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South Africa - Part 11 - Sins of the Fathers


 In the words of Ayn Rand, a Russian Jewish writer: When you see that trading is done, not by
consent, but by compulsion. When you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing. When you see money flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors. When you see that men get richer by graft and pull than by work, and your laws do not protect you against them, but protect them against you. When you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice, you may know that your society is doomed.”

Very familiar words for the South African situation, also applicable in large segments of foreign countries throughout the world. However, in South Africa, a country that punches far above its weight, or rather used to.

The current day South Africa is in a mess, the economic mess, and then why is it so? The functional civil service inherited by Nelson Mandela is no more, especially after Thabo Mbeki had begun his devastating run of the civil service.
All this is due to the old National Party  showing its true colors in that the politicians were in it for their pockets, not for the country – this was largely a by-and-by. Pres Zuma inherited a civil service that was on a downward trend, and the situation had not been reversed.

The South African National Defense Force (SANDF) is a shadow of its former self. The infamous Oscar Pistorius is quoted in a bar brawl as saying that his family is controlling the ANC government. How can this be? Let us explain.

When leaving Pretoria on the N4 towards Witbank (Emalahleni) on your left hand side, one passes an installation with the name N4 and PANZER painted on its walls. This plant belongs to one of his uncles, another Pistorius. Many issues surround this factory. The photos of military vehicles on Pistorius’ cell phone could only emanate from here.

N4 has been rumored to be a front for MECHEM, a subsidiary of DENEL
(The State-owned Armaments Company). What used to happen, so the claims go, was that Mechem would supply Armor Protected Carriers (APC’s) to N4 for repairs and on selling. Mechem would in effect finance N4, with state funds in these ventures, and once these vehicles were sold on the export market, N4 would reimburse Mechem. Apparently, this relationship has now ended. However, enters Armscor, the state-owned procurement entity. Apparently, very close business relationship had developed between N4 and Armscor, thereby entrenching the cozy relationship.

A certain Salih Brandt from a company named OSPREA is also in the fray. He markets and sells APC’s and other military goods throughout Africa that he has obtained on a very dubious manner from this state-owned entity. A preferred client? The incestuous relationships are very much in play here. In a matter of supplying APC’s (CASPPIRS) to Somalia for AMISOM, (The United States Procurement Arm in order to supply military goods to the African Peacekeeping forces in Africa), the following documents had become known. OSPREA received orders from Amisom for military goods but invoiced them from OSPREA in the United Kingdom. Even as a British citizen with a Passport that was originally obtained in Pakistan, whilst living in the RSA and having a company registered here, these actions are clearly of a fraudulent nature. Simply as under the RSA Foreign Exchange

Legislation, as the goods were sourced by a South African company, the payment should have flowed to the South African entity. Only when it came for payment was the funds transferred to the UK and the cost price of the military goods flowed from the UK account to the RSA.

Brandt is going at it hammer and tongs. Ably supported by who else, than the so-called Afrikaner element. Not only this, there is also a largely Muslim element in Brandt’s network. Each one to his own.

The most interesting aspect in the South African Defense Industry is the fact that the control even until today rests with Afrikaners. They have been pinpointed so many times, but seem to be untouchable. In the First, Consult report re the export of some 320 x RATEL Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV) to Jordan in 2005 noted that the officials at Armscor were less than cooperative in the investigation. Although this was supposedly addressed, it still is an open question as to what had been covered up. The fact that these IFV’s had been sold for less than their scrap value and that nobody had raised a finger about such is indeed grounds for grave concerns.

David Maynier, the member in the Parliament for the Democratic Alliance (DA), despite having mentioned many aspects and raising many questions has never been able to ascertain the truth behind these shenanigans.
It is clear that he had been led by the nose by the very same people that had been providing him with information to make him look so bright in the opposition benches. However, Paramount Logistics, who was instrumental in this whole saga where Ivor Ischikowitz, the current chairman of the Paramount Group, via the Virlean Initiative, was instrumental in supplying the RATELS to Jordan. AMOUNTS mounts of some USD 200 to USD 300 million is being bandied around as not being repatriated to the RSA. Lo and behold since then that the Paramount Group has become a force to reckon with.

The same Ischikowitz was implicated in irregular agreements with the previous president in Malawi, Mrs. Joyce Banda. This issue was seen as one of the main reasons as to why she had lost the presidential elections in 2014.

Oh yes, and where do the Afrikaners fit in? They are everywhere, they know, and they see what is happening. They are the pen pushers in ensuring that these irregularities take place, they then use this information to their benefit. They manipulate the system and the ANC government. This is very central throughout the SA government system. They use and abuse the RSA Intelligence structures in order to further their goals, which is unfettered riches.

After 1994, it has become clear how many so-called junior mining houses had emerged from Canada and Australia. Despite allegations that these mining houses were founded by these persons or found themselves to be bought by money which was spirited from South Africa in the pre-1994 years when the ANC came into power.

They control the defense force and the defense industry. Their latest game is to call issues, government – to government contracts. This was also the defense of Ischikowitz. However, when this happens, who decides as to what will be the preferred partner from the private sector? At this stage, the Seriti Commission is sitting and continues with hearings into the Arms Deal whereby the RSA’s future was signed away to the UK banks by then Min Trevor Manuel without any cabinet approval according to the activist Mr. Terry Crawford-Brown. The interesting thing is that the officials so pinpointed in this fracas are again Afrikaners. The issue of political involvement is because the politicians represent the government, but it is clear that these politicians are maneuvered and manipulated by the officials.

These same officials feature in the Cameron Commission of the early 1990’s into Armscor’s activities and the sale of weapons to Yemen. These same officials and their predecessors are rumored to meet for lunches on monthly bases. To discuss what, one may ask?

They have control into the judicial system. At the NPA (National Prosecution Authority), a certain Adv Tori Pretorius employs investigators. On what basis? A certain Adv Shaun Abrahams as the acting head for crimes against the state is in their clutches. He is the same person implicated in the quashing of the investigation and prosecuting of Gijima, an IT company, for billions of rands in tender irregularities at the SAPS (Police Services). His biggest claim to fame is that he is the principal prosecutor into the Boeremag. What a joke- the Boeremag. When one sees these people calling themselves Boeremag, it is clear that they do not have the right even to call themselves human beings. Such hate-filled imbeciles can never be and will never be a part of the mainstream society. The Constitution of the RSA is even there for their protection. The issue with fanatics are that they and can be dangerous. Anywhere, any place – remembers Ronald Reagan of the USA, remember Rabin from Israel?

Glynis Breytenbach is today the spokesperson for the DA in Parliament on justice. She had left the NPA under a cloud. Why was she not prosecuted? Her disciplinary, whilst dismissed, had still left many questions unanswered. She wanted to prosecute Genl Richard Mdluli. Why different strokes for different folks? Then she has a very rich South African living in London financing her legal actions in her disciplinary hearing at the NPA? A bridge too far? On the other hand, a question too far?   

Is this then the curse of the Afrikaners? A lack of leadership? The lack of comprehension of the world around them? Whose wishes were so executed during the National Party reign? Is it the same people who are pulling the strings today? Can you have joy in a court of law?

The curse of the Afrikaners – they do not comprehend nor understand the underlying aspects to their past and because of that, democracy, although an incomplete system, is in great danger of dying out in South Africa. The parliament of South Africa has always been rumored as being akin to a brothel during the NP’s days. Today, it is rumored that a vast majority of parliamentarians in the RSA is under treatment for AIDS. One can only but wonder as to why President Zuma is growing so thin? Did the showers not work? Will the RSA have a new president shortly? Is the ANC becoming a rural political party such as the IFP (Inkatha Freedom Party?) Did the King of the Zulus force Pres Zuma to use the State to enable him to lodge a massive land claim and a new city? Was the reason thereto that a member of his family (the King’s) also contracted AIDS? How? Why? When?

This cannot be laid before the door of the Afrikaners; this curse was the result of other peoples’ decisions. At least there is something that cannot be put in front of their doors. In addition, for the rest…?

The downing of the Helderberg-
The Smit murders-
The so-called Angolan war-
What else? WHAT ELSE???


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