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This weekend, I have tried to spend more time writing, and I actually managed to complete two articles.

I started writing on HUBPAGES and had my two articles published yesterday. I will share the links with you.

My real name is Delores, and I use the name Laura for writing; and I had to create a new name on the HUBPAGES and chose DORADEE. That name is one of the many names given to me by some friends, I won't mention all of them as I could probably confuse myself and not know who I actually am.

South Africa - twenty years into democracy

Are you a safety conscious person

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Three Children a Day are Murdered in South Africa

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Sharing yet another article written last month.

"Three children a day are murdered in South Africa," the Director of the Children's Institute at the University of Cape Town, Professor Shanaaz Mathews told reporters in an interview this week. He mentioned the difference between actual discipline and abuse. He referred to the brutal death of a Cape Town toddler who died from head injuries caused by the father bashing his head because the child had a soiled nappy.

The past week several murders were reported, and this has highlighted the need for a more secure protection act for children. The Children's Institute based at the University of Cape Town is leaders in child policy research and advocacy in South Africa will play a vital role and facilitate policy makers in determining the best protection for the children of this country.

On Tuesday, this week, two baby girls were found dead, and their mother barely alive who was taken to hospital. It is assumed that they are immigrants from neighboring countries who lived in a derelict abandoned house on the East Rand. The mother is under police protection and could be charged with the murder of the two children as there are conflicting reports with her version of the truth. It is suspected that they had died of food poisoning. An investigation into the cause of death will continue.

Newborn twin babies were found abandoned in a basket near Muldersdrift, north of Johannesburg, on Saturday. Patrolling officers found the babies and rushed them to a hospital. It was discovered that one of the babies had died, and the surviving one remains in a critical condition. A murder document has been opened, and an investigation will follow.

Saturday, the body of a baby, wrapped in plastic was discovered floating down a stream in Diepsloot, a township between Johannesburg and Pretoria. The age of the child is unknown, and no further details have been reported and the investigating officer. This follows the gruesome kidnapping, mutilation rape and murder of two children who were discovered by a communal member on Monday.

Diepsloot, a densely populated settlement in the north of Johannesburg, consists of government-subsidized housing, and shacks. The shacks are built on any open piece of land and assembled with scrap metal, wood or plastic. Basic services are scarce and running water, sewage and garbage removal are not available to all residents. Most roads are not tarred. Living conditions remain a persistent problem in that township and most of the residents are unemployed.

On Saturday October 12, the mother's of 2-year-old Yonelisa Mali and her cousin Zandili Mali aged three reported these youngsters as missing to the local police station.
Diepsloot a township and a place where overcrowding of locals and immigrants remains a nightmare share some common toilets. It was on Monday that a resident discovered the two bloodied bodies of the missing children in one of these filthy toilets. Immediately the police were notified, and the crime area was closed to the inquisitive eyes of residents and media.

This horrific event revealed the rape and murder of two innocent girls. It was later discovered that five men were involved in this horrific crime. The police arrested four of the suspects who have been revealed as foreigners, and the fifth one was arrested toward the end of the week. All suspects remain in police custody.

The residents of Diepsloot are angry and wanted the police to release the men into the community, as they wanted to avenge the senseless murder and burn the perpetrators. This sparked violence that is further heated, and when the founder of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) political party arrived in Diepsloot, clashes between this party and the ruling ANC party emerged. A heavy police presence remains dominant within that community.

Terrible but so true!


South Africa – Official Language and Racial Reconstruction

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Here is another article written by me and published in the Guardian Express. Just sharing.

South Africa has the most official languages in the world. Eleven in total, and this is probably the biggest obstacle in reconstructing a free ethnic egalitarian rainbow nation. English, Afrikaans, isiZulu, isiXhosa, Sesotho, Setswana, Sepedi, Xitsonga, siSwati, isiNdebele and Tshivenda are the official languages.

In India, there are eighteen languages and all recognized by the constitution, there is only one official language, Hindi. The difference in that country is that with each language it is the official language of particular areas. Whereas in South Africa, there is no verification of which language is official in any particular area.

Having a common culture or speaking the same language would be easier for South Africa to focus on overcoming the mean racial discrimination that haunts the nation. The eleven official languages and different ethnic groups all have different customs and cultures. The culture and history of each individual one is unique to each different group of people.

The nationality of South Africans are always portrayed as either white or black, Zulu speaking or Afrikaans and so forth. The people of this country have a hard time referring to themselves as South Africans. The identification of people is never just ordinary South Africans, it is always extended by Indian, Colored, Zulu, Xhosa or black.

Language barriers are a real problem and how can this country become a prosperous country if its own citizens cannot speak to each other.

There is no clear indication if South Africa will ever be a united country with one unified people. Black people continue to blame the white people for their current situation and white people have to defend their position and so the blame game continues. All the citizens forget that they share one identity, which is being South African.

To develop economically and socially, the identity of South Africans must adapt to a united one and until then we will stay in the blame game. No real progress can be made while the people still remain in the past and refuse to move forward as united South Africans.

The racial blame games, and referring to different cultures as either white, Indian, deprived or unjustly treated can never have a positive effect on the country. The people need to look away from the past and see the future. Focus on what can be and implement a change and a commitment to try. This should start with the leaders.

Division among the people has a detrimental effect on the social and economic factors of the country. The division in government and the endless representation of belittling certain cultures is wrong.

South Africa is not the only country in the world that has a diverse people with different cultures; we must commit to democracy and learn to respect people. The citizens must begin to realize we will always have remarkable histories and cultural trends and thus unite as supportive South Africans and stop the racial slurs that will never help to improve our situation.


Friday, November 22, 2013

Laura's Page: South Africa can Learn from the History of Germany...

Laura's Page: South Africa can Learn from the History of Germany...: Hello Everybody, Trusting all is well. Sharing another article I wrote and had published by the Guardian Express. Hope you enjoy. To...

South Africa can Learn from the History of Germany

Hello Everybody,

Trusting all is well.

Sharing another article I wrote and had published by the Guardian Express. Hope you enjoy.

Today South Africa is at a disadvantage because of its high crime rates, escalating poverty and racial conflict. What can this country learn from the history of Germany? Is there a solution that can make a difference to this country tied into the shackles of apartheid?

We cannot compare all the history of both countries. Both countries have a different history and both plagued by problems of racial hatred. Yet Germany has succeeded to overcome the racial hatred for the Jewish race and moved away from the terrible history of its deadly genocide practices.

In South Africa, and after twenty years of democracy, the majority of its citizens still blames apartheid for their pathetic lives and refuses to let go of the past. Instead, they clutch to the word 'apartheid' like a lifeline waiting to be compensated for the injustices they suffered.

Apartheid ended twenty years ago, and after two, decades, it is still an extensively used term with no foresight of disappearing. Are the people of this country conditioned into believing that apartheid is the cause of their misery?

World War 2 ended in the past 1940's and with the end of the war, so did the massacre of the Jewish people end. How did Germany succeed to build a prosperous country and defeat the painful history of their actions? Although Germany did not have the distinct cultures as South Africa does, it still moved away from a horrible past.

Today, Germany is a global market leader, has a strong economic system, with established policies and ethics in place. The infrastructure, education and medical systems work. The citizens live in a country that controls crime and corruption. What is the answer and how did they overcome the past to become such a strong leader today?
Germany dealt with its past, the government of that time was determined to overcome the issues of war and move forward and restore their vast country. Hard work, integrity and focus on a future to provide a safe environment for its citizens. Today Germany still compensates the Jewish families who survived the destruction. Germany has succeeded because of sheer hard work and determination.

South Africa will not succeed simply because there is no substance, no direction and no control. The current government has not overcome their past, and this has spiraled down to its citizens. The people still live in the past, and allow the country to deteriorate into a jungle again.

The South African government needs to focus and lead the nation in a democratic way. There must be respectable strong work ethics from the top leaders, and this must be enforced throughout the land.

Honesty, sheer hard work, determination and focus are the key to rebuilding a democratic South Africa. The government and citizens must take responsibility for their actions and move forward with a renewed vigor of developing this country into a first world one.

Apartheid is not the enemy of South Africans, their history started way before the implementation of that bad system. The people need to overcome their issues and move forward in confidence. The government must stop their corruption and govern this country with moral ethics.

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Laura's Page: Free Kindle Offer of my book

Laura's Page: Free Kindle Offer of my book: Hello everybody, Well it is Sunday and I want to give you an opportunity to get a free copy of my second book in The Anglurian Story. T...

South Africa – It is Madness to Repeat the Same Action.

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Life is wonderful, I have so much to be grateful for. Everything I anticipated is coming together in the most beautiful way. I love life.

By now you know that I have written many articles for the Guardian Express, and I am always sharing these on my blog. Well here is another one, this is more recent, published this month. It is of course my opinion, and I used the brilliant quote from Albert Einstein. His words seems to sum up my whole argument.

South Africa – It is Madness to Repeat the Same Action.

Famous words of Albert Einstein, "It is madness to repeat the same action in the hope of achieving a different result." That brilliant quote sums up the best advice for the people of South Africa who want change. With the 2014 elections coming up, we can certainly use the power of voting for a better more favorable political party. It will be madness to vote for the (African National Congress) ANC party and expect different results.
Centuries ago, black people of South Africa lived in mud huts, had no electricity, running water and there was no infrastructure. There was no education, no hospitals, and extremely primitive living conditions prevailed. There life expectancy was short. This was their situation before they even saw a white person.
The centuries of self-inflicted poverty had no bearing on their current situation; apartheid is the beast and producer of such terrible living conditions. What happened to the incredible living standards of these people from then until now? It never happened. Only apartheid happened. Their ancestors are never blamed for keeping them in a Neolithic age.
Continue to blame the apartheid system and the people who brought you out of dismal living conditions. There was a time when the Europeans had not bothered to explore the bottom of Africa until Van Riebeck found the Cape. What followed was kindness from these European people to few scattered people who lived here. An opportunity to improve living, medical and education conditions, and turn a jungle into a livable land. The educated Europeans had a significant impact on South Africa; it blossomed into a thriving country.
Black people must come out of living in the empty racial trap and stop blaming apartheid. To move on to a truly democratic society, the hatred and bitterness must stop. We cannot rewrite history, and we can only learn from past mistakes. We must move forward and stop blaming the apartheid system. We must not forget that Indian, colored and English speaking whites also felt the injustice of apartheid. It is not just the blacks that went through a struggle.
Stop generalizing that all white people are racist. Take a look at the majority of Indian, Colored and White people who have genuinely embraced the Rainbow Nation and live non-racial lives. We must focus on the strides taken by these people to bridge the gap and live as one united nation. Look at the heart and not the color.
Stop blaming apartheid for poverty. Apartheid did not cause poverty. Before 1948, there was no apartheid in South Africa. Apartheid ended in 1994, and if we continue to focus on this time only we are not moving forward. Take a look at the days before 1948 and then focus on the now. Remember apartheid had no effect on the rest of Africa and ask yourself why these countries remain underdeveloped and worse than South Africa.
Look at the last twenty years and open your eyes to the truth. What do we have now, a crumbling country, a substandard education system and almost nonexistent medical facilities? Look around the townships, see the decaying roads and infrastructure and remember the shack dwellers. Do not forget the rural people who have no electricity or running water. Most important do not forget the escalating increase in crime.

Remember it is madness to anticipate change by repeating the same mistakes. Your chance for change is within your ability to vote.

Well that is the article for today, and I will be sharing more during the week.

All the best and have a great week.

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

South Africa –Capitalism is the real enemy

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It is another glorious day here in Johanesburg, South Africa. Enjoying the wonderful hot summer weather.

Here is a copy of my article published in the Guardian Express during May this year. I thought it would be good to share.

South Africa –Capitalism is the real enemy

The capitalist system is the real enemy of South Africa. The Congress of SA Trade Unions (Cosatu) general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi recently told members at a seminar hosted in Johannesburg.
He said the three biggest demons were unemployment, poverty and inequality, which provides a breeding ground for corruption, xenophobia, substance abuse and other crime related issues.
A serious indication of this situation from the recently released statistics of the unemployment figures of the country does not reflect the full extent of the entire problem. A lack of motivation and breeding of a more discouraged society raises concerns for the government. The unemployed people haphazardly refrain from seeking employment and instead commit to self-employment of tedious tasks.
Vavi believes that the government should urgently address the problems of unemployment and stated that South Africa is the most unequal society in the world. He cautions the urgency of attending to this problem before the demons are unleashed. Dismissing concerns from businesses for a national minimum wage leading to job losses as propaganda and lies. He believes this would be a step toward securing greater social unity, and clearly defines the capitalist system as the real enemy.
The problem is definitely not capitalism. The United States embrace capitalism. The Soviet Union a former communist country where their citizens lived like peasants and caused a total collapse from a socialist government, now embraces capitalism. It is working for them, and South Africa can learn from the two superpowers that capitalism works. Capitalism is freedom from communism and socialism.
The world eyes South Africa as a historically backward country. The ideology of the government and their perception of freedom are to target the same principles as Zimbabwe. Their vision over the last 19 years has seen an increase of wealth, and an luxurious lifestyle. This new life enjoyed by government members, civil servants and union bosses, while the workers become poorer and their living conditions become unbearable.
Private enterprises created thousands of jobs within their industries over the past years, with food giants, Checkers and Pick and Pay leading a successful campaign to stabilize the unemployment situation in this country. That is capitalism working for us. With the strong unionized support for the present government, the working situation remains volatile, and it is about time we realize that unions do not create a stable economy with the continuation of strikes in all sectors constantly happening. This action can only cause more harm than good.
Capitalism although still not perfect does highlight the distribution of wealth to the majority of people without corruption, and creating opportunities of honest pay for work can be undertaken.
When the government talks of redistribution of wealth it is fundamentally communism by taking away the existing capitalism and causing inequality. There is no exceptions communism kills productivity.
We need to embrace the future and learn from the superpowers, we need to let go of the past and free our minds from mental slavery. We need education, and that should remain the most dominant factor for South Africa. Education will set the people free, education that will generate a democratic country and education that will bring stability and growth to this violent country.
Mr. Vavi should refrain from making such statements, the union members might see this as militant and start taking up arms to kill people.

Well that is the article and I think we will still hear a lot more about the unions.

Take care and have a great week.
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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Alzheimer's Disease Article

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This is an article that was written by me and published in the Guardian Express during August this year. It has interesting facts about Alzheimer's Disease.

Its Official Women Are More Prone Than Men in Developing Alzheimer's Disease
There are one hundred billion nerve cells (neurons) within our brain connecting to the many forms of communication networks of the body. Several groups of nerve cells have specific functions, such as thinking, remembering, and learning. Other groups help us to smell, see and hear.

Imagine the brain as a factory at work almost twenty-four hours a day, receiving supplies, generating energy, constructing things and waste removal. Then there is the process and storing of information and the main communicating with the other nerve cells. The work function keeps everything moving perfect, but it does require co-ordination and oxygen.

Researchers have discovered plaques and tangles, two abnormal structures which are the prime suspect for causing damage and killing nerve cells within the brain. Plaques are deposits of a protein fragment called beta-amyloid that builds up in the spaces between nerve cells are referred to as plaques, and Tangles are bent fibres of another protein called tau that tend to build up inside of the cells.

As people age, they develop some plagues and tangles and those diagnosed with Alzheimer's are found to generate far more. Recent study has shown that the plagues and tangles are developed in a conventional method and expand in areas critical to memory before dispersing into other areas of the brain. It is not sure what roles these two abnormal structures exactly have but scientist believe they play a vital role in closing the connections among nerve cells and disturbing the procedure that cells need to survive.

With every moving and working nerve cell running well, and when an unexpected failure occurs in the process an onslaught of problems can occur. Scientists believe microscopic changes in the brain appear long before Alzheimer's illness prevents part of the cells from functioning properly. The damage and death of nerve cells are the main course of memory malfunction and other dementia symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.

They are not sure where the trouble starts and ongoing research will help us to learn more about this disease. As the damage spreads, cells begin to lose their ability to work well and eventually die causing irreversible changes in the brain.

A recent study had concluded that women develop symptoms of Alzheimer's disease at a faster rate than men do. A study conducted on Alzheimer's sufferers of both sexes found that men with the problem regularly outperform women on tests that measured a senior's memory capacity and their ability to perform verbal, distance and depth tasks.

Research indicates that women are more likely to be diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease than men are and the investigation into this research has been sparse and inconsistent. This present study aimed to get a clearer understanding of gender based differences and the possible causes of these disparities.

Several indications research has seen the cause of some of the disadvantages of women contracting the disease than men. Hormones play an enormous role in making women more susceptible to Alzheimer's and studies have shown that estrogen may serve as a shield against the disease.

Men have proved to be more powerful and have cognitive reserves, which prove as a buffer against the symptoms of Alzheimer's, and other forms of dementia. It appears that men have more exposure to reserve building activities than women do.
Another factor considered are the genes and the primary genetic risk factor for Alzheimer's disease, the APOE genotype has proved to be more damaging on the cognitive functioning of women than men.

Alzheimer's is at the forefront of biomedical research today, and many possible approaches are currently investigated worldwide. Researchers are uncovering many aspects of the disease and related dementias as possible. Some of the most remarkable progress has shed light on how Alzheimer's affects the brain. A better understanding of how this works will lead to improved ways of dealing with this disease.

Well, that is that and I am wishing you all a wonderful week, enjoy.

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Well it is Sunday and I want to give you an opportunity to get a free copy of my second book in The Anglurian Story.

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I have been extremely busy at work and had to take a break from writing the 3rd book in the series, but am going to continue soon. I will keep you informed and let you have sneak previews of this one.

Also trying to complete the other 3 books that have absolutely nothing to do with this series, so I have to really concentrate and get on with writing.

I'm trying!

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Death, Afterlife and Near Death Experiences

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Trusting you are all well.

I am going to share another article that was published a month or two ago in the Guardian Express newspaper.

Death and Near Death Experiences.

The question of death has puzzled people's minds all the time. It seems impossible that the existence of strong, powerful, rich, healthy, and notable people can stop in an instant. Our primary normal human instinct is denial. Our minds cannot change in an instant to the thought of a person we have known intimately to be gone forever. We can experience disillusionment, sorrow, regret, and ask, is there something beyond this life?

Death will happen to every human being, there is always the real risk of illness, and car accidents, criminal activities, attacks, natural disasters, wars, and terrorism are some of the actual events that we cannot control. Afraid of the unknown and the idea of leaving behind your loved ones, or the idea of not completing your life cycle could cause untold stress and draw unnecessary fear.

Events such as war or other timely escapes from disasters can trigger our minds to dwell on issues relating to death and life and find some valuable significance. Death remains a daunting issue but one that we will all have to meet one day. We seek answers and consolations in the inevitable happening, we want to stay in control, our natural human instinct to survive, and we use the resources we have to make informed decisions. We look at after life and search for the truth.

Afterlife, and near death experiences have often been reported by people who are on the verge of dying. Typically the reports of floating above their body as they follow the doctors perform live saving procedures have been recorded. Alternatively, travelling through tunnels toward intense light, the feeling of being separated from the body, and sighting a hint of the afterlife. Meeting with angels or long departed loved ones. The experience of a life review of some kind of judgement.

The reality of near death experience may be more straightforward than reports received from the public. Research has now concluded that the experience of the afterlife feeling is a mere charge of electrical movement in the dying brain.

Experiments performed on rats whose hearts had stopped beating had shown that there was the pattern of activity similar to when the animals were fully conscious. This has now sparked the reasoning for the reports of near death experience as a rush of brain motion in the dying rats seem to confirm signs of a conscious perception. With no blood flowing from the heart to the brain, it appeared the signals were eight times stronger. There is the assumption that the brain is highly active in the seconds after the heart stops and this suggests a more physical activity taking place rather than a spiritual one.

Arguments have signalled that the dying brain is incapable of such complex activity, and that is the reason for the near death experiences originating in the soul. Suggestions have been noted that on the verge of death, the conscious brain is aroused to a higher than normal level, and this would trigger the hallucinations and feelings associated with near death experiences.

People who have survived cardiac arrests have reported having had other worldly experiences while been certified clinically dead. Some have emerged from this experience as changed characters with entirely altered outlooks on life or a different perspective on religion.

Scientists believe the near death experiences are nothing more than illusions driven by the effects of the shutdown of the brain.

Dr Jimo Borjigin from the University of Michigan said the study relates to the reduction of oxygen during a cardiac arrest, and this causes the stimulation of brain activity that is associated with the conscious process. The research recorded the nerve impulses of sedated rats whose hearts were artificially stopped. This test concluded that within thirty seconds of the heart arrest, all the animals showed a sharp surge of rampant brain movement.
The researchers were astounded by the extraordinary levels of activity recorded from the brain after the cardiac arrest and they have suggested that the brain’s capability of organized electrical action during the early phases of clinical death.
Their findings are reported in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

In the past, it was presumed that the brain activity immediately stopped when the heart no long functioned and this study concluded that the decrease of oxygen and or glucose during a cardiac seizure can fuel the brain activity. This study provides the basic scientific structure for further analysis of near death experiences described by survivors of cardiac arrest symptoms.

Other scientists have been cautious in the study regarding the human form near moments of death. Dr Chris Chambers, Senior Research Fellow at Cardiff University admitted that it was tempting to draw a link between the surge of neutral activity and consciousness and said there were two barriers limiting this conclusion. The first being that they do not know to what extent the rats experience consciousness and the researchers do not know what the activity actually means. Secondly to conclude from the brain movement alone that the bursts of activity reflect consciousness would be a logically mistake. He continued and said the experiments would have to be run on humans in order to relate to the changes in activity and thus overcome the limitations of the recent study.

That is the most honest opinion rising from this recent research, it is a possibility that the near death experiences are actually a sudden surge of electrical nerve impulses from the clinically dead person’s brain as the studies on rats indicated. Or the chance of relating to a true after life experience as documented by neuroscientists who have survived the near death experience and forever remain totally changed by their ordeal. Science is an on-going recognized resource for the benefit of all mankind, and we should accept the research and not limit our perceptions but remain open minded.

Summarizing the above research, with the words uttered by Paulo Coelho would have the best practical meaning. “'We have to stop and be humble enough to understand that there is something called mystery.”

Anyway, I do suppose, we can all draw our own conclusions.

All the best,
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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

New South African Stories

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I am going to share the links of 4 articles that have been published in the Guardian Express and hopefully you will have a chance to read.

1. South Africa: Following the 2014 Elections

Link for article 1

2. South Africa:Official Language and Racial Reconstruction

Link for article 2

3. South Africa Can Learn from History of Germany

Link for article 3

4. South Africa – It is Madness to Repeat the Same Action

Link for article 4

All the best, and have a super week.

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Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Anglurian Story - Book 3 - Sipho's Journey to Dragons Triangle

Hello again,

I have decided to write another book in the series and take Sipho and the hybrid children on another journey. I am not sure if I will change the title at this stage, probably will. I will introduce new characters and most of the original characters will be part of the story. I have completed Chapters 1 to 6 and will share chapter 1 with you. Remember this is the first draft and there could be some changes, not sure yet.

Chapter 1 - God's Future

The bright moon shone down the pathway, emitting a heavenly light. Zanu stood at the top of the stairway, and wondered why he was summoned so urgently to the holy temple. Doubtful thoughts clouded his head and trying to apply reason to the disturbed thoughts, Zanu continued to doubt his ability as a leader. Conflicting thoughts ran through his mind, and he could not understand his anxiety.

He knew God Most High was pleased with him, and he knew he was fortunate to be the governor of this magnificent planet. His brisk walk was short, and soon he stood outside the huge door, hesitant to enter. He opened the door and immediately felt an overwhelming peace flow into his heart and then he knew God Most high had a plan.
Zanu began to feel more comfortable and at ease as he walked up the aisle to the front of the temple, listening to the soft soothing music that filled the whole building. He breathed in deeply and expecting to wait a few minutes was surprised to hear an angel greet him.

"Ah good morning to you," he said.
"Zanu, I'm not going to waste time, God Most High wants you to embark on another journey."
"I thought as much, so what country will we be visiting this time?" He inquired.
"Its different this time, the journey is not to earth." The angel replied.
"Not to earth, then I am confused, surely we are not expected to travel through space and visit unknown planets." Shocked at the news he had received Zanu asked.
"Oh no, its not outer space, its will be under the ocean."
"What, that's impossible we cannot venture into the depths of the sea, we are spirit aliens shaped in the form of humans, and will not survive in water." Still shocked from the plan.
"God Most High is thoroughly annoyed with the selfish human race and how destructive they have become. We are talking about God's future, not yours." The angel reminded him.

Zanu terribly confused listened to the angel explain how GMH in His mysterious nature had devised a plan to outsmart Satan for the last time. While listening to the angel, Zanu almost fell over when he heard the commanding voice of GMH say.
"It is my intention to unite. I have the final authority over the chaotic world of danger and despair."
"Zanu, please remain vigilant and enthusiastic to do the bidding of GMH," the angel said as he noticed how fragile Zanu looked.

Zanu did not have time to answer, it was only the second time in his entire life that GMH had addressed him directly. He remembered the first time, just before their first departure to earth, and that was an extraordinary event. The angel reminded him of how zealous GMH was about the force of evil on earth and the division of death and misery.
Zanu wiped his brow and gained his composure.

"I'm here to do the bidding of GMH and will endeavor to work through the plan you have." Zanu said, his voice still ringing out fear.
"Good, now we will get together again and discuss finer details, but in the meantime I have left a scroll at the entrance which you might like to read." The angel told him.
"Thank you, I will do as told." He said and turned around to leave.

Zanu walked down the luminous passage more frightened than when he arrived. He picked up the scroll and left the temple.

It was still dark outside and the full moon started waning before the new daybreak. He walked home and realized the reason for the urgent request was not to instill fear into the Anglurians.

At home, he quietly went into his office and switched on the lamp. He sat down and placed the scroll on the desk.

He breathed a sigh of relief and got up from the chair and walked over to the drinks counter and poured a glass of water. He took a large gulp and looked at the unopened scroll.

Almost hesitant to go back to the desk he stared vacantly at his desk. He felt a sudden tap on his shoulder.

This he knew were the guiding angels prompting him to get on with the work ahead of him. Zanu sat down and sipped on his water, staring at the unopened scroll. He took a deep breath and reached out to open the scroll. Untying the gold cord, he envisaged a journey of immense danger.

He read the beginning of GMH's plan and sighed. Continuing to read the contents, he felt a hot flush moving over his body and he lifted his hand and wiped his brow.
"This is impossible," he told himself.

Zanu put the scroll down, stood up, and walked toward the window. He drew the curtain and looked outside, the sky was beginning to light up, and he could see the bright red and pink colors of the sunrise edging up slowing over the planet.

Not sure how long he was staring at the colors change in the sky, he did not hear the door open. Randia, his wife walked over to him and tapped him on his shoulder. Zanu got a terrible fright, turned around with a fast speed, and almost knocked Randia off her feet.

"Zanu, what is the matter, you have been up most of the night." She asked.
"Randia, I was called to the temple and received instruction on a new mission."
"Come on now, you have succeed in the past and will again." Assuring she said.

He walked back to the desk and picked up the scroll and holding it closely he told her that this new mission was actually dangerous. Randia saw the fear in his face, walked up to him, and hugged him, trying to reassure him. She left the office, within minutes returned with steaming hot coffee, and freshly baked muffins. Pouring his coffee, she questioned him about the mission.

"Randia, we execute the mission from here and delve into the fearsome Devils Triangle deep within the sea. It is even more disturbing than the last trip in Israel." He said.
"I'm not sure I understand the entire concept, but I am confident that GMH has complete confidence in your ability to overcome the worst."
"Randia, always so positive and encouraging." He smiled at her.
Zanu spent most of his morning in the office pondering the task presented to him. Zerydo entered and greeted him.
"Randia said I would find you here, what's happening?" He asked.
"Well we have a new mission to fulfill and I consider this one the most dangerous so far."
"So far - are there more?" Puzzled Zerydo asked.
"We had the difficult Hades one, the tense Israel one among the smaller dangerous ones and now we have a massive one to complete."
"Do tell."
Zanu told him that they would enter Hades from the bottom of the sea. Satan had kidnapped GMH's faithful servant, King Nepulus, and it was up to them to free him. Zerydo displayed shock and folded his arms while Zanu continued to tell him about the potential dangers they could meet.
"Zerydo we will start the mission from here and I think the Aquarium will be the perfect place to learn to deep sea dive and swim under water."
"It is impossible, these kids cannot swim, and we should first teach them the basics."
"Well I will delegate that responsibility to you and a word of caution, be cautious don't let Lindiwe know that we will embark on another mission."

The two brothers drank coffee and extensively discussed the best way forward with the instructions received. They knew there would have to be a certain element of surprise presented to the family before confessing the complete responsibility.

Zerydo left the office and went outside. It was a warm day, and he was grateful the weather was still warm enough to manage swimming lessons. Pondering how to stimulate the children his head drew in the entrance to Hades and a meeting with Satan the master deceiver of all times. He thought about how the devil had managed to capture King Nepulus the warrior of the deep sea. He shook his head and wondered how such a misfortune took place. Questions raced through his mind, and he was lost in the madness of his thoughts.

Sipho, Emma and Olomos all came running up the stairs and greeted him. Still lost in his thoughts he glanced over to the children and nodded his head.
"Zerydo, where are you?" Asked Emma.

"I apologize, I was thinking of applying a new activity to keep the youngsters entertained." He said walking up to her and hugged her. He greeted the others, moved toward the top of the stairway, and sat down.

"Come sit with me and let me throw some of my ideas at you."
The children sat beside Zerydo, and he questioned them about their swimming skills. Eager to let him know both Sipho and Olomos told him how talented they were. They even told him they were thinking of joining the school's team.

Cheerio and take care.
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Zuma - How Many Wives Are Enough?

Trusting your are all well and had a decent week.

It is wonderful here in Johannesburg, South Africa. Really good weather and just such a great week for me. I love peace.

Today I am sharing an article about president Zuma and his wives. This article was published in the Gardian Express during August this year. Here is the link if you would like to visit that page.

Guardian Express link

South Africa – Polygamous president Jacob Zuma has wed six times during his lifetime and we ask how many wives does a president need?
A recent survey concluded that 83 percent of women were not in favor of polygamy. Although polygamy is still legally recognized in South Africa, it is becoming less common as the western and modern lifestyles continue to forgo cultural and traditional beliefs.

President Jacob Zuma has married six times and has twenty-one children. One of his wives has died and one divorced him.

Wife number 1 - Jacob Zuma met Gertrude Sizakele Khumalo during 1959 and married her after his release from prison in 1973. She lives at Nkandla, Kwazulu Natal. This marriage did not yield any children. This woman is regarded as a quiet and shy person. The matriarch of Nkandla.

Wife number 2 – Everybody knows Nkosana Dlamini-Zuma, a cabinet minister since 1999. During his exile years, Zuma married Nkosana Dlamini whom at that time was a medical officer working in a Swaziland government hospital. The couple has four children, and she divorced him in 1998 and cited the reason as 'irreconcilable differences'. She is still active in politics and a senior member of the ANC party.

Wife number 3 – From Mozambique, Kate Matsho, who worked as an airline staffer, became the third Mrs. Zuma, the couple had five children. Sadly, she committed suicide on December 8 2000 after apparent strained relations within the marriage. A tragic death that gave an insight into life as a Zuma wife. She left behind a suicide note and virtually banned Jacob Zuma from attending her funeral. The note was a reflection of her distress and she pleaded with Jacob Zuma to take care of their children and remember his obligations as a father. Kate was a victim of a traumatic and painful marriage.

Wife number 4 – A young women born in 1975 married Jacob Zuma in January 2008. The couple met through social circles a few years before legalizing their relationship. Nompulelo Ntuli the fourth wife and has three children with the president. She admitted does not like the hype surrounding his public life.

Wife number 5 - Thobeka Stacie Madiba married Jacob Zuma on January 4, 2010. The couple had a baby in 2007 and the same year in which Zuma paid lobolo to her clan, thereby securing his permission to marry the young woman. It is said that before the traditional wedding, she had another out of wedlock child living with her.

Wife number 6 – Just over a year ago, during April 2012 Jacob Zuma splurged out on an extravagant wedding with wife number six. Gloria Bongekile Ngema married her prince at the Nkandla homestead with his three wives attending this lavish wedding.

A son named Edward was born out of wedlock from his relationship with Minah Shongwe, the sister of Judge Jeremiah Shongwe, who was recused from the Zuma rape case because of the association.

His relationship with Pietermaritzburg businessperson Pricilla Nonkwaleko Mhlongo produced two daughters born in 1998 and 2002 respectively.

There are reports that he has another four children from affairs with different women from Johannesburg and Richards bay. Twenty-one children from six marriages and numerous affairs.

There are no specific responsibilities for the wives, and they have benefits of traveling and secretaries attending to their individual requirements. They are expected to support the president at the state and official functions. The state had to double its spousal budget after he took office with his large family.

During 2010, Zuma splurged out on a ZAR65 million upgrade to his Nkandla homestead. Recent reports of the legal expenditure of another ZAR200 million are being questioned.
The financial consequences of the polygamy of Jacob Zuma are borne by the South African taxpayers. A heavy burden indeed. From his six marriages, he had fourteen legitimate children.

Jacob Zuma is a traditionalist and has acknowledged all his wives and a few years ago told a television interviewer, "There are plenty of politicians who have mistresses and children that they hide so as to pretend they're monogamous. I prefer to be open, I love my wives, and I am proud of my children."

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