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What does Greed, Corruption and Pay Back the Money Equal: The ANC

Twenty years and what has happened to South Africa. The African National Congress (ANC) government has failed miserably and yet they remain arrogant and presumptuous about their stronghold. The ANC leadership is marred by corruption, crime, and instability. From Mandela to Zuma there has never been a solid foundation for peace and prosperity for the majority. The majority follows the ANC blindly and brainwashed by promises of a free future and yet they never see the light. It is like the ANC imitating the pied piper and singing a tune that never fails to prompt the ignorant and uneducated people to follow. The ANC pilot the people like puppets on a string, probably laughing all the way to the bank.   

 After terrorizing South Africa and killing innocent women and children, planting bombs in public places and trying to overthrow the former government, the ANC finally was declared the winner for the sake of peace. In 1994, a substantial infrastructure, vast wealth, and knowledge were given to the ANC. It has taken twenty years to demolish a perfectly good, stable working foundation, drain the resources, and forsake the knowledge. While that might not be the greatest problem facing South Africa today, it is perhaps the corruption and blatant open theft of ANC government and officials.
Where has all the money gone? The money is gone to self-enrichment, Nkandla, and greedy government officials. The most tragic part of the greed is the continuous quest to steal and drain the entire country of all resources. It is a never-ending drive to ensure that nothing is left for the development of the country. It is not only internal resources that are milked away; it is also the foreign money that has caused the green eyes to scream, “I WANT IT ALL” and that is exactly what has happened. Perhaps the Gaddafi billions was a cherry to delightful to ignore. Money, diamonds, gold and whatever else Gaddafi entrusted to the ANC top knobs has disappeared, whisked away quickly and deviously. The media have published stories about the Gaddafi billions and the whereabouts of the stash. It is a hush, a pushover for the ANC to   hide the details and remain silent. Why would the ANC reveal the truth about the missing billions? Of course, the ongoing game of ruthless indulgence and misleading the world is the only concern. The ANC is not big on truth, yet this government has perfected the art of double-dealing, lying and manipulating people. 
For over a year, I have published articles on the Gaddafi money, with links to reliable sources. (See links at end of the article for easy reference) On January 28, 2015, a French publication published an article about the ANC, Zuma, and the Gaddafi money. An article that holds back no punches and articulates the research and mission of trying to uncover the truth about the Gaddafi / South African missing billions. The article deals with the dedication and time-consuming effort of Erik Iskander Goaied resolving the issue of the South African connection. Goaied relates to the links between the ANC, Mandela, Mbeki and Zuma and the missing money. The missing money might not be returned to Libya due to terrorist organizations but can be used to liberate and educate the Libyan people. After all, the missing money the ANC government is keeping under the blanket does belong to the people of Libya.

Link to French Article

In South Africa, he has long responded to the nickname of Erik "Niemand". "Niemand" which means "NOBODY" in Afrikaans. An alias that has accommodated this man of Tunisian-Swedish business wise and discreet manner. Erik Iskander Goaied, whose real name means “pleasure. “
"It was necessary to carry out my mission and my safety," he says in a seaside hotel in Tunis where he is visiting. For nearly two years, "Mr. Nobody" is dedicated to tracking down the  "hidden assets" of Muammar Gaddafi in South Africa. We guess that behind his grin,  that he for this mission was plunged into a dark world populated by arms dealers, politicians, spies, mercenaries and especially many crooks.
Presenting himself as paranoid and manic , he insists on showing his credentials Libyan government, those from the time of Prime Minister Ali Zeidan, who was dismissed March 11, 2014, and those of his successor Abdullah al-Thani, head of the government "in exile "in eastern Libya since the Islamist military victory in Tripoli last summer.
"This is the greatest treasure hunt in history, ' he says coldly" Mr. Nobody ". Installed today in Washington, says Goaied who is about to pass to the US authorities evidence implicating people in the highest levels of power of the South African government, the presidential palace ( Nkandla ) implicated in certain cliques of the African National Congress (ANC), the historic party of Nelson Mandela to lead the country for more than twenty years. He is convinced he got hold of the "treasure" and discovered the mysterious personal "hidden funds" of Muammar Gaddafi.
"Brother Gaddafi"
The close links between South African and Libyan authorities date back to mid-1990. (The relationship between the ANC and Ghaddafi stretches back to 1972.) Nelson Mandela did not hide his affection for the "brother Gaddafi," which had financially and militarily supported the struggle against apartheid. Among the heirs of the ANC, several businessmen later exploited this close relationship between the two countries to encourage the self-proclaimed "king of kings of Africa" to invest and store the bulk of his colossal fortune in South Africa. Thus transforming South Africa into a giant laundry washing dirty money for Gaddafi, who was paying for them a portion of oil. In any case, the claims of  Erik Goaded is strange while ordering another coffee at the bar of the hotel in Tunis. Billions of petrodollars in cash, gold, and diamonds, in particular, have been transferred by air cargo and stored in Johannesburg and Pretoria between 2000 and 2011. "The South Africans must and will return this treasure to Libya, he said. There are 400 billion US Dollars. "

An astronomical amount smiles entourage Bashir Saleh, Gaddafi's former chief of staff covered by Interpol Red Notice. ( He is being sought in relation to the disappearance of some Euro 4 billion from Libya.) After a brief stint in France, Pretoria offered a comfortable refuge. For the decades until 2011, Bachir Saleh was at the heart of relations between Libya and South Africa. He was also the lead manager of SWFs,  the Libyan Investment Authority and Libyan African Portfolio, whose investments are traceable despite the hundreds of subsidiaries and bank accounts. Jacob Zuma, the current South African president, and former head of the ANC intelligence has remained a loyal and grateful friend. ( Saleh was seen cavorting at Nkandla with Kulubushe Zuma )
"The leaders of the old regime (Libya) will block this process as they will not have the assurance that this money will not end up in the hands of Islamists."
"All this means nothing and is nothing but wishful thinking. There would be no more than 1.5 billion dollars in Libyan investments in South Africa, "states a source close to Bashir Saleh. It is also the estimated amount of former South African Minister of Finance, Pravin Gordan, who puts it closer to a billion. However, investigators from Command Global Service Company (SGC), formed by former US intelligence agents states. "There is a lot of money in South Africa and elsewhere we can no longer track and that are lost," whilst sitting on the terrace of a Parisian hotel , an Investigator of CGS Haig Melkessetian, who had been discouraged about the whole issue. He added: "To date, Libya has not recovered anything from South Africa. The leaders of the old regime (Libya) will block this process as they will not have the assurance that these amounts will not end up in the hands of the Islamists. "So many disputes the figures put forward by Erik Goaied: "These stories of billions of dollars in cash, it is bogus! This is a crooked situation according to a South African diplomat.
A simple VRP turned into bloodhound
Who is he this, "Mr. Nobody" to dare contradict and challenge some of the highest leaders of South Africa and their statements? An atypical trader of 48 years having acquired a good knowledge of the workings of the administration, both in Libya and South Africa. Having been a consultant for Elf Aquitaine (Togo, Nigeria, etc.) in the 1990s, he had entered into trade relations with Pretoria and Tripoli with a miracle product, "Burnshield" the name of these compresses allowing the relief of  burns. Not without a certain audacity, he became in 1996 the exclusive seller in North Africa of this product manufactured in South Africa. Libya was under international embargo and considered "terrorist country". After many adventures, he ended up being briefly arrested in Tunis when a brother-law of Gaddafi, Ali Farkash, claimed certain commissions.

Financially ruined, he approached in 2008 another great Gaddafi agent who was a shining entity in the Ghaddafi universe, one Mohamed Tag, an influential person of the Wershefana tribe. Tag is a former aide who parted company with the Guide (Ghaddafi) in the late 1980s. The high-ranking contact to the Libyan army allows Erik Goaied to recover tens of thousands of his dinars and to regain a foothold in the business in Tripoli. This time is no longer compresses, but weapons and military equipment he sells, as a representative of the state-owned South African Denel. "When the revolution broke out in 2011, emissaries from both sides requested me to meet in Tunis to supply arms and advice, he said. I refused, for weapons because it was illegal. However, I gave advice to the revolutionaries, and I helped to transfer injured in Tunisia. "
In 2013, Erik Goaied was back in action for Libya in South Africa with his sidekick Mohamed Tag. He was asked by a Libyan army in chaos to act as an arms dealer. An order in the amount of five million dollars allowed him to get an appointment with Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula . The defense minister is wary of these intermediaries acting on behalf of a Libya that is sinking into chaos. She is right. For Goaied and Tag intended to take advantage of the opportunity to involve themselves in the sensitive issue of Gaddafi's assets. Moreover, to effect control they offer to pay with the Libyan dollars allegedly concealed in South Africa for these military purchases. Except that there is no contract or restitution fund. Maybe because, at the same time, other teams claim to represent  the Libyan government to recover the funds of which, Serj Sam, in about early 2014, signs a final settlement for $ 12.5 billion. ( From USD 1 billion according to Pravin Gordan to this!)
See also: Sam Serj: Libyan Gaddafi on the treasure trail
Erik Goaied now involved in the case, convinced that the South Africans are eager to wipe the slate clean of $ 12.5 billion and that there is actually a lot more money in. (USD 400 billion – the South Africans thus wanting to steal the balance of USD 387,5 billion?) Along with his acolyte, Mohamed Tag, they produce a mandate from the Libyan government and derail the negotiations between their competitors and Pretoria.
To speed up his investigations, Goaied  partners with a “sulfureux” arms dealer, the South African Johan Erasmus.( Erasmus had been attacked by the authorities in South Africa who had set out to steal his and his BEE partners’ business”) The latter, contacted by telephone, said in French accentuated by Afrikaans "That it is the former president Thabo Mbeki who benefited most from these funds. I have the certainty and evidence that billions of dollars of Gaddafi are still stored here in cash or banks. "
Among the documents recovered by Erik Goaied, presumably from South African officials, some are staggering. One of them, an email titled "The Libyan case, as discussed," addressed by the Chief of the South African NPA                ( National Prosecuting Authority at the time , a dysfunctional institution) Nomgcobo Jiba, to the Director of Treasury, Rebecca Tee, sent on May 15, 2013 at 9 am 48 . Jiba` to evaluate all of the Libyan state assets in South Africa of some USD 179 billion "without considering the amounts known" under control by other administrations. ( Much more than USD 1 billion) In addition, she accentuates: "This amount is not under government control, but it is the result of an agreement between the Libyan authorities and some South African parties." If this email proves true, it will give weight to the estimates of "Mr. Nobody".

Pretoria Washington

Through Tag Mohammed, now at the age of 62 years and boss of the New Asset Restitution Committee established January 22, 2014 by the Libyan government, Erik Goaied informs Tripoli of what’s happening, starting with Abdullah al-Thani, who will become the first Minister two months later. However, in South Africa, the threats are increasing in the year 2014. "Mr. Nobody" out of nowhere, would have become dangerous. "When there are such sums at stake, even the most honest men can reveal their dark side" words from a "wise old man" of the ANC. Emissaries of the powerful party and the President are engaging with Erik Goaied. The latter claims to have declined a series of full and final settlement offers to 32 then 64 and finally $ 150 billion in June. His only reply: "It has to be a reasonable offer to the Libyans, and they will have to agree to write off a portion of those funds." All In vain. Today, Mohamed Tag responds to the authority of the Parliament of Tobruk and the fragile government of Abdullah al-Thani, in a deeply divided Libya. The assets in  South Africa? The committee directed that he made it a priority, even his obsession as follows : "We expect a return of at least $ 400 billion, a vital amount for the reconstruction of Libya, which will benefit the entire region, particularly our African partners," insists one of the three members of the Committee met in Tunis.

Before leaving South Africa last summer, Erik Goaied is invited on June 27 to an upscale villa in Waterkloof, Pretoria. There he is received by an adviser to former President Thabo Mbeki, who listens carefully. Before picking up the phone, he says. "Mr. President, you have to return the  money, they know everything." On the phone with President Jacob Zuma, Erik Goaied reported his response to which he often think back, "Tell Thabo Mbeki and his family to return the money first and then we will discuss." End of conversation. The advisor to the closed face turns to Erik Goaied "Seek an alternative, you will find nothing here."
Duly noted. For "Mr. Nobody", the solution is in Washington. Only the Americans can put pressure on Pretoria, he thinks. Storyteller or crook for some, sleuth revealed later on for others, he said he brought to safety records, as thick tomes of a judge at the end of an investigation. “The file is processed at the level of the  two States,  but I believe Goaied Erik and his team are able to prove their claim and be in possession of documents, "states the former head of security and intelligence ANC Tito Maleka , by phone.
In the US capital, Erik Goaied intends to write the final chapter of his adventure. To enhance its credibility, he has secured the services of Ben Barnes, influential lobbyist, close to the chief diplomat John Kerry. "Mr. Nobody" is then found at diners in the intriguing K Street in Washington. On the sidel  to the General Assembly of the UN, in a suite at the Grand Hyatt in New York, Friday, Sept. 26, 2014, he and Mohammed Tag presented the results of their investigations to the Libyan President Aguila Salah Issa. Exhausted by the years of investigations, they followed his speech closely the next day at the UN. Where, in an improvised sentence Issa called for "the assistance of all countries for the return of Libyan funds stolen abroad." ( South Africa has a case to answer?) A message to the US administration to address the issue that by now have convinced Goaied to put an end to what he called a "spy movie".

In closing
Now that the world has come to realize there is a real problem in South Africa, perhaps the game of greed will finally end. We all understand that Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe has ruined a great country and continued to rule with an iron fist of dictatorship. Denying human rights to his people and ignoring the world sanctions against the country. We all know that Zimbabwe is not only a failed state but also a total wreck, and the ANC are going down the same route. The good news is that there is time to stop the carnage and recover a land of gold and opportunity. There are people in South Africa that want an honest, reliable working government. The world cannot carry on ignoring the disorder created by the reckless leadership of the ANC coupled with the continuous genocide against the whites. The International Criminal Courts and U.S. must take immediate action against the ANC government and President Zuma. It is time for action and it is time for change! Action to move in an honest path and change from doom to credibility.

Links to previous articles relating to the Missing Gaddafi money, ANC connection, and Zuma.

Friday, January 30, 2015


I am sharing a conversation on Google+, posted on the Nelson Mandela Foundation

Africa belongs to AFRICANS, according to Zweli Nyathi, there is no room for Europeans. The ANC will implement the Freedom Charter, and there is NOTHING the Minority group of South African do about it, said Zweli Nyathi.
 I asked a straightforward question, and now the conversation spills into racial hatred. However much I try to understand the mindset of Zweli Nyathi, the more I realize how arrogant and hell-bent he is attempting to drive fear into people.  I will say he is trying his best to show the superiority and a forceful brutality of how AFRICANS can be.
The Egotistical attitude of Zweli Nyathi is beyond reasoning, and perhaps I should stop indulging his fantasy.

 Laura Oneale
 Jan 23, 2015
A Freedom Fighter, not a terrorist???
Zweli Nyathi
Jan 24, 2015
Laura,Terrorist? Which world are you from? I think it will be proper to understand South Africa and it's true history rather than pretending to understand what we have been through as a human race. Please visit some archives that have got honest reporting free from propaganda and distortion and you will be enlightened.
Immortalis Europa
Jan 27, 2015
+Zweli Nyathi
Please enlighten me, but wasn't Mandela the leader of the murderous MK terrorist organization that carried out almost 200 terrorist attacks - killing men, women & children (both black & white)? Didn't he plead guilty to 156 acts of public violence including mobilizing terrorist bombing campaigns? Wasn't he still giving orders while behind bars to MK & the notorious Quatro torture camp, which tortured & "necklaced" blacks (where a tire was placed over the victim's head, doused in gasoline and then set on fire.)?
Not only did Mandela refuse to renounce violence, Amnesty refused to take his case stating “[the] movement recorded that it could not give the name of ‘Prisoner of Conscience’ to anyone associated with violence, even though as in ‘conventional warfare’ a degree of restraint may be exercised.”
He was continually offered release by the white Apartheid government, but on one condition: that he renounce violence in pursuit of political reform. That is something he consistently refused to do.

Even in his biography Mandela admitted that he had done much wrong.

My experience so far in this world is to do your own research & dig deep, rather than to just assume that archives are going to have "honest reporting" as you put it. We are constantly lied to, about almost everything. You should know that. In any case, it is an undisputed fact that Winnie Mandela was a huge fan of "necklacing". Watch the following clip, and at the 0:34 min and 1:12 min marks you can clearly hear her say "with our 'necklaces' we shall liberate this country!"
Hundreds were necklaced - all of them blacks. In fact Mandela's terrorist campaign killed far more blacks then whites.
Laura Oneale
Jan 27, 2015
Of course Mandela was a terrorist. The world called them freedom fighters, but today they are called terrorists. Immortalis europa. You are right. Today he is an icon because the world placed him in that position, a man that did no wrong and so they forget the evil past and allowed him to rise in status. In fact the leaders replacing Mandela are no better.
Immortalis Europa
Jan 27, 2015
+Laura Oneale
Yes. I totally agree with all of your points. Apartheid was an inhumane system, but It still angers me how our lying mainstream media completely warps peoples' perception so that they end up on the worst side of the two. The ANC has almost ruined what was once such a beautiful, well-functioning country. Today, S. Africa is one of the rape & murder capitals of the world. Africa itself in general is a bit of a mess. Take a look at this site:
One of the billboards which shocked me the most was the one depicting three blacks about to rape a white woman. This sign stated: "RAPE RAPE RAPE. You can do it in Finland. Refugees can do anything. YOU WILL NOT BE PUNISHED. Contact the Finnish embassy now.""
Zweli Nyathi
Jan 27, 2015
Like I said, when you discuss these issues with people who were not directly affected they will always say as they please solely because the ruthlessness has not been fully discussed to cover up. If it was not for the armed struggle the enemy would not have surrendered and we would still be slaves while people enjoy our stolen wealth. There were casualties on both sides but more on our side as we had no resources to fight back, to date we still don't know where some of our family members and relatives are since the truth was not told. It's amazing
how people left countries of their birth right to come and harm innocent people. Politics are better discussed with politically clued up people than commentators. I won't bore you with gory details as they are out there. For the sake of the sacrifice that people like him who went through injustices to liberate his people, leaving his family behind was not an easy decision to make. Let's spread peace than pointing fingers......
Laura Oneale
Jan 28, 2015
Zweli Nyatha, spreading peace is all good, but when the majority continue to victimize the minority then what is the purpose.  The minority group in South Africa is today, the most disadvantaged group of people in the world. Blaming apartheid is one thing but to actually initiate laws to demoralize the minority is another.  Immortalis Europ, your view is spot on, there is a constant problem and as the years roll by, it only escalates.  Mandela was and will probably remain an icon to the majority, however, the majority only had a one-sided vision to relate to.  Zweli Nyathi, even you mention the armed struggle, and assume that the minority are thieves that would steal your wealth. Perhaps that is all it is about - pure hatred!  Please do not forget the hundreds of innocent victims, including women and children that were ruthlessly killed during the ANC terror campaign. Do not forget the ongoing violence and terror of farmers and other victims that are slaughtered in the most horrific manner to this day. Do not forget the perfect and workable infrastructure and hard work the minority did to turn South Africa into a wealthy country. Lastly do not forget that the ANC have ruined the infrastructure, cannot provide basic service deliveries and escalate the poverty among people all for self enrichment.
Zweli Nyathi
Jan 28, 2015
Are you African first and foremost? Can you quantify the casualties on both sides? It's amazing how you are spot on when it comes covering up all the unnecessary injustices. Anyway, let's park this discussion and talk about something creative because we can never agree.
Laura Oneale
Jan 29, 2015
That is the problem. Assumption that you are right and everybody must feel the pain you endured. A one sided story. History actually reveals it all and it was never the minority that kept slaves.... today you are not free you are still a slave to the ANC
Zweli Nyathi
Yesterday 10:00 PM
I can see you very politically blank and you are trying very hard validate colonialism,obviously you benefited from it directly or indirectly. Let's keep on pushing each other and you will see the real pain that our people have suppressed for long for the sake of peace or to accommodate the likes of you. Just let Africa be for Africans......
Laura Oneale
6:49 AM
When you say "let Africa be for Africans" are you referring to all African born races or excluding minority groups? What if I told you that I was born in South African and have a democratic right to live here. I would assume you would say, that the Europeans came to SA uninvited and therefore be excluded as an African. Then I would say, the majority of the black people also came down to South Africa from other parts of the continent. Therefore I believe that whether the white or black who searched and explored undeveloped land have every right to claim South Africa as their own. I do not care about the past, simply because it is exactly that, THE PAST.  Perhaps when the majority stop blaming the past they will be able to move on. Perhaps the majority should look back at the last twenty years and realize how much damage has been done to a country that was functional with vast infrastructure. Perhaps the freedom the majority so desperately wanted is not freedom at all, but rather enslavement to the thieving, corrupt ANC government. Mandela was no saint, please stop crying APARTHEID, and blaming APARTHEID for the failure of the ANC and its people. Perhaps if Chris Hani had survived his assassination, the death of the ANC would have been a reality.
Zweli Nyathi
6:57 AM
You seriously have a problem with the ANC and unfortunately it here to stay, if it was not for it I would still be carrying a dompass and having to get a special permit to drive around. Can you guys just return our stolen land so that we can develop before we grab it forcefully like you did? We never dealt with the real issues in 1994, racism, looting that you etc.... Like I said, the arrogance that iam sensing emanates from the fact that we never dealt with our oppressors to the fullest hence they are trying so hard to nullify the 300 years of injustice. We are now ready, watch the space!
Zweli Nyathi
7:01 AM
Who said you guys must come here in the first place? To come enslave us because you can't use your hands to feed yourself and you call it development? Like I said, Europeans don't learn. We have a good examples in our neighboring countries where people were just fed up and dealt with them. Watch the space, we are going to to implement the freedom charter whether you like it or not and the is nothing you or any European can do about it.....
Zweli Nyathi
7:06 AM
Funny enough you guys during your reign you never wanted to be called Africans, you demarcated everything and created your own spaces saying you Europeans and now you want to floor cross? How convenient? Being African is not a suntan but it must be in your genes and I guess that's where the confusion is, burning yourself in the sun for whatever reason does not automatically make you an African overnight.
 Zweli Nyathi
7:06 AM
Funny enough you guys during your reign you never wanted to be called Africans, you demarcated everything and created your own spaces saying you Europeans and now you want to floor cross? How convenient? Being African is not a suntan but it must be in your genes and I guess that's where the confusion is, burning yourself in the sun for whatever reason does not automatically make you an African overnight.
Laura Oneale
7:17 AM
All read from your comments is HATRED, and a one-sided view. The Europeans had every right to discover and claim undeveloped jungle land. South African was a barren land, with nothing and then the Europeans discovered the land, turned the country into a working, wealthy and livable space. The knowledge and experience made the country a strong contender among the world. What did the ANC do, did they build roads,schools, houses, create electricity, build water reservoirs and so much more. All the ANC did was see the vast amount of wealth discovered and cried I WANT IT ALL.  Your puny threats are racist and spills hatred. You are really good at crying "LOOK AT ME, I HAVE SUFFERED" and want the world to feel sorry for you. Well I have got news for you, the communistic laws and supremacy the ANC radiate is like a stuck record and we are all so very tired of hearing the same tune.  With regard to other African countries, yes take a look at them, and what do you see, total ruin. Remember the whites that lived in the other African countries might have fled because they were afraid of the savage and barbaric behaviour of the AFRICANS, but here in South Africa, THE WHITES are different, as history will prove.
Tell me who you are and what spurs on the hatred, are you so blind that you cannot see how the ANC have lost the plot. 
 Laura Oneale
7:24 AM
OMG, you have a blatant hatred for white people, that is your problem. Stop playing the victim and remember if it were not for the Europeans, you might still be swinging through the trees.
 Zweli Nyathi
7:25 AM
Because we gave you guys a second chance to live side by side with us and you are spitting on our faces. Hard lessons are coming soon.
Zweli Nyathi
7:28 AM
You were never an ANC member and you just read from the papers, you have no idea what it means to be an ANC means! Please visit the freedom charter you might be enlightened. We will never surrender this country again, just make peace with it. It is even clear where your vote is, so don't stress about ANC as you add no value to it.....
Laura Oneale
7:39 AM
I must say you are a narcissistic with a HUGE chip on the shoulder. A fellow blinded to the truth and spewing out racial hatred toward white people. Do you really believe your harsh words and threats will intimidate the minority? You are so brainwashed into believing that you are a superior race, it is actually hilarious.
 Zweli Nyathi
7:44 AM
If you remember how this conversation started, you called Mandela a terrorist. That is the same guy who stopped us us from kicking your butts when we could, you already leaving South Africa like a colony of bees. How grateful you are? Blinded is the thing of the past for so many Africans, slave trade etc belongs there. We are wise now, bring it on....
 Laura Oneale
7:54 AM
All I can say is that you are an egotistical person with a very blurred mind, brainwashed and living in the past. Mandela was a terrorist and he never stopped the killing of innocent women and children, not only whites but blacks as well.  Read my blog -

The true legacy of Nelson Mandela is that he is a terrorist, the founder of Umkhonto we Sizwe, the military wing of the African National Party (ANC). Mandela left South Africa in 1962 and sought help for a violent struggle. He negotiated for both financial and military aid with communist countries, including East Germany and China. He gained strong support from Cuba, the Egyptian government, and the Soviet Union, whom all gave tremendous aids to his terrorist organization.

It is a well documented fact that Mandela was a terrorist.

I am going to post all these comments on my blog, share on social media and hopefully some good will come out of the racial hatred you have toward the majority group. I suggest you take some time out and realize that not everything you said is true. Try and think OUTSIDE OF THE BOX.

Monday, January 26, 2015


South Africa – what a deurmekaar (confused) place!!  

Everybody blames President Zuma, and rightly so. He is the man at the moment in charge, and what a mess has he made! Ole Max Du Plessis – a journalist, who never minced his words, calls him a “One Man Wrecking Ball!”

Was that only but true for the South African sportsmen and – women?
The HAWKS, the specialized investigation unit in the SAPS (Police Service) suspended their Head Genl Anwar Dramat and the Gauteng Head Genl Sibiya eventually.

The Helen Suzmann Foundation stepped up to the plate in order to have Genl Dramat’s suspension set aside. Quite successfully, they so were. However, the Minister of Police immediately launched an Application for Appeal. The South African public believes that the President’s men are once again to suspend those who are so rising to investigate serious corruption. Is that so?

Genl Dramat got this job, and he terminated the investigation into the Arms Deal based on the fact that there was far too much work and that they did not have the resources. Remember this line!

Where did the good Genl Dramat go wrong, without having access to any internal news? In the RSA, there is a particular piece of legislation, Act 12 of 2004, The Act for the Prevention and Combating of Criminal Activities. There is a Section, S 34 which states quite clearly that on the basis of any suspicion, any person being aware or even suspecting such – must bring criminal charges.

This is the sole single fact that Genl Dramat must be accused of. His lack, of pressing the charges pertaining to the corruption in South Africa, is clearly out of control. Perhaps the Helen Suzmann Foundation should take a bit of heat of this situation.

When all good men and women keep quiet ………………..

Why did Genl Dramat then not deal with Genl Sibiya? The newspapers wrote Genl Maphyanya from Mpumalanga, HAWKS HEAD in Mpumalanga falsified claims to do with travel. They do not ask whether these so-called issues were raised because of the General’s involvement in the investigations into the alleged fraud at the Mbombela Stadium in Nelspruit. With the subsequent assassination of Jimmy Mohlala , a Councillor  at the local municipality who pushed for the investigation!

Interesting enough, the dossier of the investigation went missing, and no further investigation is taking place.

The central issue should be Genl Sibiya as the suspended Head of the Hawks in Gauteng. Issues were brought to his attention of fraud pertaining to the stealing of Council Properties in the City of Johannesburg by what properties were sold at vastly deflated prices and afterwards resold at enormously inflated prices. A certain Maringa and his coterie of criminal minded peoples were involved in these unjust self-enrichment. He went on record hat the then Minister of Justice, Mr Jeff Radebe, a Zulu from Newcastle in Natal was his partner. Yet, nobody does anything. Genl Sibiya seemed to be blind and deaf. A certain Capt Jan Judeel was in the forefront of wiping all allegations of fraud in this regard under the table. Why? In an affidavit by a certain Peet Viljoen, it is stated explicitly that a certain Zunaid Moti and Investec Bank had benefited from these irregular and seemingly fraudulent property transactions at the City of Johannesburg. Genl Sibiya as the HEAD of the HAWKS was also running a private night club opposite the Pretoria train station.  

While Genl Dramat has not been implicated in these matters, as National Head he at least should have known what is going on and take action. There is no public record of any such action being undertaken at any time.

Minister Jeff Radebe is currently the Minister of the Presidency, a De-facto Prime Minister. He has presidential aspirations indeed and makes no secret about it. Pres Zuma reckons that if he holds his enemy's closer that things will be under control. He would have been right if he did not put people such as Jeff Radebe in such powerful positions. Jeff Radebe is also the Chairperson of the National Conventional Arms Control Committee (NCACC). This is a cabinet committee being served by the Directorate Arms Control Committee, which falls under the Secretary of Defense. Effectively he is a Director General for the Department of Defense.

Because everything around the Military is regarded as security, everything is for this reason classified either as RESTRICTED or SECRET. Of course, this leaves a big scope for many untoward happenings, in both the procurement and even murder. The allegations of the murder of a husband and wife in Kempton Park shortly after the surfacing of the Arms Deal allegations have been swept under a filthy carpet. This former Air Force officer’s laptop and other material all went missing. Is this the only such case? People have been told if they talk too much about the HELDERBERG disaster then they would suffer consequences. Not just about losing their pensions. In addition, so it goes on. However the leader of the country is absent, the security institutions do not function, the RSA Parliament is dysfunctional.

The Military is a law unto themselves. Brig Genl Mankai, the former Commanding Officer of the Oudtshoorn military bases, Infantry School, had in last year mustered 2 x Infantry Fighting Vehicles. Ratels with 90 mm turrets fitted to it and some 120 troops with full battle gear in order to assault the Police Center where some of his drinking buddies that had been earlier arrested, had been held. He is about to appear in court on charges of intimidation, and yet he is at work every day. Something is a little odd about him wanting to start a shooting match against a highly out-gunned Police Service.
 No direct arrest and court martial? Why not?

Of course, this is the lackadaisical attitude of play in the South African Defense Force as well as the rest of the country. South Africa is a failed state waiting to explode. In addition, what an explosion it will be. Rather sooner than later, it would seem.

In 20 years, the ANC had regurgitated the same song every year, service delivery, all hands on deck,,,, etc. etc. etc. etc. . , the waste and the nonsense had been accumulating extensively. What happens in a war of attrition? In addition, this is what's going on in the RSA.

Sticking with the military. The politicians and the generals drink together, and the politicians are seemingly at the bidding of the generals. The Minister of Defense, Mrs Mapisa Nqakula is at the mercy of the Generals. Why? What has she done that puts her at their mercy? One can but only wonder. All the hot air she and her colleagues sprout in Pres Zuma’s cabinet is but that. The NCACC can make any unfounded allegation against nobody and make it stick through a network of cowardly and self-serving technocrats. Mrs Vanessa Du Toit as the so-called Director of Compliance of the NCACC is not afraid to pen her signature to false affidavits despite having knowledge that such could not be true. Yet, she would appear to be untouchable! Why? Is it because her husband is alleged to be working now for Paramount Logistics? Paramount has CEO, Ivor Ichikowitz, who had been implicated in the export of 320 Ratel IFV’s during the 2000’s to Jordan, and an amount of some USD 300 million is still an issue. Many of the people who had been involved in ensuring safe houses for the ANC during the struggle are now supposedly very close to ZUMA and his consorts. Names such as those of Selwyn Nathan and David Hirscowitz had been mentioned. Israeli Intelligence? Allegedly, Du Toit’s husband, Matie – ex-Air Force and former Chief of Staff of the late January Masilela, is very well known to these peoples. Du Toit, a Director Compliance at the NCACC and her husband, are now working for Paramount, a company if the Defense Industry that she must control? Conflict?

Everybody has been talking about Gaddafi’s money. Pres Zuma’s name had been mentioned. However, this started during the time of Pres Mandela. Gaddafi’s relationship with the ANC arose from 1972 when he began funding the ANC. Every month he would be sending a courier to London to pay the fees of all the ANC member’s fees. Apparently, Gaddafi had learnt early on that money transferred to the ANC would go astray. A defective gene in the ANC’s make-up until today. According to Al J Venter, South Africa in Mandela’s times had supplied technology and goods in the nuclear field to Libya. According to sensitive sources, the Libyans had much more nuclear knowledge and products when the USA bought it from Gaddafi after an agreement to this effect. According to these sources, up to 10 times more than the USA estimated.

However, what else? What else? What is a dirty bomb?

Is it true that after 1994, the South Africans had sent shiploads full of contaminated nuclear goods and other stuff to be buried in Libya? Where in Libya? Where is the Gaddafi bunker of which the entrance was imploded until today? What is in there; boats and planes and trains? Sinister! What will happen if terrorists get their hands on such?

We are very glad that we are not in Europe, despite Pres Zuma giving apartheid credence due to his imbecilic utterances. All he has been doing was to run the ANC down and acknowledging that the ANC is not up to standard. Yet, the so-called security services are not doing their work, not only Dramat and Sibiya, also all the other parasites garnering an exorbitant salary every month for messing around and messing up.

Part 1 - the Naming and Shaming of all these peoples. (About time to!)