by the South African Police (SAP) (not correct the SAPS have no commant over SANDF special forces they have their own spec, the Special Task Force Not correct – SAPS reigns supreme in as far as criminal legislation goes. The role of Criminal Intelligence has not yet been dissected as this is where all the nonsense stems from. Not against criminals , but against the citizens of the country in order to steal and to promote these peoples’ own private interests. The DG of SSA , Denis Buthelezi is one of those.and remain more lethal than before, working undercover in various units. Paid by the SAP, the Committee of the Communist party, the CIA and the MI6 (nonsence, CIA are American, and MI6 ((Military Intelligence, Section 6 ) would never be allowed access to the SANDF special Forces Wake up little suzi , the interaction of all the forces international and local is of such a nature that everybody will try to gain an info peddler . Makes them look good. Why has the GOC SASF then lost 3 laptops with all its info in the past year? Did he need urgent cash? Was it ever reported?  The British MI 6 has been a part and parcel of the RSA as the Bits have vested interests here since the 1800’s. Why would they not be looking at safeguarding their interests? The lady doth protestest too much, hm?)

With all the high profile people controlling the basis of the safety of its citizens, it remains an alarming fact that democracy is no longer prevalent.
In closing
The Special Forces and the National Prosecuting Authority are two vitally important departments in the democracy of South Africa. These departments would be able to protect and promote the true democracy of people if there were honest and responsible governance in control. Jeff Radebe as a controlling factor of these vitally prominent structures constitutes the failing of democracy on a huge level.

id seriously reconsider your sources here. careful of men that say they were special forces, lies abound and pigs fly in these tails of murder and special operationsRead the court documents , which apparently the Judges had failed to do! Wena , that nice luke warm water which is lulling you off to sleep , its going to boil just now , remember the frog in the luke warm water which got bunt and died? SASF has got many brave soldiers , extremely brave . They all have the same common problem as all soldiers of such units the world over , when they have reached the end of their shelf life, they are dumped on the waste heap of all broken political promises. The same viewpoint of the Dutch Reformed Dominee (Priest) , Punt Janson as a National Party minister when he went on record stating , that a black man must be dumped in the homelands whence he has reached the end of his economical value.

The same exists with SF operations all over the world. And then you have some who think that they can milk the system with their special skills . The problem lies herein as well as the fact that the political powers that be , show no deceny of appreciation towards these people , whence in service and thereafter!!