Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Zuma has too much power and no strategic leadership skills

President Zuma is known for not having strategic leadership skills and being an exemplar of good governance. 
By taking control of the state-owned companies, Zuma has appointed himself as the Minister of Finance, and Minister of public enterprises. The state-controlled entities are in financial trouble and used as a source of income for the ANC movement and friends. The state-controlled companies will be handed over to loyal cronies who will inevitably take instructions from Saxonwold. The top seven state owned enterprises Zuma will control is, Eskom, SAA, Transnet, Denel, SABC, PRASA, and Sanral.

The Treasury is not in favor of throwing away good money after bad. The Minister of Finance is set against the Gupta – Eskom deal and throwing more money into the SAA. There is the PRASA situation and the millions that have been stolen.

The action against Pravin Gordhan is a move to empower Zuma and his allies, to take control of the treasury and give another bailout to the failing SAA. There are reports that Gordhan is not in favor of signing another guarantee of five billion rands for the failed SAA. Another guarantee Zuma wants is the one trillion rand for the nuclear project is perhaps the reason to have Gordhan removed from office.

It is no surprise to South Africans that Zuma’s corruption and connections to the wealthy Gupta family have created dangerous paths for the president. The pending 783 corruption charges against Zuma are not over, and the exposure of self-enrichment through the Gupta family is very different from the reality of state capture.

Would it be a mistake to state that if President Zuma had put his foot down and insisted on services there would be much more contentment in the civil society? Would the ANC have been seen more as the champion of the people? Would Nkandla have become such a big issue? If there was service delivery on a large scale would people have forgiven him for Nkandla or even if he had built 10 Nkandla’s?

All Zuma’s indiscretions are because his enemies had set traps for him, and continue to do so because he gives his enemies the opportunity to capitalize on such? The lack of discipline in the South African society needs to be checked. Can President Zuma finally show us that he is the man who can take care of such or will he continue to be led by his nose through his Intelligence services, which had been severely compromised or else by people such as the “brave” General Officer Commanding of the SA Special Forces?

There are over 50 million people living in the country and most are illiterate who support Zuma and the ANC. The voters who keep the ANC in power in exchange for grants, not job creation. What would happen to the shrinking tax base that supports the ANC?

The more unpopular Zuma and the ANC become, the more desperate the party appears. It is also when the party and the president become dangerous; it’s a time of fighting for survival.

Should Zuma resign or be forced out of office, the next question to ask is who would the ANC replace the president with? It could be somebody far worse than Zuma.

Laura Oneale - published on South Africa Today – South Africa News

Monday, August 29, 2016

Horrific act of cruelty a man throws dog off a building - VIDEO

An horrific act of cruelty when a man with no compassion for animals throws a dog off a building. In the video, the man holds the dog, who is obviously petrified and then throws the dog off the building. The dog experienced a painful death.

It is absolutely shocking knowing there are people who can be cruel toward animals that have no means of defending themselves against violence.

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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Zuma wants the crown jewels

In February this year, the Congress of the People (COPE), a political party of South Africa, issued a statement condemning President Jacob Zuma’s intentions to capture SARS and treasury. COPE calls Zuma a desperate individual who believes Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan is standing in his way. 
Zuma has strategically placed his people in all the relevant departments and the crown jewel would be capturing SARS and Treasury. Gordhan will need to use all the resources he has to prevent the Zuma conquest becoming a reality. Unfortunately, Pravin Gordhan stands surrounded by hostile foes.

Zuma is hell bent on getting Des van Rooyen to head the finance ministry. Zuma believes that Van Rooyen is the most highly qualified man for the job. Yes, Van Rooyen is needed by Zuma to serve his own interest and that of friends.

In relation to the SARS Secret Unit, it has been published in the local media that these operatives had as aim to steal businesses on behalf of their family or for themselves. There is massive interaction between the NPA and SARS. The NPA has been identified as being one of the most corrupt institutions in the country. The upshot hereof is that the legal system is a mess in South Africa. The Judges seem to be playing games, these days it would appear that the situation is that one is guilty until proven innocent.

South Africa has been hijacked by criminals and they lurk all over the place. Hidden away in government departments, public offices, and private enterprises. Whether these criminals are white or black, pink, or blue are immaterial, criminals they all are. The biggest offender of all is President Jacob Zuma. While the whole world is under the impression that he is laughing, those who know says that his chuckle is a way of masking his fury. He is at his utmost dangerous mood when he starts to giggle. If that is so, then it means that South Africa has much more problems than even contemplated.

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Get rid of Zuma and ANC clowns

The “get rid of Zuma & ANC clowns” is a mainstream movement that has gained significant support within our majority – and momentum has just started.
Over the next year the majority will rise up and reject the ANC of “today” for undermining our future – the willful erosion of our future has occurred economically, through educational-focus neglect, and brainwashing of the majority poor into believing that the ANC enigma is their “savior”, whilst they deflect blame and make excuses, year after year after year after year.


The premise that blacks should allow an ANC elite bourgeois to rule us like despots, and drain away millions while our people starve, is inexcusable.

The premise that blacks, looking forward, should blame our minority wealth-holders for impeding our progress is a direct affront to Africanism, black consciousness, and our emancipation as a majority population.

The premise that our uneducated ANC fattened rulers can define which of us are “African” or “Black” is unacceptable – ring ring, hello who is there, Apartheid who????
The premise of new identification system that discriminates and divides us – ring ring, hello who is there, Apartheid who?

The clear neglect of our electricity grid, water services, and good stewardship of ‘our country’ has become an insult to our ancestors and a curse to the very essence of our consciousness as Africans.
The ‘deals of betrayal’ with China serve to undermine our very souls as we sell the futures of our children to new colonialists – shame on us blacks for letting the party we voted for rape us in this way. Yes, I blame my people, for tribal-like-loyalty to crooked thieves so easily hypnotizes us.
Clearly, we are awakening, and it is now time for the real Renaissance, one that is viewed through lenses of sober clarity, and infused with straight up perspective.

Clearly, our tainted ANC-elect needs to be taught a lesson.

Clearly, we need act on this soon, whilst showing those around us #Respect, so that we may emerge as the leaders of #NewAfrika!

Menzi Solomon Shange
Published on South Africa Today – South Africa News

The ANC a destructive minority elite – a dark cloud over South Africa

The basic tenet of black consciousness is that the black man must reject all value systems that diminish him and reduce his basic human dignity, especially when dark forces emanate from the political systems in power.
There has been an awakening felt by millions of blacks in South Africa. Until recently, it was not fully understood that the enemy was from within. 
For most black people, the definition of progress has been advancing their education, their standard of living, and access to services and other freedoms. This has been partially achieved over the last twenty years, but recent progress has stagnated, and in many instances reversed.

With our black people’s over-eagerness to achieve their freedom and dignity, dark forces were born.
The minority elite ANC government became drunk with power – their priorities became focused on stealing and creating wealth for themselves, instead of worrying about the millions of people who desperately needed them.

Out of this evolved South Africa’s version of the house Negro – yes, the corrupt ANC parliament members have housed Negroes, succumbing to their new master of material greed and debauchery, turning their backs against their own people. All whilst constructing the perception that they are still the good shepherd.

The definition of progress mutated and became defined by how many people could be brainwashed to be part of the political order. Blacks were drafted into the ANC College and inducted into the black social order to be used as a bourgeois buffer zone in the mass deception created to numb the masses of black people.

The black masses were “dumbed down” and kept compliant while the ANC criminals and their bourgeois sinfully redirected and “consumed” the money and privileges that were promised for restoring the black man’s dignity.

Black people were encouraged to abandon their religion and convert to that of the bourgeois oppressors.

The cracks are now gaping holes, and common people see the ANC-laced bourgeois for what they really are – Thieves.

Our people have the clarity they were looking for. They are strong and now are awakened in the most positive call to be heard from the black world in a long time.

For those still being oppressed by the dark ANC-laced bourgeois forces, it is a peculiar sensation – this double-consciousness, this sense of always looking at oneself through the eyes of others…one feels a strange twoness – two souls, two thoughts, two unreconciled strivings, and two warring ideals in one dark body.

We must use our dogged strength to tear the destructive ANC influence out so that our true consciousness can be purified.

This raised level of consciousness is no longer relegated to a race, culture, or creed, it is now a collective consciousness that has united all South Africans, and all those who share a common outrage at the deception pulled over our eyes by the minority-black-ANC-elite for so many years.
The false system forced on us by the ANC bourgeois has become our new oppressor.

This is a call to all South Africans to purify your consciousness, open your eyes, and let those dark forces know that they have stolen our dignity, and for that, they will pay.

A unified South Africa will bring the fall of the criminals in government who have stolen and lied to us, and allowed our country to deteriorate unashamedly.

By: Menzi Solomon Shange
Published on South Africa Today – South Africa News

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Massive drug bust at Cape Town International Airport

The smuggling and selling of drugs is of great concern to SAPS because of the devastation that it causes among the youth and the community in general. It is a well-known fact that many crimes are directly associated with substance abuse.
The prevention of illegal drugs being sold on the streets was addressed in the late evening of yesterday, Wednesday 24 August 2016, when police from Border Police based at Cape Town International Airport arrested a Johannesburg woman after drugs had been found in her luggage. The 26-year-old woman from Wanderers, Johannesburg, landed in Cape Town at 21:40 on a flight from East London. After the passengers had collected their luggage from the carousel, the Border Police members conducted random stop and search operations. When searching the suitcase of the woman they found numerous parcels wrapped in tin foil and further examination led to the discovery of Tik with an estimated street value of R5.4million, which was promptly seized.

The Station Commander at the Cape Town International Airport SAPS, Colonel Anton Olivier, commended the members of the Border Police for their vigilance and a job well done in seizing this large single consignment of drugs. The woman is to appear in the Khayelitsha Priority Crimes Court tomorrow, Friday 26 August 2016, on charges of dealing in drugs.
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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Armed Robbery at Engen Garage Auckland Park Johannesburg VIDEO

Armed Robbery at Engen Garage Auckland Park Johannesburg. The suspects held up staff at the Garage Quickshop. Nobody was allowed to leave the shop. The thieves took cash from the customers as well.

Do you recognize these criminals, if so please call the South African Police on 10111.

South Africa Today – South Africa News

Online dating scam two Nigerians arrested – Cape Town

Two Nigerian men and two local women were arrested in Cape Town on Tuesday night for opening bank accounts with banks in South Africa and using those accounts to receive money from online dating victims.
The Hawks seized five laptops, two of them with profiles of people who have been fraudulently used to scam people online, as well as 12 cellphones. 

The suspects, aged between 27 and 38 years, will make their first appearance at the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court on Thursday.

The arrest of these four suspects takes the total number of suspects arrested for online dating scam to eleven.

Online dating scams range from minor white lies to outright thievery. In order to escape being another victim it is best to not trust anybody online until you have met them in person, especially on dating sites. Not all online dating sites are scams, but it would be best not to give out email address, or to many personal details, and stay away from people who ask you for money.

 South Africa Today – South Africa News

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Forced to fetch water with a bucket tied to his crutches – disabled man has little hope

Disabled man fetches water with a bucket tied to his crutches.
Simon Chonco has to walk for an hour on crutches to fetch water from the river. Photo: Ntombi Mbomvu/ Groundup
Pietermaritzburg resident has little hope elections will change his plight.
To fetch water, Simon Chonco has to tie a 20 litre container to his crutches with wire and walk for an hour to the river. He voted in the municipal elections, but has little hope that his pleas for a house with running water and electricity will be heard.

Chonco, 59, lives in Egoqweni in ward 11, of Msunduzi municipality in KwaZulu-Natal.
Chonco can’t speak properly and sometimes cannot not hear at all. He writes down what he wants to say. He is epileptic and walks with crutches.
He lives alone in a one-roomed metal shack, far from other residents. His single room has a bed with a pile of blankets, a bench, and several empty water containers. The floor is dusty.
He says he has been living in Egoqweni for six years.

Chonco voted in the August 3 elections, but not for the ANC councillor Sipho Madonda. Madonda, the sitting councillor whose candidature was marked by controversy, won with 77.45% of the votes cast, down from 88.7% in 2011.

Chonco has no faith that Madonda will change his living conditions.

“He has not been of help to me since I have been a resident. We have no water and no electricity. I want a better house but because he is never available I’m clueless about what to do in order for me to get a proper house. I survive through the mercy of my neighbours.”

“I can’t walk, I use crutches. The same crutches help me when I have to fetch water from the river that is far away from my house. The reason I voted for another party is because I’m hoping it will bring change. My ward councillor is useless,” said Chonco.

One of Chonco’s neighbours who asked not to be named said neighbours had spoken to Madonda about Chonco’s plight.

“As neighbours we have called him and told him about the situation but he never cares. I’m one of the people who have voted but I didn’t vote for the ANC. I voted for another party because we were hoping that if it wins, that is a message to the ANC to pull up its socks,” said the resident.
“All I want is a better house, access to water and electricity,” said Chonco.

Madonda told GroundUp he would ensure that there would be development in Egoqweni. “Nhlazatshe location is being prioritised. Water, electricity and roads will be the infrastructure that is put first in that location. As a resident of that location, Chonco will benefit accordingly,” said Madonda.

By Ntombi Mbomvu/Groundup

South Africa Today – South Africa News

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Military equipment seized from notorious 28’s gang

Members of the notorious 28’s gang nabbed by the South African Police and military artillery equipment seized. The image of the seized weapon looks like a Armbrust Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher.
Military equipment, found in the hands of gang members is a serious concern. How do these gangsters obtain these weapons, it can only be through the barrel of corruption. Most weapons gangs have obtained are from the South African police and these gangsters openly admit to the police involvement.  

The 28’s gang has one of the most fearsome reputations in South Africa. Last year, the notorious leader of the 28’s gang, George “Geweld” Thomas was sentenced to seven life terms. Thomas and his 16 co-accused were convicted on over 100 charges, including illegal possession of firearms, murder, and attempted murder. Thomas was sentenced for murders orchestrated from prison or committed. The gang still operates and not even prison can stop the horrendous crime.

Why does corruption flourish? A reason is that the Legal and Justice system of South Africa is in a complete and utter chaos. The problem exists with the high levels of corruption involving the arms manufacturing companies of South Africa as well as at the SA Special Forces.

The opposition parties have not sounded the harp or issued any statements of concern regarding the dangers of gang violence. There is a lack of interest from the highest powers in the land, and nobody takes responsibility for such a serious incident. The reason for this show of no concern can certainly be but one of corruption. Every government agency involved in the corruption of the country will continue to refer any investigated matter to another department for investigation. The lies continue to spiral through the various departments and create the double-dealing to grow in an attempt to cover up more conceit. In this regard, it tends to start with the officials embedded in the government since pre-1994.

Laura Oneale - published on South Africa Today – South Africa News

Chinese national arrested for possession of Rhino horn

Chinese foreign national nabbed at OR Tambo International Airport for possession of Rhino horn and ornaments made of rhino horn with an estimated street value of 1.5 million rand.
The shipment was en-route from Mozambique to Hong Kong. 

Last yeast alone an estimated 1,200 rhinos was poached in South Africa, many from the Kruger National Park which is on the border of Mozambique. Most of the poachers come into the area from Mozambique.

South Africa is home to approx 80 percent of the worlds Rhino population.

Rhino poaching is an evil action carried out on animals for one reason only and that is financial gain. To expose the corruption behind this evil deed, the media must promote public awareness of these dreadful deeds. The exposing of the corruption will probably save the Rhino who are almost debilitated.

The Black Rhino is endangered, and the white rhinoceros is closely following with complete eradication.

Rhino horn is a profitable product in the Asian countries and used for medication to treat various ailments. It is also regarded as a status symbol among the wealthy. China is currently the largest consumer of rhino horn and various illegal methods continue to spark controversy around the world.
In Zimbabwe, the rhino are almost nonexistent and now South African rhino is on the verge of becoming extinct.

Laura Oneale - published on South Africa Today – South Africa New

Pretend parent robs nursery school VIDEO

A nursery school is warning others to be vigilant because a ‘pretend parent’ is lurking around.
Parent caught on CCTV camera stealing a staff member’s expensive smartphone.

Staff members of Humpty Dumpty nursery school in Krugersdorp North wants to warn the community of a man pretending to be a parent who stole an expensive cell phone from their premises in broad daylight.

Laura Oneale - published on South Africa Today – South Africa News

Criminals Break into a Church and Steal Music Equipment VIDEO


4 Thieves broke into the Christ Embassy South Church, situated at 106 Harry Street, Robertsham, Johannesburg South. At around 1:30 am on Saturday July 30th, 2016, the thieves stole the valuable equipment (Sound,musical instruments, PCs) and valuable other Items.

Laura Oneale - published on South Africa Today – South Africa News

Monday, August 15, 2016

Durban Woman hammered to death

On Saturday morning, family members made a horrific discovery. At a house in Palmview, a female aged 34, had been stabbed multiple times before being hit with a hammer numerous times to her head.

Two African male suspects had gained entry and attempted to steal goods from the house not knowing that someone was home, suspects fled into Zwelisha covered in blood.

Members of the Phoenix, South African Police together with a security company members expressed their deep sadness after being asked to assist.
The Police are appealing for anyone with information to please contact Phoenix Saps Detectives Asap.

Palmview was once a safe and beautiful place, now crime happens all the time and needs intervention to stop the violent crime. Nobody is safe anywhere.

Published on South Africa Today – South Africa News

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Malema – EFF actions must benefit African children not white privilege VIDEO

What would we do without Malema, he said, “Why should we be the ones that promote white arrogance and privilege? I am not fighting for white people or fighting against them. Everything the EFF does must benefit the African child.”

It is noble of the Economic Freedom Fighter (EFF) leader to have intentions of uplifting, educating and providing for the “African Child”, but does this not insinuate division. What is the difference, children are children. Malema should understand that children irrespective of race, creed or color are not responsible for the history of South Africa. Malema is and will always remain a revolutionary leader who will continue to drive a wedge between the diverse races across the country.

Malema is still obsessed about “white privilege” yet fails to realize that white people do not have any privilege today. Malema should take a tour of the “white squatter camps”, check how many “white people” are excluded from the job market and not feel threatened by less than four million citizens.

Laura Oneale - published on  South Africa Today – South Africa News

ANC Voters choose corruption over good governance

The African National Congress (ANC) have experienced its biggest loss in this election, yet have managed to secure the confidence of the majority. The majority who have given the ANC a vote of confidence are the South African unemployed youth, and a disillusioned population who trust the promises of a better life, prosperity, free houses and free services from the Zuma administration. The masses believe the lies of the corrupt government. It is the voters who are to blame for allowing the corruption to continue.

Zuma we cannot forget was the head of the intelligence for the most notorious department within the ANC during 1987 until 1993. A unit that used harsh methods to enforce discipline. Zuma is also a president who instills fear into the masses. During the election campaign, Zuma had a lot to say about the ancestors, apartheid, and offering everything for free. Zuma knew the masses would believe the promises; it was all repetitive; he has done it before. Zuma knows how to dis-empower the ordinary citizens. 
The people live in shacks, remain unemployed, live in poverty and filled with anger. The people do not care if the president lives in a mansion, or if government officials have a home in each province. The people do not care if there is running water and electricity, and that the government steals all the money, all the people want is everything for free. The people continue to protest, burn down the almost non-existent infrastructure believing that there will be change. They are fooled, nothing will change; they will now have to live with even less.

There is no party loyalty; there is only ignorance. The masses do not blame Zuma for the diseased state of existence. The ignorant masses know that Zuma is the head of a dishonest regime, yet they choose to ignore the ANC manifesto. Crime, murder, and theft are widespread in South Africa. Land issues remain a constant concern, and the slow growing economy is not keeping up with the population growth. Problems that the Zuma administration has ignored.

Zuma’s strength lies in the fact that he has a massive loyal population of rural blacks and tribal colonies. Zuma keeps the masses institutionalized in racism, forces the inequality between wealthy and poor, and unemployment and poverty. Only the ANC can solve this problem, yet they selected not to but rather keep the apartheid story alive and keep the fear in the hearts of the masses. Now the majority who have voted for the ANC are the ones who will continue to live in poverty.

Laura Oneale - published on  South Africa Today – South Africa News

Friday, August 5, 2016

Nine gruesome farm attacks that shocked South Africans

Nowhere in the world have people being brutally attacked and murdered by black attackers like white farmers in South Africa. It is reported that every 17 hours for the last five years, a white person was either attacked or murdered by black in their homes. Between January 2010 and January 2015, more than 2 500 violent attackers by blacks against whites were registered. 2008 of the whites were tortured to death and suffered mental torture by being forced to watch the gang-rape of their wives and daughters.

Below is a recollection of some of the bloodiest, cruel murders against farmers who died at the hands of merciless murderers who savagely bludgeoned innocent people, including children.
Farm Murder 1
During 2011 – Andre (Brood) van der Merwe (49) was shot four times on his farm by black attackers, tied with barbed wire and dragged behind his bakkie, while still alive, for 1.5 kilometers. He died from his injuries sustained during the torture.

Andre (Brood) van der Merwe  - Image - Censorbugbear
Andre (Brood) van der Merwe – Image – Censorbugbear

Farm Murder 2
During 2015 the Swanepoel couple were tied to a single bed and tortured for hours. The black attackers took turns to rape Rienie, and her husband was forced to watch. They then shot Toon in the leg because he was fighting back. Toon was later shot dead. Rienie was then made to lie on her husband’s body before she was killed.
Farm Murder 3
In 2010, the shocking Potgieter farm massacre horrified South Africans. Forty-year-old Attie Potgieter was attacked by a gang of six blacks when he arrived home. The attackers chopped the back of his head with a machete and stabbed him over 150 times, with a garden fork. He died from the injuries sustained in the attack. In an execution style, the gang shot his wife, Wilna, aged 36 in the back of her head at close range. The gang shot the three-year-old child Willemien in a similar fashion. The gang left a message scribbled in Sotho on the gate saying “We killed them, we are coming back.”

Potgieter farm massacre  - Image - Censorbugbear
Potgieter farm massacre – Image – Censorbugbear

Farm Murder 4
What happened to the Fourie family in 2011 is inhuman and the most awful story. John aged 77, and his wife Bina aged 76 died a horrendous death at the evil hands of a four-man black gang in 2011. The couple were shot in the knees and tortured for about seven hours. The criminals took John to the bathroom, and shoved a showerhead down his throat, then poured boiling water down his throat. At point blank range they shot his skull off. Meanwhile, his wife, Bina, was shot three times in the knees and her back and left to die from loss of blood.

Fourie family  - Image Censorbugbear
Fourie family – Image Censorbugbear

Farm Murder 5
In 2012 a three-man black gang broke into a family home and gang-raped the mother, Geraldine aged 42, and then shot her dead. The gang attacked her husband; Tony aged 53 with a golf club before shooting him in the head. Their son, 12-year-old Amano was killed in a gruesome manner, the attackers, tied his feet and hands, filled a bath with boiling water and drowned him. The family dog did not escape the merciless killers; they ripped the dog’s stomach open with a machete. Fortunately, their daughter Gabriela was not at home and escaped death.

12-year-old Amano killed - Image - Censorbugbear
12-year-old Amano killed – Image – Censorbugbear

Farm Murder 6
Five Xhosa speaking men wielding machetes, knives and a pickaxe handle attack a farmer and his family in 2014. The farmer is neutralized by being beaten, stabbed and hacked. Two of the black attackers, while laughing, urinate on the helpless farmer. He was then forced to watch the brutal gang rape and murder of both his eight-year-old daughter and his wife before the men rape him. The attackers then cut his tendons, to prevent him from following them, and left.
Farm Murder 7
Johan Strydom (40) attacked on his farm by three attackers. He is chained to his bakkie and dragged behind it. The court hears that he was “probably alive” before being dragged and died of a burst liver and cracked skull. A journalist had quoted one of the perpetrators as saying he was “proud of what he had done.” This same offender was arrested a month earlier for trying to kill another farmer but was released.
Farm Murder 8
One of the cruelest and bloodiest murders was that of a mother and daughter who died at the hands of black attackers. The police report stated.
Miss Lotter (57) was found with all her front teeth bashed out and her entire body covered with bruises, chafing and stabbing wounds. She was sexually assaulted and mutilated, with a broken beer bottle, in her anus and vagina, so badly that parts of her uterus and cervix (womb) were missing. She’d been assaulted with a sharp object and the injuries were so extreme that the medical examiner was unable to tell if she’d also been raped by the two men, one of them her gardener. Her mother Alice (76) had been stabbed in the neck and throat and had drowned in her own blood. The slogan “Kill the Boer” was daubed in the women’s blood on the farmhouse walls.
Farm Murder 9
Dan Knight was violently killed on the eve of his 56th birthday. Beth Bucher was forced to watch as her partner Dan Knight, a timber harvester, was bludgeoned to death by five black attackers with hammers at their Underberg home. His face and skull were beaten to a bloody pulp with hammers and a monkey-wrench.

 Published on  South Africa Today – South Africa News

Malema is facing a hard-hitting test as popularity fades

Today, Julius Malema is facing a hard-hitting test and as the early results show that the Economic Freedom Fighters will not have an outright win of any municipality, although Limpopo might be an exception. Coalitions might be an option with both the African National Congress (ANC) and the Democratic Alliance (DA), but who will Malema want to form an alliance with?
Before and during the election campaign Malema has not said anything good about the President and the ANC ruling party, but should he choose to form a coalition it would mean that actually the EFF is reuniting under the umbrella of the ANC. It would mean that Malema might be offered a ministerial position within the ANC and promote the corrupt party for all eternity.Malema might not want to form a coalition with the DA; it would not suit his communist ideology.

The good governance and no corruption from the DA would be a task Malema would not be able to cope with, and he would know that the DA will not tolerate underhanded people. A coalition with the DA will not work for the EFF as the supporters will trickle back to the ANC who offer those free services, money, and houses. However much the supporters of the EFF might realize the ANC will not deliver they will feel at home amongst the corrupt leaders.

In spite of everything, Malema might continue to travel the political road without any coalition and focus on educating the masses ahead of the national elections. Should the ANC not deliver on their election promises, Malema might be able to convince, the ANC supporters who are led by the nose of the ANC that it is nothing but an empty shell, with no hope for the poor. Perhaps Malema has another agenda; he did say he would remove the ANC government.

Laura Oneale - published on  South Africa Today – South Africa News

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Abused White Woman Will have Foot Amputated -UPDATE

It has been over a year that I have not posted the update but have decided to tell the story. 
At Mother Theresa Home
 Today, Natasha is a new person, a different person, a woman trying to come to terms with the loss of a limb.  Yes, Natasha had to undergo the amputation of her leg just above the knee.  It has been a dramatic time or her and those who were with her during this life changing situation. 

Day after amputation

If you read the story published around the end of June last year, you would have known that Natasha was in the hospital, and there was deliberation on what would happen to the foot that turned gangrenous.  (Abused White Woman Will have FootAmputated)
Natasha was transferred to the Johannesburg General Hospital and underwent the operation; she was transferred back to the South Rand Hospital where she spent two months recuperating.  During this time, we managed to locate her family who was genuinely concerned and visited her promising to take care of her.  Her father promised to take her home and support her. There was a resounding amount of support from friends who willingly donated a wheelchair, clothing, and food.  Natasha was happy; she found her family. 

At South Rand Hospital
During August 2015 her father took her home. He lived in a one-bedroom flat, with his second wife and her daughter.  The lounge area was a bedroom, and Natasha shared this with her father.  At this time, she could not walk, had a lot of pain and depended on the family to help her bath, get dressed and eat. It was here that her amputated leg developed an infection, and she was taken back to the hospital.  The six weeks she spent with her father was traumatic, and caused friction between the family. I visited her occasionally and did not know what to do; everybody was complaining. The family could not cope and so one day, the stepmother took Natasha to the Welfare offices and left here there. Since then we have never heard from her father, he just vanished.  

wound infected
It was in September that the Welfare placed her in a home In a black township in Vosloorus. Natasha was unhappy, had no medication and isolated.  Natasha was sick; her leg was not healing and in need of desperate medical attention.  The sister at the home said she had to go back to the South Rand Hospital. It was arranged, and Natasha was back where it all started.
At Vosloorus home
Abandoned outside hospital
At the South Rand Hospital, the staff refused to treat her and banned her from entering the building. She was homeless sitting outside the South Rand Hospital waiting for help. The hospital refuse to treat her because her father removed her from the hospital before she was discharged. Thus the reason she was not given medicine when she left.
Sitting in a wheelchair, holding a bag of clothing, Natasha was once again homeless. It was hot, the middle of summer and nobody wanted to help her. I had to ask the security guards to watch her until we got some help. I phoned the Democratic Alliance (DA), the official opposition party and spoke to a counselor, who was willing to help. I was so thankful.  The DA counselor went to the hospital and took Natasha to a home in the South of Johannesburg.  From there she was placed in the Mother Theresa Home, in Yeoville, east of Johannesburg. 

It was at the Mother Theresa home that Natasha really cared for.  The sisters were wonderful, got her back to the hospital where she received proper medical attention. Natasha had medication, a clean bed to sleep in and food to eat. It was here that she learned to walk using a walker and then using crutches. The sisters helped her get a disability grant and for the first time, Natasha had her own money. It was here that Natasha experienced love and acceptance. 

At Mother Theresa Home
Natasha spent the last few months at the home growing and loving life. For the first time in years, Natasha had the opportunity to unburden the past and find stability.  During this time, her mother often went to visit, and a decision was taken for Natasha to leave the home and live with her mother. 

Unfortunately, Natasha did not know how to live outside the caring environment of the home and soon got up to mischief. It was no problem for her to get out of the house, walking with her crutches land up in the dark parts of town and become a victim of abuse.  Her poor mother was finding this tough as a single parent who had to work to pay the rent, was stressed about the wondering Natasha. 
Together we phoned the sisters at the home, and they agreed that Natasha could return.  Yesterday, her mother took her back to the Mother Theresa home. Now we keep praying that she will once again, learn to accept that life on the streets is difficult, horrible and dangerous.

At Mother Theresa Home
In closing, I still maintain that Natasha has spent her entire life alone, abandoned and traumatized. She has never had any formal education or love from family. Her whole life has been one of survival and intimidation. 

Rejection does have serious consequences, and however much Natasha has messed up her life, I still believe that her traumatic childhood, the rape, the drug lords, and abandonment have affected her mentally. She really does not understand the severity of the situation. She does not know how to survive anymore. She is shoved from one place to another, rejected, abused and mentally incapable of knowing the difference between right and wrong. is. She is like a child, lost and alone.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The ANC fear will not allow change in South Africa

South Africans should vote for the lesser of the evils. The citizens, if they understand, should keep the politicians on their toes and not allow them to become comfortable in their greed and corruption.

The voters are not going to vote for change; they are filled with fear, the African National Congress (ANC) fear.  The fear of losing a black government, the fear of being under the rule of the white man.  It is total stupidity, a lack of knowledge, and ignorance; there are not even four million white in the country, and the majority, the 50 million plus still have an immense fear of white people.  It is the ignorance of the majority that boggles the mind; it is the idiocy of a president who promotes hatred that is confounding. Will the minority ever understand why they are so feared?
In the meantime, the people are still annoyed, angry and impatient. The people are destructive, want change and believe that the only way change will come is to burn down everything. Protests have spread across the country over the last few months and continue. A few hours before the voting stations would open, frustrated youths burnt down two voting tents in the Siyaya, Freedom Park area, (near Eldorado Park).  The people in this area have been without electricity for the past few days and resorted to burning down the voting tents in an attempt to voice their grievance.