Wednesday, November 23, 2016

2016 The year of abnormal power – Prophet of Doom

Crime Intelligence SA (CICA) has discovered that the prophet of Doom has also been assaulting his congregants in many other ways.

This Prophet of Doom does not only spray his congregation with insecticide, he also does the following to them:

– “Anoints” & sprays them with fake “holy water” claiming to cure many ailments
– Appears to be obsessed with women’s periods
– Throws rocks & stones at them
– Makes them hold burning objects & claims it won’t hurt them
– Forces them to eat poisonous Aloe plants
– Smokes cigarettes in church & blows the smoke in their faces
– Stands on them while they are lying on the floor
– Places heavy speaker boxes on them while they are lying on the floor, before sitting on top of the speaker

Sorry to say but this man is not a Pastor. He is a deceitful con-artist who is posing as a pastor from the MZGA (Mount Zion General Assembly) congregation.

Lethebo Rabalago is spraying people with Doom insect repellant / insecticide claiming it will heal them. He claims it can cure cancer and HIV. Sadly this is an outright lie. Pesticides are actually known to be carcinogenic.

Tiger Brands has issued a statement asking Lethebo Rabalago to refrain from spraying people with their product and warning about the dangers of this practice.

Again – CICA would like to encourage all congregants of #MZGA who have had rocks thrown at them, been stood on, been burnt with fire, fed poisonous plants or been sprayed with #Doom to go to their local police and open criminal charges against Lethebo Rabalago.
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Images - CICA SA

Friday, November 18, 2016

Revenge, Jealousy, Envy and White Flight in South Africa

If you are a Soldier, sometimes you have to run and live to fight another day. Poor whites are stuck in a land that has turned on them; South Africa is no longer safe for minority race.

Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela preached equality and justice, did they lie to the world. Now the majority preach justice until it’s time for them to be “just”, except for their tribes. Where not the majority deluded in Zimbabwe when they forced white farmers off their land and replaced these whites with blacks? So where is the justice Tutu and Mandela preached? Zimbabwe has not been successful in feeding themselves and millions are starving. The same destruction is happening in South Africa today, as thousands of farmers are hacked to death. Land invasion is happening now, and the whites are living in fear. 
Is this the only business the majority can perceive, to destroy the white minority, it is impossible to expect justice from the majority. The majority have identified that it is appropriate to fight back the white “savages” because they are considered a race that viciously came to destroy other tribes. A visionary belief that whites came to the country and stole all the land, therefore these white people are not the owners but thieves and have overstayed their welcome. The majority believe that Africa is their home, a place with soul, conscience and integrity and not a place for “white vipers and thieves”.
Whites must leave and return to their colder climate so that the majority can get rid of the epidemic of white slavery and capitalism. The majority have woken up and regaining their strength, recovering from their afflictions and will fight for “their” land.

Where does this racial hatred and intimidation leave the white minority population of South Africa? Several political parties are calling for “self-determination” based on different cultural and traditional believes. For as long as the majority hold onto the injustices of the past, there will never be peace and the white genocide will carry on.

Published on South Africa Today - Please use THIS LINK to watch the video. It is worth it. 

Dogs attack kid and mother – California

Brutal attack occurred in Anaheim, California, on Tuesday. Anaheim woman shields her two year old son while two dogs viciously attack them.

The incredible moment a brave mother shields her two-year-old son while two dogs attack them as they try to get into their home. Little boy was in his front yard when he was set upon by two dogs.

His mother ran to his rescue, but couldn’t find her keys to get inside.

Minutes past before a neighbor came to help the two, fighting off the dogs. The boy was hospitalized with extensive injuries.

Two dogs are now in the custody of Animal Control.

Published on South Africa Today - Please use THIS LINK to watch the video.

Luckiest dog survives bomb explosive – India

The luckiest dog alive! Police sniffer SURVIVES after setting off a land mine in India.

Video shows Alsatian, Alex, sniffing item on a road in India’s Odisha state. Seconds later it is thrown into the air by the force of a land mine explosion.

Incredibly the dog limped away alive and is now being treated for injuries.

This is the astonishing moment a police sniffer dog set off a land mine in India – and somehow survived.
Footage shows the Alsatian, named Alex, walking away from his master to sniff an item by the side of the road, in India’s Odisha state.

But moments later the specialist police dog is thrown into the air by the force of a blast from an improvised explosive device.

Published on South Africa Today - please use THIS LINK to watch the video.

EXPOSED: South Africa’s Barbaric Ostrich Slaughterhouses

The Western Cape in South Africa is the ostrich killing capital of the world. Seventy five percent of the world’s ostrich leather, feathers, and meat come from slaughterhouses in this region.

The most lucrative part of the ostrich is the skin on the back; this is where the money is made. Handbags, purses, and shoes manufactured under designer names such as Prada.

In September 2015, PETA US investigators traveled to South Africa to record never-before-seen footage inside the largest ostrich slaughterhouses in the world, including that of the exclusive supplier of ostrich skins for Herm├Ęs’ Birkin bags.
Published on South Africa Today -  please use this link to watch the video, and a word of warning, many of the images are graphic.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Black South Africans Celebrate the Trump Presidency

We celebrate this day as a new American President is elected who carries many values that we appreciate as black South Africans. I anticipate the Trump presidency being a very positive influence on South African politics and economy.

You don’t have to the like the man to appreciate the influence he will have on the world arena.
Trump knows bullshit when he sees it – Jacob Zuma is a frikkin’ truckload full of bullshit, and Trump will call a spade a spade.
Trump will challenge Africans to take control over our own destiny, in the same way he has done with his life and his presidency – he will support our goals for economic independence – a win-win situation for all. New alliances with America are possible if our leadership know how to negotiate good deals. A new era of inspired innovation with an Afrocentric twist is eminent should we take a card from Trump’s deck.

Trump will support Pan Africanism if it makes for a stronger Africa, and opens up trade alliances – a healthy direction for all involved.

Trump will be our ‘Impi’ of the West, and will be a champion of the rights and equality of the poor black man. He exhibits traits of a warrior and a king, which hit a chord with our people.
Trump will encourage SA to have a singular focus on ‘performance’ of our government institutions, and remove color, creed, religion from our decision-making process. Its performance that counts, its performance that will be the engines of our ingenuity as we forge our future as Africans. No more ‘get out of jail free’ cards for those corrupt Cadre son-of-a-b****es.

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this man they call Trump – I predict this will be the catalyst that will help SA realize great things for our country, should we follow suit, and finally purge the spoiled ANC Silver Spoon Bourgeoisie, and elect competent leaders who are genuinely ready to serve the People’s Best Interests!

Our people’s liberation from inept and corrupt leadership is nigh!
By Menzi Solomon Shange
Publsihed on South Africa Today – South Africa News

Between Heaven and Hell – The True Story of Whites in South Africa

Since 1994, South Africa has regressed to third world status. This is a video about the loss of dignity of the white minority who face oppression and humiliation in the new South Africa.

A historical look at how South Africa has progressed since the arrival of Jan Van Riebeeck, how the British waged war against the Boers. How apartheid ended at the hands of communist terrorists. Finally, how after 20 years of majority rule how the whites are facing genocide.
The picture illustrates the horrors of terrorist acts against the apartheid regime, the killing of innocent people before Mandela became the first democratic president. Follow the rise of Jacob Zuma and the intense corruption that is crippling the nation. It is the story of affirmative action that forced whites out of work and into poverty, and the horrendous murders against farmers. There is the police force, mainly black majority who are corrupt and do nothing to stop crime, corruption, and violence.

Observe how the police ignore calls from the white minority in distress. Let us not forget that white students who are attacked just for attending university as the #FeesMustFall protests continue and the majority continue to burn down the educational institutions..............................

PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE STORY - JUST PUBLISHED ON SOUTH AFRICA TODAY - NEWS AND WATCH THE VIDEO.  (The video tells the true story and is worth watching.)

Link to article Between Heaven and Hell – The True Story of Whites in South Africa

Friday, November 11, 2016

Floods bring hardship and loss to Johannesburg immigrant community

"We just heard this strange sound and realized we were being attacked by the river."

Photo of men sitting on a shack
Four men sit on top of a shack and watch the Jukskei river, which runs dangerously close to homes after the river eroded the bank.
The rains that Johannesburg so desperately needed arrived in a great deluge on Wednesday causing flash flooding which resulted in deaths and large scale damage to property.
Bearing the brunt of this disaster was the informal settlement of Setswetla in Alexandra. The settlement is built along the Jukskei River which burst its banks during the heavy rainfall yesterday.
The settlement is home mainly to immigrants, many of whom hail from neighbouring Zimbabwe.
In the chaos of the flood a three-year-old girl was swept from her father’s hands as he attempted to reach higher ground as the waters kept on rising.
A search and rescue team utilised divers and sniffer dogs in an attempt to find the missing girl but a storm approached the area during the late afternoon and the search had to be postponed till the following day.
A relative of the girl’s family said the tragedy has left them broken and distraught.
Along the river a group of men tried to rescue a vehicle which was trapped in the mud after being completely submerged in water the previous night.
A group of men try to salvage a car ...
... while another man looks at his destroyed one.
Men and women tried to salvage what they could from their completely destroyed homes. Community members estimate that about 40 homes were lost (we are unable to confirm this at time of publication).
Tichaona Chikato a 35-year-old immigrant from Zimbabwe sifted through the contents of his destroyed home looking for anything which he could salvage. He found one of his kid’s little shoes but quickly tossed it aside after realising the other one might have been swept away with half of his home. “It was around five in the afternoon. I was inside this house with my wife and three kids who are three, five and seven years old. We just heard this strange sound and realised we were being attacked by the river. I grabbed my kids and took them to safety,” said a forlorn Chikato who runs a small trucking business.
Tichaona Chikato sifted through the contents of his destroyed home, looking for anything he could salvage.
For many immigrants whose homes were destroyed, the pressing issue is the loss of their documentation. “Food I can buy, clothes I can buy, this home I can fix, but those documents and papers I cannot," said Chikato.
"For tonight I do not have a place to stay with my family as you can see this home is completely destroyed,” he continued. He said that he would not rebuild his home in the same space but would look for a new place far away from the river. “I cannot continue to stay here. I have lost everything.”
A woman sitting with her baby surveys the flood damage.
A man collects some of his belongings that were not destroyed in the flood.
Gift of the Givers is assisting in the flooded area. The organisation requires donations and assistance.

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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Careers of government heads – Trump to Zuma

The shock victory of Donald Trump becoming the president elect of the United States elections this morning must have had the liberal idiots in tears and the doomsday prophets rushing to their pulpits.

Of course, there would be flying comments of “”sexist, homophobic, racist” and a whole bunch would be asking, “What knowledge Trump does he have to lead the world’s biggest and most powerful state?”

Moreover, I thought: Let’s take a look at the educational background of the world’s heads of state:

1) Donald Trump – BSC in Economics, Businessman
2) Theresa May, Britain – Financial Accounting
3) Vladimir Putin, Russia – lawyer
4) Angela Merkel, Germany – Physicist with a D in Chemistry
5) Francois Hollande, France – Lawyer
6) Mariano Rajou, Spain – Lawyer
7) Narendra Modi, India – Political Science (Master’s degree)
8) Malcolm Turnbull, Australia – Lawyer
9) Christina Fernandez de Kirchner, Argentina – lawyer
10) Justin Trudeau, Canada – Education
11) Shinzo Abe, Japan – Public Administrator and lawyer
12) Ian Khama, Botswana – Lawyer
13) Jacob Zuma, RSA – herdsman, sleepyhead, part-time clown with a doctorate in creative application of the truth and alternative utilization of public funds.

And then this morning South Africans want to laugh at America!

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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Zuma: RSA ‘cannot grow’ while linked to Europe and America – VIDEO

Jacob Zuma, South African president, has said his country’s colonial past has made it harder for him to combat the economic downturn. Speaking to Al Jazeera’s Stephen Cole during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Zuma said despite South Africa’s economic “when you are linked … with Europe and the United States” , it is very difficult to create economic growth.

It is a reminder that Zuma, does not want white people to have any stake in the South African economy. The Chinese, and other Asian companies are more profitable – the bribes are better.
Imagine if our President put South Africa first, before his family and his precious ANC party.

Donald Trump expressed his disgust for South Africa and called the country a mess. According to Donald Trump, “African leaders oppress their people without anyone asking them a question”. Does this sound like South Africa? Trump went on to say African leaders are all greedy and do not care about the people. Leaders cannot lead by example and are only interested in accumulating wealth from the poor taxpayers. Trump’s criticism of African leaders was direct and truthful considering the state of many African countries. South Africa is oppressed – Donald Trump

Jacob Zuma has been linked to corruption and scandals before he become president and the circumstances has only worsened. Is there any hope?

 Zuma: RSA ‘cannot grow’ while linked to Europe and America – VIDEO

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Malema has identified his enemy – the whites

I hate to give Kiddie Amin (His Excellency, Field Marshal Al Hadji Doctor Julias Sello Malema, VC, DSO, MC, Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Seas and Conqueror of the British Empire in Africa in General and South Africa in Particular), free publicity, but here goes:

“Malema appeared in the Newcastle court on charges of inciting land grabs and violence against whites, walks out and incites the exact same land grabs and violence against whites.

Speaking outside the court on Monday‚ Malema said the charges brought against him were laid because he had disturbed the peace of white people.

”We are not calling for the slaughter of white people‚ at least for now”- Malema.
Which means he is going to call for it in the future when the time is right.

“The prosecution of people who are demanding the land affects us directly because we want the land‚ so the land must be returned to the hands of the people‚” said Malema.

And the people are? Whites aren’t people.

“This is our continent it belongs to us. We want our land. It must come with everything. The land comes with the sea. The sea belongs to us. The fish in the sea belongs to us. The land comes with the trees. The trees belong to us. That includes dagga. It belongs to us. We want it back.”
“We want everything that comes with the land…

The minerals‚ gold‚ diamonds‚ platinum‚ coals, everything that comes with land belongs to us.”
“We are not calling for the slaughter of white people‚ at least for now…

The rightful owners of the land are black people. No white person is a rightful owner of the land here in South Africa and whole of the African continent‚” he said.

OK so let me get this right. The continent does not belong to whites who were born in Africa. The land was stolen from blacks by whites. The whites own all the land and the blacks want it all back. Any white person who has bought land, paid for it, inherited it, etc is by default a criminal simply because of the colour of his/her skin.

That is right, that money you paid for your bond over twenty years was all for nothing. Blacks want your land. You didn’t pay for it. You stole it.

Malema said while the call for President Jacob Zuma to step down was gathering momentum‚ he was not the main target. The main enemy‚ he said‚ was “monopoly capital” (read whites) which has continued to benefit from the land while black people struggled across the country.

Malema has identified his enemy, he has warned his enemy that they are going to be driven out of their homes and off their land and will be slaughtered in the future.

I would say it is a declaration of war against whites and I would say it is open season on them.
However, Malema should be careful, because sometimes you get the bear, but sometimes the bear gets you first.”

Jillian Alcott
Read the original article on Front Nasionaal SA – blad

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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

In photos: Pretoria protests against state capture

Save South Africa held a festive protest in St Albans church while the EFF protest at the Union Buildings was sporadically violent

Photo of protesters in church
St Albans Church was packed with people today who answered the Save South Africa call to demand an end to state capture.
A festive mood greeted protesters as they entered the St Alban’s Church in Pretoria for the Save SA protest. People beat on drums while calling for President Jacob Zuma to step down. The church was packed to the brim.
Meanwhile at Church Square thousands of members of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) gathered. They waited for news from the High Court down the road regarding Zuma’s interdict against the release of the Public Protector's report into state capture.

St Albans

Photo of protesters
Photo of protesters
Photo of protesters
Photo of protesters
Photo of protesters
Photo of protesters

EFF at Church Square

Church Square was all red as the EFF's supporters came to demand "Zuma must Go!"
Photo of protesters
EFF members tried to break through a police barrier after they made their way to the Union Buildings. They were denied entry by the police who shut the gates.
Photo of protesters
Photo of protesters
Photo of protesters
Some EFF members split into groups and moved through the city blocking roads and setting construction materials on fire. Some shops were looted and damaged in the violence.
Photo of protesters
EFF members confronted a Tshwane Metro Police Nyala as they protested outside the South African Reserve Bank.
Photo of protesters
EFF members tried to break through a police barrier after they made their way to the Union Buildings. They were denied entry by the police who shut the gates.
Photo of protesters
Photo of protesters
At the Union Buildings clashes followed with police using rubber bullets and a water cannon.
Photo of protesters
Photo of protesters
Police attempted to disperse EFF members outside the Union Buildings.
Photo of protesters
AN EFF member runs away after he is sprayed by a water cannon outside the Union Buildings.
Photo of protesters
EFF members fought with each other as some tried to stop others from throwing stones at the police.
Eventually the situation calmed down. The protesters remained stationed outside the Union Buildings and dispersed after they were addressed by Julius Malema.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Elderly couple kicked and hit with steel bar – Randpark Ridge

On Friday, October 28, an elderly coupled aged 79 and 74 were brutally attacked in their Randpark Ridge home. A home the couple shared for over 40 years.

Several suspects gained entry into the home and tied up the elderly residents, demanding cash and valuables. The pair were unable to fend for themselves against the aggressive adult males who beat the hubby with a steel bar and kicked the wife in the face and stomach.

The dangerous men acted like savages without a shred of compassion for the defenseless elderly. The men fled with several household possessions. An investigation continues.

It is the brutality of crimes such as these that dampers the hope of South Africa from ever being a free and peaceful nation. Crimes where victims are beaten and kicked viciously are crimes of hate.

Published on  South Africa Today – South Africa News - All images from CICA South Africa