Sunday, March 29, 2015


I have seen a recent trend of blacks trying to desperately prove that black-African society was more advanced than the world apparently realized prior to colonization. They are trying to address areas such as architecture, education, astronomy, technology, general societal infrastructure etc

What a joke!

After reading many of these I have concluded that those of you writing these articles are making a feeble and piss-poor attempt to do so. In fact your attempt is so weak it highlights the vulnerable underbelly of the desperate African who is trying to pathetically prove to the world that there is more to our history than there really is...
Even if African society had advanced medicine and "the first" university, and the pyramids (I am pretty darn sure no African engineered those) - there is very little that is accurately/reliably documented in the annals of history which actually provides the detail (and multiple-source corroboration) needed to truly substantiate the extent to the claims we hear. All you black pundits out there - there is clearly is a lack of solid supportive data for these claims.
The fact is, African tribes/societies were not as sophisticated and forward thinking as European and Asian societies at that time in world history, related to the areas of architecture, education, astronomy, technology and general societal infrastructure.

Let's face it, even now we exhibit fairly primitive tribal tendencies in the way we try to govern countries - we can't overcome tribal lores, we can't organize ourselves well in the various arms of government, we fall prey to which-craft and superstitions that affect our ability to make logical decisions. We have broken down a first world country into fragments of what it was 20 years ago, clearly due to tribalistic tendencies, which some might say are proof that we have not evolved, and never will evolve.

Our actions force scholars to wonder if black society is actually devolving since the period in history when we apparently engineered and constructed the pyramids, and invented telescopes. It's almost laughable is it not? Where are all these artisans today? Let me repeat -where are all these accomplished artisans today, and how did we lose all that knowledge in Southern Africa?
Accept your blackness my African brothers! Be proud of who you really are TODAY. Accept our limitations, and don't put in presences or create stick houses and make the rest of us look like lying fools.

We have many things to be proud about, but don't lower yourself by trying to embellish our history.
Let's look forward and encourage our people to excel at everything they do in the future. Let's teach our children to be engineers and architects and professors, and build our own pyramids in South Africa -- My God we have built NOTHING to be proud of really in the 20 years we have ruled this country, we have only torn down and destroyed!

Let's teach our children to be smart, educated, innovative, open and flexible, competitive, disciplined and responsible.
Let's not show them that it is acceptable to pilfer through putrid rubbish - we need to find ways to rise above that if we are truly the civilized people we apparently say we are.

Menzi Solomon Shange
The Speaker of Harsh Truth

Monday, March 23, 2015


Unbelievable. It is time to hold the ANC accountable for their lack of governance.
Really sickening! It's most definitely time for change! We want true democracy, decent infrastructure, proper service delivery, an end to a corrupt government, useless president with a Std 2 certificate!! I can go on, and on, and on!!
The amount of times I have been told that they have to vote ANC because they are "family". I want to scream. Then they won't vote at all because they won't vote for the white man's party, vote for a smaller party then someone who has ethics. One less vote for them and in someone else's pocket WILL make a difference. ( Comments on this photo )

Took me a while to gather myself on seeing this. Still at a loss for words. The ANC is so disgusting and evil. What you see on the attached picture below are the ANC toilets in Eastern Cape which are these part of the R631 million tender that Gwede Mantashe and some ANC thugs received. It is saddening to see daily, utter violation, humiliation and indignity we Black people are subjected to in this country by these ANC Black crakkkas. A fuckin disgrace and these ANC Black crakkas have the audacity to claim that they have ''a good story to tell'' or say things like ''proudly brought to you by the ANC'' when our Black people are being violated, humiliated and suffering like this.
I hate everything about the ANC, I have zilch benefits of a doubt to give the ANC, there is absolutely NOTHING to love about the ANC!!!
Phumelele Balindile Bali Mthembu

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Jacob (and your ANC-Bastions)

Rhodesia used to be a "jewel" in Southern Africa. Under Mugabe led-Zimbabwe, the country has become "practically dead".

Jacob - some say you secretly aspire to achieving the same "heights" as Mugabe, as you look up to him and his country on the map. A leaders legacy is determined by the positive impact he has had on his people. As you walk through the towns, villages, and baron farms in Zimbabwe, the words that flood my mind are: wretched, filth, neglect, suffering, oppression, communism, sadness, abyss.
The country that was once the jewel of Africa is greatly diminished and weakened beyond recognition. Jacob, do you still hold Mugabe with high regard? Do you still aspire to the great heights achieved by this man, like you would worship a false god? Shame on you if you do.
South Africa is steadily plotting the same course as Zimbabwe.
Jacob - what can you tell us today you are doing to avoid this same fate for South Africa? Don't spew fluff at us, give us real facts that demonstrate your commitment to avoiding the same black hole that Rhodesia fell into.
Please take note that I no longer will call you "Mr. Zuma" or "President". I will call you by your first name until you have earned your people's respect by showing us real leadership and dig us out of this hellish hole we find ourselves in.
Show us that you will build our country and not destroy it, so that the rivers of tears flowing through our townships can be turned into schools and improved services, and law & order, and unwavering integrity.
This in our Beloved Country.

Menzi Solomon Shange
Truth Whisperer

Calling all ANC Members
Please put motions forward at your next ANC Branch meetings to challenge why we let our ANC Leadership get away with stealing the people's money unapologetically.
Do we really want our children to look up to thieves?
How long can we continue to turn a blind eye?
If the people in government that we trust truly feign ignorance when confronted with this issue, then all ANC card holding members should be fearful that our leaders are not being more vigilant!
Remember that stealing comes in different forms - it could be writing false cheques, falsifying expenses, making cheques for "modified" invoices, creating fake transactions, overpaying with under the table expectations, manipulating tenders etc
I am confident that these disgraceful and unethical acts are rife within our ANC and government entities, which explains the vacuum in funding in key areas that jeopardize the security of our country.
If anyone asks for proof of this, then you have had your head deep in the sand of the Kalahari desert for too long. The department of public works officials and the ANC are all fattening their pockets while our people get neglected once again.
We must send a strong message to ANC leadership that this unethical behavior must stop or the ANC will be seen as the roadblock to The People claiming their right to liberation.
Menzi Solomon Shange
Speaking for the Majority

Blacks Confusing Authority with Apartheid - Get Over It!

Blacks Confusing Authority with Apartheid - Get Over It!
By Menzi Solomon Shange
Without respect and adherence to a structured line of authority our businesses and government will fail.
Don't confuse Authority with Apartheid, you need a chain of command for a business to operate and to be profitable and economically prosperous.

In other countries, when your boss/manager/supervisor reprimands you for doing a bad quality job, it is part of his/her responsibility to maintain a good quality service or product. It DOES NOT necessarily mean there is Descrimination, Racism or Prejudice occurring.
I see this daily in South Africa - where my black brothers perpetuate our Failed State by claiming that anyone of a different color in a position of authority is guilty of racism and using old Apartheid methods on you. GET OVER IT my black brothers!
Our Black Led FAILED STATE is withering in the vine and your hang ups are a key factor in the inability of our people to build organizational structure, both in business and in the various arms of government.
Does this mean you should blindly trust someone in a position of authority? Of course Not, just make sure you understand roles & responsibilities and overall expectations, and if you are concerned about something use the appropriate chain of command to escalate an issue.
Yes I admit the memories of Apartheid hurt, and the real affects are still seen. Apartheid remains on our minds, and in the memories of our parents and grandparents, but we do THEM an INJUSTICE if we let the memory of a system long abolished hurt our ability to organize ourselves and build our infrastructure today.
Also please remember that the minority in power during the Apartheid era supported the abolishment of Apartheid. So let's not get too caught up in the pain of the past to where it impedes our ability to look forward.
These are the shackles of Apartheid you need to break free from!
By Menzi Solomon Shange
Fighter for Clarity in a world of struggles

ANC - Stench of Death

ANC -Stench Of Death
By Menzi Solomon Shange
It is clear that the ANC is intentionally ignoring the cries of the people. The country is on a steep decline to the point where food, water and self-preservation for our working poor are foremost on many of our minds. The stench of death is nigh, but may be averted yet
This is a situation we should never have found ourselves, this resource-rich country, this innovative and industrious country, the last bread basket of Africa appears to be atrophied now beyond recognition, drained by parasites and grossly mismanaged
The song of the African bird is simply too distant to be heard...and few hear it any longer.
No doubt we have a rogue political party that no longer believes it's function is to serve the people, but instead is driven by darker motives...
Even worse it appears to be deluded to the rot that has permeated its very foundation.
The best option for the average person is to:
Voice your discontent to your friends, family, and to businesses and corporations - share common ideals with those around you. Do it with The Truth, a smile, with revelation, poise, and with laser focus
Ask your friends and family to do the same
If you know ANC members please tell them the people are ready for a major change NOW. Debate with them to show them The Truth
If you happen to have resources at your disposal, find ways to embarrass the ANC by pointing out their failings. Unfortunately we resort to this since our ANC leaders seem to be numbed to the declining standard of life of millions of people. Please be cautious when doing this and do not jeopardize your safety - the ANC has been known to track outspoken people down and intimidate them, and who knows what else
Find ways to inform the press (local and international ) of the outrageous things Zuma is doing, and expose all the neglect, incompetency and corruption that is so apparent
Black South Africans must shout out their outrage at the grave the ANC has dug for us these last 20 years - a different leading political party will be a breath of fresh air, and will be an easier change to make than you think
As tightly as Zuma and his cANCer hold onto their ill-gotten power, as quickly they will run like chickens when they realize the people have turned their loyalties to a more deserving party
Let's find that new party that speaks our language and addresses the real issues that plague our country. Once we find them, vote for them.
The spirit of democracy will live strong in a new party of strong resolve, integrity, and one that is focused on leadership of the people, for the people, all the people.
The ANC must be cut out like a tumor! (With no anesthetic)
The ANC must understand it is no longer wanted or needed.
Let us avert our ANC led course away from the stench of death...
Menzi Solomon Shange is from Kwazulu Natal where he spent his childhood. At the age of 18, Mr. Shange moved abroad to pursue his bachelors degree, after which he returned to South Africa, and currently lives in Gauteng. Mr. Shange owns a successful business that services the mining industry that he built from scratch. Mr. Shange started publicly writing in the last year and is providing razor sharp commentary on social-political issues, providing an insight and a vision that is striking a chord amongst many South Africans. Mr. Shange has developed a strong following, his powerful, intelligent, and unique writing style has become his key signature, and easily recognized by his loyal followers.

Monday, March 16, 2015

South Africa President Jacob Zuma Manipulates Traditional Leaders

South Africa President Jacob Zuma Manipulates Traditional Leaders

South Africa

South Africa President Jacob Zuma should not be given or allowed powers to manipulate traditional leaders for personal political gain. There is a plan to make traditional courts the only option for millions of South Africans by denying access to civil courts.
The traditional leaders scattered around South Africa are indirectly being influenced by Zuma to help control local citizens vote for the African National Congress (ANC) party in the 2016 local elections. The tribal chiefs are lobbying for the ANC support all in exchange for an ability to deliver rural vote. It is ironic that the South Africa democratic government is moving toward realising the goals of the former apartheid government. It is all about the ANC building an extensive support base throughout South Africa. The traditional leadership is very patriarchal and conservative. Women have no rights.
It would be better for such powers to be given to the impartial body, like a public protector. It is incorrect to assign somebody who is guilty, to make a judgment on other people. There will be no fair justice under Zuma.
Ordinary people who fall into a tribal community cannot put in a land claim, this is done by the tribal chief, who opposed the granting of title deeds on communal land to the people. The sole reason for note allowing people to own land is that ordinary citizens would apply for bank loans and use the title deeds as security. The chiefs are wary of people defaulting on loans, and the land being attached to the banks. The people will not own the land and the tribal chief will hold all the power over the tribal clans of South Africa.


Sunday, March 15, 2015

No One is Listening and it must be SAID AGAIN

South Africa ruled by the ANC government under the corrupt Zuma administration is no different to the Mandela led administration. The ANC told the majority, “We, the ANC single-handedly gave you freedom, we took the country back from the oppressive whites and gave you everything you have today, so vote for us!”

“Yes, Comrade!” Is the response and it will not alter the fact that the country is being torn down into a barren impracticable land. South Africa boasts exquisite landscapes, a sweeping supernatural scenery, and white sandy beaches. Rich in mineral resources and potential to grow into a first-class world country, however, all of the splendor is being destroyed by the ANC government.

The politicians serve at the pleasure of the people. The people who voted for the ANC were hoping for a party that would help them and instead they got a selfish, greedy President that is only sitting in power at the pleasure of the people. Jacob Zuma is supposed to be a servant of the people and when he does not obey the law, the ANC party take responsibility to pull him in line and when they fail, the people have a voice but alas, they do not raise the freedom of expressing concerns. The voice of the people can be an important form of democracy and force Zuma to be the servant of the people. Yet, the brain-washed majority sit back and allow the corruption, fraud and greed to continue.

Africa is a dark continent with barbaric leaders. Indeed some leaders have treated their subjects pretty badly, but some have been painted with the wrong brush. Some of the worst crimes against humanity have been committed in South Africa under Botha, but he remains a saint in the eyes of his fellow whites. NOW the ANC government are committing crimes against humanity by oppressing the minority groups.  It is widely reported that the minority groups in South Africa are the worst oppressed people in the world. Haven't we witnessed such bad governance elsewhere in the world?

Are South Africans cowards and are they just as bad as any other gangsters. The ANC hide behind the pretense that they are doing all citizens a favor, when they are actually not. The only correct way to solve this problem is for the ANC to vote themselves in and instead the majority is taking sucker punches and think they are winning.  The ANC is not for the people of South Africa, they are against the voters. The ANC act without consequences and dish out justice as and when they see fit, pretend to be law enforcement, judge and executioner with no accountability or mandate. The majority cheer them on and are too stupid to know that there are no favors from the corrupt government.

South Africa is a wonderful country is full of really crappy people, including most of the government, police, and every state run organization including the state hospitals. The military and police are little more than welfare institutions for lazy no-goobers. Hell, we have functionally illiterate “officers” in our military, and low ranks that openly tell their superiors to “Eff Off”.

Outright hatred for the Europeans is even readily spouted by the so-called politicians, and everyone blames the whites for the poor living standards of the so-called blacks. Who did these blacks blame for their poor living standards prior to the arrival of the whites? They had nothing, not even a written language.

Almost 20%  of the black population have managed to work their way out of the gutter by sheer hard work. Yet it is often the elements of their own nation who try to pull then back into the shameless adversity.

Civilized black people regard the masses as being poor due to the laziness of getting an education and trying to do some real work. In many cases, the masses are despised by the civilized ones.

The black on black crime intensity is mainly unreported and appallingly high. Black on white crime, also shockingly high is reported with many crimes remain unobserved or swept under the carpet. Larger cities and many other areas around the country are virtual no-go areas after dark.. Daytime robberies happen all the time and many are unreported.  Car-jackings, smash and grab, when stopping at robots are a massive problem.

Prisons are overcrowded, criminals released on minimal bail. The police serve and protect the corrupt government officials. While those in uniform are criminals too. The lost firearms from the police force are mind boggling. So few convictions.

Zuma, the president of South Africa,  is the most awful person ever to govern. Zuma shows no leadership whatsoever and his knowledge of the English language is sparse.

He appears to have done significant damage to South Africa inasmuch as we are not looked on favorably by the rest of the world because South Africa has become another corrupt nation.

Perhaps it is time to look around to ensure that a new President with an exceptional, honest, reputation, and qualifications is elected President (a person who can speak and understand English)!  A President with a strong sense of management to ensure that he is, above all, the rubbish the ANC/ tribal leaders mete out.

It is the incompetence of our leaders that no effective action is taken to prevent the epidemic of viruses and other plagues. Indigenous locals rape of virgin girls because they traditionally believe that having sex with a virgin will cure them of AIDS. But naturally the only thing achieved is spreading of the epidemic.

Without a strong, honest and capable president, South Africa will undoubtedly become like Zimbabwe - full of corruption and nothing else.

Every country that is led by tribal blacks is in Chaos. Of course, Zimbabwe is a classic example of a nation in which the economy once rated among the best in the world, is now a shit-hole. How any other African countries have spiralled downward under the corrupt leaders, Uganda, Angola, all of West Africa, Sudan, CAR Congo Rwanda Zimbabwe and even South Africa.

Killing of people, black or white is wrong and if the majority are too stupid to see that the ANC leadership is the problem, then a capable leader should be voted in.  The mentality of having enough food and not having murders in the streets is a goon measuring stick to determine who should lead.
History told a different story, however, of compassionate white people enraged with a racist and inhumane system, a trade embargo putting pressure on the government and of a leader like De Klerk, who knew change had to happen. With White South Africans Voting For Change, where was the ANC, they were occupied with killing innocent civilians.

Life is meaningless and worth naught in Africa, including South Africa.  People including children get killed for a cell phone or school lunch money.

Corruption and nepotism in the government are so high that a recent study found that around 75% of tenders are allocated to family members first then friends with benefits. Snitches are targeted and often killed.

Bribery is the national past-time!

Do not count on this -  that the back door genocide, killing of farmers that has been introduced in South Africa has being noted by the world. Do not think that the paper value constitution is going to protect the minority forever, internal terror is as much dangerous as external terror is and just because the majority believe that they can F***k as they call it and as they want ?

South Africa is a shit hole due to the primates now running it.

When that is borne in mind, it becomes clear that the description of South Africa's democracy as being in danger is no exaggeration.

Who in their right mind let that f*****g upstart Mandela out? If the filthy terrorist were still locked up, then there would not be a problem.

Minority in the world, majority in Africa, should be wiped from the face of the Earth. Problem solved.

That really sums things up doesn't it?

Saturday, March 14, 2015

South African Farmer Shares Story on Microwave Weapons

A farmer in South Africa has once again raised the seriousness of Microwave weapons used to target animals and cause destruction. Previously we have written about these distresses caused by criminals infiltrating farms with the sole purpose of instigating total devastation and alienating the farmer.

Here is the story of the Farmer, who wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons and more important not to attract more attacks targeted at his family and farm.


I will try to be short.
Microwave is used. Handheld devices can beam microwave anything from a few centimetres to 10 kilometres and is fatal at all ranges.

These are used in all developed countries, and no one case has this device been brought to any court of law. It is State secret in all countries.

Most cases the amount directed at a victim or victims is non-lethal but causes untold damage to the victim.

It can cause, depending on which exact frequency used, the muscles to stop working, the nerves to stop working and the immunity of victim is compromised.
The person is immobilised and can not function as normal.

It cooks the victim from the inside.
It causes Sudden Panic Attacks.
It causes driver and aeroplane pilots to lose control. Causes car crashes and aircraft crashes. Even the electronics of vehicles and planes can be melted, even 1 kilometre away.
Initial symptoms when power is low. (When power is high, instant death.)
Pain in the abdomen, in the inside.
Short temper.
Short term memory loss. Words that are commonly used are forgotten and/or can't remember how to spell words.
Victim might be considered to have Alzheimer's Disease and/Parkinson's Disease or similar, when nothing is wrong with the victim.

Most important.

Immune system is compromised.
Victim will manifest any disease that the immune system has suppressed. Even childhood illnesses will manifest, such as Scarlet Fever, Measles, Small Pox, Chicken Pox, Whooping cough and Polio.
In most cases, the victim's immunity will control these diseases within a day after getting away from getting harmed.
Other cases the victim could die from them. Seek the help immediately.
Many vaccines, inoculations, injections and syrups have live virus in them.
For example, the SV40 virus developed by Jonas Salk and Albert Sabin in the 1950s in the USA and used in the 1960s across the world has live polio virus. Anyone who took the syrup will have the live virus in them for the rest of their lives. This polio virus will manifest if microwaved.

Or, someone might never have any of these childhood diseases but came in contact with others who had them, will have a virus in their bodies. This will also manifest if microwaved.

Or, had the disease such was Measles and this will manifest again when microwaved.
Or, if taking a Flu Injection, and new hidden virus is in that injection. Victim could get a lung infection which is not cured by modern medicines. Victims die within a month or year after symptoms manifest. That is why it is so dangerous!

Each individual will show different symptoms on each occasion of microwaving.
In the case of microwaving been done to individual, get away from the area as fast as possible. Seek cover. And if driving stop and get off the road immediately. Get out and hide on the opposite of vehicle from where microwave is beamed from.
Those doing it will NEVER reveal themselves and will not come out of hiding looking for the victim if the victim is in cover or hiding.

Report incident to the police. Police would not investigate. However, that is the best one can do under the circumstances.

With microwaving a crime has been committed and it is criminal. The World States will use this to bring about the New World Order.

So learn all you can.

Informative links on the Microwave weapons

Symptoms of Microwave Targeting

Microwave Weapons a New Threat to South African Farmers

Nuclear Explosives in South Africa raise concern

An article published in The Washington Post about South Africa and nuclear explosives. The article is descriptive, informative and details the concern America has toward the stubbornness of President Jacob Zuma not wanting to give up its nuclear explosives.  America is convinced that as long as Zuma remains in power nothing will change.

What does Zuma want to do with all this nuclear power that was created during the apartheid era.

Quotations from the article

“The bottom line is that South Africa has a crime problem,” Wolfsthal said. “They have a facility that is holding onto material that they don’t need and a political chip on their shoulder about giving up that material. That has rightly concerned the United States, which is trying to get rid of any cache of HEU [highly enriched uranium] that is still out there.”

Differing points of view
The apartheid regime hatched the bomb program at a time when it faced sabotage at home, wars on its borders and increasing international isolation. But by the end of the Cold War, the government realized that its whites-only rule would have to be scrapped, and so its leaders ordered the weapons destroyed and the production facilities dismantled, while holding onto the explosive fuel.

In interviews, top officials in both countries made clear that they see the issue through different prisms. Zuma’s appointees assert that it is absurd for the United States to obsess over the security of the country’s small stockpile while downplaying the starker threat posed by the big powers’ nuclear arsenals.
But South African President Jacob Zuma, like his predecessors, has resisted the White House’s persistent entreaties and generous incentives to do so, for reasons that have partly baffled and enormously frustrated the Americans.

President Obama, in a previously undisclosed private letter sent to Zuma in August 2011, went so far as to warn Zuma that a terrorist nuclear attack would be a “global catastrophe.” He proposed that South Africa transform its nuclear explosives into benign reactor fuel, with U.S. help.

Zuma was unmoved, however, and in a letter of his own, he insisted that South Africa needs its nuclear materials and was capable of keeping them secure. He did not accept a related appeal from Obama two years later, current and former senior U.S. officials said.

That’s why current and former U.S. officials say that South Africa is now the world’s largest uncooperative holder of nuclear explosives, outside of the nine existing nuclear powers.

Read the entire article on this link:

U.S. unease about nuclear-weapons fuel takes aim at a South African vault
Zuma - "its mine ALL mine!"

Saturday, March 7, 2015

South Africa Oppression Corruption and Zuma

A conversation on Twitter regarding the corruption and fraud charges against Jacob Zuma and the shocking manner South Africa deals with this problem, led to the following comment:

“The Constitution writers did not foresee that somebody facing corruption and fraud charges would be elected President”, Twitter comment from Helen Zille.

I want to know if that is true. The African National Congress (ANC) were part of the negotiating team, including JACOB ZUMA, and everybody knew they were terrorists trained by communists. The ANC government has not changed, they have always had the mindset of communism.

The terrorist organization directed the warfare at soft targets, women, and children, and never had the intention of becoming an honest government. All throughout their “freedom fighter” days, crying for the oppression of apartheid to end, they gained support and financial aid from communist countries. Trained by the harsh Marxist governments to overthrow the South African government with an aim to govern the country and plunder the resources of a wealthy country.

If the Constitution offers protection for ALL cultures and races of South Africa, then why is the minority group oppressed. Before the ANC claimed the power to govern, the majority were oppressed and now after 20 years, the majority are still not free. Indeed, the majority have gotten a raw deal from the ANC government. Twenty years have done little to suppress the agony of the majority. The stealing, murder, corruption, fraud and poor governance have hindered progress of South Africa becoming a first-class country.

In twenty years, the ANC has proceeded to oppress the minority group, hinder resolution and reconciliation of the Rainbow Nation. The ANC has actively continued their terrorist activities against the white people of South Africa by allowing farm murders, crime and corruption to escalate to uncontrollable proportions. The implementation of BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) laws is a direct attack on the minority in an attempt to keep oppression ongoing indefinitely or until the last white man standing - falls.

The Constitution is the Supreme law of the country and yet the ANC government have succeeded in ignoring the rights within this structure. The ANC is dominant and has their own law and nothing, not the constitution, or any country in the world will have any authority to overrule their conniving governance. It is the despicable Marxist training the top ANC members received that ignites the path of their governance.

Today, the new South Africa, has more racist laws on the books than what the Apartheid white government could ever dream of. That is not the end, there are new laws coming from the ANC government. When there is a problem that Zuma and administration do not enjoy, they sanction a new law to make the problem go away! The ANC majority government pass legislation to protect themselves, and it is an admission of incompetence and inability to govern effectively.

The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa
The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996, was approved by the Constitutional Court (CC) on 4 December 1996 and took effect on 4 February 1997.
The Constitution is the supreme law of the land. No other law or government action can supersede the provisions of the Constitution.

South Africa’s Constitution is one of the most progressive in the world and enjoys high acclaim internationally.

South African Constitution 1996 – Negotiators – Writers

African National Congress:
M. C. Ramaphosa ( B. Masekela , J. Zuma), T. Mbeki , M. Maharaj , M. Manzini
Afrikaner Volksunie:
C. D. de jager ( C. Viljoen , C. Pienaar, R. de Ville), M.J. Mentz, A. S. Beyers, A. Lombard
Bophuthatswana government:
R. Cronje, R. Mangope, B. E. Keikelame, S. G. Mothibe
Cape traditional leaders:
M. Nonkonyana, G. D. Gwadiso, G. S. K. Nota, Jongilanga (initials not given), S. M. Burns-Ncmashe, S. Sigcau
Ciskei government:
M. B. Webb, I.J. Smuts, R. M. Ngcofe, F. M. Paku, W .M. Zantsi, V T. Gqiba
Democratic Party:
C. W Eglin , A. L. K. Jordaan, K. M. Andrew, M. Finnemore, D. Smuts, M. Moriarty, M.Rajab
Dikwankwetla Party:
T.J. Mohapi, S. R Matia, O. M. Moji, Prof. Wessels (initials not given), J. S. S. Phatang
Inkatha Freedom Party:
F. T. Mdlalose , M. F. Cassim, V. J. Matthews , M. G. R. Oriani-Ambrosini, S. Felgate , F. X. Gasa
Intando Yesizwe Party:
N. J. Mahlangu, N. A. P. Laka, V. N. Mtsweni
Inyandza National Movement:
S. S. Ripinga, M. M. S. Gininda, N. F. S. Baloi, E. N. Ginindza
Conservative Party:
T. Langley, F. Hartzenberg , R Mulder, F. J. Le Roux
KwaZulu government:
B. S. Ngubane, M. Jiyane, S. H. Gumede, D. R. B. Madide, H. Ngubane
Labour Party:
I. M. Richards, E. Samuels, L. Landers, D. Lockey/T.Abrahams, P. A. C. Hendrickse, Y. Bassier/P. Latega
Natal/Transvaal Indian Congress:
R J. Gordhan, K. Mayet, C. Saloojee, F. Cachalia, H. Wardi
National Party:
D.J. de Vilhers, O. van Zyl, L. Wessels, P. Coetzer,J. Rabie, E. Ngcobondwane
National People's Party:
A. Rajbansi, B. P.Jaglal, S. Ismail, A. Hurbans, M.Govender, A. Rambarran
Orange Free Stare traditional leaders:

R. H. Mopeli, R. Ramasiea, M. B. Mota, E. T. Phoofolo, M. A. Molef

Pan Africanist Congress:
B. Alexander, M. Lithero, W Seriti, E. Mothopeng, D. Desai, J. Serdile
Solidarity Party:

J. N. Reddy, C. Pillay, Y. Moolla, S. Razak, N. Singh

South African Communist Party:

J. Slovo, E. Pahad, T. Mtintso, Z. Kota, S. Shilowa
South African government:
R. P. Meyer, S. J. Schoeman, H. J. Kriel, L. D. Barnard, J. T. Delport, A. Routier
Transkei government:
H. B. Holomisa, M. Titus, Z. Titus, J. T. Madiba, N. Jajula, M. Mpahlwa

Transvaal traditional leaders:
N. M. Malekane, W Mabunda, M. A. Netshimbupfe, M. E. Mabena, M. M.

Khumalo, J. Kekana;

United People's Front:

M.J. Mahlangu, M. E. Mapheto, R. J. Dombo, A. Tshabalala, S. J. Maake, M. I. Moroamoche;

Venda government:
S. E. Moeti, M. P. Nthabalala, M. Ligege, N. E. Mulaudzi, K. B. Magwaba, A. Masehela

Ximoko Progressive Party:

E. E. Ngobeni, K. R. Myakayaka, J. C. Ackron. B. Shibambu, P. T. Shilubane