Monday, July 11, 2016

Genocide continues Afrikaner killed by a gang of 12

Pierre-Etienne de Necker aged 23; a young Afrikaner died Saturday from injuries sustained during an attack. On Friday, July 8 he was attacked by 12 blacks and endured a brutal beating and severe kicking in the town of Belfast. The attackers reportedly shouted, “you are white and white people did this to our people.”
Several workers from the Belfast Bricks outlet, tried to rescue Pierre but were forced away from the scene and unable to help him. Apparently, Pierre was ambushed after he was followed from a petrol station by the 12 assailants who were traveling four cars. On his way back, they ambushed him and dragged him from his car, beat and kicked him until his body became lifeless from the horrendous attack. Throughout the ordeal, the attackers directed “hate speech” at the young victim, who was not able to defend himself.

Apparently, pictures of his unconscious body were taken by the killers and sent to the De Necker family from a cell phone, before he was rushed to the hospital.

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