Monday, June 5, 2017

Dots on Naspers DSTV connected – conclusion – Naspers DSTV is captured

Yesterday I asked everybody to e-mail MultiChoice DStv (email – and requested them to ask Dstv if it is possible to have any DStv package without the inclusion of ANC 7 Zupta TV [channel 405 on their platform].

My e-mail also went in. The reply that came back was that it is not possible to have ANY DStv package without the inclusion of ANC 7 Zupta TV. Not even the cheapest one!

I have already been reliably informed that Multichoice DStv is paying the Guptas for the “rights “to broadcast ANC 7 on their platform. How much I am not sure, but the amount will be millions annually.

Therefore, we as subscribers get our annual DStv subscription raised every year so the Guptas can be paid millions per year, while the Guptas use that station as an anti-white and pro state capture propaganda mouthpiece for the Guptas. ANC 7 is such a blatantly propagandistic disinformation and hate spreading TV station that even Hitler would be jealous.
Why you might ask. Here is the answer:


Actually, digitalization has not happened yet. We are years behind the international norm in this matter.

Why? Three words and three dots – Multichoice, Faith Muthambi, and Mad Hlaudi Motsoeneng.
A Little bit of background first:

The process of digital migration of TV signals will require set-top boxes for people not already using the DSTV decoder sets. This set top boxes can be either encrypted or unencrypted. If government policy allows for encrypted set top boxes, competitors to DSTV can then compete with DSTV on an equal footing, because competitors like e-tv would be able to also sign up customers and ask a fee to watch their channels, like DSTV has been doing for years.

If the set top boxes are unencrypted, it won’t is possible for competitors like E-tv to compete with DSTV because E-tv won’t is able to ask fees because the signal is unencrypted, everybody can see free. The result is DSTV keep their monopoly.

Faith Muthambi has been supporting unencrypted set top boxes for years, against ANC policy. She has been conspiring with mad Hlaudi in this.

DSTV bribed mad Hlaudi to support unencrypted set top boxes. DSTV negotiated an R 500 million plus deal over 5 years with the SABC for the SABC to provide particular content to a 24-hour news channel to the DSTV bouquet, and Mad Hlaudi made big money out of this, a total bonus of about R33 million for himself. Ironically, this deal was revealed by News24, also in the Naspers stable.

Clearly, MultiChoice did do deals with Faith Muthambi and Mad Hlaudi.

We know Faith Muthambi, and Mad Hlaudi do the Gupta’s bidding.

In the light of Naspers’s long-term strategy to maintain a monopoly and a captured TV viewing public, can it be any surprise that Multichoice DSTV is so desperate to keep ANC 7 IN EACH AND EVERY BOUQUET THEY OFFER?

Are you surprised now that DSTV is so loyal to the Gupta ANC 7 TV station?

Their dots connected. Actually, I am a Naspers shareholder through investment funds, but I will shine the light where the light needs to be shined. Because: I am uncaptured.

Opinion by Daniel Sutherland
Published on  South Africa Today – South Africa News

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