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Abused White Woman Will have Foot Amputated

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“Good things come to those who wait… greater things come to those who get off their ass and do anything to make it happen.” – Unknown. Life is never without hope and for Natasha, there will be a happy ending. “The pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow. For every challenge encountered there is opportunity for growth.” – Unknown


Last year I wrote a story about Natasha, a young white woman who was abused from the age of six and lived a pitiful life under the hand of notorious Nigerian drug lords. Her journey is not a pleasant one and when a glimmer of hope did arise it soon faded away leaving Natasha depressed and lost in a world of more abuse.

Since last year I have been trying to locate her mother, Vesna Van Den Berg, who previously lived in Port Elizabeth and worked for a company Dunlop Trucks. All to no avail, either the woman does not want to be found or is untraceable. Right now Natasha does not have anybody in this overpopulated world to turn to expect my son Chris and of course me.

This is a really sad story, Natasha is in hospital and will probably have her foot or leg amputated when the government doctors and hospitals find the time to do so. I am not disrespecting the public health services but do have questions regarding the urgency of her case. It all began on the 6th of June when Natasha injured her foot and probably contracted blood poison. On Monday, she was seriously in a lot of pain, I took her to the South Rand Hospital, situated in Johannesburg. From 7 a.m. in the morning until 16h00 we waited to see a doctor. Natasha was in a lot of pain and could not walk and all my pleading with the hospital authorities was in vein, there was no urgency and I was told to wait until a doctor was available. At 16h00 we left the hospital without seeing a doctor and returned the next day. Yureka, we got to see a doctor before midday and Natasha were admitted for further observation and treatment.

Photo 1 – Natasha at the hospital on June 8.

On June 12th, I went to visit Natasha, who was still experiencing a lot of pain and remained uncomfortable. I managed to check the hospital file and noted that she was diagnosed with Cellulitis. Of course, I had no idea what that was and when I got home, I immediately Googled the diagnoses and although I do not understand all the medical terms it appeared that Cellulitis can be cured with antibiotics. So I was pleased that she was in the hospital and receiving treatment.

Photo 2 – Natasha in hospital on June 12.

While reading the doctor; report, I was pleased that they had discovered her serious social deformity and recommended physiological help.

Photo 3 – Doctor’s report

Between June 12 and June 22, I was unable to visit but my son Chris did manage to get there a few times. Each time he would tell me that she was still in a lot of pain and that her foot appeared to be worse. I was surprised and really believed that she would respond to treatment. I phoned the hospital and was told that Natasha would be transferred to the Johannesburg General Hospital (renamed Charlotte Maxeke) for treatment under specialists. Apparently she was supposed to be moved on June 23rd but because there was a lack of beds, the transfer was delayed.
Today is June 27th and Natasha is still in the South Rand Hospital so, on this freezing day, I decided to visit her and find out exactly what is going on. Natasha is not a happy child, she is in severe pain and the foot looks terrible. Black and red swelling all around one of the toes spreading up past the ankle.
Photo 4 – Natasha's foot

I am totally at a loss for words, I do not understand why her condition deteriorated into gangrene. Yes, gangrene, I read the hospital reports and it is confirmed, with a recommendation to amputate her foot. There is a report that mentions another diagnosis on her records, Osteomyelitis, infection in the bone, so the poor girl will lose her foot.

Photo 5 and 6 – Hospital report

Natasha was supposed to be moved a week ago and receive treatment under specialists. I spoke to the nursing sister today and she said it would probably happen on Monday. I am wondering if there is an underlying cause of the initial blood poisoning in her foot that will effectively cause her to lose a limb. I am so disturbed by the chain of events and wonder if there was a lack of urgency from hospital staff in identifying the problem. Of course, there are many thoughts that run rampant in my mind and one thought that springs up is the lack of urgency because she is white, an abused and socially ignorant person.
Photo 7 – Natasha in Hospital today (eating sweeties)

Natasha is unaware of the pending amputation and I imagine that the doctors have come to the conclusion that she would not understand the entire procedure, even if the amputation is meant to save her life. I am hoping the hospital will send social workers or whoever they have to help her deal with this trauma.

I know that very few people would offer to help this young girl, everybody is so caught up with their own problems. Yet, I ask if there is anybody who has compassion and would at some time visit Natasha in the hospital, and give her a word of encouragement. Or is there anybody I can contact who would be willing to help Natasha with the trauma she will be undergoing. Based on her previous lifestyle and loneliness, I know that people do not want to get involved.

Thank you for taking the time to read this story and I have added links to the previous two article about Natasha’s past. It would be wonderful if I could find her mother, just saying.

Sunday, June 29, 2014
Abused White Woman Finally has a Hope of Freedom
The story I am about to tell is a real story and a story close to my heart. In South Africa and all around the world, people hear the horror stories of abuse, torture, rape, torment, and misfortune. Reading about the stories is one way to bring awareness, but when people are involved in making a difference the whole outlook of horrors changes to gratitude and humbleness.
Natasha was abused at the age of six by her grandfather. Her parents divorced and her life was barely comfortable from a young child. At the age of thirteen, Natasha disappeared, according to her account she was alone in the world with no family and somehow ended up living with Nigerians. Nigerians who were notorious drug lords.

From the age of thirteen, without any formal education and no chance of receiving any, she was given drugs and alcohol and turned into a prostitute. As the years went by, she was then used as a drug mule for the Drug Lords and traveled to China, Brazil, London, and some other countries to deliver drugs and diamonds to contacts overseas. We have heard of stories about these young women taking drugs from one country to another and being detained to face a life imprisonment, but Natasha was never caught. One can only assume it was because of her formal lack of education. 

Sunday, July 6, 2014
Abused White Woman Survives a Week of Misery

After writing an article last week about Natasha and Chris, I honestly believed I would have some peace. Well, there was no peace; it is like being between heaven and hell and trying to find a solution to a problem that is a nightmare. The story ended with a glimmer of hope for Natasha as she finally received some help through a home for destitute and abused people. 

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