Sunday, March 15, 2015

No One is Listening and it must be SAID AGAIN

South Africa ruled by the ANC government under the corrupt Zuma administration is no different to the Mandela led administration. The ANC told the majority, “We, the ANC single-handedly gave you freedom, we took the country back from the oppressive whites and gave you everything you have today, so vote for us!”

“Yes, Comrade!” Is the response and it will not alter the fact that the country is being torn down into a barren impracticable land. South Africa boasts exquisite landscapes, a sweeping supernatural scenery, and white sandy beaches. Rich in mineral resources and potential to grow into a first-class world country, however, all of the splendor is being destroyed by the ANC government.

The politicians serve at the pleasure of the people. The people who voted for the ANC were hoping for a party that would help them and instead they got a selfish, greedy President that is only sitting in power at the pleasure of the people. Jacob Zuma is supposed to be a servant of the people and when he does not obey the law, the ANC party take responsibility to pull him in line and when they fail, the people have a voice but alas, they do not raise the freedom of expressing concerns. The voice of the people can be an important form of democracy and force Zuma to be the servant of the people. Yet, the brain-washed majority sit back and allow the corruption, fraud and greed to continue.

Africa is a dark continent with barbaric leaders. Indeed some leaders have treated their subjects pretty badly, but some have been painted with the wrong brush. Some of the worst crimes against humanity have been committed in South Africa under Botha, but he remains a saint in the eyes of his fellow whites. NOW the ANC government are committing crimes against humanity by oppressing the minority groups.  It is widely reported that the minority groups in South Africa are the worst oppressed people in the world. Haven't we witnessed such bad governance elsewhere in the world?

Are South Africans cowards and are they just as bad as any other gangsters. The ANC hide behind the pretense that they are doing all citizens a favor, when they are actually not. The only correct way to solve this problem is for the ANC to vote themselves in and instead the majority is taking sucker punches and think they are winning.  The ANC is not for the people of South Africa, they are against the voters. The ANC act without consequences and dish out justice as and when they see fit, pretend to be law enforcement, judge and executioner with no accountability or mandate. The majority cheer them on and are too stupid to know that there are no favors from the corrupt government.

South Africa is a wonderful country is full of really crappy people, including most of the government, police, and every state run organization including the state hospitals. The military and police are little more than welfare institutions for lazy no-goobers. Hell, we have functionally illiterate “officers” in our military, and low ranks that openly tell their superiors to “Eff Off”.

Outright hatred for the Europeans is even readily spouted by the so-called politicians, and everyone blames the whites for the poor living standards of the so-called blacks. Who did these blacks blame for their poor living standards prior to the arrival of the whites? They had nothing, not even a written language.

Almost 20%  of the black population have managed to work their way out of the gutter by sheer hard work. Yet it is often the elements of their own nation who try to pull then back into the shameless adversity.

Civilized black people regard the masses as being poor due to the laziness of getting an education and trying to do some real work. In many cases, the masses are despised by the civilized ones.

The black on black crime intensity is mainly unreported and appallingly high. Black on white crime, also shockingly high is reported with many crimes remain unobserved or swept under the carpet. Larger cities and many other areas around the country are virtual no-go areas after dark.. Daytime robberies happen all the time and many are unreported.  Car-jackings, smash and grab, when stopping at robots are a massive problem.

Prisons are overcrowded, criminals released on minimal bail. The police serve and protect the corrupt government officials. While those in uniform are criminals too. The lost firearms from the police force are mind boggling. So few convictions.

Zuma, the president of South Africa,  is the most awful person ever to govern. Zuma shows no leadership whatsoever and his knowledge of the English language is sparse.

He appears to have done significant damage to South Africa inasmuch as we are not looked on favorably by the rest of the world because South Africa has become another corrupt nation.

Perhaps it is time to look around to ensure that a new President with an exceptional, honest, reputation, and qualifications is elected President (a person who can speak and understand English)!  A President with a strong sense of management to ensure that he is, above all, the rubbish the ANC/ tribal leaders mete out.

It is the incompetence of our leaders that no effective action is taken to prevent the epidemic of viruses and other plagues. Indigenous locals rape of virgin girls because they traditionally believe that having sex with a virgin will cure them of AIDS. But naturally the only thing achieved is spreading of the epidemic.

Without a strong, honest and capable president, South Africa will undoubtedly become like Zimbabwe - full of corruption and nothing else.

Every country that is led by tribal blacks is in Chaos. Of course, Zimbabwe is a classic example of a nation in which the economy once rated among the best in the world, is now a shit-hole. How any other African countries have spiralled downward under the corrupt leaders, Uganda, Angola, all of West Africa, Sudan, CAR Congo Rwanda Zimbabwe and even South Africa.

Killing of people, black or white is wrong and if the majority are too stupid to see that the ANC leadership is the problem, then a capable leader should be voted in.  The mentality of having enough food and not having murders in the streets is a goon measuring stick to determine who should lead.
History told a different story, however, of compassionate white people enraged with a racist and inhumane system, a trade embargo putting pressure on the government and of a leader like De Klerk, who knew change had to happen. With White South Africans Voting For Change, where was the ANC, they were occupied with killing innocent civilians.

Life is meaningless and worth naught in Africa, including South Africa.  People including children get killed for a cell phone or school lunch money.

Corruption and nepotism in the government are so high that a recent study found that around 75% of tenders are allocated to family members first then friends with benefits. Snitches are targeted and often killed.

Bribery is the national past-time!

Do not count on this -  that the back door genocide, killing of farmers that has been introduced in South Africa has being noted by the world. Do not think that the paper value constitution is going to protect the minority forever, internal terror is as much dangerous as external terror is and just because the majority believe that they can F***k as they call it and as they want ?

South Africa is a shit hole due to the primates now running it.

When that is borne in mind, it becomes clear that the description of South Africa's democracy as being in danger is no exaggeration.

Who in their right mind let that f*****g upstart Mandela out? If the filthy terrorist were still locked up, then there would not be a problem.

Minority in the world, majority in Africa, should be wiped from the face of the Earth. Problem solved.

That really sums things up doesn't it?

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